Rivera adds to title tally

Tomlinson and Baranoski claim national titles on day two

Four more national titles were awarded on day two of the USA Cycling Junior Track National Championships in Trexlertown. Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY 12) claimed her 30th and 31st junior national titles while John Tomlinson (XXX Racing)and Matthew Baranoski (Team Alliance Environmental) rode into Stars-and-Stripes jerseys in men’s competition.

The morning session saw the men and women in the 17-18 age groups compete in the points races. Rivera grabbed her 30th career national title with a win over silver and bronze medalist Ruth Winder (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12) and Somersby Jenkins (Echelon Santa Barbara). Rounding out the podium in fourth and fifth were Kate Wilson (CPT-Connie Cycling) and Antonina Esposto.

Rivera then increased her Stars-and-Stripes jersey count to 31 by outsprinting Elizabeth Engwis (Team Kenda) in the gold medal round of the women’s sprint during the evening session. Stephanie Torres bested Shelbe Eck in the bronze medal round while Madalyn Godby grabbed the final step on the podium.

The morning session saw John Tomlinson stand on top of the podium after collecting the most points over 25 kilometers in the men’s 17-18 points race. Daniel Farinha (San Jose Bicycle Club) and Joe Prettyman (Bike n Hike Giant Continental) rode to the silver and bronze medals while Matthew Lipscomb (Greenville Spinners) and Juan Carmona (Young Medalists) posted the fourth- and fifth-place results.

Matthew Baranoski sprinted his way into a national champion’s jersey with his win over Charles Martin (IS Corp Cycling Team) in the men’s 17-18 sprint. Dan Birman (Bike n Hike Giant Continental) bested Jesse Marans (Major Motion Cycling Club) for the bronze medal while Erick Goytia rounded out the podium in fifth.

During the afternoon session, the younger categories of riders continued their quests for the overall omniums by competing in their scratch races.

Devon Nothstein (Team Alliance) took her second gold medal in as many days with a win over Courtney Krasley and Rebecca Israel (Connie Cycling) in the women’s 10-12 event.

Among men 10-12, Grant McElroy also collected his second gold medal of the week with a win over James Brookshire (DIY Music-Asheville Youth Cycling) and Magnus Hartwell.

Zoe Reeves rode onto the top step of the podium in the women’s 13-14 scratch race, beating out silver and bronze medalists Lucia Carreno (Major Motion Cycling) and Evelyn Korbich (Lehigh Wheelmen).

In the men’s 13-14 scratch race, Matthew Valencia (Team Specialized Racing) improved on his bronze medal performance from Thursday with a gold medal ride. He finished ahead of second- and third-place finishers Chazmichael Morales (Connie Cycling Junior Racing Team) and Grayson Brookshire (DIY Music-Asheville Youth Cycling).

Jennifer Valente (GS Adams Avenue Bicycles) rode to her second gold medal of the event with her success in the women’s 15-16 scratch race. She bested Tara McCormick (Helens Cannondale) and Kaitlyn Lawrence (Team Vortex).

In the men’s 15-16 event, Kaleb Koch (IS Corp Cycling Team) also repeated his success from Thursday with a win over Gregory Ratzell (Bike Line-LWA)and Michael Dessau (Team Holowesko Partners).


Junior Women 17-18 Points Race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Coryn Rivera  
2Ruth Winder  
3Somersby Jenkins  
4Kate Wilson  
5Antonina Esposto  
6Taylor Meilahn  
7Catherine Probst  
8Sonja Postak  
Junior Men 17-18 Points Race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Tomlinson  
2Daniel Farinha  
3Joe Prettyman  
4Matthew Lipscomb  
5Juan Carmona  
6Zack Noonan  
7Neal Shepherd  
8Kevin Mcguire  
9Cory Williams  
10Jeffrey Alpert  
11Thomson Remo  
12Royce Strange  
13Kenny Strickland  
14Collin Berry  
15Colt Peterson  
16Amir Merali  
17Tommy Schubert  
18Zachary Semian  
19Ben Barthel  
DNFAndrew Lanier Jr  
DNFBenjamin Salibra  
DNFRyan Gadow  
DNFDanny Hiller  
DNFCam Mancuso  
Junior Men 13-14 Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthew Valencia (Team Specialized Rac)  
2Chazmichael Morales (CPT/Connie Cycling J)  
3Grayson Brookshire (Velosports Racing As)  
4Zeke Mostov (San Jose Bicycle Clu)  
5Noah Granigan (Somerset Wheelmen)  
6Daniel Parks (GS Tenzing)  
7Lorenzo Higuera (Adams Avenue Bicycle)  
8Donavon Johnson (CPT/Connie Cycling J)  
9James Hilyer (CPT/Connie Cycling J)  
10Richard Rainville (Ann Arbor Velo Club)  
11Stephen Israel (CPT/Connie Cycling J)  
12Jeremy Boyle (Young Medalists/Team)  
13Will Krempa (Vortex Cycling Club)  
14Brian Suto (Bethel Cycle Sport C)  
15Austin Bright (Vortex Cycling Club/)  
16Jordan Marhanka (Velosports Racing As)  
17Gunnar Scheck (Frisco Cycling Club)  
18Zach Prebosnyak (Vortex Cycling Club/)  
19Tony Comer (San Diego Bicycle Cl)  
20Cale Denison (Wolverine Sports Clu)  
21Erick Madis (Project Velo Racing/)  
22Peter Goguen (Team CF-Mass/Team CF)  
23Gavin Hoover (CPT/Connie Cycling J)  
24Colin Kelly (Lehigh Wheelmen Asso)  
Junior Women 13-14 Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zoe Reeves (Priority Health Cycl)  
2Lucia Carreno (Major Motion Cycling)  
3Evelyn Korbich (Lehigh Wheelmen Asso)  
4Danielle Mullis (Wolverine Sports Clu)  
5Payton Thomas (FCS/ Metro Volkswage)  
6Sophie Mittelstadt (Artemis)  
7Julia Sante (Farm Team Cycling)  
8Ashlie Cooper (CPT/Connie Cycling J)  
9Victoria Gates (Northeast Bicycle Cl)  
10Victoria Lawrence (Front Rangers Cyclin)  
Junior Men 15-16 Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kaleb Koch (Nova Cycle Sports Fo)  
2Gregory Ratzell (Lehigh Wheelmen Asso)  
3Michael Dessau (Unattached)  
4Calan Farley (Chester County Cycli)  
5Zachary Carlson (Matrix Cycling Club/)  
6Bobby Unverzagt (South Bay Wheelmen)  
7Tyler Nothstein (Chester County Cycli)  
8Zack Gould (Vic's Espresso Cycli)  
9Lionel Rocheleau (Kenosha Velosport)  
10Imari Miller (GS Tenzing)  
11Daniel Kosykh (Encino Velo Cycling)  
12Conor Klupar (Rad Racing NW/Hagens)  
13Christopher Meacham (Vortex Cycling Club/)  
14Jonathan Bright (Vortex Cycling Club/)  
15Cesar Lopez (Major Motion Cycling)  
16Noah Williams (GS Tenzing)  
17Ernesto Santiesteban (Major Motion Cycling)  
18Jack Macclarence (Farm Team Cycling)  
19William Pestcoe (Lehigh Wheelmen Asso)  
20Max Thilen (Unattached)  
21Anthony Novoa (CPT/Connie Cycling J)  
22William Lenkeit (South Bay Wheelmen)  
23Grahmm Smith (Team Power Train)  
24Alexander Riva (Kenosha Velosport)  
Junior Men 10-12 Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Grant Mcelroy (Beaverton Bicycle Cl)  
2James Brookshire (Velosports Racing As)  
3Magnus Hartwell (Young Medalists/Team)  
4Angel Lopez (Major Motion Cycling)  
5Jules Gilliam (CPT/Connie Cycling J)  
6Phillip Truppelli (Colavita Racing Inc.)  
7Gianni Polhemus (Farm Team Cycling/Ba)  
8Jacques De Curnou (Flatiron Flyers Cycl)  
9Luke Mullis (Wolverine Sports Clu)  
10Andres Weller (Young Medalists/Team)  
11Cody Denison (Wolverine Sports Clu)  
12Alec Ratzell (Lehigh Wheelmen Asso)  
13Jimmy Maurer (Charm City Cycling L)  
14Ryan Madis (Project Velo Racing/)  
15Andrew Comer (San Diego Bicycle Cl)  
16Parker Jones (Unattached)  
Junior Women 10-12 Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Devon Nothstein (Chester County Cycli)  
2Courtney Krasley (Vortex Cycling Club)  
3Rebecca Israel (CPT/Connie Cycling J)  
4Courtney Comer (San Diego Bicycle Cl)  
5Ashley Ambrisko (Los Gatos Bicycle Ra)  
6Kiley Krasley (Vortex Cycling Club/)  
7Isabella Brookshire (Velosports Racing As)  
8Samantha Hribick (Vortex Cycling Club/)  
9Svetlana Mack (Artemis)  
10Kalie King (King's Cyclery)  
11Katherine Lawrence (Front Rangers Cyclin)  
DNFAmanda Keller (Wolverine Sports Clu)  
Junior Women 17-18 Match Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Coryn Rivera  
2Elizabeth Engwis  
3Stephanie Torres  
4Shelbe Eck  
5Madalyn Godby  
6Christine Barron  
7Erin Popovich  
8Ruth Winder  
9Antonina Esposto  
10Catherine Probst  
11Sonja Postak  
DNSKate Wilson  
Junior Women 15-16 Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jennifer Valente (Adams Avenue Bicycle)  
2Tara Mccormick (Helens Racing/Helens)  
3Kaitlyn Lawrence (Vortex Cycling Club/)  
4Melissa Garcia (Chester County Cycli)  
5Bailey Semian (Chester County Cycli)  
6Chloe Chepigin (Young Medalists/Team)  
7Nadia Latzgo (Lehigh Wheelmen Asso)  
8Karla Lopez (Major Motion Cycling)  
9Christina Koeppe (McKinney Velo Club)  
10Olivia Wright (Team Spincycle)  
11Ariana Cruz (Colavita Racing Inc.)  
DNFAbbey Smich (Pista Elite)  
Junior Men 17-18 Match Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthew Baranoski  
2Charles Martin  
3Dan Birman  
4Jesse Marans  
5Erick Goytia  
6Ryan Gadow  
7Simon Ferguson  
8Ian Schlarman  
9Samuel Geyer  
10Thomson Remo  
11Gonzalo Ramirez  
12Kyle Hill  
DNSNeal Shepherd  


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