Jonny claims bold victory

Coats second by two seconds

The Master men’s 45-49 race was another duel, this time between former short track mountain bike champion Jonny Bold (Corner Cycles) and former 40-44 national champion James Coats (California Giant Berry). The two riders traded the lead while the remaining 130 racers scrambled behind.

A mistake on the course's longer off-camber climb on the second to last lap nearly cost Bold a chance at taking the lead. Coats had a 10-second gap on the final lap before Bold launched an all-out effort to catch, pass and hold-off the California Giant Berry rider.

Leading through the barriers, the two bumped bikes at the top of the climb and Bold hit the descent first, burying himself all the way to the finish for the win.


Master Male 45-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jonny Bold (Corner Cycle)0:46:39 
2James Coats (Calif Giant Berry Farms/specia)0:00:02 
3Mark Noble (Non Stop Cicilisimo)0:00:36 
4Ralf Warmuth (Highland Park Hermes)0:00:43 
5Jonathan Card (Jack's Bike/saturn Of Toledo)0:00:54 
6Samuel Morse (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)0:01:01 
7Michael Mcshane (Calistoga Racing Team)0:01:05 
8John Mccaffrey ( 
9John Mitchem0:01:28 
10Greg Ferguson0:01:36 
11Robert Meighan (Cal Giant Specialized)0:01:37 
12Gannon Myall (Cal Giant/specialized)0:01:40 
13Frank Gonzalez (Montana Velo)  
14Tom Phillips (Ragnarok Racing)0:02:07 
15Rod Yoder0:02:25 
16Michael Hogan (Chipotle-titus)0:02:27 
17Greg Gorrell (Feedback Sports)  
18Troy Krause (Lincoln Industries/highgear)0:02:35 
19Cully Todd (Team Skin)0:02:40 
20Richard Mcclung (Hagens Berman Llp Cycling)0:02:51 
21Jeffrey Appeltans (Gocycling/d&q)0:03:04 
22Doug Graver (Ragnarok Racing)0:03:21 
23Frank Kalcic (Hrs /rock Lobster)0:03:32 
24David Schaefer (Peninsula Velo/pomodoro)0:03:42 
25Jim Albright (Therapeutic Assoc.)0:03:44 
26Pat Schott  
27Dennis Farrell (Rrv)0:03:58 
28Troy Tucker0:04:01 
29Greg Talbert (Scott-mavic Usa)0:04:04 
30Geoffrey House (Housatonic Wheel Club)0:04:25 
31Waldek Stepniowski (Luna Women's Mtb Team)0:04:26 
32Jeffrey Welch (Sledgehammer Charlies Racing)0:04:33 
33Mark Howland (Blackmarket Racing/family Cycl)0:04:44 
34John Fiore (  
35Bill Teasdale (Blue Sky Velo)0:04:48 
36Logan Kelsey (Team Rambuski Law)0:04:50 
37Ruben Villarreal (Van Dessel)0:04:57 
38Daren Cottle (Porcupine/specialized Racing)0:05:03 
39Todd Gallaher (Counterbalance Bicycles)0:05:10 
40William Goritski (Tireless Velo)0:05:12 
41Robert Sonora (Durango Wheel Club)0:05:34 
42Thomas Feix (Peninsula Velo Pomodoro)0:05:36 
43Joseph Fricke (Guinness)0:05:39 
44Wayne Cunningham (Team Wheelworks)0:05:57 
45Bill Cochran (Rad Racing Nw)0:06:06 
46Tim Watson0:06:11 
47Steve Mcnamee (Team Plan C)0:06:12 
48Charles Stearns (Team Dobbiaco)0:06:18 
49Todd Rosier (Portland Velo)0:06:25 
50Chris Shotwell0:06:32 
51Theodore Fleming (Spike Shooter Professional Cyc)0:06:56 
52Paule Bates (Team Roaring Mouse)0:07:02 
53Wes Swearingen (Mountain View Cycles Hood Rive)0:07:20 
54Shawn Miller (Davis Bike Club)0:07:39 
55Mike Bohn0:07:42 
56Jeff Cummings (Kona Grass Roots)0:08:11 
57Bruce Whitesel0:08:41 
One lap down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
58John Meehan (Bissell Masters Elite)  
59Jeff Hane (Roaring Mouse Cycles)  
60Chris Adolf (Cucina Fresca Cycling Team)  
61Mike Leone (Unattached)  
62David Tricamo (Dfl)  
63Todd Anderson (Bicycle Center Coilision 1)  
64Blair Peterson (Above Category Racing)  
65Scott Clark (Dirt City)  
66Bob Ling (Team Escapados)  
67Jerry Cutright (Ascracing/redline)  
68Bob Prieto (Blue Sky Velo)  
69John King (Squadro Abruzzo)  
70Mike Donnelly  
Two laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
71Adam Swail (Mountain View Cycles)  
72Darron Cheek (Copper Mtnhigh Country Racing)  
73Mike Doherty (Cucina Fresca)  
74Ron Snyder  
75Doug Lamott (Team Therapeutic Associates-do)  
Three laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
76Reese Gary (Squadra Abruzzo)  
77Roger Joys  
78Pat Tighe  
79Steel Bokhof (Turin Bicycle)  
80Chris Mahan (Second Ascent)  
81Marty Sparks (Second Ascent)  
82Francisco Pons (Tai)  
83John Mcmanus (Durango Wheel Club Masters Tea)  
84George Jackson (Old Town Bicycles)  
85Dean Duitman  
DNFAllen Lucas (Bend Bike N Sport)  
DNFTom Ryan (California Giant Berry Farms/s)  
DNFBrooke Hoyer  
DNFErich Gutbier (Keltic Construction/ccc)  
DNFBrendan Sullivan (Iron Data Racing)  
DNFFred Huxham (Hup United)  
DNFPaul Mckinney (Curt Goodrich Racing Team)  
DNFGeorge Hebner (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)  
DNFPat Weiler  
DNFMark Mastoras (Sportgenic Squadra Ovest)  
DNFDavid Ryan (Fitzgerald's Bicycles)  
DNFPaul Lynch (Mass Bay Road Club)  
DNFCharles Mcdaniel (Henry's Bikes)  
DNFJohn Mosher (Team Wheelworks)  
DNFAdam Austin (Montrose Bike Shop)  
DNFLarry Kaufman (Pure Energy Racing/pro Air Hfa)  
DNFThomas Hoeffel (Kaiser Permanente/ Team Oaklan)  
DNFChris Alling  
DNFSean Wittmer (Bicycle Centres/collision 1)  
DNFJon Suyko (Kegels/rvo/amgen)  
DNFStephen Smith (Montrose Bike Shop)  
DNFBernard Georges (Hup United)  
DNFGareth Richards  
DNFGreg Mcroberts  
DNFTom Hill (Nomands)  
DNFRocky Crocker (Team W.a.r.)  
DNFRobert Goss (Rio Strada Racing)  
DNSDonald Langley (California Giant Berry Factory)  
DNSPaul Lennon (Owens Healthcare)  
DNSDale Knapp (Kona)  
DNSThane Jennings (Unattached)  
DNSPerry Roper (Chinook Cycling)  
DNSTim Godby (Moots)  
DNSJ Devon Alvarez (Cole Sport)  
DNSPaul Anderson (Half Fast Velo)  
DNSKurt Brown (  
DNSJohn Mchale (2020/fuel)  
DNSTimothy Mason (Pdx-fxd)  
DNSEdward Miszkiewicz  
DNSJim Volsansky (Infovista Cycling Team)  
DNSBill Okeefe (C3-athletes Serving Athletes)  
DNSMike Cochran (Bullseye - East Sac)  
DNSJohn Collins  
DNSAlan Reaume  
DNSPat Scharfe (Le Petit Outre Wheelmen)  
DNSDoug Brecht  
DNSMichael Mara (Desert Orthopaedics)  
DNSDave Queen (2/2 Fuel)  
DNSSteve Eccher  
DNSCliff Mccann (Pistis)  
DNFKenneth Smith (Okc Velo)  
DNFPaul Page-Hanson (Team Roaring Mouse)  
DNFDavid Foley (Bob - Goodales Bike Shops)  
DNFChris Baker (Team Bike Trip)  
DNFKeith Williams (Williams Cycling)  


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