Master men contest four more championships

Berry, Baker, Webber and Hines claim titles

In the Master men's 30-34 division, Grant Berry (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory), Matt Pacocha (Hudz-Subaru) and Jake Wells (Mafia Racing) quickly established themselves at the head of the race. One of the leading trio, Wells, was dropped halfway through the race, leaving Pacocha and Berry to fight it out for the next few laps until Berry was able to open a 20-second gap.

"I was trying to race clean and see how it was going to play out," said Pacocha. "Things were cooling off so late in the day and the grass was really freezing up making it really slippery. I had a little crash and he was able to get away."

The three early leaders were not the story, however, in the Master men's 35-39 event as Jonathan Baker (Vitamin Cottage) surged from the fourth row to catch the leaders late in the race.

"After getting through the pack I was riding by myself most of the time," said Baker. "I wasn't sure if I would catch them, but I just wanted to keep racing hard. I was 20 seconds back at one point, but I think they started looking at each other a bit late in the race and I was able to close it."

Baker passed Justin Robinson (California Giant Berry Farms), Ali Goulet (Church of the Big Ring) and 2008 national champion Brandon Dwight (Boulder Cycle Sport) on the final lap to move up to the top step of the podium.

Former pro mountain bikers Peter Webber and Don Myrah squared off in a re-match of the 1993 elite national title race in the Master men's 40-44 division. Sixteen years later the pair exchanged podium places with Webber grabbing the gold and Myrah settling for silver. Douglas Reid (Second Ascent) outsprinted Ward Baker (Rockymounts/Izze Racing) to claim the bronze medal.

Kevin Hines (Corner Cycles) dominated the early-morning 50-54 race, winning the stars-and-stripes jersey by nearly a minute. Bobby Langin (Platinum Performance) out-dueled Rich Cramer to grab the silver.


Men 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Grant Berry (Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory)0:47:31 
2Matthew Pacocha (Hudz-subaru)0:00:26 
3Benjamin Thompson0:00:37 
4Josh Snead (Hrs Rock Lobster)0:00:48 
5Eric Rasmussen (Porcupine/specialized)0:01:04 
6Ryan Leech0:01:05 
7Molly Cameron (Portland Bicycle Studio)0:01:08 
8Evan Plews (Scottusa/csc)0:01:23 
9Troy Heithecker0:01:32 
10Weston Schempf (C3-athletes Serving Athletes)0:01:50 
11Brandon Gritters (Rock N Road)0:02:42 
12Davy Yeater (River City Bicycles)0:03:01 
13Kristopher Holden (Vertical Earth)0:03:10 
14Nathaniel Ward ( / Joe's Garage / I)0:03:29 
15Seth Patla (River City Bicycles)  
16Peter Knudsen0:03:41 
17Michael Hemme (Courage)0:03:49 
18Matthew Fox (Sunnyside Sports)0:03:50 
19Joshua Whitmore (Team Globalbike)0:04:14 
20David Meyer (Freewheel)0:04:18 
21Brett Pirie ( 
22Jason Siegle (Bike Religion)0:04:35 
23Paul LaCava (Giant Bicycles)0:04:37 
24Damian Schmitt (Sunnyside Sports)0:04:50 
25Jesse Bell (Sisu Cycles)0:04:54 
26Corey Ward (Team Chico)0:04:56 
27Trevor ONeal (None)0:05:04 
28David Pilz (Gentle Lovers)  
29Christopher Bagg (Athlete's Lounge)0:05:12 
30Adam Mills (Hrrc/trek Stores)0:05:13 
31jeremy whitman (Custom Cycle)0:05:17 
32Peter Ozolins (Finger Lakes Cycling)0:05:23 
33Jeremy Gardner (Hudz-subaru)0:05:25 
34Ryan Weaver0:05:38 
35Darian Founds0:05:43 
36Jason Lowetz (Team Bearclaw)0:05:56 
37David Sheek (Rock N' Road)0:05:58 
38Jesse Rients (Nature Valley/penn Cycle)0:06:17 
39Benjamin Ollett0:06:22 
40Dylan VanWeelden (Yakima)0:06:28 
41George Barthel (Team Helen's)0:06:31 
42Nathan Solomon (Alki / Rubicon)0:06:33 
43Ryan Brown (Chinook Cycling)0:06:36 
44Harris McMullin (Team Reel Theatre)0:07:03 
45Matthew Hennessy (Team Bbc)0:07:14 
46Benjamin Rathkamp (Fanatik Bike Co.)0:07:15 
47Joshua Roeser (Nature Valley/penn Cycle)0:07:18 
48Alan Adams (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:07:25 
49David Condon  
50Dax Kastrin (Race Team)0:07:27 
51Michael Tonkinson (Webcor/alto Velo)0:07:39 
52Mike Olson ( 
One lap down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
53Eric Russell (Team Clif Bar)  
54Stephen Maluk (Desalvo Custom Cycles)  
55Greg Adams  
56Ryan Rickerts (Fanatik Bike Co.)  
57Nathan Garrett (Victory Velo)  
58Andrew Shatz (Team Roaring Mouse)  
59Tim Joslin  
60Robert DeClerk  
Two laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
61Eric Denning (Team Reel Theatre)  
62Ryan Vanderloop (Corpore Sano)  
63Aaron Tarnow  
Three laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
64Chris Goodson  
65Andy Harmon (Blue Sky Velo)  
66Andy Jones (Htfu)  
67Sandy Poulson (Chinook Tri Cities)  
Four laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
68Nicholas Adsero  
69Joel Morrissette (Team Oregon)  
70Jay Armstrong  
DNSSam Krieg (Ice Krieg Cycling)  
DNSMatthew Wills (Courage Cycles)  
DNSAnthony Coando (Active Athlete/squadra Ovest)  
DNSEric Nelson (Beer / East Sac Bike)  
DNSTyson Mitchell  
DNSJacob Helmbrecht (Freewheel Bike)  
DNSReny Townsend (Desalvo Custom Cycles)  
DNSKervin Quinones  
DNSGabriel Byrne (Sportgenic/squadra Ovest)  
DNSJohn Scarafotti  
DNSRobin Guillaume (Na)  
DNSBrody Boeger (Ironclad Performance Wear)  
DNSBrian Cadman (Church Of The Big Ring)  
DNSMatthew Triska (Murray/renaissance)  
DNFEric Hanzel (Mafia Racing)  
DNFJake Wells (Mafiaracing/pabst/felt)  
DNFGeoffrey Huber  
DNFDarrin Seeds (Yakima Bike Vigilantes)  
DNFPaul Hernandez (Bicycle Johns)  
Men 35-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jonathan Baker (Vitamin Cottage P/b Xp Compani)0:48:07 
2Justin Robinson (California Giant Berry Farms/s)0:00:04 
3Ali Goulet (Thechurchofthebigring/realcycl)0:00:18 
4Brandon Dwight (Boulder Cycle Sport)0:00:21 
5Shannon Skerritt (The Vanilla Workshop-speedvage)0:01:19 
6Kevin Hulick (Vanilla Workshop - Speedvagen)0:01:42 
7Christopher McGovern (Hrs/rock Lobster)0:01:47 
8Eirik Schulz (Specialized/river City Bicycle)  
9Matthew Kraus (Richard Sachs - Rgm Watches -)  
10Shadd Smith (Kccx / Verge)0:02:14 
11John Bailey (Bailey Bikes)0:02:20 
12Curtis Boivin (Refunds Now)0:02:33 
13Donald Reeb (Santa Cruz/wtb/giro)0:02:43 
14Ryan O'Connor (Carlos Obriens Racing)0:02:44 
15Anastasio Flores (Calfornia Giant)0:02:55 
16Michael Gallagher (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes)0:02:58 
17Bo Pitkin (Church Of The Big Ring)0:03:08 
18Eric Sheagley (Veloce/felt)0:03:18 
19Timothy Jones (Team 
20Andrew Messer (Drt Racing)0:03:23 
21Scott Frederick (Inland Construction/back To Di)0:03:36 
22Chris Snyder ( 
23Alex Work (Hrs Rocklobster)  
24Chris Brandt (Collins/specialized)0:03:52 
25Jesse Scatton (Bullseye/east Sac Bike)0:03:53 
26Patrick Wilder0:03:57 
27Matt Williams (Grandstay Hotels)0:03:58 
28Kevin Klug (Courage)0:04:06 
29Dave Weaver (Kelly Benefit Strategies/lsv)0:04:09 
30Charles Coyle (Hudz-subaru Cycling Team)0:04:22 
31Gabriel Keck (Scott/ritchey)0:04:26 
32Kevin Koen (Team Bikelane)0:04:29 
33John Behrens (Bailey Bikes)0:04:30 
34Frederick Bottger (Vitamix/sixtufit)0:04:50 
35Gary Douville (Platinum Racing Team)0:04:55 
36Michael Schindler (Sunnyside Sports)0:04:57 
37Brock Dickie ( 
38William Butcher (Magnus)0:05:02 
39Max Clifford (Hrs/rocklobster)0:05:03 
40Scott Bradway (Team S&m Sellwood Cycle)0:05:05 
41Ken Gallardo (Peninsula Velo/pomodoro)  
42Basil Moutsopoulos (Hup United)0:05:09 
43Joshua Liberles  
44Michael Brown (Therapeutic Associates/genr8)  
45Brian Staby (Norcal Bike Sport/jamis)0:05:11 
46Ian Leitheiser0:05:16 
47Kristopher Auer ( 
48Matt Jordan (Hrs Rock Lobster)0:05:29 
49William Reuss (Owens Healthcare)0:05:36 
50Phil Oppenheimer (Bicycle Centres/collision 1)0:05:43 
51Sheldon Miller0:05:45 
52Jesse Mayberry (Scott Ritchey Cyclocross)0:05:46 
53Joel Wilson0:05:49 
54Monte Boyle (Team Clover)0:05:51 
55Alec Sim (Joyride Bikes/ek Ekcessories)  
56Michael Carroll0:05:54 
57Aron Bonar (Sycip/schwalbe)0:05:58 
58Joe Brennan (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:06:13 
59Scott Brooks (Maietta Factory Racing)0:06:34 
60Matt Tillinghast (Lincoln Industries)0:06:35 
61Todd Dye (Pacific Power Blue Sky)0:06:43 
62Yuri Hauswald (Marin Bikes)0:06:47 
63Michael DiCenso (Nrc-kona)0:06:56 
64T Henshall (Therapeutic Associates)0:06:58 
65Daniel Studley (Nrc/kona)0:07:12 
66Mark Knokey (Vertical Earth)0:07:14 
67Philip Hynes (Mako/mellow Motors)0:07:15 
68Jamie Kilcoyne (Chipotle-titus Mountain Bike T)0:07:17 
69Chad Berg (Bicycle Centers/collision One)0:07:24 
70Devin Avery (Beer)0:07:25 
71Erik Bergstrom (Therapeutic Associates / Genr8)  
72Andrew Sargent (Alberto's)0:07:42 
73Wade Miller (Sunnyside Sports)0:07:46 
74Jon Freckleton (Aspire Performance)0:07:50 
75Erik Voldengen (Bbc / Bike N' Hike)0:07:51 
One lap down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
76Thom Kneeland (Desalvo Custom Cycles)  
77Graham Christensen (Vertical Earth)  
78Christopher Ragusa  
79Dmitri Keating (Old Town Bicycle Race Team (ot)  
80Luke Mason (Sagebrush Cycles)  
81Brian Andriot (Louisville Firefighters)  
82David Pedersen (Altezza 4 Racing)  
83Gerald Chabot (Planet Bike)  
84Shannon Kupfer (Ubrdo Team Project)  
85Arn Allemand (Lactic Acid Cycling)  
86Tim Hegg (Phils Southside Cyclery/team T)  
87Mark Roughgarden (Ubrdo Team Project)  
88Geoffrey Williams (Planet Bike)  
89Troy Kindred  
90Timothy Spence (Nrc/kona)  
91Chad DeMoss  
92Dean Poshard (Rock Lobster)  
93Michael Dennis  
94John Craft  
Two laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
95Jerry Long (Emde Sports)  
96Lane Miller (Louisville Cyclery)  
97Brian Fuller (Team Reel Theatre)  
98Mario Martinez (Nob Hill Velo)  
99Eric Lanners (Word-RCB)  
100Nicholas Brown (Recycled Cycles Racing)  
101Bradley Cole  
102David Prause (Super Relax)  
103Ryan Reisbick (Chinook Cycling Of Yakima)  
104Matt Robinson  
105ryan linville (Byrne Invent)  
106Andrew Juskaitis (Giant)  
107Keith Heinzelman (Classic Cycle)  
108Barney Gill (Planet Bike)  
109Dylan McReynolds (Berkeley Bicycle Club (bbc))  
Three laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
110Chris Samuel (Beacon)  
111Damon Pettinger (Hagens Berman Cycling Team)  
112Jonathan Vinson (Gentle Lovers)  
113E Brown  
114Alex Telitsine (  
115Ted Burns (Webcor/alto Velo)  
116Kyle Wuepper (Bend Bike N Sport)  
117Ian Dewar (Team Specialized Bicycles)  
118Tony Stanislav (36 Racing)  
119Jeff Evans (Doublecheck)  
120Theodore Chauvin (Lenovo)  
121Justin Morgan (Fresnoakland)  
122Dan Werle  
123Jason Bavuso (Joe Bar)  
Four laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
124Christopher Mink (Taleo Racing)  
125Michael Prater (Hagens Berman Llp)  
126Todd Pilger (Team Cross)  
127Brian Schur (Chinook Cycling)  
128Andrew Filler  
Five laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
129Travis McMaster (Pioneer Racing)  
130Kevin Donovan (Lactic Acid Cycling)  
131Jason Jablonski (Arlberg Sports)  
132Scott Price (Taleo Racing)  
133vaughn aldredge  
134Keith Mastranunzio  
135Chrstopher Follmer (Planet Bike)  
DNSSteve Reaney (California Giant Berry Farms/s)  
DNSBrady Rogers (United Healthcare)  
DNSCharles Totaro (Humanzoom/pabst Blue Ribbon)  
DNSAndy Bestwick (Allegiant Air/ Team Pain)  
DNSMatthew Freeman (Team Redlands)  
DNSGary Yates  
DNSDavid Salo (Second Ascent)  
DNSAndrew Weir  
DNSPaul Bonds (Okc Velo)  
DNSTodd Morse Tucker (Bicycle Centres-collision 1)  
DNSShawn Harshman (Harshman Wealth / Primus Mootr)  
DNSJosh Chauvet (Team Roaring Mouse)  
DNSSlate Olson (Hup United)  
DNSRobert Weyman (Kahala/la Grange)  
DNSRory Shackles (Turin Bicycle/barker+nestor)  
DNSCraig Virr (Team Six)  
DNSMatthew Simpson (Svelte Cycles / Pb Pedros)  
DNSRandy Salamon (Recycled Cycles Racing)  
DNSMatthew Opperman (Pro Peloton Racing)  
DNSJeff Edes (Team S&m)  
DNSBryan Butts (Crossniacs)  
DNSClay Harris (Rrv)  
DNSScott Keiper (Ragnarok)  
DNSJeff Lorenzen  
DNSBrandon Correia (Godspeed Courier)  
DNSDavid Neubeck (The Valley Athletic Club)  
DNSMel Maalouf (Alta Alpina Cycling Club)  
DNSadam toothaker (Northstar Couriers)  
DNSDavid Rosen (Half Fast Velo)  
DNSDevin Flynn (Team Buttercup)  
DNSPeter Mitchelmore (Squadra Abruzzo)  
DNSDavid Summers (Team Velocity)  
DNSMatt Connolly (Rio Strada Racing)  
DNSBradley Arnold (Counterbalance Bicycles Racing)  
DNSPete Galt  
DNSMichael Negrete (Sc Velo)  
DNSJames Downs (Paa)  
DNSRobert Presta (Northern Rockies)  
DNSTre HENDRICKS (Mt. View Cycles)  
DNFdoug laplaca (Bend Bike N Sport)  
DNFSteven Williams (Recycled Cycles Racing)  
DNFBrendan Connolly (Blue Rooster/sports Med)  
DNFWilbur Kelly (Market Street Cycling)  
DNFNate Woodman (Monkey Wrench)  
DNFJason Cruz (Family Cycling Center)  
DNFRick Finley (Montana Velo)  
DNFTravis Lukens  
DNFBrent Wallace (Organic Athlete)  
DNFAlex Hall (South Bay Wheelmen)  
Men 40-44
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Peter Webber0:40:36 
2Donald Myrah0:00:41 
3Douglas Reid (Second Ascent)0:00:48 
4Ward Baker (Rockymounts/izze Racing)  
5Scott McLaughlin (Sram Factory)0:00:56 
6Todd Hoefer (California Giant Berry Farms/s)0:00:59 
7Barton Bowen0:01:05 
8Troy Barry (Hammer Nutrition)0:01:13 
9Shawn Mitchell (Bode)0:01:21 
10Michael Wissink (Specialized)0:01:22 
11Jeff Winkler (Kccx/verge)  
12Roger Aspholm0:01:36 
13Murray Swanson (Peninsula Velo/pomodoro)  
14Richard Feldman (Durance - Colnago)0:01:52 
15Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific / B&l)0:01:55 
16Arthur O'Connor (Churchofthebigring/realcyclist)0:02:01 
17Michael Gaertner (Vertical Earth)0:02:10 
18Michael Robson0:02:12 
19Jon Gallagher (Cole Sport)0:02:22 
20Michael Benno (Veloce Racing)0:02:27 
21Tim Butler (River City Bicycles)0:02:28 
22John Bravard (Cyclepath Racing)0:02:37 
23Douglas Krumpelman (Vertical Earth)0:02:51 
24David Diviney (Cyclepath Racing)0:02:54 
25Tim Thompson (Team Rambuski Law)0:03:05 
26Kenny Burt (Wtb)0:03:12 
27Daniel Casper (Grandstay Hotels)0:03:14 
28David Klipper (Guinness Cycling Team)0:03:16 
29Aaron Leritz0:03:17 
30Sean Kelsey (Buy Local Cycling)0:03:25 
31Alex Gallego (Montana Junior Cycling Foundat)0:03:26 
32Todd Davis (Lenovo)  
33Brij Lunine (Team Santa Cruz)0:03:31 
34John Flack (Valley Athletic Club)0:03:47 
35Todd Meier (Broken Spoke Cycling)0:03:50 
36James Lehman (Ride Clean)0:04:00 
37Timothy Hopkin (North Carolina Cyclocross)0:04:09 
38Matthew Engel (Bend Bike N Sport)0:04:11 
39Patrick Morrissey (Nm Team Cross)0:04:26 
40doug evans ( 
41Eric Goodson (Boston Road Club)  
42Jeff Curtes (The Vanilla Workshop-speedvage)0:04:30 
43Philip Webb (Barbisol)  
44Kirk Olson0:04:35 
45Matthew Hill0:04:44 
46LeRoi Smith (Ragnarok Racing)  
47Matthew Scott0:04:46 
48Ronald Miller0:04:57 
49Timothy Cannard0:05:03 
50Daniel McNally  
51Dan Farrell (Blue Sky Velo)0:05:04 
52Stephen Kent (Freewheel Bike Shop)0:05:10 
53James Brown (Rad Racing Nw/hagens Berman)0:05:17 
54Jason Crago0:05:19 
55Bobby Williamson (Team Bikesport/ion)0:05:21 
56Erik Zimmer (Van Dessel Factory Team)0:05:27 
57Matthew Ohran0:05:32 
58UNKNOWN RIDER (-------)0:05:35 
59Michael Martin0:05:40 
60Kyle Boschen (  
61Jared Roy (Crossniacs)0:05:44 
62Doug Karet0:05:54 
63Carl Boni (Blue Sky Velo)  
64David Hagen (Fort Lewis College)0:05:59 
65Peter Thompson (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:06:01 
66Christopher Sautter (Yakima Bike Vigilantes)0:06:12 
67Rob Deeble (Team Reel Theatre)0:06:17 
68Barry Holman (T.e.a.m. Fuji)0:06:27 
69Justin Serna ( 
70Michael Curtes0:06:38 
71Michael Kracht0:06:43 
72Robert Kramer (Ridley)0:06:45 
73Chad Sage (Sunnyside Sports)0:06:46 
74Blake Von Knopka0:06:55 
75Derwyn Harris (Specialized River City Bicycle)0:07:00 
76Mark Duff (Veloforma)0:07:03 
77Tom Taylor0:07:14 
78Douglas Hudson (Feedback Sports)0:07:20 
79Arthur Weichbrodt (Viking Sport/ Zoka)0:07:23 
80Steve Jensen0:07:25 
81Harald Graham (Specialized River City Bikes)0:07:27 
82Travis Oliger0:07:28 
83Sean Rogers0:07:31 
84Jeff Herring (Team Cicle)0:07:42 
85Michael Hyde ( 
86Brian Walburn (Hagens Berman Llp)  
87Tom Elder (Team Reel Theatre / Tvcc)0:07:45 
88Robert Uetrecht0:07:58 
One lap down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
89David Karman (Hagens Berman Cycling)  
90David Kerr (Nob Hill Velo)  
91Matthew McNamara (Sterling Sports Group)  
92Robert Wuebker  
93Martin Baker (Presto Velo)  
94Kelly Glenn  
95Brian Glass (Cucina Fresca)  
96Michael Rabinowitz  
97Scott Carothers (Great Basin Imaging)  
98George Wescott  
99Jonathan Day (Velo-one Cycling)  
100Brandon Sincock  
101Otto Schug (Webcyclery)  
Two laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
102Brian Frykman (Gas / Intrinsik)  
103Lawrence Leonard (  
104J Juelis (Joe Bar)  
105David Grant  
106David Masessa (Desalvo Custom Cycles)  
107Alan Petrie (Spokane Rocket Velo)  
108Brian Wieczorek (Freddie Fu Cycling)  
109John Albrecht (Team Clover)  
110Timothy Simanski (Team Roaring Mouse)  
111Brett Batchelder  
112Robert Quinlan (Nob Hill Velo)  
113Michael Adkisson  
114matt mcguire  
115Brian Price (Lactic Acid Cycling)  
Three laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
116Matthew Lasala (Bend Bike N Sport)  
117Geoffrey Albert (Team Cicle)  
118David Lawson (Celo Pacific)  
119Sam Taagen (2/2 Fuel)  
120Richard Blanco  
121Timothy Schauer (Specialized River City Bikes)  
122Scott Mares (Verge)  
123Shawn Moore (Fiets Maan Racing)  
124Carl Anton  
125Corey Green (Zephyr Wheel Sports)  
126Joshua Smith (Planet Bike)  
127Anthony Lackey (KMK)  
128Ladd Williamson (Team Reel 1)  
129William Youngman (Squadra Abruzzo)  
130Christopher Wherity  
131scott ballard (Half Fast Velo)  
132David Drumm (Fts Cycling)  
133Paul Formiller (Portland Velo)  
134Kevin Andres (Bicycle Centres)  
135Dominic DAngelo (Bicycle Centres - Collision 1)  
136Marc Romano  
137Scott Hamness (Artisan Family Racing)  
Four laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
138Michael Szwaya (  
139Gerald Pflug (Spk/speedgoat)  
140Franz Martin (Nrc/kona)  
141Dirk Manley (Squadra Abruzzo)  
142Aaron Zoerner  
143Chad Thomas (Peninsula Velo/pomodoro)  
144Blaine Zumwalt  
145Glen Copus  
146Geoff McIntosh (Nhcc)  
Five laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
147Evan Adams (Hrs Rocklobster)  
DNSDonny Carroll (  
DNSFrederick Rose (  
DNSWill Black  
DNSJeffrey Bannink (Team Type 1)  
DNSBrady Brady (Team S & M)  
DNSBryan Schoeffler (Team Osp)  
DNSRobert Kuhn (Hup United)  
DNSKenton Berg  
DNSErik Gutbier (Keltic Construction/ccc)  
DNSPaul Boudreau (Essex County Velo)  
DNSGreg Freebairn (Porcupine/specialized Racing)  
DNSMichael Phillips (Curt Goodrich Racing Team)  
DNSDavid Frye  
DNSBradley Koester  
DNSCharles Erndl (Death Row Velo)  
DNSJohn Mundelius (C4/wells Fargo/vandenberghe Pr)  
DNSM Sutter (Horizon Organic Pb  
DNSR Todd Crisafulli (Nav /  
DNSTim Kelley (Fitzgerald's Bicycles)  
DNSBrian Nelson (Na)  
DNSKenny Wehn (Colavita New Mexico)  
DNSTim Wood (2/2 Fuel)  
DNSDan Becraft (Moots Racing)  
DNSEric Bustos (Cal Giant)  
DNSNathan Kiger (Second Ascent)  
DNSMaxwell Kullaway (Hup United/ 333fab)  
DNSMark Rogers (Hagens Berman)  
DNSPaul McKenna (Tvcc)  
DNSSteve Collie  
DNSShaun Locker (Etna Brewing Co./desalvo Cycle)  
DNSRichard Tannyhill (  
DNSBrad Roberts  
DNSAllan Sherlock  
DNSPaul Maciel (  
DNSSean Vali  
DNSCole Meckle (Cucina Fresca)  
DNSBrian Hludzinski (Boulder Racing)  
DNFTao Bernardi (Van Dessel)  
DNFAaron Kereluk (Hrs-rock Lobster)  
DNFKarl Mikkelson (Mountain View Cycles)  
DNFjohn gorman  
DNFSean Haidet  
DNFRobert Trombley (Recycled Cycles Racing / Ralei)  
DNFCraig Schmidt (Lincoln Industries - Highgear)  
DNFKelly Cline (Wissahickon)  
Men 50-54
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Hines (Corner Cycle)0:44:26 
2Bobby Langin (Platinum Performance)0:00:47 
3Richard Cramer0:01:24 
4Thomas Price (Kccx/verge)0:01:31 
5John Wilson (Pacific Power Blue Sky)0:01:32 
6Jim Gentes (Team Rambuski Law)0:01:36 
7Brad House (Backontrack)  
8Randy Shields (Carolina Masters)0:02:01 
9John Thompson (St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club)0:02:06 
10Randy Iddings0:02:16 
11Bernie Shiao (Kelly Benefit Strategies/lsv)0:02:23 
13Norman Kreiss (California Giant Berry/special)0:03:02 
14Edwin Rambuski (Team Rambuski Law)0:03:25 
15Scott Toll (Desalvo Custom Cycles)  
16Russell Thorstrom (Ico)0:03:32 
17Chris Tauscher (Tireless Velo)0:03:34 
18Darrell Davis (Contender Bicycles)  
19Tim James (Team E-mortgage Strategy)  
20Brendan Quinlan (Bob's Red Mill)  
21William Stevens (Gear Works Spin Arts Cycling T)0:03:54 
22Mark Wolowiec (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:04:01 
23Joseph Burtoni (Durango Wheel Club)0:04:11 
24Jim Miller ( 
25Rudy Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)0:04:40 
26Mark Bradley0:04:43 
27Pete Krumins0:04:51 
28Bill Reed0:04:56 
29Steve Yenne (Capitol Subaru)0:05:00 
30Alan Ott (Hrs\rock Lobster)0:05:02 
31Matthew Cazier (2/2 Fuel)0:05:03 
32Edward Miszkiewicz  
33Chris Hereford (Active Knowledge)0:05:33 
34Thomas Prehn (Rocky Mounts)0:05:35 
35David Luoma (Guinness Cycling)0:05:36 
36Justin Bannerman (Allegro Cyclery)  
37John Bliss (Chipotle/titus)0:05:39 
38Charles Morris0:05:47 
39Roy Colven (Wines Of Washington/bikesale.c)0:05:58 
40David Burnard0:06:21 
41Shawn Downing (Chesapeake Wheelmen)0:06:33 
42Steve Lamont (Dccx)0:06:34 
43John Weyhrich (Five Valley Velo)0:06:50 
44Doug Smith (Bend Bike 'n Sport)0:06:53 
45Gregg Leion (Mountain View Cycles)0:06:57 
46Mike Hayes (Fuel 22)0:07:10 
47Mike Szabo0:07:13 
48Andrew Peterson (Existential Velo)0:07:28 
49Dane Grant (Team Roaring Mouse)0:07:34 
50Joe Fabris (Plus 3 Network)  
51Dale Riley0:07:51 
52Michael Olenick (Elephant's Perch Cycling)  
53Andrew Forbes (George's/bode)0:08:06 
54William Kuster (Loon State Cyclists)0:08:11 
55William Macy (Carolina Masters Cycling Club)0:08:49 
56Michael Hines (Pvgc)0:08:56 
One lap down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
57Daniel Davis (Webcyclery)  
58Mike Kennedy (Intermountain Orthopaedics Cyc)  
59Erik Salander (Peninsula Velo/pomodoro)  
60Kevin Beshlian (2/2 Fuel)  
61Jay Mongillo (Ccc/keltic Construction/zanes)  
62Chip Duckett (Mock Orange Racing)  
63Brian Smith  
64Thomas Bowmaster (Liberty Cycle)  
65Raymond Fortner (  
Two laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
66Ambrose Su (Hutchs Bend/the Laser Nail Cli)  
67Barry Johnson (First Rate Mortgage Cycling Te)  
68James Thiele (Team Rose City)  
69Joseph King (Brazen Dropouts)  
70Vern Krist (Showers Pass)  
71Steven Olsen (Team Reel Theatre)  
72Steven Ellis (Blue Rooster/the Sports Medici)  
73Emil Gercke (Whole Athlete)  
74David Smith  
75Robert Adams  
Three laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
76David Stanton (Cucina Fresca)  
77Brian Blackwell (Rogue Racing Project)  
Four laps down
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
78Chris Gescheidle  
DNSHenry Kramer (Calgiant Strawberry/specialize)  
DNSJeffrey Cordisco (C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes)  
DNSMathew Baroli (Team Giant)  
DNSJeff Tedder (Hammer Velo)  
DNSJoseph Field (Fred Meyers Cycling)  
DNSScott Wilson (Evolution Racing)  
DNSTimothy Groesbeck (Ccb/volkswagen)  
DNSKen Coleman (Housatonic Wheel Club)  
DNSJames White (Ice/rocky Mountain Surgery Cen)  
DNSJeff Townsend (Fightin Bobas)  
DNFRobert Downs (Planetbike)  
DNFGeoffrey Proctor (Montana Velo)  
DNFMichael Rosenberg (Hutch's)  
DNFBrett Lambert (Hrs Rocklobster)  
DNFBruce Hodgkins  
DNFR Brook Watts (Great Divide Brewing)  
DNFJeffrey Craft (Team Lake Effect)  
DNFDave Reed (Hup United)  
DNFRick Raymond (Old Town Bicycle)  
DNFMark Henry (Team Clover)  
DNFSteve Miller  
DNFKevin Beshlian (2/2 Fuel)  
DNFTim Ellerbruch  
DNFJim Hinkley (Southtown Velo)  
DNFKevin Raymond (  
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