Myrah takes the title

Bold third behind Noble after crash

The final race of the day on Friday started off in dramatic fashion, but soon became a one-man show. Jonny Bold (Corner Cycle) led the more than 120 competitors over the first stairs, but Donald Myrah (Ibis) was able to pass him during the second lap.

Bold had Myrah in his sights, but took a corner too fast after his second trip over the flyover and crashed. It was all Myrah needed. He gradually added to his lead over the next several laps, winning by more than two minutes.

"I couldn't have asked for a better race," said Myrah, who represented the US in mountain biking at the 1996 Olympics. He was greeted at the finish line by his daughter who raced earlier in the junior women's 10-12. "It was a blast just jamming through the mud. I was a little nervous at the beginning, but once I got that gap going I could relax."

Bold, who injured his wrist in the crash, soldiered on to finish third behind runner-up Mark Noble (MetalMtn Cycling).

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Donald Myrah 0:48:36  
2 Mark Noble 0:02:10  
3 Jonny Bold 0:02:25  
4 James Coats 0:02:41  
5 Richard McClung 0:02:50  
6 Michael Hogan 0:03:00  
7 Arthur O'Connor 0:03:20  
8 Tim Butler 0:03:26  
9 Eric Martin 0:03:34  
10 Jonathan Card 0:03:37  
11 Lance Voyles 0:03:45  
12 Samuel Morse 0:03:49  
13 Rod Yoder 0:04:12  
14 John McCaffrey 0:04:17  
15 Waldek Stepniowski 0:04:28  
16 Matthew Lynch 0:04:35  
17 Ralf Warmuth 0:04:51  
18 Michael McShane 0:04:54  
19 Frank Gonzalez 0:04:55  
20 Paul Lennon 0:04:59  
21 Todd Rosier 0:05:04  
22 John Mundelius 0:05:22  
23 Shaun Locker 0:05:28  
24 Doug Graver 0:05:46  
25 harold stephenson 0:05:53  
26 Keith Rollins 0:05:55  
27 Thomas Fox 0:06:04  
28 Daniel Casper 0:06:08  
29 Tao Bernardi 0:06:18  
30 Steve McNamee 0:06:27  
31 Thomas Feix 0:06:30  
32 Jim Bell 0:06:40  
33 Jeffrey Hall 0:06:43  
34 Kurt Brown 0:06:48  
35 Jeff Cummings 0:07:04  
36 Jeff Standish 0:07:08  
37 Philip Sims 0:07:25  
38 John Mitchem 0:07:35  
39 Greg Gorrell 0:07:38  
40 Jim Albright 0:07:49  
41 Evan Adams 0:07:58  
42 Christopher Adolf 0:08:26  
43 Frank Kalcic 0:08:38  
44 Geoff McIntosh 0:08:47  
45 Tim Briley 0:08:50  
46 Mark Mastoras 0:09:03  
47 David Tricamo 0:09:05  
48 Christopher Shotwell 0:09:08  
49 Michael Pederson 0:09:09  
50 Michael Brazel 0:09:27  
51 Gregory Talbert 0:11:31  
-2laps Paul Werner    
-2laps Jeff Elston    
-2laps Daren Cottle    
-2laps Robert Goss    
-2laps Scott Clark    
-2laps Steve Anderson    
-2laps Harald Graham    
-2laps Paul LaStayo    
-2laps Troy Krause    
-2laps Ruben Villarreal    
-2laps Todd Anderson    
-2laps John McManus    
-2laps Vern Cole    
-2laps Franz Martin    
-2laps David Hagen    
-2laps Charles Stearns    
-2laps Theodore Posch Jr    
-2laps David Masessa    
-2laps Charles Bourdages    
-2laps Christopher Berge    
-2laps John Meehan    
-2laps Brian Glass    
-2laps Jon Pearson    
-2laps Kevin English    
-2laps David Haugen    
-2laps Kirk Rhinehart    
-2laps Shane Dunleavy    
-2laps William Carslay    
-3laps George Jackson    
-3laps Bill OKeefe    
-3laps Michael Beck    
-3laps Ben Suttlemyre    
-3laps John Collins    
-3laps Matthew Lasala    
-3laps Reese Gary    
-3laps Shawn Miller    
-3laps Jon Hicks    
-3laps Robert Trombley    
-3laps Mike Leone    
-3laps Hiroji McKinstry    
-3laps Chris Mahan    
-4laps Duane Strawser    
DNS Jerry Cutright    
DNS Mark Howland    
DNS David Tsai    
DNS Mauro Felizia    
DNS Paul Anderson    
DNS Stacey Sell    
DNS Cully Todd    
DNS Robert Piper    
DNS John Foulston    
DNS Francisco Pons    
DNS Robert Sonora    
DNS Jeff Poulsen    
DNS Terry Keele    
DNS Todd Gallaher    
DNS Robert Ling    
DNS Tim Watson    
DNS David Klipper    
DNS Jeff Sanford    
DNS John Fiore    
DNS Kenton Berg    
DNS Todd Sprague    
DQ Mark Reinecke    
DQ Steve Jensen    
DNF Tom Phillips    
DNF Greg Ferguson    
DNF Steve Briley    
DNF Joseph Fricke    
DNF Donald Langley    
DNF John Alving    
DNF Jeff Hane    
DNF Darron Cheek    
DNF Mike Murphy    
DNF Gannon Myall    

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