Carter, Purcell pounce in Division 1 races

Geng fastest in men's Division 2, Filiberti does a double

Racing continued at the USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships on Saturday in the form of a criterium around the Wisconsin State Capitol Building. Midwestern State University moved up in the team omnium standings after snagging both of the Division 1 criterium titles through Josh Carter and Jennifer Purcell, while powerful riders from Mesa State and Dartmouth continued success with Division 2 titles. After two of three days of competition traditional powerhouses Lees-McRae and Whitman College hold on to tight leads heading into tomorrow’s team time trial.

The Division 2 women’s criterium started things off the exact same way things were left yesterday with Arielle Filiberti (Dartmouth College), Martha Buckley (MIT) and Kendi Thomas (Whitman College) finishing one, two and three. The trio quickly jumped off the front early and held a significant lead on the field. After gaining a gap of around 45 seconds on the one-kilometre course, the ladies made the conscious decision not to lap and re-join the field. As in Friday’s road race it was Filiberti who earned the national title, this time out-sprinting her breakaway partners by only tenths of a second. A little more than half a minute later Martha Buckley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) won the bunch sprint for fourth to add to her omnium score.

“When we started getting time gaps at around 30 seconds, I figured we were out of sight, out of mind,” said Filiberti. “I think Kendi was the one who attacked coming up the final hill, so I sat on her wheel and took the inside line because I figured that would be fastest. I think I came out of it with a little gap and drilled it from there.”

With nearly all 86 starters charging the line to the finish, the 45-minute Division 1 women’s criterium played out in dramatically different fashion. With several major players looking to control the race and earn valuable team omnium points, things stayed all together until the final corner. Jennifer Purcell (Midwestern State University) led the pack out of that final turn and held off multi-time national champion Carla Swart (Lees-McRae) to earn her first national title in dramatic fashion.

“This has been my goal for almost a year. It unfolded exactly the way my coach and I discussed,” said Purcell, a senior radiology major. “I knew I had to be first out of that last corner as the sprint is so short. This is really the first time I’ve made cycling a top priority in my life and it paid off.”

After finishing third yesterday in the road race following an exhausting bridge up to the leaders, Division 2 men’s criterium winner Richard Geng (Mesa State) earned his stars-and-stripes today. Multiple attacks animated the 60-minute Division 2 men’s contest, but powerful team tactics saw nearly every attempt covered almost immediately. Pat Lemieux (Minnesota State University-Mankato) and Joe Lewis (University of Denver) earned second and third in the bunch sprint finish.

Following Purcell’s earlier victory, Josh Carter (Midwestern State University) completed his school’s sweep of the Division 1 criterium contests at this year’s USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships. After numerous attacks were launched and countered by the likes of UC-Davis, University of Colorado-Boulder, Lindenwood University, Colorado State and more, it was a late-race break by riders from Michigan State and Marian University with that caught everyone’s attention. With four laps to go Max Korus (University of Pennsylvania) gave chase with riders from the University of Washington not far behind. The group was essentially swallowed up on the final lap however with Carter gaining two bike lengths in the final sprint from the corner. Robert Bush (Marian College) and Matthew Brandt (Lindenwood University) were second and third to the line.

“After Jen won the women’s race, to win this one is amazing,” said Carter. 

Men Division 1
1Joshua Carter (USA) Midwestern State University  
2Robert Bush (USA) Marian College  
3Matthew Brandt (USA) Lindenwood University  
4Max Korus (USA) University of Pennsylvania  
5Pavel Gonda (USA) New York University  
6Alder Martz (USA) Lindsey Wilson College  
7Zack Allison (USA) Colorado State University  
8Adam Switters (USA) University of California-Davis  
9Grant Boursaw (USA) University of Washington-Seattl  
10Cody Foster (USA) Texas A & M University  
11Alister Ratcliff (USA) Fort Lewis College  
12Chad Haga (USA) Texas A & M University  
13Jordan Heimer (USA) University of Georgia  
14Robert Stumpf (USA) University of Pittsburgh  
15Jesse Dekrey (USA) Fort Lewis College  
16Alex Cox (USA) University of Vermont  
17Joseph Kukolla (USA) Marian College  
18Tim Norris (USA) Lindenwood University  
19Julio Jacobo (USA) University of Wisconsin-Madison  
20Rotem Ishay (USA) Fort Lewis College  
21Alexi Martinez (USA) Midwestern State University  
22Roberto Torres-Aguiar (USA) Pennsylvania State University  
23Blake Anton (USA) California Polytechnic-San Luis  
24Brendan Benson (USA) University of Michigan-Ann Arbo  
25Nathan Larson (USA) Lees-McRae College  
26Julian Martinez (USA) University of California-Santa  
27Eric Thompson (USA) Lees-McRae College  
28Clayton Omer (USA) Lindsey Wilson College  
29Joseph Welsh (USA) Lees-McRae College  
30Menso de Jong (USA) California Polytechnic-San Luis  
31Jesse Goodrich (USA) University of Colorado-Boulder  
32Nils Johnson (USA) University of California-Davis  
33Joseph Patterson (USA) University of California-Los An  
34Caley Fretz (USA) Colorado State University  
35Riley Oneal (USA) University of California-Davis  
36Brian Crosby (USA) University of Minnesota-Twin Ci  
37Alex Wieseler (USA) Marian College  
38Sam Bassetti (USA) University of California-Davis  
39Nick Hutchinson (USA) US Naval Academy  
40John Bennett (USA) California Polytechnic-San Luis  
41John Cahoy (USA) Stanford University  
42Dylan Jones (USA) Colorado State University  
43Adrian Richardson (USA) Portland State University  
44Daniel Katz (USA) University of California-Santa  
45Benjamin Zawacki (USA) Clemson University  
46Braden Kappius (USA) University of Colorado-Boulder  
47Zachary Felpel (USA) Lees-McRae College  
48David Williams (USA) Marian College  
49Jeremy Durrin (USA) University of Massachusetts-Amh  
50Kip Spaude (USA) Lindsey Wilson College  
51Jonathan Heile (USA) University of Wisconsin-Madison  
52Christopher Haga (USA) Texas A & M University  
53Andrew Seitz (USA) University of Pittsburgh  
54Derek Harnden (USA) University of Vermont  
55Hunter Garrison (USA) University of Georgia  
56Ryan O'Hara (USA) University of Connecticut  
57Andrew Otte (USA) Purdue University  
58Chris Gundling (USA) University of Wyoming  
59S Charles Zamastil (USA) Temple University  
60Gregg Izzo (USA) Northeastern University  
61Lee Peters (USA) University of Vermont  
62Austin Turner (USA) University of Iowa  
63David Glick (USA) University of Arizona  
64Nathan Kupperstock (USA) Boston University  
65Nicholas Reinert (USA) University of Pittsburgh  
66Kyle Bruley (USA) Boston University  
67Davis Shepherd (USA) University of Washington-Seattl  
68Eric Lau (USA) Stanford University  
69David Kuhns (USA) University of Oregon  
70Josh Yeaton (USA) University of Colorado-Boulder  
71Will Niemann-Ross (USA) University of Oregon  
72Owen Belton (USA) Lindenwood University  
73Hogan Sills (USA) Purdue University  
74Steven Derkits (USA) Pennsylvania State University  
75Joseph Collins (USA) University of Georgia  
76Scott Rosenfield (USA) Northwestern University  
77Stephen Leotis (USA) Georgia Institute of Technology  
78Shawn Gravois (USA) University of Florida  
79Reiss Kohl (USA) US Naval Academy  
80Marc Schwartz (USA) University of Washington-Seattl  
81Chris Rodgers (USA) Pennsylvania State University  
82Gregory Christian (USA) Michigan State University  
83Nathaniel Wilson (USA) University of Colorado-Boulder  
84William Nowak (USA) Northwestern University  
85Kyle Rohan (USA) University of Florida  
86Justin Crawford (USA) Virginia Polytechnic University  
87Sean Whiteman (USA) University of Pennsylvania  
88Cody Stephenson (USA) Fort Lewis College  
89Steven Scalia (USA) University of Vermont  
90Hippolyte Goux (USA) University of California-Los An  
91Reid Beloni (USA) Virginia Polytechnic University  
92Christopher Hall (USA) Colorado State University  
93Joey Iuliano (USA) Purdue University  
94Michael Sencenbaugh (USA) University of Arizona  
DNFBryan Derstine (USA) Florida State University  
DNFCedric Bosch (USA) University of Arizona  
DNFJonathan Baskin (USA) University of California-Los An  
DNFDanny Robertson (USA) Midwestern State University  
DNFKyle Gheres (USA) Pennsylvania State University  
DNFJohn Crow (USA) North Carolina State University  
DNFGreg Hercules (USA) Texas A & M University  
DNFJacob Roche (USA) US Naval Academy  
DNFJonathan Cook (USA) University of Wisconsin-Madison  
DNFAllen Stewart (USA) University of Oregon  
DNFMatthew Furlow (USA) University of Pennsylvania  
DNFJames Pradun (USA) University of Wisconsin-Madison  
DNFIan Murray (USA) Northwestern University  
DNFRoss Marklein (USA) University of Pennsylvania  
DNFJordan Louie (USA) University of Washington-Seattl  
DNFWalker Owen (USA) North Carolina State University  
DNFAzul Eckman (USA) University of Oregon  
DNFNathan Pfaff (USA) University of California-Santa  
DNFJoseph Stehlin (USA) US Naval Academy  
DNFElliot Hawkes (USA) Stanford University  
DNFJason Short (USA) Midwestern State University  
DNFBenjamin Hobson (USA) University of Arizona  
DNFNat Bricker (USA) University of Florida  
DNFAndrew Buntz (USA) University of Iowa  
DNFSean Vig (USA) University of Minnesota-Twin Ci  
DNFBrandon Krawczyk (USA) University of Minnesota-Twin Ci  
DNFChris Moore (USA) University of Iowa  
DNFJoe Nellis (USA) University of Iowa  
Women Division 1
1Jennifer Purcell (USA) Midwestern State University  
2Carla Swart (USA) Lees-McRae College  
3Leia Tyrrell (USA) Oregon State University  
4Flora Duffy (USA) University of Colorado-Boulder  
5Sinead Miller (USA) Marian College  
6Courtney O'Donnell (USA) University of California-Los An  
7Chloe Forsman (USA) University of Arizona  
8Magen Long (USA) Fort Lewis College  
9Erica Zaveta (USA) Lees-McRae College  
10Tammy Wildgoose (USA) University of California-San Di  
11Melissa (Missy) Erickson (USA) Fort Lewis College  
12Rachel Warner (USA) Lees-McRae College  
13Danielle Haulman (USA) University of California-Davis  
14KimberlyAnn Zubris (USA) Boston University  
15Peggy LeGrand (USA) US Naval Academy  
16Holly Mathews (USA) University of Wisconsin-Madison  
17Melanie Meyers (USA) University of Arizona  
18Ashley James (USA) Lindsey Wilson College  
19Rebecca Finley (USA) Marian College  
20Anna Young (USA) Marian College  
21Kelley Hess (USA) University of Wisconsin-Madison  
22Sara Painter (USA) University of California-Los An  
23Kelly Egan (USA) University of Wisconsin-Madison  
24Katy Applin (USA) Northeastern University  
25Lisa Auchincloss (USA) University of California-Davis  
26Jacqueline Kurth (USA) Marian College  
27Sarah Sturm (USA) Fort Lewis College  
28Kim Trenbath (USA) University of Colorado-Boulder  
29Claire Routledge (USA) Midwestern State University  
30Cinthia Lehner (USA) Lees-McRae College  
31Natalie Smith (USA) Purdue University  
32Amy Chandos (USA) University of California-Davis  
33Rae Brownsberger (USA) Stanford University  
34Megan Melack (USA) University of California-Santa  
35Larissa Fitchett (USA) University of California-Davis  
36Devon Simpson (USA) University of Washington-Seattl  
37Lauren Shirock (USA) Pennsylvania State University  
38Sarah Patz (USA) University of California-Santa  
39Rachel Nosheny (USA) Stanford University  
40Stephanie Skoreyko (USA) University of Utah  
41Ashley Nice (USA) Colorado State University  
42Kathryn Hicks (USA) California Polytechnic-San Luis  
43Courtney O'Neill (USA) Northwestern University  
44Judy Jenkins (USA) University of Arizona  
45Heather Fischer (USA) University of Colorado-Boulder  
46Jena Greaser (USA) University of Connecticut  
47Jessica Kutz (USA) Pennsylvania State University  
48Phoebe Erdman (USA) University of Colorado-Boulder  
49Rachelle Hobson (USA) University of Oregon  
50Eun Young Choi (USA) Harvard University  
51Rebecca Chan (USA) University of Pennsylvania  
52Allie Dragoo (USA) Lindsey Wilson College  
53Kathryn Tolle (USA) Ohio State University  
54Brenna Wozniak (USA) Colorado State University  
55Axie Navas (USA) Northwestern University  
56Morgan Farnsworth (USA) Pennsylvania State University  
57Carolyn Horiye (USA) US Naval Academy  
58Kimberly Truitt (USA) University of Arizona  
59Marlena Grovenstein (USA) Colorado State University  
60Lisa Toner (USA) University of Washington-Seattl  
61Lindsey Durst (USA) University of Wisconsin-Madison  
62Maggie Sullivan (USA) Northeastern University  
DNFBrooke Crum (USA) Lindsey Wilson College  
DNFZoe Roy (USA) University of Utah  
DNFLoren Eggenschwiler (USA) Midwestern State University  
DNFEmily Fancher (USA) University of Georgia  
DNFWhitney Schultz (USA) University of Texas-Austin  
DNFSage Wilderman (USA) Fort Lewis College  
DNFKatherine Reinhart (USA) University of Oregon  
DNFMarilyn Cullinane (USA) Midwestern State University  
Men Division 2
1Richard Geng (USA) Mesa State College  
2Pat Lemieux (USA) Minnesota State University-Mank  
3Joe Lewis (USA) University of Denver  
4Ben Chaddock (USA) Whitman College  
5Ben Damhoff (USA) University of Wisconsin-Plattev  
6Cory Scott (USA) College of William and Mary  
7Ian Crane (USA) Whatcom Community College  
8Robert Ferris (USA) Duke University  
9Trevor Eide (USA) Dartmouth College  
10Logan Wetzel (USA) Western Washington University  
11Jeffrey Salvitti (USA) Bucknell University  
12Ryan Sullivan (USA) Cumberland University  
13John ShalekBriski (USA) US Air Force Academy  
14Timbah Bell (USA) Whitman College  
15Scott Lipp (USA) Montana State University-Bozema  
16Steve Fisher (USA) Western Washington University  
17Corey Meyer (USA) Brevard College  
18Luke Ramseth (USA) Humboldt State University  
19Andrew Baker (USA) Furman University  
20Nikola Milanovic (USA) Mars Hill College  
21Patric Rostel (USA) Mesa State College  
22Paul Webb (USA) Mars Hill College  
23Kyle Knott (USA) Mars Hill College  
24Ryan Short (USA) Western Washington University  
25Douglass Endrizzi (USA) Yale University  
26Justin Goodin (USA) US Air Force Academy  
27Brian Kaker (USA) University of Wisconsin-Whitewa  
28Cory St Clair (USA) Xavier University  
29Ross White (USA) University of Wisconsin-Whitewa  
30Aaron Meyers (USA) Bucknell University  
31Colin Don (USA) University of Denver  
32Colin Gibson (USA) Whitman College  
33Alejandro Padilla (USA) Cumberland University  
34Conor Mullervy (USA) Mesa State College  
35Matthew Nichols (USA) Dartmouth College  
36Joe Magro (USA) University of Notre Dame  
37Maxwell Anderson (USA) University of Wisconsin-Plattev  
38Michael Garrett (USA) Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
39Matthew Willing (USA) Mars Hill College  
40Kevin Mullervy (USA) Mesa State College  
41Brendon Gallant (USA) Willamette University  
42Tristin Bentzler (USA) University of Wisconsin-Eau Cla  
43Tucker Sawin (USA) Georgetown University  
44Adam Koble (USA) University of Wisconsin-Eau Cla  
45Elliot DuMont (USA) Claremont Colleges Consortium  
46Ryan Smolko (USA) Kutztown University of Pennsylv  
47Jonathan Dreher (USA) Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
48Kyle Wagner (USA) Lehigh University  
49John Rhoden (USA) Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
50Michael Niemi (USA) Duke University  
51Thomas Clark (USA) University of Wisconsin-Plattev  
52Robert Burnett (USA) Franklin and Marshall College  
53Benjamin Rathkamp (USA) Western Washington University  
DNFEvan Cooper (USA) Tufts University  
DNFTim Humpton (USA) Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
DNFGregory Keith (USA) US Military Academy  
DNFAaron Cravez (USA) Bucknell University  
DNFMaciej Balajewicz (USA) Duke University  
DNFSpencer Beamer (USA) Furman University  
DNFJoe Pigga (USA) Lehigh University  
DNFDouglas Ansel (USA) University of Notre Dame  
DNFArthur Moran (USA) Wentworth Institute of Technolo  
DNFMariusz Czarnomski (USA) University of North Dakota  
DNFThomas Brown (USA) Emory University  
DNFBrock Logan (USA) US Air Force Academy  
DNFCraig McKinney (USA) Furman University  
DNFTony Damhoff (USA) University of Wisconsin-Plattev  
DNFJames Mitchell (USA) Furman University  
DNFWaylon Janowiak (USA) Illinois Institute of Technology  
DNFPatrick Barter (USA) Dartmouth College  
DNFTimothy Campbell (USA) Oakland University  
DNFAlex Abarbanel-Grossman (USA) Middlebury College  
DNFMatt St Marie (USA) Brevard College  
Women Division 2
1Arielle Filiberti (USA) Dartmouth College  
2Kendi Thomas (USA) Whitman College  
3Rita Klofta (USA) DePauw University  
4Martha Buckley (USA) Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
5Kimberley Turner (USA) Seattle Pacific University  
6Claire McKenna (USA) Dartmouth College  
7Mia Huth (USA) Whitman College  
8Amara Boursaw (USA) Pacific Lutheran University  
9Julia Tellman (USA) Brevard College  
10Sarah Bowman (USA) Yale University  
11Elle Anderson (USA) Dartmouth College  
12Lindsy Campbell (USA) University of Montana  
13Laura Ralston (USA) Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
14Elizabeth Lauer (USA) University of Wisconsin-Whitewa  
15Courtenay McFadden (USA) Western Washington University  
16Elena Dorr (USA) Illinois Institute of Technology  
17Elizabeth Lee (USA) Mercer University  
18Elizabeth Martin (USA) University of Northern Colorado  
19Yuri Matsumoto (USA) Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
20Netana Hotimsky (USA) Mesa State College  
21Roxanne Pierson (USA) Whitman College  
22Caitlin Marine (USA) St. Olaf College  
23Jennifer Perricone (USA) University of Notre Dame  
24Silvia Moelk (USA) Mesa State College  
25Emily Rodriguez (USA) Whitman College  
26Kelsey Hassin (USA) US Military Academy  
27Klara Rossouw (USA) Mars Hill College  
28Yolanda Colon (USA) Mars Hill College  
DNSZuzana Trnovcova (USA) Massachusetts Institute of Technology  


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