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Langlois surges clear to win ahead of Grasmann

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Williamson edges out breakaway partner Veronneau to claim victory

The men race under soaring temperatures in the Iron Hill Twilight criterium

The men race under soaring temperatures in the Iron Hill Twilight criterium

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In spite of the brutal heat, humidity, soaring temperatures near 40 degrees and the threat of severe thunderstorms, thousands of spectators, and those seeking a good time for the family, lined the streets of downtown West Chester for the Annual Iron Hill Twilight Criterium. They were rewarded with some of the most exciting pro racing action in the event’s eight-year history as well as one of the fastest races of the 2012 USA CRITS series.

It all came down to the final four laps as Bruno Langlois (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose), two-time medalist at the Canadian National Championships, took the victory after bridging the gap from the chase group to the leader. At about 400 meters from the finish line he made his move and sprinted ahead of German rider Christian Grasmann (Rudy Project Racing) to victory in the 40-lap criterium in a time of 1:07:51.

The 30-lap Pro/Am Women’s Criterium was equally thrilling as 18-year-old New Zealander Sophie Williamson (NZ National Team) upset many of the most elite professional female riders in the cycling world. After numerous attacks, Williamson and Kate Veronneau (Pure Energy) broke away from the pack and worked together to come within 22 seconds of lapping the field. In a two-up sprint at the finish line, the teenager edged out her breakaway companion both finishing in 45:06.

Mark Yoder, President of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce, was pleased by the turnout given the oppressive heat and fears of storms (which proved unfounded).

"More and more visitors are discovering what a wonderful community we have in West Chester," he said. "Everyone had a great time - spectators and riders alike. The riders love the challenging course and the enthusiastic crowds. The families love all the kid-friendly activities. And the spectators love the exciting racing - especially this year!"


Elite Men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Bruno Langlois (Garneau - Quebecor - Norton Rose) 1:07:51  
2 Christian Grasmann (Rprt) 0:00:01  
3 Marcel Kalz (Rprt) 0:00:13  
4 Travis Livermon (Team Mountain Khakis-Smartstop) 0:00:14  
5 Pieter Bulling (New Zealand National Team)    
6 Ty Magner (Bmc-Hincapie Development Team)    
7 Emile Abraham (Rossetti Devo Cycling Team)    
8 Robert Bengsch (Rprt)    
9 Euris R. Vidal (Crca-Foundation)    
10 Adam Farabaugh (Xo Communications P-B Cisco) 0:00:15  
11 Cameron Karwowski (New Zealand National Team)    
12 Luke Keough (Team Mountain Khakis-Smartstop) 0:00:16  
13 Oscar Clark (Unitedhealthcare Of Georgia P-B The 706 Project)    
14 Issac Howe (Kenda-5-Hour Energy Pro Cycling)    
15 Mark Langlands (Garneau - Quebecor - Norton Rose) 0:00:17  
16 Ricky Gargiulo (Champion System P-B Stan's Notubes)    
17 Patrick Kos (Affinity Cycles) 0:00:18  
18 Wyatt Stoup (Mt Borah - Minerva Design P-B Basso's)    
19 Ryan Dewald (Xo Communications P-B Cisco) 0:00:19  
20 Gavriel Epstein (Champion System P-B Stan's Notubes)    
21 Rafael A. Meran (Crca-Foundation)    
22 Andrew Crater (Cleveland Clinic Sports Health) 0:00:20  
23 Zach Hughes (Garneau - Quebecor - Norton Rose)    
24 Jean Michel Lechance (Rossetti Devo Cycling Team)    
25 Kyle Wamsley (Jamis-Sutter Home)    
26 Zac Felpel (Kelly Benefit Strategies-Lsv) 0:00:21  
27 Allan Rego (Champion System P-B Stan's Notubes)    
28 Maurice Gamanho (Van Dessel Factory Team)    
29 Ryan Shebelsky (Team Alliance Environmental)    
30 Chris Monteleone (Team Mountain Khakis-Smartstop) 0:00:22  
31 Eddie Grystar (Freddie Fu Cycling Team)    
32 Stephen Keeping (Stevens Racing)    
33 Liam Aitcheson (International) 0:00:24  
34 Michael Chauner (Pure Energycycling-Pro Air)    
35 Jon Hamblen (Team Mountain Khakis-Smartstop) 0:00:28  
36 Jamie Clinton (Team Alliance Environmental)    
37 Brett Kielick (160Over90 P.B. Vie13)    
38 Daniel Chabanov (Crca-Foundation) 0:00:29  
39 John Loehner (Stan's Notubes - Axa Equitable)    
40 Nick Rogers (160Over90 P.B. Vie 13-Qcw) 0:00:33  
41 Andrew Wulfkuhle (Team Gpoa) 0:00:34  
42 Dylan Kennett (International) 0:00:37  
43 Dwayne Clinton (Orange Street Velo And Retul St)    
44 Jeremy Durrin (J.A.M. Fund - Ncc)    
45 David Cueli (Team Coco's) 0:00:38  
46 Bobby Lea (Pureenergycycling-Proairhfa)    
47 John Hunter (Mt Borah - Minerva Design P-B Basso's) 0:00:41  
48 Frank Travieso (Team Coco's) 0:00:43  
49 Curtis Winsor (Kenda-5-Hour Energy Pro Cycling) 0:00:53  
50 Igor Volshteyn (Champion System P-B Stan's Notubes)    
51 Evan Burkhart (Bikereg.Com - Cannondale Elite ) 0:00:54  
52 Hannes Baumgarten (Rprt) 0:01:02  
Elite Women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Sophie Williamson (NZ National Team) 0:45:06  
2 Kate Veronneau (Pure Energy Cycling/ProAirHFA)    
3 Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) 0:01:01  
4 Colleen Hayduk (RIDECLEAN/ 0:01:02  
5 Pipes Lenore (RideClean/    
6 Erica Allar (RIDECLEAN/    
7 Debbie Milne (Absolute Racing/ MSMOC)    
8 Anna Young (Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA)    
9 Kacey Manderfield (Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA) 0:01:03  
10 Amy Cutler (Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Sheb)    
11 Jenny Ives (Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling)    
12 Mary Costelloe (Alliance Environmental)    
13 Jacqueline McClure (CAWES/iFractal p/b Specialized)    
14 Patty Buerkle (Edlow Intl. p/b Bike Beat)    
15 Beth Bonilla (Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom)    
16 Colleen Gulick (Pure Energy Cycling - Proairhfa)    
17 Cecilia Davis-Hayes (IFRACTAL-QCW p.b. Breakawaybike) 0:01:04  
18 Nikki Raspa (CAWES/iFractal p/b Specialized)    
19 Arley Kemmerer (MVP Health Care Cycling) 0:01:05  
20 Erin Silliman (MVP Health Care Cycling)    
21 Kristin Lotito (Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA)    
22 Amanda Watson (Edlow Intl. p/b BikeBeat)    
23 Victoria Hanks (Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom)    
24 Julie Kuliecza (Edlow Intl. p/b Bike Beat) 0:01:06  
25 Stephanie Swan (Edlow Intl p/b BikeBeat)    
26 Kacy Wander (Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling) 0:01:07  
27 Jennifer Maxwell (Team Kenda presented by Geargrinder) 0:01:09  
28 Carol-Lynn Mills (CRCA/ Houlihan Lokey) 0:01:10  
29 Kathleen Wulfkuhle (C3 - CrossFit Collective Endura) 0:01:12  
30 Kelley Bethoney (SPINTECK) 0:02:53  
31 Emma Lawson (RIDECLEAN/