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US Mountain Bike National Championships 2010

Date range:
July 15-18, 2010

July 17, Elite Women Cross Country:

Milan, Steinmetz capture four cross national titles

Sue George, Mountain Bike Editor
July 18, 2010, 5:49 BST,
July 18, 2010, 23:56 BST

Two new faces top podiums

2010 US National elite men's four cross podium.

2010 US National elite men's four cross podium.

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Ross Milan (Yeti) and Neven Steinmetz (Ellsworth Bikes) won their first four cross championship titles on Saturday night under the lights.

"It worked out well," said Milan. "I got second in every round until the finals. Then, I had a really good gate in the finals and just kept it in there and stayed as tight as I could. I don't know what happened behind me in the second turn."

Milan raced to a win in the big final ahead of Brian Buell (Team Geronimo/Banshee), Barry Nobles and Erik Nelson, who crashed in the final. Millan will also race the super D in the morning.

"It was a challenge," said Buell. "To come from gates 3 and 4 to make it into the final to get second was good. I just played it smart."

In the small final, Blake Carney took the win for the final podium spot. Lear Miller, Brad Oien (ODI Southridge) and Logan Binggeli (KHS) followed. Oien and Bingelli both crashed in the small final.

Steinmetz won the women's race after favorite Melissa Buhl (KHS) went down in the final.

"It got a little hairy in the first turn," said Steinmetz. "Jacque got a really good start and I was battling in second, and I knew if I let her get in front of me, I'd be playing catch-up the whole time."

"Melissa was in front and then I came in a tight turn on the inside. She railed the berm and we smashed into each other and she crashed. Then, I had a smooth, clean race until the end. She's one of my best friends and she's an amazing rider so I hope she's ok."

In fact, Buhl was ok. She was disappointed after making a mistake, but will turn her focus to the downhill on Sunday.

"I took the corner wrong and I took myself out," said Buhl. "It's loose and it was like riding on moon dust out there. I took a dabble and down I went. I'm happy for Nev."

The four cross finals were delayed one hour. Organizers made changes to the lower part of the course to make it safer and faster at the end. Riders had recommended the changes, which were implemented by Sol Vista Bike Park.

"It was a consensus of the riders and they made a change. They listened to us and it worked well. They do a great job here building safe," said Buell."

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ross Milan (Yeti Cycles National Team)    
2 Brian Buell (TeamGeronimo/BansheeBikes)    
3 Barry Nobles    
4 Erik Nelson    
5 Blake Carney    
6 Lear Miller    
7 Brad Oien (ODI/X-Fusion)    
8 Logan Binggeli (KHS Bicycles)    
9 David Ziegman (Yeti Cycles National Team)    
10 George Stephenson (Yeti Fox Regional)    
11 Thomas Tokarczyk (Jamis Bikes)    
12 Jon Wilson (Northstar/Giant)    
13 Sean McClendon (ODI / X-Fusion)    
14 Taylor Cuisinot (Xtreme Outfitters)    
15 Jeffrey Kamper    
16 Matthew Grinewich    
17 Michael Buell (Team Geronimo/Banshee Bikes)    
18 Robin Baloochi (Corsair/Atomlab)    
19 Shawn Neer (Orbit Racing)    
20 Heikki Hall (e*thirteen components/ Commencal USA)    
21 Jarrod Jakubiak    
22 John Clark    
23 David Mock (The Racers Edge)    
24 Brian Ballard (Mojo Wheels)    
25 Ryan Condrashoff (ODI/X-Fusion)    
26 Michael Haderer (Corsair/Atomlab)    
27 Jake Kinney (Blk Mkt Bikes / Atomlab / Oakley / Vans)    
28 Steven Wentz (Team SolVista / Commencal USA)    
29 Jamas Stiber (Lenz Sport/Oakley)    
30 Eric Landis (Grassroots Cycles / Transition Bikes/ Marzocchi / MRP)    
31 Lars Sternberg (Transition Racing)    
32 Chris Hale    
33 John Swanguen (ODI/X-Fusion)    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Neven Steinmetz (Ellsworth Bikes)    
2 Jacqueline Harmony (Vixen Racing/TLD/All Mountain Cyclery/Hayes)    
3 Melissa Buhl (KHS Bicycles)    
4 Catherine Cantway    
Cat. 1 Men 15-18
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Sam Powers (Redstone Cyclery)    
2 Walker Shaw (Grom Racing)    
3 Thomas Ravina (WTB)    
4 Blake Foxx    
5 Rory Eastman    
6 Madison Bailey    
7 Anthony (Ace) Savarese (Kovachi Wheels / Nema)    
8 Michael Allen    
9 Anthony Marino    
Cat. 1 Men 19-29
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Matson Hunter (Bike Works / Commencal)    
2 Dillon Lemarr    
3 Troy D'Elia (Foes Racing)    
4 Tomas Fernandez    
5 Daniel Godard (MOJO Wheels)    
6 Joseph Roberson    
7 Craig Carlson (Terminal Velocity Racing)    
8 Price Seliger (One Ghost Industries/Dean Optics)    
9 Cory Cuisinot (Xtreme Outfitters)    
10 Daniel Mazuti    
Cat. 1 Men 30-39
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jeff Kegu (Neverest)    
2 Michael Ambrose    
3 Matthew Patterson (Dirt Corps/Greggs/Trek/Nema)    
4 James Gillespie (Mojo Wheels)    
5 Billy Patterson    
6 andrew heine    
7 Evan Chute (RPM/Yeti)    
Cat. 1 Men 40+
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 John Lewis (Sports Garage/ Yeti)    
2 Todd Hood (Mojo Wheels)    
DNF Jason Gibb    
DNF Chris Cawley (Breck Velo)    
Cat. 1 Women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Soraya Khalje    
2 lauren heitzman (MOJO Wheels/Mojo Wheels)    
3 Amber Price    
4 Annemarie Hennes    
5 Brittany Jackson    
6 Christin McCurdy (White Pine Touring)