Mulally brothers carve up junior categories in downhill

Patton takes Cat. 1 race

Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing) earned the win in the junior men's 17-18 competition, finishing 11 seconds faster than second-place Austin Warren. Neko's younger brother, Logan Mulally, earned the gold medal among junior men 15-16, completing the course almost eight seconds faster than silver-medalist Damon Morin.

Earning his second Stars-and-Stripes jersey of the event was 10-year-old Joseph Foresta, who won Saturday’s dual slalom competition. Armen Davis descended in 3:59.4 to earn the junior men's 11-12 competition while Ben Bodycoat earned a nine-second win among men 13-14. Chris Patton narrowly edged Corey McMahon to win the men’s 19-24 while David Medina barely beat Erik Hatch to win the men's 25-29 competition. Allen Bercume won by 17.5 seconds to win the men's 30-34 race as Jeremy Fahey registered the win in the men's 35-39 contest. Todd Cholevik won the men's 40-44 race. G. John Leslie completed the course 26 seconds faster than his closest competitor in the men’s 45-49 contest. Jason Hofman earned a one-minute victory in the men's 50-and-over contest while Mark Poore won the men's 60-and-over race.

Taylor Allison completed the course in 4:33.4 to win the women's 15-16 race. Lauren Daney, who represented the United States of America at the 2011 Mountain Bike World Championships in Champery, Switzerland in late July, won the junior women's 17-18 competition with a time of 4:26.5. Emily Smith won the women’s 19-29 contest by 51 seconds while Soraya Khalje topped the women's 30-39 contest. Ellen Adams (Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club) won the women's 40-and-over competition.

Full Results

Cat. 1 Junior men 15-16
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Logan Mulally0:03:05.82 
2Damon Morin0:00:07.43 
3Luca Shaw0:00:07.78 
4Walker Shaw0:00:09.29 
5Noah Fairburn0:00:10.02 
6Jay Fesperman0:00:10.48 
7William O'Brien0:00:12.65 
8Shane Leslie0:00:17.36 
9Dylan Unger0:00:17.90 
10Kevin Littlefield0:00:19.25 
11Matthew Branney0:00:28.40 
12Kole Wetherell0:00:32.00 
13Alexander Willie0:00:32.81 
14Matthew Fitzgerald0:01:01.35 
15Richard Pedigo0:01:22.82 
16Eric Vest0:06:06.59 
Cat. 1 Junior men 17-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neko Mulally0:02:43.17 
2Austin Warren0:00:10.81 
3Ray Syron0:00:16.18 
4Cody Kelley0:00:18.27 
5Nikolas Dudukovich0:00:19.02 
6Jimmy Leslie0:00:21.06 
7Austin Hackett Klaube0:00:22.79 
8Harrison Ory0:00:28.29 
9Wiley Kaupas0:00:30.98 
10Alex Bowdish0:00:31.85 
11jt linville0:00:32.33 
12Connor Reddington0:00:33.58 
13Christian Wright0:00:34.79 
14Brian Roark0:00:35.11 
15Ben Calhoun0:00:38.24 
16Alex Pfiffner0:00:38.55 
17Dylan Conte0:00:39.34 
18Paul McSparin0:00:42.54 
19Reid Dressler0:00:44.09 
20Robert Lewis0:00:51.75 
21Derek Maiden0:01:27.43 
DNFSam Skidmore  
Cat. 1 Men 19-24
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Patton0:03:18.89 
2Corey McMahon0:00:00.91 
3Stephen Pope0:00:01.33 
4Craig Folsom0:00:01.38 
5Alex Dawson0:00:07.36 
6Jordan Newth0:00:07.45 
7Douglas French0:00:17.67 
8Danny Cesare0:00:19.42 
9Hunter Budd0:00:19.48 
10Tylor Bowes0:00:21.24 
11Nick Gragtmans0:00:22.78 
12Burke Saunders0:00:25.20 
13Robert Monjure0:00:30.64 
14Andrew Slowey0:00:33.39 
15Nathan Swartz0:00:34.14 
16Vance Nonno0:00:42.88 
17Scott Bureau0:00:49.31 
18Stephen Solt0:00:49.36 
19Chase Hines0:00:49.37 
20Richard Maree0:00:50.17 
21Joshua Patton0:00:59.39 
22Luke Watkins0:01:23.39 
DNSJason Eaton  
Cat. 1 Men 25-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Medina0:03:29.35 
2Erik Hatch0:00:00.03 
3Matt Henderson0:00:04.30 
4Richard Patty0:00:10.93 
5Jeff Bowers0:00:15.39 
6Geoff Ayr0:00:18.30 
7Timothy Koerber0:00:21.32 
8Alex Ohman0:00:22.65 
Cat. 1 Women 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Smith0:05:20.94 
2Leslie Litton0:00:50.36 
3Brooke Crum0:00:58.20 
4Kate Weisenfluh0:01:08.77 
5Olivia Harkness0:02:05.45 


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