Gwin and Kintner repeat as US national downhill champs

Leslie wins junior title

The 2014 USA Cycling Gravity Mountain Bike National Championships wrapped up Sunday at the Angel Fire Bike Park with familiar faces standing on top of the pro men's and women's podiums. Aaron Gwin (Specialized Racing DH) and Jill Kintner (Team Norco International/Red Bull) both showed off their dominant downhill skills in repeating as national champions.


The 71-rider pro men's field took its turn on the course following the pro women and it was the second rider down the hill, Graeme Pitts (Graeme Pitts Racing) who posted the early time to beat of 4:10.14. The next 53 riders were unable to oust Pitts from the hot seat until Neko Mullaly (Trek World Racing) took over the top spot by being the first rider to break the four-minute mark as he stopped the clock at 3:59.35. Mulally remained in the hot seat with just two riders left to complete the course. Mitch Ropelato (Factory Specialized) joined Mulally in the sub-four-minute club but finished a fraction of a second behind in 3:59.39. That left defending champ Gwin, the last rider to start, and he did not disappoint the fans on the slopes of the Angel Fire Bike Park. Gwin crossed the line in 3:52.17 to don the Stars-and-Stripes jersey once again.

"This track was hard this weekend," Gwin said. "As far as physically and a challenge to be smooth, the hardest track we've raced all year. I like it. It's fast, it's dry and it's good times racing in the U.S. I made a couple mistakes but they weren't too costly. All in all, I'm stoked."


After the morning's amateur contests, the pro women took to the downhill course that started at 10,500 feet above sea level, and descended 1,700 feet over 2.8 miles. Abigail Hippely was the first to crack the five-minute mark at 4:55.70. The second-to-last rider down the mountain, Amanda Batty, joined the sub-five-minute club when she crossed the line in 4:57.40. The only female rider left was 12-time national champion Kintner who left no doubt as she blazed down the trail with a winning time of 4:30.10 to gain her 13th Stars-and-Stripes jersey. Hippely took the silver medal and Batty the bronze.

"It's crazy to see the evolution of the track from day one until now with how loose and dry and blown out it got with so many people riding it," said Kintner. "That run was pretty smooth for me, no real big mistakes. I just tried to keep my momentum going and look ahead and keep my hands loose so I didn't get too tight. You can always go faster but I'm happy with that to get the title."

Junior men 17-18

The junior men's 17-18 downhill kicked off the afternoon session on the final day of competition. Demetri Triantafillou took over the hot seat with six riders to go as he posted a time of 4:19.90. Podium favorite Luca Shaw (SRAM Factory), the third-to-last rider to start, fell out of contention after suffering a rear flat tire. The next rider down, Charlie Harrison took over the lead with a time of 4:14.83, but his time was quickly bettered by Shane Leslie, who claimed the victory with a time of 4:10.95.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aaron Gwin (Factory Specialized)0:03:52.179 
2Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing)0:00:07.173 
3Mitch Ropelato (Factory Specialized)0:00:07.212 
4Logan Binggeli (KHS Bicycles)0:00:09.264 
5Kevin Aiello (KHS Bicycles)0:00:11.208 
6Austin Hackett Klaube0:00:13.097 
7Ben Furbee0:00:14.760 
8Austin Warren (Pivot cycles factory)0:00:15.345 
9Kiran MacKinnon0:00:15.708 
10Max Morgan0:00:15.780 
11Cody Warren (Armer Energy MTB)0:00:17.395 
12Graeme Pitts (Graeme Pitts Racing)0:00:17.962 
13Zach Graveson0:00:18.389 
14Michael Day (GT)0:00:18.824 
15Trevyn Newpher0:00:18.996 
16Dylan Conte0:00:19.126 
17Chris Higgerson0:00:19.663 
18Luca Cometti (Factory Intense Cycl)0:00:20.082 
19Kyle Thomas (Diamondback Racing)0:00:21.097 
20Kyle Strait0:00:21.938 
21Steven Wentz (SRAM/Santa Cruz)0:00:22.761 
22Kyle Hogan0:00:22.919 
23Kyle Hickey0:00:23.205 
24Corey Hatch0:00:23.399 
25Chris Boice (MTB Racing Solutions)0:00:23.720 
26Daniel Weinman0:00:24.369 
27Johnathon Keep (ARMA ENERGY/EVIL)0:00:25.111 
28Adam Digby0:00:25.115 
29Kellen Lutz0:00:25.162 
30Brian White0:00:25.311 
31Tanner Stephens0:00:25.796 
32Dillon Lemarr0:00:25.861 
33Logan Mulally0:00:26.619 
34Harrison Ory (Mojo Wheels)0:00:26.668 
35Todd Renwick0:00:28.891 
36Brandon Blakely0:00:28.956 
37Weston Walker (University of Wyomin)0:00:29.416 
38Dylan Crane0:00:29.948 
39Timothy Price0:00:30.072 
40Brendan Looby0:00:30.425 
41brian scolforo (Giant Northeast Pro)0:00:30.795 
42Ray Syron0:00:30.940 
43Kevin Littlefield0:00:31.118 
44Brandan Bohl (One Ghost Industries)0:00:31.439 
45Parker Robinson0:00:31.504 
46Matthew Thompson (SRAM/SANTA CRUZ)0:00:32.143 
47Jason Schroeder0:00:32.367 
48Christian Gonzalez0:00:32.551 
49Ryan Paquette0:00:33.410 
50Cody Johnson0:00:33.964 
51Craig Carlson0:00:34.179 
52Jonathan Allyn (Banshee Bikes/Hi-5 B)0:00:34.272 
53Gavin Gargiulo0:00:34.305 
54William O'Brien0:00:34.348 
55Riley Mueller0:00:34.369 
56Conrad Culleney0:00:34.570 
57Kyle Grau0:00:34.664 
58Brett Tetzloff0:00:35.885 
59Matthew Condrashoff-Domingue0:00:36.072 
60Brandon Watson0:00:36.646 
61Leigh Harris0:00:38.284 
62Kai Rogers0:00:38.662 
63Tim White (Vermont Gravity Raci)0:00:41.032 
64Shea Jordan0:00:41.064 
65Joshua Nevelson0:00:41.409 
66Mikey Haderer (IXS Unique Sports)0:00:41.852 
67Thomas McCoy0:00:42.141 
68Matthew Callahan0:00:44.788 
69William Lujan0:00:49.051 
70Antonio Gradillas (Heart and Soul Racin)0:00:50.697 
71Ryan Pepper0:01:14.949 
DNSChris Callahan  
DNSScott Gladu  
DNSCole Picchiottino (Trek Southridge Raci)  
DNFBen Calhoun  
DNFNate Furbee  
DNFBrian Yannuzzi  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jill Kintner (Team Norco Intl.)0:04:30.104 
2Abigail Hippely0:00:25.596 
3Amanda Batty0:00:27.304 
4Lauren Daney0:00:31.970 
5Lindsay Yost0:00:46.984 
6Rebecca Gardner0:00:55.376 
7Amanda Cordell0:01:05.472 
8Mary Elges0:01:08.761 
9Katy Hanlon0:01:13.081 
10Amber Price (The Fix Bike Shop)0:01:18.020 
11Hannah Trimble0:01:28.863 
12Christen Boyer (One Ghost Industries)0:01:55.318 
DNFElinor Wesner  
Junior men 17-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shane Leslie (1 - Cat1)0:04:10.956 
2Charlie Harrison (2 - Cat1)0:00:03.883 
3Demetri Triantafillou (3 - Cat1)0:00:08.971 
4Bryce Hermanussen (4 - Cat1)0:00:09.606 
5Chase Nelson (5 - Cat1) (Trek Southridge Raci)0:00:09.840 
6Matthew Fitzgerald (6 - Cat1)0:00:11.836 
7Matthew Branney (7 - Cat1)0:00:12.937 
8Roy Benge (8 - Cat1)0:00:16.912 
9jason bohl (9 - Cat1)0:00:23.703 
10Tyler Krenek (10 - Cat1)0:00:25.283 
11Bryce Helbling (11 - Cat1)0:00:25.612 
12Tanner Spence (12 - Cat1)0:00:25.667 
13Triton Nelson (13 - Cat1)0:00:27.687 
14Kasper Dean (14 - Cat1)0:00:32.165 
15Luca Shaw (15 - Cat1) (SRAM Factory)0:01:18.839 
16Niko Kilik (16 - Cat1)0:01:23.567 
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