Gould and Powell win Super D national titles

Last-ever super D championships mark end of an era

Georgia Gould (Luna) and Seamus Powell (Giant Northeast Off-Road Racing) won the final Super D event at the US National Championships on Sunday morning at Bear Creek Resort in Pennsylvania.


Gould beat Sue Haywood (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team) and Luna teammate Teal Stetson-Lee, who had won the title in 2013.

"I tried to just pin it on the climbs and be smooth everywhere else. I felt better on the downhill today than I did all day yesterday," said Gould, who finished second in Saturday's cross country race. "This downhill is so technical. I was able to refocus when I'd make a a mistake and keep going. You have to remember that everyone is making mistakes in places on a course like this."

Gould was racing the second super D of her career, and it will be the last one at nationals since USA Cycling is swapping the discipline of super D for enduro in 2015.

"I did one a few years ago in Bonelli, but it's my first one at nationals. I figured it's the last year they're having it. Every year, I always wish that I did it, but I've focused in the past on short track. This year I was like, it's the last one, I should just do it."

Former super D national champion Sue Haywood was enjoying the race despite her "retirement" from the pro circuit. She won the nationals in 2005.

"I wasn't that good at the top, but I didn't have any bad mess-ups," said Haywood. "The pedalling hurt - it really did. It's funny how such a small uphill can hurt."

"I had a lot of nerves this morning when I saw that Georgia was 30 seconds in front of me, and Mary [McConneloug] was 30 seconds behind. The best cross country riders when they're at their level have such good skills."

Defending champion Stetson-Lee had a solid run to net third place. "I felt a little tired at the top. I could feel the effort from yesterday's cross country race, but then I settled in. The most important thing on this type of course is to stay smooth. Slow is smooth, but smooth is fast. I felt like it all came together more on the bottom section - it was nice not having anyone in front of me. I didn't have that extra stress."


In the men's race, Seamus Powell successfully defended his title despite what he called a "sloppy" run.

"I had some good pre-rides, but my race run was rubbish. I had a crash and twisted my bars all the way around and I had to stop to get them back in place," said Powell. "With my run, I didn't feel that good and was just hoping to maintain a podium position, but to win a national title feels awesome."

"Last year was a surprise to me. I've been thinking about this for 12 months. Having to defend it put a fire in my belly. Even with the crash, I managed to pull it out with a solid gap over second."

Powell has been focusing on both enduro and downhill racing this year.

Second place went to Jonathan Gabor while Casey Williams (Whole Athlete/Specialized) finished third, tying his performance of last year.

"It was a little early to be going that fast through the woods. I just tried to keep a clean run up top, and once we got into the cross country part, I just gave it everything I had because I've ridden that section like 12 times this week," said Williams. "I messed up a couple of lines but that's what happens when you're giving it your all."

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Seamus Powell (Giant Northeast)0:05:23 
2Jonathan Gabor0:00:07 
3Casey Williams (Whole Athlete/ Speci)0:00:12 
4Michael Broderick0:00:19 
5Jeffrey Lenosky0:00:20 
6Madison Matthews0:00:22 
7Noah Tautfest (Bicycle Express)0:00:22 
8Alex Ryan (Mock Orange Bikes)0:00:23 
9Gunnar Bergey (Lees-Mcrae College)0:00:25 
10Harlan Price0:00:25 
11Richard Cypress Gorry (Whole Athlete/ Specialized)0:00:28 
12Alex Meucci0:00:30 
13Lewis Gaffney (Team F.I.Taos)0:00:36 
14Michael Sampson0:00:36 
15Robert Marion (Carpediem Racing)0:00:37 
16Bradford Perley0:00:38 
17Colby Pastore0:00:41 
18Davis Bentley0:00:46 
19Joshua Dillon (Bikereg.Com Cycling)0:00:54 
20Jordan Kahlenberg (Giant Northeast)0:00:56 
21Lars Tribus0:01:10 
22Tristan Uhl (787 Racing)0:01:11 
23Francis Cuddy0:01:12 
24John Newsom0:01:22 
25Jed Schober (Giant Northeast)0:02:00 
26Timothy Carson0:02:57 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team)0:06:21 
2Susan Haywood0:00:05 
3Teal Stetson-Lee (Team Luna Chix)0:00:25 
4Joanna Petterson0:00:27 
5Mary Mcconneloug0:00:34 
6Kaylee Blevins (Bear Development)0:00:35 
7Rose Grant (Sportsman & Ski Haus)0:00:36 
8Jennifer Summers0:00:45 
9Cindy Abbott0:00:47 
10Cheryl Sornson0:00:48 
11Jessica Rawlins (Bicycles Plus Racing)0:00:53 
12Sarah Kaufmann0:00:53 
13Carolyn Popovic (Rare Disease Cycling)0:01:00 
14Emily Schaldach0:01:26 
15Kate Courtney0:01:32 
16Erin Alders0:01:36 
17Abbey Alexiades0:02:02 
Junior men 15-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Berliner0:05:24 
2Carson Beckett (Wood -N- Wave)0:00:02 
3Christopher Blevins (Whole Athlete/ Speci)0:00:12 
4Clayton Puckett (Bear Development Tea)0:00:13 
5Hayden Miller (Wenzel Coaching Juni)0:00:20 
6Jonathan Anderson (Essex County Velo)0:00:20 
7Scott Mcgill0:00:23 
8Peter Karinen0:00:24 
9Carter Anderson (Cycle Youth)0:00:30 
10Jacob Sacket (Tri-City Bicycles)  
11Silas Blunk (Whole Athlete/ Speci)0:00:32 
12Fletcher Arlen0:00:39 
13Kyle Legge0:00:42 
14Dillon Van Wart (Team Town Cycle)0:00:44 
15Kohl Aumer0:00:45 
16Adam Cohen (Cycle Youth)0:00:48 
17Dustin Zimmerman0:00:48 
18Jorge Munoz Jr (Adventures Laredo Ca)0:00:49 
19Cole Paton  
20Jonathan Legge0:00:55 
21Timothy Kline (Saucon Valley Bikes)0:00:57 
22Nathan Barnett (Bear Development Tea)0:00:57 
23Morgan Platt (Team Bulldog)0:01:00 
24Trevor Haas0:01:02 
25Kyle Ellis (Cycle Youth)0:01:03 
26Tommy Steinebrunner0:01:09 
27Devon Fournier0:01:11 
28Luke Fleming (Sugar Cycles/Wholeso)0:01:13 
29Nathan Clair (Appalachian Bicycle)0:01:17 
30Jack Brown (Cycle Youth)0:01:20 
31Anders Johnson0:01:24 
32Ryan Trimble0:01:25 
33Trent Donovan (First Place Racing.C)0:01:29 
34Donald Seib (Bikeman.Com)0:01:38 
35Noah Barrow (Woodstock Bicycle Cl)0:01:46 
36Dean Lyons (Bear Development Tea)0:03:16 
Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tyler Berliner0:05:46 
2Trevor Deruise0:00:07 
3Elliott Baring (Reality Bikes)0:00:21 
4Cooper Drummond (Team Hammer Nutritio)0:00:23 
5Erik Kristiansen (Black Bear Cycling)0:00:25 
6Dustin Kapustiak0:00:33 
7Callum Mcewen0:00:41 
8Derek Elliott (Rocktown Racing)0:00:42 
9Eric Ness (Bikesport-Pa)0:00:44 
10Alexander Elkins0:00:52 
11Justin Sotdorus (The Bike Shak Cyclin)0:00:57 
12Ray Dangelmaier (Brevard College)0:01:00 
13Thomas Gaines (Volharden)0:01:19 
14Kyle Morgan0:01:20 
15Alex Rowland0:01:37 
16Brent Mayo (University Of Georgi)0:01:39 
17Frank Bialobrzeski0:03:14 
18Stephen Solt (South Mountain Cycle)0:06:05 
Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Winkelmann0:05:49 
2Jason Beckley0:00:12 
3Robert Stine Jr (New England Cycling)0:00:13 
4Christopher Valenti0:00:16 
5Chris Welsh0:00:24 
6Vaughn Micciche0:00:29 
7Daniel Brodeen0:00:31 
8Joseph Petrarca (Mtbnj.Com)0:00:32 
9Tim Rawlins (Bicycles Plus Racing)0:00:36 
10Tyson Kaman (Peloton-Specialized)0:00:39 
11Dale Dawson (Plano Athletic Cycli)0:00:47 
12Greg Mead0:00:49 
13Nick Sears0:01:03 
14Erik Falk (A1-Cycling/Shop Ratz)  
15Benjamin Cornish0:01:17 
16Michael Lemon0:03:07 
Men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Timothy Zimmerman0:05:49 
2David Macpherson0:00:23 
3Benedict Treglia0:00:28 
4John Ronca0:00:29 
5Ian Starr0:00:32 
6Gregg Galletta0:00:33 
7Aaron Fry (Saucon Valley Bikes)0:00:41 
8Matthew Donovan (First Place Racing.C)0:00:42 
9Jed Prentice (Bayside Velo/Bike Do)0:00:42 
10Scott Samoyan0:00:44 
11Matthew Morrison0:00:47 
12Steven Mace (First Place Racing.C)0:00:48 
13Colby Barth0:00:50 
14Nathanial Bartholomew (Spinteck Cycling Tea)0:00:55 
15Tyler Graf0:01:00 
16Mark Norcutt0:01:02 
17Tige Lamb (Cow Town Cycling Tea)0:01:06 
18George Sokorai (Independence Cycling)0:01:41 
DNFMark Keefer  
Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cary Smith (Avout Racing)0:06:02 
2Troy Zimmerman0:00:02 
3Robert Eichlin0:00:04 
4Greg Turner (Triple Threat Cyclin)0:00:13 
5David Van Wart (Team Town Cycle)0:00:18 
6Alec Petro (Corner Cycle Cycling)0:00:26 
7Donald Seib (Bikeman.Com)0:00:28 
8Edwin Hein (Guys Racing Club)0:00:36 
9Waldek Stepniowski0:00:41 
10Kent Wood0:00:42 
11Patrick Miranda (Mirco Racing)0:01:03 
12Steve Wagoner0:01:34 
13Bruce Mcquiston0:02:02 
14Alan Daum0:02:36 
15William Gentile0:02:49 
Junior men 9-14
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Mace (Whole Athlete/ Speci)0:06:04 
2Scott Funston (Rad Racing Nw)0:00:19 
3Colton Sacket (Tri-City Bicycles)0:00:27 
4Adam Croft (Volharden)0:00:36 
5Nicholas Tabares0:00:47 
6John Drummond (Team Hammer Nutritio)0:00:54 
7Michael Fuerst (Cycletherapy)0:01:02 
8Joshua Peterson0:01:07 
9Aaron Workowski (East Coasters Jr Tea)0:01:20 
10Cameron Mader (The Bike Lane)0:01:30 
11Tommy Quinn (Bikesport-Pa)0:01:40 
12Tyler Miranda (Mirco Racing)0:02:02 
13Carson Beard (Bicycle Express Raci)0:02:04 
14Josiah House0:02:20 
15Austin Beard (Bicycle Express Raci)0:02:23 
16Sam Roach (East Coasters Jr Tea)0:02:34 
17Griffin Allen0:02:52 
18Grayson Taylor (Cycletherapy)0:04:16 
Junior women 15-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Haley Batten (Whole Athlete/ Speci)0:06:48 
2Kelsey Urban (Whole Athlete/ Speci)0:00:06 
3Veda Gerasimek (Whole Athlete/ Speci)0:00:11 
4Angelina Palermo (Top Gear Racing)0:00:30 
5Emma Drummond (Team Hammer Nutritio)0:00:41 
6Samantha Miranda (Mirco Racing)0:01:09 
7Melissa Seib (Bikeman.Com)0:01:10 
8Jessie Linder (Get Out! New Mexico)0:01:12 
9Mason Hopkins (Celerity Cycling)0:01:56 
10Nicole Rusden0:03:07 
Women 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ellen Noble (Bear Development Tea)0:06:51 
2Evie Racette (Linear Sport Mtb)0:01:08 
3Kara Uhl (Union College-Ky)0:01:26 
Women 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joanne Grogan (Ness Team New Englan)0:07:20 
2Zdenka Worsham (Constellation Cyclin)0:00:01 
3Kimberley Quinlan (Bicycle Express Raci)0:00:05 
4Sarah Ginsbach (Outrival Racing)0:00:08 
5L. Marie Walsh (Peloton-Specialized)0:00:11 
6Kristine Contentoangell (Mtbnj.Com)0:00:12 
7Philicia Marion0:01:40 
8Penny Ficker (Dallas Bike Works)0:01:50 
9Regina Jefferies (Mountain Bike Associ)0:02:46 
10Mary Dobroth0:04:37 
Women 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cameron Urban0:07:28 
2Karen Krasley0:00:03 
3Jocelyn Linscott (Toasted Head Racing)0:00:06 
4Amy Alton (Giant Northeast Off-)0:00:09 
5Carey Lowery0:00:11 
6Kelly Ault0:00:23 
7Kimberly Flynn0:00:49 
8Ursula Sandefur0:00:53 
9Alexandra Cortale (Mtbnj.Com)0:01:10 
10Ellen White0:01:15 
11Linda Miranda (Mirco Racing)0:06:58 
Junior women 9-14
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Madison Mcdaniel (Twin Six)0:08:29 
2Ann Drummond (Team Hammer Nutritio)0:00:34 
3Kiley Krasley0:01:11 
4Emily House0:01:59 
5Corrine Krasley (Chester County Velo)0:02:56 
DNFTurner Ramsay (Kms Cycling-Killingt)0:07:25 
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