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US Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships 2012

Date range:
October 19-21, 2012

October 21, Omnium:

Fort Lewis wins Division I collegiate mountain bike championships

Cycling News
October 22, 2012, 16:36 BST,
October 22, 2012, 20:52 BST

Brevard College tops Division II standings

Fort Lewis College topped the team omnium podium at 2012 Collegiate MTB Nationals. University of Colorado-Boulder and Lees McRae College rounded out the top three.

Fort Lewis College topped the team omnium podium at 2012 Collegiate MTB Nationals. University of Colorado-Boulder and Lees McRae College rounded out the top three.

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After earning the maximum 94 points in six of the eight categories, Fort Lewis College won the Division I team omnium by 76 points over the University of Colorado-Boulder. The Skyhawks earned the maximum points in all but the men's and women's dual slalom contests. Marian University surged up the rankings with four individual podium appearances on Sunday to finish third with 445 points. Lees-McRae College finished only six points behind Marian with 439 points to place fourth, while the University of Wyoming placed fifth with 434 points.

Brevard College totaled 629 points to win the Division II team omnium, finishing 41 points ahead of second-place Union College-Kentucky. Powered by strong performances in the men's gravity events, Western State Colorado University totaled 421 points to place third, 41 points ahead of Warren Wilson College. Mars Hill College rounds out the top five with 359 points.

"I've been training and racing with these guys all season and I've seen how hard they've worked," Brevard College rider Erica Zaveta (Brevard College) said. "It's awesome to win this because it shows our program is going to be strong for years to come."

Joey Schusler (University of Colorado-Boulder) used the same bike in all four events this weekend. He accured 364 points to top the Division I men's individual omnium, beating silver medalist Rotem Ishay (Fort Lewis College) by only 18 points. Kerry Werner (Lees-McRae College) finished third with 230 points. Erik Nelson (Northern Arizona University) placed fourth with 209 points while Casey Coffman (University of Nevada-Reno) rounds out the top five with 142 points.

Jill Behlen (University of Wyoming) reached the podium in each of the four events this weekend to claim the top spot of the Division I women's individual omnium. Behlen earned a bronze medal in Sunday's dual slalom after placing fourth in each of the first three contests of the weekend. In all, Behlen amassed 478 points toward the individual omnium. Behlen's teammate Linnea Dixson finished second with 292 points, only 23 points ahead of Eva Wilson (Colorado State University), who placed third. Kaila Hart (Fort Lewis College) finished with 237 points to place fourth while Emily Paxson (University of Vermont) was fifth with 231 points.

"It's really fun to do all of the events because they are so different," Behlen said. "You get to compete with everybody and it's fun to podium at all four events."

Wesley Lamberson (Union College-Ky.) finished in top-10 three times, including a bronze medal in the short track race, to total 375 points and win the Division II men's individual omnium. Bobby Zidek (California State University-Chico) placed second to Lamberson with 288 points while Timothy Jenkinson (Mars Hill College) earned the bronze medal with 277 points. Justin Graves (Humboldt State University) finished only one point ahead of Daniel Ennis (Brevard College) to place fourth and fifth, respectively.

Similar to Behlen, Essence Barton (California Lutheran University) reached the podium in each of the four events this weekend. Barton won the dual slalom, placed second in the downhill and finished fourth in the two endurance races, the cross country and the short track to secure the top spot of the Division II women's individual omnium with 542 points. Zaveta earned three bronze medals before placing eighth in the dual slalom to record 470 points to finish second to Barton. Elisa Otter (Union College-Ky.) totaled 444 points to earn the bronze medal while Allison Jones (Warren Wilson College) placed fourth with 323 points. Kara Uhl (Union College-Ky.) amassed 295 points to place fifth.

Full Results

Division I team omninum
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Fort Lewis College 701  pts
2 University of Colorado-Boulder 625  
3 Marian University 445  
4 Lees-McRae College 439  
5 University of Wyoming 434  
6 Lindsey Wilson College 412  
7 Colorado State University 350  
8 Northern Arizona University 333  
9 University of Nevada-Reno 280  
10 Lindenwood University 198  
11 University of Vermont 196  
12 Cumberland University 184  
13 Stanford University 146  
14 California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo 110  
15 University of California-Berkeley 94  
16 Texas State University-San Marcos 78  
17 University of Massachusetts-Amherst 76  
18 University of New Mexico 68  
19 University of Florida 68  
20 University of Connecticut 63  
21 Northern Illinois University 53  
22 Utah State University 51  
23 University of California-Santa Barbara 50  
24 University of Southern California 46  
25 Virginia Polytechnic University 46  
26 Florida State University 44  
27 University of Arizona 38  
28 Clemson University 34  
29 Cornell University 31  
30 Texas A & M University 25  
31 Appalachian State University 22  
32 Georgia Southern University 17  
33 Georgia Institute of Technology 13  
34 University of New Hampshire 10  
35 University of North Texas 10  
36 North Carolina State University-Raleigh    
Division I men individual omnium
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Joey Schusler (University of Colorado-Boulder) 364  pts
2 Rotem Ishay (Fort Lewis College) 346  
3 Kerry Werner (Lees-Mcrae College) 230  
4 Erik Nelson (Northern Arizona University) 209  
5 Casey Coffman (University of Nevada-Reno) 142  
6 Jason Blodgett (Marian University) 125  
7 Scott Countryman (Northern Arizona University) 111  
8 Adam Looney (University of Wyoming) 89  
9 Taylor Ladd (Lindsey Wilson College) 85  
10 Tanner Hurst (Cumberland University) 50  
11 Carter Luck (Lees-Mcrae College) 37  
12 Logan Luker (Cumberland University) 5  
Division I women individual omnium
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jill Behlen (University of Wyoming) 478  pts
2 Linnea Dixson (University of Wyoming) 292  
3 Eva Wilson (Colorado State University) 269  
4 Kaila Hart (Fort Lewis College) 237  
5 Emily Paxson (University of Vermont) 231  
6 Brittany Engleking (University of Colorado-Boulder) 217  
7 Ellie Atkins (University of Colorado-Boulder) 208  
8 Hailey Sarausky (Lees-Mcrae College) 206  
9 Ashlee Wilson (University of Colorado-Boulder) 198  
10 Sarah Hill (Lees-Mcrae College) 170  
11 Brooke Crum (Lindsey Wilson College) 163  
12 Joanna Bechtel (University of California-Berkeley) 162  
13 Kyrstin Bluhm (Cumberland University) 137  
14 Kristy Peck (University of Nevada-Reno) 132  
15 Morganne Endicott (Cumberland University) 111  
16 Mackenzie Filippi (Lees-Mcrae College) 109  
Division II team omninum
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Brevard College 629  pts
2 Union College-Ky 588  
3 Western State Colorado University 421  
4 Warren Wilson College 380  
5 Mars Hill College 359  
6 Colorado Mesa University 352  
7 Us Air Force Academy 336  
8 California State University-Chico 263  
9 University of Denver 238  
10 Ripon College 207  
11 California Lutheran University 201  
12 Michigan Technological University 198  
13 Colorado School of Mines 177  
14 Humboldt State University 118  
15 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 104  
16 Wake Forest University 88  
17 East Tennessee State University 76  
18 Duke University 74  
19 University of Wisconsin-Platteville 59  
20 Montana State University-Bozeman 59  
21 Wentworth Institute of Technology 56  
22 Abilene Christian University 52  
23 Saint Edwards University 50  
24 Milligan College 38  
25 Colorado College 27  
26 Baylor University 25  
Division II men individual omnium
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Wesley Lamberson (Union College-Ky) 375  pts
2 Bobby Zidek (California State University-Chico) 288  
3 Timothy Jenkinson (Mars Hill College) 277  
4 Justin Graves (Humboldt State University) 213  
5 Daniel Ennis (Brevard College) 212  
6 Peter Haile (Union College-Ky) 174  
7 Corey Davis (Mars Hill College) 144  
8 Mitchell Collins (Wake Forest University) 122  
9 Michael Flynn (Warren Wilson College) 93  
10 Kody Adams (Brevard College) 89  
11 Tyler Hutchinson (Mars Hill College) 49  
12 Ray Dangelmaier (Union College-Ky) 43  
13 Mike Baird (Union College-Ky) 34  
Division II women individual omnium
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Essence Barton (California Lutheran University) 542  pts
2 Erica Zaveta (Brevard College) 470  
3 Elisa Otter (Union College-Ky) 444  
4 Allison Jones (Warren Wilson College) 323  
5 Kara Uhl (Union College-Ky) 295  
6 Sarah Godish (US Air Force Academy) 286  
7 Catherine Harnden (Mars Hill College) 284  
8 Nicole Miranda (Brevard College) 261  
9 Laura Rice (Mars Hill College) 228  
10 Alessia Faverio (Warren Wilson College) 207