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Chambers and Kirkland win US 24-hour national titles

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11 national championships awarded in Colorado Springs

Sonya Looney (Topeak Ergon) races at US 24-hour nationals

Sonya Looney (Topeak Ergon) races at US 24-hour nationals

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After taking early leads, Cameron Chambers (Ethos Racing) and Jari Kirkland crossed the finish line on Sunday as the new national champions in the men’s and women’s solo races, respectively, at the 2012 USA Cycling 24-Hour Mountain Bike National Championships.

When the competition began at noon on Saturday, Chambers got off to a fast start and was the first rider to complete a lap. Multi-time national champion Tinker Juarez (Cannondale Factory Racing) followed close behind, but he eventually had to withdraw from the race due to illness. As daylight waned, Chambers started pulling away from the competition, lapping runner-up Cyril Jay-Rrayon during the night and riding steadily for the next dozen or so hours to victory.

For Chambers, who is also the reigning singlespeed cross country national champion, it’s his fourth Stars-and-Stripes jersey at a 24-hour national championship; he was part of the men’s duo team that won in 2011. He also claimed the fastest lap of all finishers, at one point completing the 13.5-mile course in 55:45.

It was a slightly tighter race for Kirkland, who didn’t start to pull away from eventual runner-up Kristin Desantis (Tokyo Joe's-Whole Foods/Primal) until after dark. It’s Kirkland’s second 24-hour national title; she also won the women’s solo race in 2010.

Cody Kukulski (Northern Arizona University), who finished sixth out of all competitors, completed 16 laps to win the men’s solo singlespeed category. Melissa Liebling took the women’s solo singlespeed national title.

Duo Team Competitions

The Montana duo of Clint Muhlfeld and Ben Parsons made up the Sportsman & Ski Haus/Hammer Nutrition team that took the men’s duo championship.

Yeti Beti riders Amy Thomas and Chelsea McGowan donned Stars-and-Stripes jerseys after winning the female duo race.

Team HSB rode away with the mixed duo title. Jonathan Davis partnered with Sonya Looney, who claimed the fastest lap of all women at 1:06:48.

Four-Person Teams

The Velo Reno team of Stosh Bankston, Robert Letson, Kyle Dixon and Scott Leland topped the total lap count with 23 to win the men’s 35+ masters race. Earning Stars-and-Stripes in the men’s 45+ masters category was Team Active/Clif Bar, consisting of Stephen White, Mark Roebke, Ty Hall and Peter Davis.

Junior rider Kyle Bloesser, who turned in the second fastest lap of the competition at just over 57 minutes, led the Colorado 4 Teens to the top of the podium in the junior men’s quad competition. His teammates included W. Grant Ellwood, Justin Noel and Garrett Gerchar.

The junior women’s quad championship went to two pairs of sisters on the team Pippi and the Long Stockings: Hailey and Morgan Fortin, and Jessie and Hannah Linder.

Men - Solo
1 Cameron Chambers (Ethos Racing) 21:30:21  
2 Cyril Jayrayon 22:57:33  
3 Wade Newsom (Honey Stinger / Bontrager) 23:28:32  
4 Zach Guy 23:44:49  
5 Tim Lutz 22:33:07  
6 Mike Schroden (Revolution Cycle/Twin Six) 23:08:20  
7 Steven Thompson 22:47:11  
8 Geoffrey (Drew) Geer (Team Kappius) 23:27:23  
9 Karl Krupp 23:03:43  
10 Ricardo Moreno 23:30:36  
11 Ryan Beecher 22:45:50  
12 Matt Langley 22:52:48  
13 Shane Norris 16:38:47  
14 Ian Mullins (Team Stanley/Pain Cave Product) 13:00:52  
15 David (Tinker) Juarez (Cannondale Factory Racing) 2:50:49  
DNS David Silvers    
DNS Greg Leschisin    
DNS Jim Simons    
Men - Singlespeed Solo
1 Cody Kukulski (Northern Arizona University) 23:05:50  
2 Rich Maines 22:34:18  
3 Greg Parham 19:27:25  
4 Charles Weaving Iii (C Town Racing/C Town Bikes) 22:31:26  
5 Jeff Wu 23:27:24  
6 Joseph Fortin 23:46:12  
Men - Quad Masters 35+
1 Robert Letson (Velo Reno) 18:56:45  
1 Stosh Bankston (Velo Reno) 22:01:38  
1 Scott Leland (Velo Reno) 21:53:18  
1 Kyle Dixon (Velo Reno) 20:40:48  
2 Joel Mischke (Basalt Bike & Ski/Honeystinger) 17:59:56  
2 Scott Leonard (Basalt Bike & Ski/Honeystinger) 22:04:26  
2 Jason Lapointe (Basalt Bike & Ski/Honeystinger) 18:01:03  
2 Shawn Hadley (Basalt Bike & Ski/Honeystinger) 22:04:51  
3 Robert Gaffney (Pro Cycling) 18:27:52  
3 Peter Scoville (Pro Cycling) 19:26:00  
3 Christopher Jenkins (Pro Cycling) 20:33:00  
3 Matt Javernick (Pro Cycling) 19:17:18  
Men - Quad Masters 45+
1 Peter Davis (Team Active/Clif Bar) 18:49:45  
1 Ty Hall (Team Active/Clif Bar) 22:56:36  
1 Stephen White (Team Active/Clif Bar) 18:40:03  
1 Mark Roebke (Team Active/Clif Bar) 18:44:29  
Men - Quad Junior 0-18
1 Garrett Gerchar (Colorado 4 Teens) 22:09:43  
1 Justin Noel (Colorado 4 Teens) 18:01:34  
1 Kyle Bloesser (Colorado 4 Teens) 22:00:36  
1 W Grant Ellwood (Colorado 4 Teens) 17:55:57  
2 Trevor Von Boeck (Front Rangers) 19:10:53  
2 Nic Jenkins (Front Rangers) 19:15:13  
2 Hunter Reehoorn (Front Rangers) 19:24:25  
2 Mitchell Goates (Front Rangers) 19:12:43  
3 Seamas Alessio (Goathead Jr. Men) 16:57:54  
3 John Algermissen (Goathead Jr. Men) 19:51:39  
3 Ryan Doeren (Goathead Jr. Men) 16:21:24  
3 Earl Gage (Goathead Jr. Men) 18:39:43  
Men - Duo
1 Ben Parsons (Sportsman & Ski Haus/Hammer Nutrition) 21:17:34  
1 Clint Muhlfeld (Sportsman & Ski Haus/Hammer Nutrition) 21:28:52  
2 Stewart Pomeroy (Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team) 22:46:14  
2 Paul Doty (Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team) 21:40:55  
3 Paul Tanguay (E2 Cycling Team) 21:36:08  
3 Thomas Taylor (E2 Cycling Team) 21:39:48  
DNS Peter Smuts (Team Smuts)    
DNS Thomas Smuts (Team Smuts)    
Women - Solo
1 Jari Kirkland 22:09:08  
2 Kristin Desantis (Tokyo Joe's -Whole Foods/Prima) 22:22:14  
3 Kerri Willis 22:42:06  
4 Elizabeth Boese 21:51:00  
5 Monilee Atkinson (Norco Bikes) 22:32:20  
6 Julie Urlaub 20:50:59  
7 Christina Nacos (Golden Bike Shop) 22:55:36  
8 Danielle Musto 14:28:40  
9 Timari Pruis 7:30:20  
10 Kelly Neville 4:50:47  
Women - Singlespeed Solo
1 Melissa Liebling 22:29:26  
Women - Quad Junior 0-18
1 Hannah Linder (Pippi And The Long Stockings) 9:00:52  
1 Morgan Fortin (Pippi And The Long Stockings) 2:22:23  
1 Jessie Linder (Pippi And The Long Stockings) 8:58:31  
1 Hailey Fortin (Pippi And The Long Stockings) 14:07:06  
Women - Duo
1 Chelsea Mcgowan (Yeti Beti) 21:46:10  
1 Amy Thomas (Yeti Beti) 21:04:12  
2 Lindsey Watson (WMBA Ponytail Posse) 21:23:39  
2 Julie Glenn (WMBA Ponytail Posse) 20:57:13  
Mixed - Duo
1 Sonya Looney (Team HSB) 20:47:38  
1 Jonathan Davis (Team HSB) 22:55:37  
2 Tracy Thelen (Wewanna) 22:45:49  
2 Nick Thelen (Wewanna) 21:18:03  
3 Karen Borgstedt (Chamois Butt'r Cycling) 20:31:23  
3 Bill Clinesmith (Chamois Butt'r Cycling) 20:09:00  
DNS Elizabeth Shaner (The CB Extreme Nurse Team)    
DNS Sean Riley (The CB Extreme Nurse Team)