European Champs: Italy dominate team pursuit qualifying as British men crash

British women and French men to battle Italy for gold medals

Italy got their Track European Championships off to an excellent start, setting the fastest and second fastest times in the women’s and men’s team pursuit qualifying respectively.

The Italian women, Elisa Balsamo, Tatiana Guderzo, Letizia Paternoster and Silvia Valsecchi, out gunned the British squad of Katie Archibald, Elinor Barker, Eleanor Dickinson and Emily Kay by almost a second, despite a late surge from the British. Germany also rode a fast finish, but it was not enough to make up for their slow start and they finished third, with Poland, who was some five seconds slower than Italy, qualifying fourth.

Italy will face-off against Poland next, with the winner of that bout heading into the gold medal match-up against either Great Britain or Germany. Given their early performances, an Italy, Great Britain duel for Gold looks highly likely. The times of the losers and the other four teams will be ranked with the top two competing for the Bronze medal.

In the men’s team pursuit, France set the benchmark with a time of 3:58.060, which was less than a second quicker than Italy. Russia faded towards the end of their effort, but held on the take third place with Germany not too far behind in fourth place.

The British men looked like they were on course to set a time good enough to keep their medal hopes alive until Andy Tennant crashed on the last lap, leaving the team with just two riders after already dropping Kian Emadi. The team needed at least three riders to finish to set a time. Tennant later said that it was dizziness that had caused him to crash.

“I remember hearing the bell then I don’t remember anything after that,” Tennant told the British Cycling website. “I have been in the paramedic room for the last hour-and-a-half lying down. I’m alright now.”

Day 2 of competition will see the completion of the Team Pursuit, the team sprint, and the women’s elimination and men’s scratch races.

Full Results

Men's Team Pursuit Qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
 Thomas Denis  
 Benjamin Thomas  
 Florian Maitre  
 Corentin Ermenault  
 Liam Bertazzo0:03:58.720 
 Michele Scartezzini  
 Francesco Lamon  
 Filippo Ganna  
 Alexander Evtushenko0:03:59.434 
 Mamyr Stash  
 Dmitrii Sokolov  
 Sergei Shilov  
 Felix Gross  
 Domenic Weinstein  
 Kersten Thiele  
 Theo Reinhardt  
 Julius Johansen  
 Casper Von Folsach  
 Casper Pedersen  
 Niklas Larsen  
 Claudio Imhof  
 Cyrille Thiery  
 Loic Perizzolo  
 Frank Pasche  
 Alan Banaszek  
 Daniel Staniszewski  
 Szymon Sajnok  
 Szymon Krawczyk  
 Kenny De Ketele  
 Sasha Weemaes  
 Gerben Thijssen  
 Lindsay De Vylder  
 Yauheni Karaliok  
 Raman Tsishkou  
 Mikhail Shemetau  
 Siarhei Papok  
 Volodymyr Dzhus  
 Illya Klepikov  
 Maksym Vasyliev  
 Roman Gladysh  
 Vicente Garcia De Mateos Rubio  
 Illart Zuazubiskar Gallastegi  
 Albert Torres Barcelo  
 Sebastian Mora Vedri  
 Alexandru Niculae Ciocan  
 Valentin Plesea  
 Marius-Cristian Petrache  
 Daniel Crista  
DNFGreat Britain  
 Steven Burke  
 Andrew Tennant  
 Mark Stewart  
 Kian Emadi  
Women's Team Pursuit Qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
 Elisa Balsamo  
 Silvia Valsecchi  
 Letizia Paternoster  
 Tatiana Guderzo  
2Great Britain0:04:21.219 
 Katie Archibald  
 Emily Kay  
 Eleanor Dickinson  
 Elinor Barker  
 Charlotte Becker  
 Gudrun Stock  
 Lisa Klein  
 Lisa Brennauer  
 Justyna Kaczkowska  
 Nikol Plosaj  
 Daria Pikulik  
 Katarzyna Pawlowska  
 Laurie Berthon  
 Coralie Demay  
 Elise Delzenne  
 Marion Borras  
 Gulnaz Badykova  
 Anastasiia Iakovenko  
 Alexandra Goncharova  
 Aleksandra Chekina  
 Gilke Croket  
 Saartje Vandenbroucke  
 Lotte Kopecky  
 Annelies Dom  
 Katsiaryna Piatrouskaya  
 Hanna Tserah  
 Tatsiana Sharakova  
 Polina Pivovarova  
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