UEC Road European Championship 2018

August 5-12, Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, Road - CN

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Live commentary by:
Sadhbh O'Shea

Welcome to live coverage of the elite women's time trial at the 2018 European Championships

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  1. 08:03:11 GMT

    It's time trial day at the European Championships and we will have live coverage of both men's and women's events. The women's event has started and Ireland's Eileen Burns has just set off. 

  2. 08:07:18 GMT

    It is extremely wet in Glasgow this morning and the summer weather is well and truly over. It's reminiscent of the conditions for the road race at the Commonwealth Games, which were in Glasgow. 


  3. 08:10:36 GMT

    Trixi Worrack has just set off. She is a very strong time trialist and we can expect her to set a serious benchmark. 

  4. 08:12:43 GMT

    We have 34 riders taking part today and defending champion Ellen van Dijk will be off the ramp in 20 minutes. Given the course, Van Dijk has to be a serious favourite to take the title for the third time.


  5. 08:15:03 GMT

    Unlike the men, the women have already done their road race at the European Championships with Marta Bastianelli taking the win. While that course was the same as the one used in the Commonwealth Games, the time trial is a little bit different. It is a not too technical course but there are plenty of twists and turns in the final section that will be very difficult in these conditions. 


  6. 08:16:14 GMT

    Worrack is taking some of these corners very gingerly. Patience will be keen today. It really is soaking wet out there and it will be very easy to over do things. 


  7. 08:18:43 GMT

    We're halfway through the running order and we should be getting times for the riders soon enough. 


  8. 08:21:04 GMT

    As well as Van Dijk and Worrack, we have some very strong time trialists set to ride today. Ann-Sophie Duyck is here, Lisa Brennauer, Anna van der Breggen and Hayley Simmonds, who is the home favourite today. 


  9. 08:23:55 GMT

    Eileen Burns is the current fastest rider at the intermediate check. The timings are way off as they have her completing the 8km in 15 seconds. We'll wait until those are amended to give you the proper times. 


  10. 08:25:24 GMT

    We're into the final 10 riders with Lourdes Oyarbide off the ramp. 


  11. 08:26:38 GMT

    Worrack goes through the intermediate check and bumps Burns down. She stops the clock at 15:31 (this is in minutes) 26 seconds quicker than Burns. 


  12. 08:28:26 GMT

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  13. 08:29:06 GMT

    Anna van der Breggen is on course. She's better over much hillier terrain but we can still expect a really good time from here. 


  14. 08:32:19 GMT

    Lisa Brennauer has set off. She's been on fire at the European Championships with a bronze in the road race and a gold medal in the pursuit on the track. 


  15. 08:33:23 GMT

    Ann-Sophie Duyck is off and we've just got Ellen van Dijk remaining. 


  16. 08:34:49 GMT

    We now have all riders out on course and the rain have very much abated, making for much easier conditions for the later riders. The roads are even dry in places. 


  17. 08:36:35 GMT

    Meanwhile, Worrack is fastest at the second check. She's a whopping 50 seconds quicker than Burns, who is second quickest at present. 


  18. 08:38:42 GMT

    Lepisto is going well and she posts the second quickest time at the opening check. Meanwhile, Van der Breggen has already caught her minute woman, Katarzyna Powlowska. She's going extremely well at the moment. 


  19. 08:41:00 GMT

    Eugenia Bujak goes five seconds quicker than Worrack at the opening check point. 


  20. 08:42:56 GMT

    Hayley Simmonds has her minute rider in her sights. Simmonds has had a difficult year after she broke her elbow in the Ovo Energy Women's Tour in June. 


  21. 08:46:14 GMT

    Van der Breggen smashes the best time at the opening check, she posts a time of 14:53. 


  22. 08:49:24 GMT

    Eileen Burns crosses the line and sets the fastest time of 45:17 but she rolls across very slowly and she's now carrying her bike. It looks like she suffered a mechanical right at the end there and had to rely on her momentum to get her over the line. 


  23. 08:51:17 GMT

    Van Dijk has caught and passed Duyck, no mean feat. She's now the quickest at the opening check with a time of 14:50, that's three seconds quicker than her Dutch teammate. 


  24. 08:52:10 GMT

    The Dutch pair are well ahead of everyone else at the moment with Cordon-Ragot more than 30 seconds back with the third fastest time at the opening check. 


  25. 08:54:00 GMT

    Trixi Worrack is the new fastest time at 42:14, well clear of all the other riders currently finished. That time is unlikely to stand, though. 


  26. 08:56:15 GMT

    Van Der Breggen is the quickest at the second check, 42 seconds up on Worrack. Meanwhile, Cordon-Ragot has lost some ground in the second part of this course and slips to fourth fastest, with many more riders to come through. 


  27. 08:57:43 GMT

    Brennauer comes through the second check and she's 1:11 down on Van der Breggen. Perhaps the dual programme is taking its toll. 


  28. 08:59:15 GMT

    Ellen van Dijk is next through the second intermediate check, remember she's passed Ann-Sophie Duyck. She is extending her gap and now she's 17 seconds up on Van der Breggen.


  29. 09:00:05 GMT

    With all the riders through that second check, Worrack is third fastest and she could be in with a shout of a medal when all is said and done. 


  30. 09:01:53 GMT

    Van der Breggen can now see Simmonds up the road. That would be two riders passed on this course. 

  31. 09:03:07 GMT

    At the finish line, Martina Ritter has slotted into second place but she's well over a minute down on the German. 


  32. 09:03:47 GMT

    The rain is falling hard out on course again as Van der Breggen lines up Oyarbide for the catch. 


  33. 09:04:36 GMT

    She catches Oyarbide. Can she make it four before the line? 


  34. 09:05:54 GMT

    Lepisto crosses the line five seconds up on Ritter to move into the silver medal. 


  35. 09:06:50 GMT

    Anything you can do, I can do better. Van Dijk is following suit with her Dutch teammate as she catches and passes another rider. Elisa Longo Borghini is the victim on this occasion. 


  36. 09:08:22 GMT

    Worrack is staying strong at the top as riders move position behind her but Van der Breggen should be the next rider to cross the line as Pernille Mathiesen moves into the silver medal position. 


  37. 09:09:19 GMT

    Van der Breggen is into the park where the finish line is situated and we have no times just yet but she should be the new fastest rider on the line. 


  38. 09:10:46 GMT

    Carefully around the final corner for Van der Breggen and then she drives for the line. She stops the clock with a time of 41:41. That is more than a minute quicker than Worrack. 


  39. 09:11:30 GMT

    Simmonds finishes in a provisional fifth place. It was always going to be a tough ask for her after a less than ideal build-up to the event. 


  40. 09:12:32 GMT

    A quick line check from Van Dijk as she cuts a corner a bit short. She's giving it everything and she's got the carrot of a rider just up the road as she makes her way through central Glasgow. 


  41. 09:13:19 GMT

    Another little error from Van DIjk as is looks like she briefly misses a gear. She's got a buffer but she can't afford to make too many. 


  42. 09:13:51 GMT

    Having gone third at the opening check, Cordon-Ragot crosses the finish line in provisional fourth, just missing out on a medal. 


  43. 09:14:30 GMT

    With one kilometre to go, Van Dijk has Lisa Brennauer in her sights. Remember, Brennauer is a former world time trial champion, so she's no slouch. 


  44. 09:15:43 GMT

    Van Dijk and Brennauer sprint for the line. Van Dijk uses the German to sling-shot herself to the line. She stops the clock in a time of 41:39. She is the European Champion by two seconds. 


  45. 09:16:55 GMT

    Van Dijk is informed that she's won. 'Yes' she says. That is her third consecutive title at the European Championships. 


  46. 09:17:26 GMT

    Duyck crosses the line to take 10th place. Worrack has held on for third place, that was a great ride from her. 


  47. 09:19:24 GMT

    Van Dijk was given the hurry up as she celebrated with her team. They want to get the medal ceremony underway. She puts on her jacket and makes her way to her rollers to warm down. 


  48. 09:27:01 GMT

    Here is Van Dijk on her victory. She thought that it was Van der Breggen that had taken the win. 


    "It was challenging with the wet roads and slippery corners. I was lucky that there weren’t that many corners but at the end it was very tricky. It was a really nice course, rolling up and down all the time but I really didn’t know what was going on with the other competitors. I was able to pass some of my competitors, so that was nice, but I knew that Anna was probably the strongest. When I crossed the line, I thought that Anna had won by two seconds but it was me so it was super close. Especially on such a long time trial.

    "I’m happy so far, I won the nationals and then this one. The next goal is the World Championships. It’s all going well but it’s super close and the challenges are high."


  49. 09:29:37 GMT

    This is the top 10 from today's time trial. While it was so close between the two Dutch riders, they were well ahead of their rivals. 


    1 Ellen van Dijk (Netherlands) 00:41:39
    2 Anna van der Breggen (Netherlands) 00:00:02
    3 Trixi Worrack (Germany) 00:01:09
    4 Anastasiia Pliaskina (Russia) 00:01:22
    5 Audrey Cordon-Ragot (France) 00:01:56
    6 Pernille Mathiesen (Denmark) 00:02:09
    7 Elisa Longo Borghini (Italy) 00:02:12
    8 Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland) 00:02:21
    9 Eugenia Bujak (Slovenia)
    10 Hayley Simmonds (Great Britain) 00:02:28


  50. 09:35:09 GMT

    There will be a few disappointed riders after that time trial. Duyck and Brennauer suffered particularly bad days in these conditions. Van der Breggen does not look overly awed with her silver medal. She came so close to gold but was bested by her teammate. 


  51. 09:36:47 GMT

    You can find a report and results from today's action here.


  52. 09:38:15 GMT

    Van Dijk takes off her jacket, which she needs in these conditions, and dons her third European jersey. She'll be getting used to this kit now. 


  53. 09:40:49 GMT

    That is all from our coverage of the elite women's time trial at the European Championships. We take a short break and we'll be back for he men's time trial as Victor Campenaerts looks to defend his title. 


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