UCI Track World Cup IV 2011

February 18-20, 2011, Men: Sprint, Omnium, Individual pursuit, Manchester, GBR, Track - CDM

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Daniel Benson

Hello and welcome to Cyclingnews’s live coverage from the fourth and final UCI Track World Cup round of the season at the Manchester velodrome. Day two's evening session is about to kick off.

  1. 18:31:52 GMT

    Here's a breakdown on what's coming up this evening:


    8 Women's Sprint, Semifinals Race 1
    40 Women's Omnium, Points Race
    8 Women's Sprint, Semifinals Race 2
    10 Men's Keirin, Second Round
    16 Women's Scratch Race, Final
    5 Women's Sprint, Semifinals Decider
    20 Men's Omnium, Scratch Race
    15 Women's Omnium, Elimination Race
    8 Women's Sprint, Finals Race 1
    5 Men's Keirin, Final 712
    2 Sports Presentation
    5 Men's Keirin, Final 16
    8 Women's Scratch Race, Victory Ceremony
    8 Women's Sprint, Finals Race2
    8 Men's Keirin, Victory Ceremony
    3 Sports Presentation
    35 Men's Omnium, Time Trial
    5 Women's Sprint, Finals Decider
    8 Men's Omnium, Victory Ceremony
    8 Women's Sprint, Victory Ceremony

  2. 18:37:32 GMT

    And come this way for a round up of what happened during the morning session. We saw some pretty good racing in the women's sprint and later on this evening Anna Meares will face off against Pendleton. The GB rider may hard work of qualifying but came through here heats and will face the experienced, in-form Aussie. It'll be one of the highlights of this evening's racing. Mears has the edge in form but Pendleton has home advantage and the rainbow jersey on her shoulders.

  3. 18:43:49 GMT

    We've also go the women's scratch race, the continuation of the women's omnium and the final two rounds of the men's omnium too.

  4. 18:45:06 GMT

    And please stay tuned to Cyclingnews because in the next 30 minutes we'll have an exclusive interview with Hein Verbruggen. Honestly his quotes are worth reading. That's all I'm going to say...

  5. 18:58:33 GMT

    The men's omnium, which concludes tonight, Archbold has totally dominated. He set the fastest time in the pursuit this morning.

  6. 19:02:52 GMT

    Here we go, Meares and Pendleton on the track for the first of their heats.

  7. 19:03:11 GMT

    The Australian is leading from the start.

  8. 19:03:59 GMT

    Pendleton prefers being at the back, Meares increasing the pace.

  9. 19:05:18 GMT

    Meares took. Pendleton tried to come over the top and it looked like she'd take it but Meares held her line well and comes away with the win.

  10. 19:08:20 GMT

    Onto the second final now and it's between Panarina and Guo. The Chinese rider sitting at the back for this one and hugging the top of the banking. She's come down on the inside with a great move and takes the win. 1-0 to Guo.

  11. 19:12:03 GMT

    Now it's over to the women's omnium points race. Sarah Hammer in this and is the leader so far. She was the quickest in the TT and is a double world champ. This is a totally different kind of test for her. Armitstead also in this one. She's just coming back from illness so her form may not be 100%.

  12. 19:14:18 GMT

    80 laps to go and they're off. Hammer leads proceedings.

  13. 19:16:17 GMT

    We'll have a sprint every ten laps and right now Armitstead and Hammer are both close to each other. Armitstead will want to get off to a good start.

  14. 19:17:16 GMT

    Jeuland, the French World Champion moves to the front as well. She's a very talented rider, one to watch here too.

  15. 19:18:15 GMT

    Spain took that one. Armitstead was fourth.

  16. 19:18:34 GMT

    Wild was in second.

  17. 19:19:12 GMT

    And now the attacks go and lots of riders are moving off the front and things are starting to split up. Armitstead is off the back and she'll need to move back up.

  18. 19:19:46 GMT

    Lots of reactions from behind but there are a group of around 6 or 7 riders off the front.

  19. 19:20:35 GMT

    Jeuland and Armitstead doing most of the work in the main field. They've spotted the danger

  20. 19:22:02 GMT

    Kiesanowski took the five points there and now five riders are clear and it looks like they'll gain a lap now.

  21. 19:23:41 GMT

    And they've done it. Machacova, did a huge turn there and leads the group up and they now have a 20 point bonus. We'll get the names together as soon as we can.

  22. 19:24:32 GMT

    Wild takes that one, Spain second and Armitstead third.

  23. 19:25:14 GMT

    Armitstead and Jeuland tried to move clear but they've been brought back. Hammer attacks!

  24. 19:26:36 GMT

    Hammer has pulled group of three with here, including Wild and it looks like they'll gain a lap too.

  25. 19:27:15 GMT

    Hammer is doing twice as much work as everyone else on the front and takes the 5 points on that last sprint.

  26. 19:27:53 GMT

    Wild is now leading the race with 28 points. Hammer is on 25.

  27. 19:28:31 GMT

    35 to go and four more riders have gained a lap.

  28. 19:29:13 GMT

    Machacova was in that group and is now on 41 points and moves into the lead.

  29. 19:31:05 GMT

    Armitstead is attacking now with one other rider. There's some hesitation behind so Armitstead could move up the standings now.

  30. 19:32:02 GMT

    They'll all come back together now. 24 laps to go.

  31. 19:33:41 GMT

    Hammer attacks again. Great ride from the American who has a big gap already.

  32. 19:35:04 GMT

    Hammer has been joined by Armitstead and three other riders including the leader Machacova. They've got half a lap.

  33. 19:35:33 GMT

    Wild is going to have to chase and she moves to the front.

  34. 19:37:01 GMT

    Hammer brings them up and they gain a 20 point bonus.

  35. 19:37:35 GMT

    Machacova leads Hammer by 7 points in the race.

  36. 19:40:54 GMT

    Machacova and Hammer the strongest in the event and the CZE riders has 61 points, Hammer 54. A third of the way through the Omnium and the American leads overall after winning this morning's event.

  37. 19:42:36 GMT

    Back the women's sprint now and Meares vs Pendleton. The Australian won the first race.

  38. 19:46:13 GMT

    Pendleton leading this one off but Meares takes it. That was impressive, tactically and physically beating the British rider. No contest in that one and the Australian moves through to the final 2-0.

  39. 19:50:09 GMT

    Guo and Panarina. The Chinese rider won the first race and she'll be the favourite here again. But no, Panarina takes it. Will that result stand? Panarina looks like she moved across the sprinting line. No result yet....

  40. 19:51:06 GMT

    Guo takes it, the judges ruling in her favour. She'll meet Meares in the final.

  41. 19:53:21 GMT

    Keirin racing now, and it's the men's second round. Awang is the big hitter in this heat.

  42. 19:54:22 GMT

    Enders also in this heat and he's sitting in first place.

  43. 19:56:48 GMT

    Dawkins takes it, then Niblett and then Awang. Awang was boxed in there and made a big mistake. There were a couple of times when I thought riders were going to come down. Nice ride by Niblett who came through the repechage.

  44. 19:58:40 GMT

    Hoy in this next round, riding in his world champions jersey. This is the discipline he dominates above all others and he just gets stronger and stronger as the competition goes on. Here we go.... Bauge is here too.

  45. 20:02:43 GMT

    Hoy takes it and he goes through it. Impressive ride. Peralta and Kuczynski go through in second and third. Bauge tired badly in the last lap and could only manage fifth. That was a real surprise.

  46. 20:07:53 GMT

    Women's scratch race. 40 laps in total and world champion Jeuland will be hoping to have better luck and legs than she did in the omnium a few minutes ago.

  47. 20:22:10 GMT

    Chulkova takes it. She was away for most of the race, was pulled back along with her breakaway companions but had enough strength to come through and take the gold. She won by miles. Earlier there was a crash involving Higgins from the USA. Reed took second and Cure third.

  48. 20:24:03 GMT

    Before I forget, here's our chat with the former UCI President. Read it!

  49. 20:27:41 GMT

    Back to the men's omnium now with the scratch race. Archbold has a very commanding lead with Viviani a distant second overall at the moment. This race should suit the Italian though.

  50. 20:48:48 GMT

    Kwok takes the win. Cho second and Marguet takes third. Archbold took fifth. Viviani was down in 9th.

  51. 20:49:29 GMT

    Cho moves into second but Archbold has a 17 point lead with one race still to come in the Omnium.

  52. 21:13:42 GMT

    Sarah Hammer just destroyed the field in the eliminator. She was at the front throughout and in the end just rode away for the win. Unstoppable.

  53. 21:17:43 GMT

    Meanwhile Pendleton restores some pride and wins her first heat in the ride for the bronze in the women's sprint.

  54. 21:21:51 GMT

    Meares then sweeps aside Guo in the first race of the final. She came through with over a lap to go and the Chinese rider had no answer.

  55. 21:30:30 GMT

    Remember you can keep your tweets coming in.

    marcfairclough @dnlbenson Watching @v_pendleton in a 3/4 race off just doesn't seem right...

  56. 21:33:00 GMT

    We've posted as many results as can, right here. Lots more still to come. On the track and it's the men's keirin 7/12 ride off. They had to restart after a crash.

  57. 21:34:34 GMT

    Bauge takes it.

  58. 21:37:20 GMT

    Now it's the Keirin final. Hoy, Paralta, Niblett, Dawkins, Awang, Kuczynski and Peralta. Here we go...

  59. 21:49:33 GMT

    Hoy wins and by miles. He got a gap of a few yards but then there was a devastating crash behind with everyone else coming down. Awang is currently being put on a stretcher and he looks in agony. I think it was the Spaniard who went down first, Niblett stayed up and got second and then Dawkins and Peralta were running, that's right, running to get over the line for third. The New Zealand rider took it. Watch it on youtube. That was incredible. Awang is still getting treatment.

  60. 22:01:19 GMT

    A few more details from that last race. Peralta was been relegated to last, and the Pole took third. Awang has been taken to hospital as he's got a bad leg injury.

  61. 22:02:41 GMT

    Meanwhile Pendleton wins her sprint -2-0 against Panarina and takes the bronze.

  62. 22:06:03 GMT

    It's Meares against Guo again Guo gets it. 1-1 and we'll go to a decider.

  63. 22:09:25 GMT

    Awang has a splint going right through his leg. Right through his leg. Some talk that he might have got third but no confirmation just yet. Suffice to say he wont be getting on the podium for this one - he's off to the hospital.

  64. 22:14:00 GMT

    Confirmation finally coming through now from the men's Keirin:

    1 Chris Hoy (Sky)
    2 Jason Niblett (Jayco-Skins)
    3 Azizulhasni Awang (YSD Racing Team)
    4 Kamil Kuczynski (Poland)
    5 Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)
    Rel Juan Peralta Gascon (Spain)

    I've never seen anything like it on the track. Incredible. Peralta may have been relegated for pushing Dawkins after the crash.

  65. 22:36:00 GMT

    So back to Awang for a second. He crashed, suffered a splinter through his calf and then got back up to take third. He then stopped after the line, right by us in the press section and stood there for a good couple of minutes. Then we heard a couple of screams - it must have been him looking down and seeing the injury.

  66. 22:37:16 GMT

    We're currently going through the men's omnium time trial. Unless Archold throws this away he's got the event in the bag. We've still got Meares against Guo in the decider of the women's sprint to come. That will be our final event of the evening.

  67. 22:41:04 GMT

    The eight points Awang took in getting third means he wins the Keirin World Cup.

  68. 22:44:58 GMT

    Confirmed Archbold wins the men's omnium. Surely one of the favourites for next month's worlds.

  69. 22:48:54 GMT

    Meares against Guo for the decider in the women's sprint, the final event of the day.

  70. 22:51:41 GMT

    Meares takes it and continues her hot run of form 2-1. Great ride from Guo but the Australian was just too good.

  71. 22:52:43 GMT

    Thanks for joining us again today from the Manchester velodrome. We hope you've enjoyed the coverage. Full results and reports will be posted here.

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