French trio takes team sprint

Kiwi women come close to their world mark

New Zealand's women claimed the gold medal in the team pursuit, putting in a fast time of 3:22.2 to best the OUCH Pro Cycling team from the USA. The two teams hold the fastest two times in the event on record, with the Kiwi's 3:21 from last year's worlds still being shown as the world mark, while the US trio of Sarah Hammer, Dotsie Bausch and Lauren Tamayo set a 3:19 at the Pan American Championships.

Bausch said the team has yet to reach its peak, and hopes to better their time at the World Championships in the Netherlands in March.

"Our time this morning surpassed our goal, and while it didn't go our way tonight, we're proud and excited about the program. The difference between our ride last year and this year was night and day. We went faster this morning than we did at worlds, and we're not anywhere near our peak, so it's positive all around."

The British team bettered its time in the final to take the bronze over Germany, setting the second fastest time of the evening in the process.

In the morning sessino, the Canadian trio missed out on the final by just 1/100th of a second.

France gets gold over Great Britain in Team Sprint

The men's team sprint looked to be firmly in the domain of the British team, who set the fastest qualifying time with Jason Kenny, Matthew Crampton and Chris Hoy. However, the French brought their top team, and Gregory Bauge, Kevin Sireau and Michael D'Almeida surged ahead mid-way through the final to take gold.

New Zealand bested Poland by a full second to take home the bronze medal.

The British team of Victoria Pendleton and Jess Varnish put in strong performances to take home the win in the women's team sprint, besting the German pair Miriam Welte and Kristina Vogel. France topped Spain to take the bronze.

Colombia in the lead in Omnium

Colombia's Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal took the lead after the first three events in the men's omnium, leading Briton Ed Clancy by three points after the flying lap, points race and elimination race. Arango Carvajal won the flying lap over Clancy and Czech Jan Dostal.

Luis Mansilla (Chile) took the victory in the elimination race over Argentina's Walter Perez, with Clancy fourth and Arango Carvajal in 10th.

The Colombian rebounded to take second behind Spaniard Eloy Teruel Rovira in the points race, with Canadian Zach Bell in third. Bell is now tied for third overall with Germany's Erik Mohs.

Full results

Men's Omnium Qualifying Heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rafal Ratajczyk (Pol) Poland8 pts
2Artur Ershov (Rus) Lokomotiv7 
3Aliaksandr Lisouski (Blr) Belarus5 
4Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Col) Colombia3 
5Jan Dostal (Cze) Czech Republic3 
6Walter Fernando Perez (Arg) Argentina2 
7Andreas Mueller (Aut) Austria1 
8Franco Marvulli (Swi) Switzerland1 
9Shane Archbold (NZl) New Zealand  
10Ho Ting Kwok (HKg) Hong Kong  
11Edward Clancy (GBr) Great Britain  
12Scott Law (Aus) Australia  
13Yuta Wakimoto (Jpn) Japan  
14Carlos Linares (Ven) Venezuela  
15Carlos Carrasco (Mex) Mexico  
16José Alberto Sochon Gudiel (Gua) Guatemala  
Men's Omnium Qualifying Heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Martyn Irvine (Irl) Ireland26 pts
2Zachary Bell (Can) Canada25 
3Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spa) Spain25 
4Volodymyr Diudia (Ukr) Ukraine24 
5Bobby Lea (USA) US National Team24 
6Polychronis Tzortzakis (Gre) Greece22 
7Luis Mansilla (Chi) Chile20 
8Julien Duval (Fra) France9 
9Erik Mohs (Ger) Germany8 
10Tim Mertens (Bel) Belgium7 
11Niki Byrgesen (Den) Denmark5 
12Jose Ragonessi (Ecu) Ecuador5 
13Filippo Fortin (Ita) Italy5 
14Darren Matthews (Bar) Barbados1 
15Geert­Jan Jonkman (Ned) Netherlands  
Men's Omnium Flying Lap
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Col) Colombia0:00:13.263 
2Edward Clancy (GBr) Great Britain0:00:13.354 
3Jan Dostal (Cze) Czech Republic0:00:13.427 
4Erik Mohs (Ger) Germany0:00:13.436 
5Zachary Bell (Can) Canada0:00:13.437 
6Shane Archbold (NZl) New Zealand0:00:13.496 
7Martyn Irvine (Irl) Ireland0:00:13.566 
8Rafal Ratajczyk (Pol) Poland0:00:13.617 
9Scott Law (Aus) Australia0:00:13.649 
10Julien Duval (Fra) France0:00:13.670 
11Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spa) Spain0:00:13.678 
12Polychronis Tzortzakis (Gre) Greece0:00:13.740 
13Tim Mertens (Bel) Belgium0:00:13.849 
14Artur Ershov (Rus) Lokomotiv0:00:13.852 
15Niki Byrgesen (Den) Denmark0:00:13.868 
16Bobby Lea (USA) US National Team0:00:13.903 
17Volodymyr Diudia (Ukr) Ukraine0:00:13.950 
18Walter Fernando Perez (Arg) Argentina0:00:14.048 
19Franco Marvulli (Swi) Switzerland0:00:14.115 
20Luis Mansilla (Chi) Chile0:00:14.151 
21Ho Ting Kwok (HKg) Hong Kong0:00:14.246 
22Aliaksandr Lisouski (Blr) Belarus0:00:14.272 
23Andreas Mueller (Aut) Austria0:00:14.408 
24Jose Ragonessi (Ecu) Ecuador0:00:14.998 
Men's Omnium Elimination Race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luis Mansilla (Chi) Chile  
2Walter Fernando Perez (Arg) Argentina  
3Niki Byrgesen (Den) Denmark  
4Edward Clancy (GBr) Great Britain  
5Andreas Mueller (Aut) Austria  
6Tim Mertens (Bel) Belgium  
7Shane Archbold (NZl) New Zealand  
8Rafal Ratajczyk (Pol) Poland  
9Jan Dostal (Cze) Czech Republic  
10Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Col) Colombia  
11Julien Duval (Fra) France  
12Polychronis Tzortzakis (Gre) Greece  
13Erik Mohs (Ger) Germany  
14Artur Ershov (Rus) Lokomotiv  
15Zachary Bell (Can) Canada  
16Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spa) Spain  
17Ho Ting Kwok (HKg) Hong Kong  
18Bobby Lea (USA) US National Team  
19Volodymyr Diudia (Ukr) Ukraine  
20Jose Ragonessi (Ecu) Ecuador  
21Aliaksandr Lisouski (Blr) Belarus  
RELScott Law (Aus) Australia  
RELMartyn Irvine (Irl) Ireland  
DNSFranco Marvulli (Swi) Switzerland  
Men's Omnium Points Race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spa) Spain71 pts
2Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Col) Colombia60 
3Zachary Bell (Can) Canada57 
4Artur Ershov (Rus) Lokomotiv52 
5Ho Ting Kwok (HKg) Hong Kong43 
6Erik Mohs (Ger) Germany43 
7Walter Fernando Perez (Arg) Argentina31 
8Andreas Mueller (Aut) Austria28 
9Luis Mansilla (Chi) Chile28 
10Edward Clancy (GBr) Great Britain27 
11Niki Byrgesen (Den) Denmark26 
12Tim Mertens (Bel) Belgium25 
13Jan Dostal (Cze) Czech Republic22 
14Scott Law (Aus) Australia20 
15Shane Archbold (NZl) New Zealand8 
16Martyn Irvine (Irl) Ireland5 
17Julien Duval (Fra) France3 
18Volodymyr Diudia (Ukr) Ukraine2 
19Bobby Lea (USA) US National Team1 
20Polychronis Tzortzakis (Gre) Greece  
21Aliaksandr Lisouski (Blr) Belarus  
22Rafal Ratajczyk (Pol) Poland  
23Jose Ragonessi (Ecu) Ecuador  
DNSFranco Marvulli (Swi) Switzerland  
Men's Omnium Standings after 3 events
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Col) Colombia13 pts
2Edward Clancy (GBr) Great Britain16 
3Erik Mohs (Ger) Germany23 
4Zachary Bell (Can) Canada23 
5Jan Dostal (Cze) Czech Republic25 
6Walter Fernando Perez (Arg) Argentina27 
7Shane Archbold (NZl) New Zealand28 
8Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spa) Spain28 
9Niki Byrgesen (Den) Denmark29 
10Luis Mansilla (Chi) Chile30 
11Tim Mertens (Bel) Belgium31 
12Artur Ershov (Rus) Lokomotiv32 
13Andreas Mueller (Aut) Austria36 
14Rafal Ratajczyk (Pol) Poland38 
15Julien Duval (Fra) France38 
16Ho Ting Kwok (HKg) Hong Kong43 
17Polychronis Tzortzakis (Gre) Greece44 
18Scott Law (Aus) Australia45 
19Martyn Irvine (Irl) Ireland46 
20Bobby Lea (USA) US National Team53 
21Volodymyr Diudia (Ukr) Ukraine54 
22Aliaksandr Lisouski (Blr) Belarus64 
23Jose Ragonessi (Ecu) Ecuador67 
DNSFranco Marvulli (Swi) Switzerland  
Women's Team Pursuit Qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1New Zealand0:03:23.132 
 Rushlee Buchanan (NZl) New Zealand  
 Lauren Ellis (NZl) New Zealand  
 Alison Shanks (NZl) New Zealand  
2OUCH Pro Cycling0:03:23.917 
 Sarah Hammer (USA) OUCH Pro Cycling  
 Dotsie Bausch (USA) OUCH Pro Cycling  
 Lauren Tamayo (USA) OUCH Pro Cycling  
3Great Britain0:03:24.323 
 Laura Trott (GBr) Great Britain  
 Katie Colclough (GBr) Great Britain  
 Wendy Houvenaghel (GBr) Great Britain  
 Charlotte Becker (Ger) Germany  
 Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Germany  
 Madeleine Sandig (Ger) Germany  
 Tara Whitten (Can) Canada  
 Laura Brown (Can) Canada  
 Stephanie Roorda (Can) Canada  
 Amy Cure (Aus) Australia  
 Belinda Goss (Aus) Australia  
 Isabella King (Aus) Australia  
 Jolien D'Hoore (Bel) Belgium  
 Jessie Daams (Bel) Belgium  
 Kelly Druyts (Bel) Belgium  
 Vilija Sereikaite (Ltu) Lithuania  
 Vaida Pikauskaite (Ltu) Lithuania  
 Ausrine Trebaite (Ltu) Lithuania  
9United States0:03:30.454 
 Kimberly Geist (USA) US National Team  
 Cari Higgins (USA) US National Team  
 Jennie Reed (USA) US National Team  
 Jennifer O'Reilly (Irl) Ireland  
 Ciara Horne (Irl) Ireland  
 Caroline Ryan (Irl) Ireland  
 Pascale Jeuland (Fra) France  
 Aude Biannic (Fra) France  
 Sophie Creux (Fra) France  
 Yelizaveta Bochkarova (Ukr) Ukraine  
 Anna Nahirna (Ukr) Ukraine  
 Valeriya Velychko (Ukr) Ukraine  
 Malgorzata Wojtyra (Pol) Poland  
 Edyta Jasinska (Pol) Poland  
 Katarzyna Pawlowska (Pol) Poland  
 Marlies Mejias Garcia (Cub) Cuba  
 Yudelmis Dominguez Masague (Cub) Cuba  
 Yoanka Gonzalez Perez (Cub) Cuba  
 Anastasia Chulkova (Rus) Russia  
 Elena Lichmanova (Rus) Russia  
 Lidia Malakhova (Rus) Russia  
 Marta Tagliaferro (Ita) Italy  
 Marta Bastianelli (Ita) Italy  
 Alessandra Borchi (Ita) Italy  
 Tatsiana Sharakova (Blr) Belarus  
 Alena Dylko (Blr) Belarus  
 Aksana Papko (Blr) Belarus  
 Megan Hottman (USA) DFT  
 Emy Huntsman (Aus) DFT  
 Jennifer Triplett (USA) DFT  
 Jessica Fernanda Jurado (Mex) Mexico  
 Giuseppina Grassi Herrera (Mex) Mexico  
 Mayra Del Rocio Rocha Guerrero (Mex) Mexico  
 Lorena Colmenares (Col) Colombia  
 Serika Guluma (Col) Colombia  
 Laura Camila Lozano Ramirez (Col) Colombia  
21Reyno De Navarra-Telco-Cono0:03:45.728 
 Joana Eslava Fernandez (Spa) Reyno De Navarra-Telco-Cono  
 Olatz Ferran Zubillaga (Spa) Reyno De Navarra-Telco-Cono  
 Azucena Sanchez Benito (Spa) Reyno De Navarra-Telco-Cono  
Women's Team Pursuit Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1New Zealand0:03:22.202 
 Rushlee Buchanan (NZl) New Zealand  
 Lauren Ellis (NZl) New Zealand  
 Alison Shanks (NZl) New Zealand  
2OUCH Pro Cycling0:03:25.222 
 Sarah Hammer (USA) OUCH Pro Cycling  
 Dotsie Bausch (USA) OUCH Pro Cycling  
 Lauren Tamayo (USA) OUCH Pro Cycling  
3Great Britain0:03:23.789 
 Laura Trott (GBr) Great Britain  
 Katie Colclough (GBr) Great Britain  
 Wendy Houvenaghel (GBr) Great Britain  
 Charlotte Becker (Ger) Germany  
 Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Germany  
 Madeleine Sandig (Ger) Germany  
Men's Team Sprint Qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Great Britain0:00:43.897 
 Jason Kenny (GBr) Great Britain  
 Chris Hoy (GBr) Great Britain  
 Matthew Crampton (GBr) Great Britain  
 Gregory Bauge (Fra) France  
 Kévin Sireau (Fra) France  
 Michaël D'Almeida (Fra) France  
3New Zealand0:00:44.318 
 Ethan Mitchell (NZl) New Zealand  
 Sam Webster (NZl) New Zealand  
 Edward Dawkins (NZl) New Zealand  
 Maciej Bielecki (Pol) Poland  
 Damian Zielinski (Pol) Poland  
 Kamil Kuczynski (Pol) Poland  
 Stéphane Cossette (Can) Canada  
 Joseph Veloce (Can) Canada  
 Travis Smith (Can) Canada  
6YSD TRACK TEAM0:00:45.359 
 Muhammad Edrus Md Yunos (Mas) YSD Track Team  
 Mohd Rizal Tisin (Mas) YSD Track Team  
 Josiah Ng Onn Lam (Mas) YSD Track Team  
 Sergey Kucherov (Rus) Russia  
 Sergey Borisov (Rus) Russia  
 Pavel Yakushevskiy (Rus) Russia  
8Cyclo Channel Tokyo0:00:45.545 
 Atsushi Shibasaki (Jpn) Cyclo Channel Tokyo  
 Kazunari Watanabe (Jpn) Cyclo Channel Tokyo  
 Yudai Nitta (Jpn) Cyclo Channel Tokyo  
 Philipp Thiele (Ger) Germany  
 Stefan Bötticher (Ger) Germany  
 Michael Seidenbecher (Ger) Germany  
 Jonathan Marin Cermeno (Col) Colombia  
 Puerta Zapata Fabian Hernando (Col) Colombia  
 Leonardo Alfredo Narvaez Romero (Col) Colombia  
11Czech Republic0:00:45.787 
 Denis Spicka (Cze) Czech Republic  
 Adam Ptacnik (Cze) Czech Republic  
 Tomas Babek (Cze) Czech Republic  
 Tsubasa Kitatsuru (Jpn) Japan  
 Yuta Wakimoto (Jpn) Japan  
 Kazuki Amagai (Jpn) Japan  
 Sergio Aliaga Chivite (Spa) Spain  
 Itmar Esteban Herraiz (Spa) Spain  
 Juan Peralta Gascon (Spa) Spain  
14United States0:00:46.025 
 Dean Tracy (USA) US National Team  
 Giddeon Massie (USA) US National Team  
 Kevin Mansker (USA) US National Team  
 Elias Ruben Horta (Mex) Mexico  
 Luis Toussaint (Mex) Mexico  
 Roberto Serrano (Mex) Mexico  
 Pablo Javier Perruchoud (Arg) Argentina  
 Diego Fernando Vargas (Arg) Argentina  
 Leandro Hernan Botasso (Arg) Argentina  
 Cesar Marcano (Ven) Venezuela  
 Hersony Canelon (Ven) Venezuela  
 Angel Pulgar (Ven) Venezuela  
Men's Team Sprint Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
 Gregory Bauge (Fra) France  
 Kévin Sireau (Fra) France  
 Michaël D'Almeida (Fra) France  
2Great Britain0:00:43.830 
 Jason Kenny (GBr) Great Britain  
 Matthew Crampton (GBr) Great Britain  
 Chris Hoy (GBr) Great Britain  
3New Zealand0:00:44.118 
 Ethan Mitchell (NZl) New Zealand  
 Sam Webster (NZl) New Zealand  
 Edward Dawkins (NZl) New Zealand  
 Maciej Bielecki (Pol) Poland  
 Damian Zielinski (Pol) Poland  
 Kamil Kuczynski (Pol) Poland  
Women's Team Sprint Qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Great Britain0:00:33.560 
 Jessica Varnish (GBr) Great Britain  
 Victoria Pendleton (GBr) Great Britain  
 Miriam Welte (Ger) Germany  
 Kristina Vogel (Ger) Germany  
 Sandie Clair (Fra) France  
 Virginie Cueff (Fra) France  
 Helena Casas Roige (Spa) Spain  
 Tania Calvo Barbero (Spa) Spain  
 Olena Tsos (Ukr) Ukraine  
 Lyubov Shulika (Ukr) Ukraine  
 Lulu Zheng (Chn) China  
 Yulei Xu (Chn) China  
 Juliana Gaviria Rendon (Col) Colombia  
 Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Col) Colombia  
 Olga Streltsova (Rus) Russia  
 Victoria Baranova (Rus) Russia  
 Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cub) Cuba  
 Arianna Herrera (Cub) Cuba  
 Daniela Larreal Chirinos (Ven) Venezuela  
 Angie Gonzalez (Ven) Venezuela  
11Hong Kong0:00:35.853 
 Zhao Juan Meng (HKg) Hong Kong  
 Wai Sze Lee (HKg) Hong Kong  
 Estefany Marisol Tinajero Cobos (Mex) Mexico  
 Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez Luz (Mex) Mexico  
13Reyno De Navarra-Telco-Cono0:00:39.030 
 Olatz Ferran Zubillaga (Spa) Reyno De Navarra-Telco-Cono  
 Azucena Sanchez Benito (Spa) Reyno De Navarra-Telco-Cono  
Women's Team Sprint Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Great Britain0:00:33.322 
 Jessica Varnish (GBr) Great Britain  
 Victoria Pendleton (GBr) Great Britain  
 Miriam Welte (Ger) Germany  
 Kristina Vogel (Ger) Germany  
 Sandie Clair (Fra) France  
 Virginie Cueff (Fra) France  
 Helena Casas Roige (Spa) Spain  
 Tania Calvo Barbero (Spa) Spain  
Men's Scratch Race Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Morgan Kneisky (Fra) France  
2Gijs Van Hoecke (Bel) Belgium  
3Martin Blaha (Cze) Czech Republic  
4Marco Arriagada (Chi) Chile  
5Sebastian Mora Vedri (Spa) Spain  
6Kirill Sveshnikov (Rus) Lokomotiv  
7 - lapAlex Buttazzoni (Ita) Italy  
8Leonid Krasnov (Rus) Russia  
9Carlos Alberto Ospina Hernandez (Col) Colombia  
10Loïc Perizzolo (Swi) Switzerland  
11Ki Ho Choi (HKg) Hong Kong  
12Theo Reinhardt (Ger) Germany  
13 -2 lapsFelix English (Irl) Ireland  
14Lukasz Bujko (Pol) Poland  
15Iban Leanizbarrutia Cruz (Spa) Cespa Euskadi  
16Javier Azcue (Spa)  
17Angel Dario Colla (Arg) Argentina  
18 -3 lapsAliaksandr Lisouski (Blr) Belarus  
19Cameron Mackinnon (Can) Canada  
20Mario Alberto Contreras (Mex) Mexico  
21Geert­Jan Jonkman (Ned) Netherlands  
22Casper Folsach (Den) Denmark  
DNFCharalampos Kastrantas (Gre) Greece  
DNFMohd Hafiz Mohd Sufian (Mas) Malaysia  


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