Britain tops quick team pursuit qualifier

Guo fastest in women's sprint qualifying

It’s landed just one gold medal thus far, but the Great Britain is very much in the hunt for another this evening after it went quickest in the qualifying round of the team pursuit.

The quartet of Stephen Burke, Ed Clancy, Ben Swift and Andrew Tennant scorched around the track in a time of 3 minutes 56.869 seconds. This was over a second faster than second-placed Australia, who Team GB will meet in this evening’s gold medal final.

New Zealand and Denmark were third and fourth, clocking times of 3.58.616 and 4.02.259. The latter started last and was initially on the fastest pace, beating Britain. However the riders cracked and slipped behind, perhaps getting carried away with a very vocal home support.

These two teams will square up in the bronze medal fight this evening, while the Ukraine and Netherlands complete the top six.

Kanis out in 1/8 finals, other favourites go through

There were few surprises in the opening three rounds of the women’s sprint, although the non-progression of regular World Cup medallist Willy Kanis (Netherlands) was a little unexpected. She was fifth-fastest in the qualifying time trial and progressed through the 1/16 final by beating Sandy Clair (France), but then lost out to Kaarle McCulloch (Australia).

Kanis went up against another surprising omission in the repechage, Olga Panarina (Belarussia). She had qualified third-quickest, only to lose out to Victoria Baranova (Russia) in her 1/8 heat. Kanis led Panarina and Virginie Cueff (France) onto the final lap, but was easily passed by the Belorussian.

Kristina Vogel (Germany) won the other repechage, leading out and holding off Clara Sanchez (France) and Lyubov Shulika (Ukraine).

Earlier, six riders went through by the conventional route; in other words, by winning their 1/16 and 1/8 finals. Defending champion Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain) only qualified seventh fastest, but beat compatriot Jess Varnish easily. She had a tighter tussle with Sanchez, who came back at her after Pendleton jumped first, but managed to hit the line ahead.

Past silver and bronze medallist Shuang Guo (China) beat Vogel in heat one of the 1/8 finals. Anna Meares (Australia) led out Cueff and fended her off; Baranova was two lengths behind Panarina at the bell but got by, and Simona Krupeckaite (Lituania) jumped early to beat Shulika.

McCullough’s win over Kanis was a straightforward one, while Pendleton had to battle much harder to get by Sanchez. That will give her rivals hope that the four-time world champion is less bulletproof than before.

Men's Team Pursuit - Qualifying
1Great Britain0:03:56.869 
 Steven Burke  
 Edward Clancy  
 Ben Swift  
 Andrew Tennant  
 Jack Bobridge  
 Rohan Dennis  
 Michael Hepburn  
 Leigh Howard  
3New Zealand0:03:58.616 
 Sam Bewley  
 Westley Gough  
 Peter Latham  
 Jesse Sergent  
 Niki Byrgesen  
 Michael Faerk Christensen  
 Jens­Erik Madsen  
 Rasmus Christian Quaade  
 Lyubomyr Polatayko  
 Maksym Polischuk  
 Vitaliy Popkov  
 Vitaliy Shchedov  
 Levi Heimans  
 Arno Van Der Zwet  
 Tim Veldt  
 Sipke Zijlstra  
 Ivan Kovalev  
 Victor Manakov  
 Alexei Markov  
 Alexander Serov  
 Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur  
 Sergi Escobar Roure  
 David Muntaner Juaneda  
 Eloy Teruel Rovira  
 Vivien Brisse  
 Benoit Daeninck  
 Julien Duval  
 Julien Morice  
 Robert Bartko  
 Robert Bengsch  
 Henning Bommel  
 Patrick Gretsch  
 Angelo Ciccone  
 Marco Coledan  
 Alessandro De Marchi  
 Elia Viviani  
 Pan Chen  
 Xiao Jiang  
 Chuanmin Li  
 Jie Wang  
 Stephen Barrett  
 Matthew Brammeier  
 Martyn Irvine  
 David O'Loughlin  
 Pawel Brylowski  
 Dawid Glowacki  
 Piotr Kasperkiewicz  
 Grzegorz Stepniak  
 Damien Corthesy  
 Silvan Dillier  
 Loïc Perizzolo  
 Cyrille Thiery  
 Georgios Bouglas  
 Dimitrios Chidemenakis  
 Dimitrios Polydoropoulos  
 Polychronis Tzortzakis  
 Andreas Graf  
 Andreas Müller  
 Werner Riebenbauer  
 Georg Tazreiter  
Women's Sprint - Qualifying
1Shuang Guo (China)0:00:10.918 
2Anna Meares (Australia)0:00:11.030 
3Olga Panarina (Belarus)0:00:11.077 
4Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)0:00:11.078 
5Willy Kanis (Netherlands)0:00:11.105 
6Clara Sanchez (France)0:00:11.120 
7Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)0:00:11.135 
8Kaarle Mcculloch (Australia)0:00:11.202 
9Junhong Lin (People's Republic of China)0:00:11.242 
10Jinjie Gong (People's Republic of China)0:00:11.250 
11Virginie Cueff (France)0:00:11.340 
12Kristina Vogel (Germany)0:00:11.356 
13Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands)0:00:11.385 
14Miriam Welte (Germany)0:00:11.408 
15Victoria Baranova (Russian Federation)0:00:11.426 
16Lyubov Shulika (Ukraine)0:00:11.442 
17Emily Rosemond (Australia)0:00:11.444 
18Jessica Varnish (Great Britain)0:00:11.464 
19Rebecca Angharad James (Great Britain)0:00:11.518 
20Sandie Clair (France)0:00:11.559 
21Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong, China)0:00:11.564 
22Christin Muche (Germany)0:00:11.571 
23Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba)0:00:11.600 
24Olga Streltsova (Russian Federation)0:00:11.700 
25Renata Dabrowska (Poland)0:00:11.922 
26Helena Casas Roige (Spain)0:00:11.995 
27Gintare Gaivenyte (Lithuania)0:00:12.084 
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 1
1Shuang Guo (China)0:00:11.914 
2Olga Streltsova (Russian Federation)  
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 2
1Anna Meares (Australia)0:00:11.682 
2Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba)  
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 3
1Olga Panarina (Belarus)0:00:12.114 
2Christin Muche (Germany)  
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 4
1Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)0:00:11.782 
2Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong, China)  
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 5
1Willy Kanis (Netherlands)0:00:11.418 
2Sandie Clair (France)  
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 6
1Clara Sanchez (France)0:00:11.874 
2Rebecca Angharad James (Great Britain)  
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 7
1Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)0:00:11.794 
2Jessica Varnish (Great Britain)  
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 8
1Kaarle Mcculloch (Australia)0:00:11.577 
2Emily Rosemond (Australia)  
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 9
1Lyubov Shulika (Ukraine)0:00:11.693 
2Junhong Lin (People's Republic of China)  
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 10
1Victoria Baranova (Russian Federation)0:00:11.898 
2Jinjie Gong (People's Republic of China)  
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 11
1Virginie Cueff (France)0:00:11.848 
RELMiriam Welte (Germany)  
Women's 1/16 Final Heat 12
1Kristina Vogel (Germany)0:00:11.813 
2Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands)  
Women's 1/8 Final Heat 1
1Shuang Guo (China)0:00:11.804 
2Kristina Vogel (Germany)  
Women's 1/8 Final Heat 2
1Anna Meares (Australia)0:00:11.717 
2Virginie Cueff (France)  
Women's 1/8 Final Heat 3
1Victoria Baranova (Russian Federation)0:00:11.763 
2Olga Panarina (Belarus)  
Women's 1/8 Final Heat 4
1Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)0:00:11.660 
2Lyubov Shulika (Ukraine)  
Women's 1/8 Final Heat 5
1Kaarle Mcculloch (Australia)0:00:11.536 
2Willy Kanis (Netherlands)  
Women's 1/8 Final Heat 6
1Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)0:00:11.552 
2Clara Sanchez (France)  


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