UCI Road World Championships 2016

October 9-16, 2016, Doha, Doha, Road - CDM

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Live commentary by:
Stephen Farrand

Hello and welcome to the Cyclingnews live coverage of the elite women's time trial.

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  1. 14:13:00 GST

    As we begin our live coverage, the riders are warming up for the 28.9km time trial.


    The weather is again hot but not as hot as on Sunday and Monday. However the wind has increased.

  2. 14:13:25 GST

    A total of 41 riders will be racing for the rainbow jersey today.


  3. 14:14:56 GST

    For a full start list, click here.


  4. 14:17:11 GST

    Nada Aljeraiwi (Kuwait) is the first rider off. She is riding with covered legs and veil but her presence in the race is great to see.   


  5. 14:18:05 GST

    The 41 riders will start in two blocks divided by 30 minutes to avoid having too many riders on the circuit.


  6. 14:20:36 GST

    Amber Neben (USA) is the 21st and last rider to start of the first block. 



  7. 14:21:39 GST

    This is the first block of riders and their start times (local time in Qatar).


    1 Nada Aljeraiwi (Kuwait) 13:15:00
    2 Wehazit Kidane (Eritrea) 13:16:30
    3 Jiajun Sun (People's Republic of China) 13:18:00
    4 Julie Leth (Denmark) 13:19:30
    5 Valeriya Kononenko (Ukraine) 13:21:00
    6 Hannah Barnes (Great Britain) 13:22:30
    7 Samantha Sanders (South Africa) 13:24:00
    8 Anastasiia Iakovenko (Russian Federation) 13:25:30
    9 Ebtissam Mohamed (Egypt) 13:27:00
    10 Anna Turvey (Ireland) 13:28:30
    11 Varvara Fasoi (Greece) 13:30:00
    12 Najla Aljeraiwi (Kuwait) 14:00:00
    13 Mossana Debesai (Eritrea) 14:01:30
    14 Beatha Ingabire (Rwanda) 14:03:00
    15 Hong Guo (People's Republic of China) 14:04:30
    16 Phetdarin Somrat (Thailand) 14:06:00
    17 Olena Pavlukhina (Azerbaijan) 14:07:30
    18 Eri Yonamine (Japan) 14:09:00
    19 Trixi Worrack (Germany) 14:10:30
    20 Annemiek Van Vleuten (Netherlands) 14:12:00
    21 Amber Neben (United States Of America) 14:13:30


  8. 14:22:55 GST

    The first riders will leave the ramp in the heat of the early afternoon, while the last will be finishing as the sun sets.


    The Under 23 men raced over the same distance and showed that the changing temperatures can have an impact on the result, and you could pay the price heavily for going out too fast.


  9. 14:23:51 GST

    Britain's Hannah Barnes is next to start. The Canyon rider is quickly into an aero position but takes the first long curve carefully.  


  10. 14:26:23 GST

    Some riders have suggested that starting later, when temperatures are lower, will give an advantage. We will soon find out.


  11. 14:27:48 GST

    Many of the women have had a chance to race the course at full speed, and in the heat, during the team time trial on Sunday.


    Rather than just one lap of the snake-like roads of the Pearl, the riders will do two, with the many corners and roundabouts playing an important role in the 28.9km time trial.



  12. 14:32:20 GST

    Ellen van Dijk is one of those former champions lining up in Doha.


    Van Dijk looked set for a medal in the Olympic time trial, only to run off the road and be edged out for third place.


    She has since won the European title and taking a second rainbow jersey would put the Olympic disappointment firmly to bed.


    Van Dijk has already got one gold medal in her back pocket from the team time trial and the last time she did that, in 2013, she would go on to take the individual title a few days later.


  13. 14:33:37 GST

    Barnes sets the new fastest time at the first check point. She stopped the clock in 10:01.


  14. 14:37:00 GST

    Anastasiia Iakovenko (Russian) sets 10:18 but is slower than Barnes.


  15. 14:40:43 GST

    Barnes is riding at 47km/h as she hugs the barriers.


  16. 14:43:37 GST

    The only climb on the time trial course are the occasional bridges that join up the different islands of the Pearl.


  17. 14:44:06 GST

    Barnes is starting her second lap of the circuit. 


  18. 14:45:12 GST

    Barnes was also fastest at the second time split, setting 18:11. 


  19. 14:45:56 GST

    Julie Leith of Denmark is second fastest at 18:26.


  20. 14:46:45 GST

    The 2014 champion, Lisa Brennauer has come close on a few occasions although she is yet to win an individual time trial this season, but what a time to start.


    The Germans have already had some success with gold and silver in the under 23 men’s event and Brennauer, who also won bronze in 2015, is certainly a contender to add another medal.


    Trixi Worrack adds some serious firepower to Germany’s chances. The veteran rider showed she is a tough nut to crack when she claimed the national title just weeks after returning from a crash that resulted in her losing a kidney.


  21. 14:47:49 GST

    Barnes has an excellent position on the time trial bike, with only her hips moving slightly as she pushes on the pedals.


  22. 14:48:24 GST

    She uses the whole road on a curve to maintain as much speed as possible. 


  23. 14:53:56 GST

    We stand corrected on the blocks of riders. The start list is divided into blocks of ten riders to avoid any problems on the circuit covered twice during the 28.9km course. 


  24. 14:54:57 GST

    Varvara Fasoi (Greece) was the last to start of the first block. The second block will begin at 2:00pm local time, with Najla Aljeraiwi (Kuwait) first off.


  25. 14:57:08 GST

    Julie Leth of Denmark is the biggest threat to Barnes. She is seven seconds slower at the third time split. 


  26. 14:59:40 GST

    As the women race for the world title in the time trial, most of the road racers have now arrived in Qatar and are enjoying a first training rider in the heat. 


  27. 15:01:09 GST

    Here comes Barnes.


  28. 15:02:16 GST

    The talented British rider set a time of 39:00, making her fastest so far, ahead of Julie Leth (Denmark) who set 39:08. 


  29. 15:05:38 GST

    Najla Aljeraiwi (Kuwait) kicked off the second block of riders. She is the sister of first starter Nada Aljeraiwi.


  30. 15:08:13 GST

    The Thailand rider Phetdarin Somrat started late after a rear wheel flat. Her staff tried to change wheels but eventually took her spare bike so she could start. 


  31. 15:10:10 GST

    With the current temperature close to 39C the heat will be a huge factor today. Riders are warming up in the air conditioned tent at the start but also using ice jackets to keep their core temperature as low as possible.


  32. 15:11:06 GST

    Trixi Worrak (Germany) rolls out. She is a serious medal contender today.


  33. 15:11:50 GST

    Amber Neben and Carmen Small will shoulder the USA's hopes of a podium finish.


    Both riders missed selection for the Olympic Games, despite taking the decision to arbitration.


    Now 41, Neben won the world title in 2008 on a lumpy course in Varese. The course is probably better suited to US national champion Small, who claimed a bronze medal at the World Championships in 2013.


  34. 15:12:45 GST

    Annemiek Van Vleuten (Netherlands) starts with a huge ice pack under her jersey on her neck. 


  35. 15:13:38 GST

    It's great to see Annemiek Van Vleuten racing at the world championships after her nasty crash in Rio. 


  36. 15:14:15 GST

    Neben is also off, quickly pushing a big gear. She is last rider of the second block of riders. 


  37. 15:18:52 GST

    Neben is fast and aggressive on the corners. 


  38. 15:21:34 GST

    Barnes is in the hot seat as the fastest rider so far but Neben seems on course to beat here.

    Worrack is also riding well. She sets 9:55 at the first time split, that's six seconds faster.


  39. 15:24:10 GST

    Neben sets 9:49. She is fastest so far.


  40. 15:24:58 GST

    Van Vleuten is also faster than Barnes but is 11 seconds slower than Neben.  


  41. 15:31:28 GST

    Neben finishes her first lap in a time of 17:21, she's fastest by far. 


  42. 15:31:50 GST

    She is the oldest rider in the race but is 21 seconds faster that Worrack.


  43. 15:37:12 GST

    Van Vleuten was third fastest after her first lap, 26 seconds slower than Neben. 


  44. 15:38:27 GST

    Van Vleuten has lost a few seconds after the Thailand rider slowed her as she was caught. That could cost her a medal today.


  45. 15:40:27 GST

    She no doubt got a shot of anger from the incident, which could inspire her to push harder.


  46. 15:41:06 GST

    Worrack hits the third time split 44 seconds faster than Barnes.


  47. 15:44:01 GST

    Neben is faster than Van Vleuten with a time of 29:06. 


  48. 15:44:36 GST

    Neben is pushing a huge gear with a slow but powerful cadence.


  49. 15:45:34 GST

    As the big names of the second wave finish, the third begins with Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (Denmark) first off. 


  50. 15:46:25 GST

    Neben's rear wheel slips slightly as she takes a corner at speed. She's taking plenty of risks.


  51. 15:49:11 GST

    Worrack finishes in a time of 37:48. She is fastest so far but not for long. 


  52. 15:49:57 GST

    Van Vleuten sets 37:02 but her comes Neben. 


  53. 15:50:28 GST

    Neben sets 36:37!


  54. 15:50:48 GST

    That's an average of 47km/h. 


  55. 15:51:38 GST

    Neben won the world title in 2008 but could win it again this year.


  56. 15:54:02 GST

    It seems the wind has dropped as the light fades and the heat cools. It will be interesting to see if the conditions are the same for the final riders.



  57. 15:59:02 GST

    2013 winner Ellen Van Dijk is off next. She will know she faces a huge task to beat Neben. 


  58. 15:59:05 GST

    2013 winner Ellen Van Dijk is off next. She will know she faces a huge task to beat Neben. 


  59. 16:02:41 GST

    After leading early on, Barnes has slipped down to fourth fastest. She's had to give up the hot seat to Neben. 

  60. 16:05:53 GST

    Van Dijk is using her power to stay on a similar schedule to Neben. 


  61. 16:09:23 GST

    Van Dijk hits the first time split in 9:56 that's 6 seconds slower than Neben. She needs to find some extra speed from now on. 


  62. 16:15:06 GST

    Britain's Hayley Simmonds is off the pace, she sets 18:49 at the split. 


  63. 16:15:33 GST

    Van Dijk is taking risks on the corners, going through them at high speed. 


  64. 16:16:31 GST

    Van Dijk finishes her first lap in 17:17.  


  65. 16:17:27 GST

    That is 4 seconds faster than Neben. We have a real fight on our hands here.


  66. 16:20:53 GST

    Van Dijk is fighting hard now as the light fades and the temperatures cool. 


  67. 16:23:31 GST

    Virtual times show Van Dijk leading by 4 seconds now. This will be very close. 


  68. 16:24:23 GST

    Neben is watching nervously from the hot seat. 


  69. 16:24:54 GST

    Uttrop of Denmark sets a time of 39:30 for sixth place so far.


  70. 16:27:17 GST

    Van Dijk gets out of the saddle to sprint and up the speed.


  71. 16:28:18 GST

    At the third time split Van Dijk sets 29:08, 2 seconds slower than Neben. She seems to be fading slightly. 


  72. 16:29:58 GST

    on the straight sections of road, Van Dijk seems to be faster and pulls back several seconds.


  73. 16:31:40 GST

    Here comes Simmonds. She sets a time of 40:24.


  74. 16:32:49 GST

    The final block of riders are about to start. It includes some of the biggest names in women's racing. 


    32 Lotta Lepisto (Finland) 15:30:00
    33 Karol-Ann Canuel (Canada) 15:31:30
    34 Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio (South Africa) 15:33:00
    35 Carmen Small (United States Of America) 15:34:30
    36 Ann-Sophie Duyck (Belgium) 15:36:00
    37 Alena Amialiusik (Belarus) 15:37:30
    38 Katrin Garfoot (Australia) 15:39:00
    39 Olga Zabelinskaya (Russian Federation) 15:40:30
    40 Lisa Brennauer (Germany) 15:42:00
    41 Anna Van Der Breggen (Netherlands) 15:43:30


  75. 16:33:50 GST

    Elena Cecchini (Italy) finishes in a time of 39:07, that's fifth fastest so far.


  76. 16:34:47 GST

    Pawloska of Poland goes one spot better, finishing fourth, with 38:13.


  77. 16:34:58 GST

    Here comes Van Dijk. 


  78. 16:35:56 GST

    She fails to beat Neben. She set 36:43, six seconds slower. 

  79. 16:36:22 GST

    She seemed to crack in the final 500 metres and struggled to push her huge gear.


  80. 16:38:45 GST

    Katrin Garfoot (Australia) is off next, with Anna Van Der Breggen (Netherlands) off last of the 41 riders.


  81. 16:40:36 GST

    Garfoot has a Camelbak to stay hydrated and perhaps give her a slight aerodynamic edge.


  82. 16:41:18 GST

    Olga Zabelinskaya (Russia) also starts her ride.


  83. 16:44:13 GST

    Van der Breggen rolls down the ramp. She is last to start. In 36 minutes we will find out if she is world champion.


  84. 16:45:17 GST

    The 26-year-old has had a superb season, winning the road race at the Olympic Games and going on to claim silver in the time trial.


  85. 16:48:04 GST

    Amialiusik sets 10:04 -sixth at the first split. 


  86. 16:48:50 GST

    The shadows are lengthening as the afternoon becomes evening in Qatar.


  87. 16:50:36 GST

    Carmen Smalls (USA) is also out on the course, she was 12 fastest at the first split in 10:18.


  88. 16:51:47 GST

    Zabelinskaya is only fifth at the split, 10 seconds slower.


  89. 16:52:41 GST

    Brennauer is 13 seconds slower than Neben at the first split.


  90. 16:54:03 GST

    Van der Breggen is even further back. She is 24seconds slower than Neben.


  91. 16:54:21 GST

    Neben's chances are looking good.  


  92. 16:58:21 GST

    Garfoot is third fastest at the second time split, at 17 seconds. She is fighting for a medal.


  93. 16:59:03 GST

    Zabelinskaya is also fighting for a podium spot.


  94. 17:00:37 GST

    Brennauer completes her first lap but she is only sixth fastest. She is 29 seconds slower.


  95. 17:02:21 GST

    Van der Breggen is ticked low but is off the pace. She is 57 seconds off the pace with a time of 18:18. 


  96. 17:08:43 GST

    Sadly another motorbike has affected the race, this time a police motorbike forces van der Breggen to brake on a curve.


  97. 17:09:27 GST

    Lepisto (Finland) finishes strong in a time of 38:34 to take sixth place. however there are several strong riders behind her.


  98. 17:10:38 GST

    Zabelinskaya is third fastest at the third time split. She is only 10 seconds behind. 


  99. 17:11:47 GST

    Canada' Karol-Ann Canuel sets a time of 39:25 for 11th fastest so far.


  100. 17:12:48 GST

    Brennauer is off the pace at the 3rd split. She is 44 seconds down on Neben. 


  101. 17:13:14 GST

    Neben finished very strongly and so it is difficult to see who can beat her.


  102. 17:15:53 GST

    Carmen Small (USA) is next to finish, in seventh place, in a time of 38:39, that 2:02 slower than Neben.


  103. 17:16:16 GST

    Garfoot takes third place with a strong finish. 


  104. 17:17:14 GST

    She set 36:45, just 8 seconds slower than Neben.


  105. 17:17:55 GST

    Zabelinskaya fails to beat Neben and finishes fourth at 11 seconds. 


  106. 17:18:40 GST

    Neben is still leading, with Van Dijk likely to take the silver medal and Garfoot the bronze.


  107. 17:20:02 GST

    Brennauer finishes in a time of 37: 34that gives her sixth place.


  108. 17:22:40 GST

    Here comes Olympic champion Van Der Breggen. She is also off the pace, setting 38:48 She finishes 13th. 


  109. 17:23:28 GST

    With all riders finished, Amber Neben of the USA is confirmed as the 2016 elite women's world time trial champion.



  110. 17:24:58 GST

    Neben beat Ellen Van Dijk by 5 seconds, with Australia's Katrin Garfoot third at 8 seconds. 


  111. 17:27:10 GST

    This is the provisional top ten result:


    1 Amber Neben (United States of America) 36:37:04
    2 Eleanora Van Dijk (Netherlands) 00:00:05
    3 Katrin Garfoot (Australia) 00:00:08
    4 Olga Zabelinskaya (Russian Federation) 00:00:11
    5 Annemiek Van Vleuten (Netherlands) 00:00:25
    6 Lisa Brennauer (Germany) 00:00:57
    7 Trixi Worrack (Germany) 00:01:11
    8 Ann-Sophie Duyck (Belgium) 00:01:27
    9 Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland) 00:01:36
    10 Alena Amialiusik (Belarus) 00:01:41


  112. 17:29:11 GST

    It's been a hugely successful day for USA riders, with Brandon McNutly winning the junior men's title. 


  113. 17:31:32 GST

    Neben admitted that it had been a tense and nervous time in the hot seat as she waited for the other riders to finish. 


    "It was a long wait, I think I used more energy sitting there waiting than I did on the bike," she said.

    "Traditionally I am a pretty steady rider, I'm not real fast in the beginning so I try to just sustain it and be steady. The difference I think was the mental perseverance, to have that extra power to finish strong."

    "I was so nervous, it was so hard to watch. I feel for Ellen, having been second, third, fourth places, but at the same time I'm so excited to be able to hold on."

    "I think this one is more special because of everything that's happened between 2008 and now. There have been so many things I've had to persevere through. Just the struggle and being resilient and persevering, getting up and not giving up. I'm speechless."


  114. 17:32:28 GST

    Neben is awarded her gold medal and rainbow jersey by UCI vice-president David Lappartient. 



  115. 17:33:42 GST

    He has confirmed that he will not stand for the role of president of the French Federation. Instead he is expected to stand as a rival of Brian Cookson for he role of President. 


  116. 17:34:19 GST

    Neben stands, hand on heart as the US national anthem rings out across the podium area.


  117. 17:39:12 GST

    This is the first image of Amber Neben on her way to victory in the time trial world championships. 


    Amber Neben (USA)


  118. 17:42:24 GST

    For full results, photos and race report, click here.


  119. 17:47:23 GST

    Thanks for joining us for our full live coverage from the World Championships.


    We'll have full coverage of the elite men's time trial on Wednesday. 


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