UCI Road World Championships 2012

September 16-23, 2012, Valkenburg, Netherlands, Road - CM

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Daniel Benson

Hello and welcome to the Elite Women team time trial at the 2012 Worlds in Valkenburg.

  1. 10:05:00 BST

    The Sengers Ladies Cycling Team have started the tea time trial, they're the first of 12 squads to race over the 32.4 kilometre course.

  2. 10:05:57 BST

    The 34.2km course starts in Sittard and finishes a kilometre beyond the Cauberg rather than at the top of it as is the case with Amstel Gold.

  3. 10:09:31 BST

    Teams of six compete and Lotto are the next team to leave the start house.

  4. 10:12:39 BST

    At the recent Holland Ladies Tour, Specialized Lululemon won the team time trial , and they'll be the last team off today. They won, ahead of ORICA AIS, who will start second last on the course.

  5. 10:14:20 BST

    The course itself has two climbs, the Lange Raarberf at just over 20km in and then the Cauberg just before the finish. The first climb has an average gradient of 4.5 %, with the Cauberg averaging 5.8 %.

  6. 10:17:05 BST

    The key to the team event over a course like this is to pace yourself, especially on the climbs. Teams are timed as the fourth rider crosses the line so they can only afford to drop two riders before the finish.

    Be Pink, with Noemi Cantelle in their ranks, are next to start.

  7. 10:18:06 BST

    The first time check at 11.9km and Sengers, the first team, come through in 17.13

  8. 10:19:51 BST

    Argos, the first Dutch team to start the race, are now in the start house. A decent enough team with Visser, Markus and De Geode, Pieters, Tromp and Van de Ree in their ranks.

  9. 10:21:52 BST

    The Fanini team come through the first time check fastest, in 17:02.

  10. 10:24:03 BST

    Dolmans-Boels CT, with Emma Trott, are next to start.

  11. 10:27:10 BST

    The Dolmans-Boels CT team are out on the road now, all six still together at this early stage in the race. The big test will be on the first climb, after 20km.

  12. 10:27:51 BST

    The Rusvelo team are now at the start house, looking a lot more nervous than Dolmans-Boels CT did a few minutes ago.

  13. 10:30:23 BST

    Hitec are about to come through the first time check... and they're faster than Sengers by .42 of a second. The Norwegian team are the fastest team on the road at present.

  14. 10:31:13 BST

    Rusvelo are on the opening sections of the course now and looking well organised at this stage.

  15. 10:34:53 BST

    AA Drink are about to start their TTT. Wild, Pooley, Laws, Daams, Brand and Blaak, they're  one of the strongest teams on show today, as up ahead the Sengers team tackle the first climb of the day.


    Be Pink are now the fastest team, coming through the first time check in 16:41.82, 21 seconds faster than the Fanini  Rox team.

  16. 10:36:54 BST

    Rabobank the third last team to start today are in the start house. Can they get the Dutch off to a winning start? Vos, Van Vleuten, Slappendel, Ferrand, deJong and Antoshina, make up their 6-strong team.

  17. 10:39:12 BST

    There's a problem for Ferrand who was off the back of the Rabobank train. She's made it back in double quick time though after a bike change.

  18. 10:40:13 BST

    Orica AIS are next to start. Be Pink still lead at the first time check at 11.9 km.  Argos could only come through with the 5th best time so far.

  19. 10:44:33 BST

    Specialized Lululemon, the last team to start are now under way. Trixi Worrack is in their team and she won gold in the women's junior TT in Valkenburg last time the Worlds were here in 1998.

  20. 10:45:41 BST

    And Rusvelo have gone fastest at the first time check, 23.78 faster than the Be Pink team.

  21. 10:47:28 BST

    Kasper drops her chain and she's been dropped by her Rusvelo teammates. She's back on chasing now but they're not going to wait for her.

  22. 10:48:06 BST

    Be Pink, meanwhile go fastest at the second time check by 42.82.

  23. 10:48:49 BST

    AA Drink have lost a rider too but at the first time check they're fastest by 12 seconds.

  24. 10:49:42 BST

    Lululemon are chasing them down, with Becker on the front taking a huge turn. Neben takes over duties on the front.

  25. 10:53:19 BST

    Rusvelo are starting to look a little stretched and they could be dropping down to four riders pretty soon. At the finish and the Sengers team cross the line in 52:17. Rabobank were third at the first time check.

  26. 10:55:53 BST

    Fanini over a minute faster at the finish with a time of 51:08.91

  27. 10:56:40 BST

    Orica are approaching the first time check now and they're fastest by 14 seconds.

  28. 10:59:39 BST

    AA Drink lost a rider very early on so they'll have to be very careful for the rest of the race. Daams takes a turn and then slips to the back of the train as Rusvelo, despite the loss of a rider early on, go fastest at the second time check.

  29. 11:00:48 BST

    Specialized Lululemon have gone 0.88 faster than Orica at the first time check. AA Drink were third at the first time check.

  30. 11:01:49 BST

    At the moment it looks like the medals will come from AA Drink, Lululemon, Orica and Rusvelo.

  31. 11:02:57 BST

    Pooley leads AA Drink over the second time check in a time of 30:05:43, 22 seconds faster than Rusvelo.

  32. 11:04:06 BST

    Less than a second between Orica and Lululemon though. The Orica team will be motivated by that, after losing by nearly 20 seconds to Specialized at the recent Holland Ladies Tour.

  33. 11:08:40 BST

    Argos are on the Cauberg and it's all falling apart for them as they spread out over the road. They're down to five riders but two of the riders are in major difficulty.

  34. 11:09:23 BST

    As AA Drink go fastest at the second time check, +22.03 quicker than Rusvelo.

  35. 11:09:58 BST

    Be Pink lead at the finish with a time of 49:46.43

  36. 11:11:40 BST

    Orica look set for either gold or silver as they ride through the second time check 48.50 seconds faster than AA Drink.

  37. 11:12:39 BST

    Skil Argos finish 5th in a time of 52:04.85.

  38. 11:14:00 BST

    An important moment as Lululemon close in on the second time check. They're 13 seconds faster than Orica with Stevens on the front as they crest the top of the first climb.

  39. 11:14:42 BST

    Rusvelo are on the Cauberg and they've lost another rider, and they're down to four. They can't afford to make another mistake if they're going to challenge for bronze.

  40. 11:16:07 BST

    The Russians have been 4th at both time checks so far.

    Specialized are now racing towards the Cauberg, with all six riders still together. Orica are down to five though.

  41. 11:17:26 BST

    Dolmans finish provisional fourth in 51:31.80 but here come Rusvelo in a time of 49:02.10 to take the lead.

  42. 11:18:19 BST

    AA Drink are on the final climb with Wild and Daams holding on for dear life as Pooley sets the pace. Laws is the other rider still there.

  43. 11:18:40 BST

    Orica  are down to four!

  44. 11:21:37 BST

    AA Drink come up to the line and take the lead with a time of 48:30.8. That will be enough for bronze but can they take silver? Rabobank are out of the medals but Orica and Specialized are still to come.

  45. 11:23:13 BST

    Orica start the final climb with four riders left as Arndt leads them up.

  46. 11:26:49 BST

    Rabobank pull it together at the end and move into second spot at the finish. They could be in with a chance of a medal. It all depends on whether Orica started too fast and have blown. They're now on the lower slopes of the final climb. Rabobank finished in a time of 48:52.03, 21 seconds down on AA Drink.

  47. 11:27:46 BST

    No chance as Orica power to the line and take top spot in a time of 46:55.82, 1:35 faster than AA Drink.

  48. 11:28:56 BST

    Specialized are down to five riders as they tackle the Cauberg. They were 13 seconds faster at the last time check but we've seen teams crack badly on the final climb.

  49. 11:29:46 BST

    1km to go for the Specialized Lululemon team.

  50. 11:30:17 BST

    300 meters to go.

  51. 11:30:29 BST

    It's going to be close.

  52. 11:31:25 BST

    They've done it by 24 seconds. Specialized Lululemon take gold,  with Orica in second and AA Drink settling for bronze.

  53. 11:43:22 BST

    1 Team Specialized - Lululemon 0:46:31
    2 Orica - AIS 0:00:24
    3 AA Drink - Leontien.NL Cycling 0:01:59
    4 Rabobank Women Cycling Team 0:02:20
    5 Rusvelo 0:02:30
    6 Be Pink 0:03:15
    7 S.C. Michela Fanini Rox 0:04:37
    8 Hitec Products - Mistral Home Cycling Team 0:04:38
    9 Dolmans - Boels Cycling Team 0:05:00
    10 Lotto Belisol Ladies 0:05:32
    11 Skil - Argos 0:05:33
    12 Sengers Ladies Cycling Team 0:05:45

  54. 11:45:41 BST

    Thanks for joining us. You can find results, photos and a report, right here. Stay tuned, in 45 minutes the men's team time trial.

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