UCI Road World Championships 2011

September 19-25, 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark, Road - CM

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer

It's time for the big guns now:  The Elite women are taking to the road!

  1. 15:31:41 CEST

    Welcome back to the Worlds!  The women have just started on lap six of ten.  And what has happened in the previous five laps?

    Absolutely nothing....

  2. 15:33:35 CEST

    The peloton has been underway for just over two hours.  In a group.  The whole time.

  3. 15:37:59 CEST

    The top three from last year's race are here today, of course.  Giorgia Bronzini (Italy) is sporting number one, as the defending champion.  Second place in Geelong went to Marianne Vos (Netherlands) and third to Emma Johansson (Sweden).

  4. 88km remaining from 140km

    15:42:07 CEST

    The women will ride 140km today, or 10 laps of the 14km course.

  5. 15:46:04 CEST

    Chloe Hosking of Australia is hoping for a sprint finish today.  She would like to take the first women's medal for her country since 2005.

  6. 15:50:16 CEST

    We had 144 women at the start today.  That includes not only the top names but also riders from Saint Kitts and Nevis, Guyana and Thailand.

    Thailand has a three-women team here, by the way.

  7. 15:51:26 CEST

    Do we actually have an attack?  At any rate, a Russian has picked up the tempo at the head of things.

  8. 42km remaining from 140km

    15:52:41 CEST

    That's all it was though.  The whole group is again approaching the finish line en masse.

  9. 15:55:37 CEST

    The Dutch and the Germans are at the head of the field.

  10. 15:57:37 CEST

    The Dutch of course are riding for Vos, who has already won darned near everything in her young career. She won the worlds road title in 2006.

  11. 15:58:24 CEST

    Ah, the field is waking up!  Namoi Cantele of Italy is the one to pick up the speed, with Judith Arndt of Germany there too.

  12. 15:59:17 CEST

    Too soon to really call this a break, but about six riders have a small gap now.

  13. 15:59:44 CEST

    The field isn't going to let them go that easily, though.  And now another rider gives it a go.

  14. 16:00:13 CEST

    Much looking around, who will go next, who is where -- a nervous, uncertain stage.  Will a break get away or not?

  15. 16:00:59 CEST

    Cantele tries again and sees it is pointless.

  16. 16:01:17 CEST

    Another attempt -- a Spaniard.

  17. 16:01:51 CEST

    Everyone gives chase, of course.  At least the field is getting a bit more strung out and not all huddled together.

  18. 16:02:50 CEST

    The field has split though.  And the next attacks. Australia and .....

    Doesn't matter, they don't get away either.

  19. 34km remaining from 140km

    16:04:47 CEST

    Attack after attack, with a USA rider the next. Amber Neben has two seconds over teh field.

  20. 16:05:04 CEST

    The Netherlands give chase. 

  21. 16:05:55 CEST

    A group of six around Neben has a minimal lead.

    Well, they had one...

  22. 16:06:26 CEST

    And another one goes.  Looks like Canada.

  23. 16:07:12 CEST

    She has a good lead now, and we hope to find out who she is.

  24. 16:07:59 CEST

    It is Clara Hughes, as we suspected.

  25. 16:08:49 CEST

    Her lead is not that great, possibly 10 seconds.

  26. 16:09:37 CEST

    Better than we thought: 14 seconds!

  27. 16:10:13 CEST

    And she is pulling away, as Australia and Germany lead the chase.

  28. 16:11:10 CEST

    Actually no one is doing much of a chase, they are letting her go.

  29. 28km remaining from 140km

    16:11:55 CEST

    They are approaching the finish line again.

  30. 16:13:08 CEST

    Hm, she has built up a good lead now, as the peloton doesn't seem to take her too seriously.  Her gap has now grown to 36 seconds, with two laps to go.

  31. 16:14:28 CEST

    Hughes is taking advantage of the situation and moving steadily along. The field seems to have realized the danger and is moving a bit faster.  The gap is at 38 seconds.

  32. 16:15:13 CEST

    45 seconds now for the Canadian.

  33. 16:15:39 CEST

    Charlotte Becker of Germany takes off in pursuit, and has a small gap over the field.

  34. 25km remaining from 140km

    16:17:42 CEST

    Becker is caught, but the gap to Hughes is now down to 31 seconds.

  35. 16:19:06 CEST

    The gap is falling, now at 25 seconds.

  36. 16:20:23 CEST

    Two more riders have taken off in pursuit. An Italian and a New Zealander.

  37. 16:20:51 CEST

    The Dutch lead the chase to catch this duo.  They aren't going to let a group of three get away, that would be too dangerous.

  38. 16:21:28 CEST

    The gap  is down to 15 seconds.

  39. 16:21:49 CEST

    The peloton has very definitely turned up the speed now.

  40. 16:23:12 CEST

    Looks like the field is splitting again, under the pressure of this high speed.

  41. 19.5km remaining from 140km

    16:24:35 CEST

    Less than 20km to go, and the field has taken the speed out and is all grouped together again.

  42. 16:25:39 CEST

    And just like that, more attacks.  Russia, Franeceand Italy.

  43. 16:26:01 CEST

    And they too are caught, but it looks like Hughes' gap has increased.

  44. 16:27:03 CEST

    Hughes' red curly ponytail matches the red maple leaf on her jersey.

  45. 16:27:39 CEST

    The field picks up its speed again.

  46. 16:28:49 CEST

    Again, an American taking off. But a German leads the way to catch her.

  47. 16:31:48 CEST

    Hughes powers her way up to the finish line for the next-to-last time.

  48. 16:32:20 CEST

    She is off on to the bell lap!

  49. 16:32:56 CEST

    The field rosses the line 38 seconds back.

  50. 16:34:05 CEST

    Will the Canadian make it to the end?  Or will we have another mass sprint?

  51. 11km remaining from 140km

    16:36:52 CEST

    The weather does not seem to be playing any role today.  The sun is shining, the temperature seems to be good and the wind apparently is not a factor.

  52. 16:37:51 CEST

    The gap is getting bigger!  40 seconds now.

  53. 16:38:17 CEST

    Five riders have a small lead over the field, including Vos and Arndt.

  54. 16:39:20 CEST

    It looks like they are all together again in the peloton.

  55. 16:39:46 CEST

    A Russian and an italian now have a minimal gap.

  56. 16:40:28 CEST

    The Dutch move to the front, with Germany right behind them.  Lots of orange to be seen!

  57. 16:40:47 CEST

    8.2 km to go for Hughes.

  58. 16:41:06 CEST

    The Dutch are clearly in the lead of the field!

  59. 16:43:06 CEST

    The Dutch still lead things.

  60. 16:43:33 CEST

    And the gap has come down to 26 seconds.  Hughes is not giving up!

  61. 16:44:09 CEST

    The gap is still coming down and the field can now see Hughes.

  62. 16:44:40 CEST

    20 seconds....

  63. 16:45:33 CEST

    The Dutch drive the chase and continue to bring the gap down.  Ina Teutenberg of Germany is lurking behind the Dutch riders.

  64. 16:46:19 CEST

    4km to go, and 15 seconds.

  65. 16:46:53 CEST

    An Italian takes off and the Dutch turn up the speed again.

  66. 16:47:09 CEST

    Hughes will be caught any second.

  67. 16:47:27 CEST

    That's it - her escape is over.

  68. 16:47:51 CEST

    A German is the next to go, Lotte Becker.

  69. 16:48:15 CEST

    The field gives furious chase.

  70. 16:48:37 CEST

    She too is caught. Who is the next to go?

  71. 16:48:56 CEST

    All pretty much together.

  72. 16:49:34 CEST

    Arndt is the next one.  Much too dangerous for the Dutch!

  73. 16:50:02 CEST

    Again, much looking around.


    A huge crash!  Bronzini in it.

  74. 16:50:26 CEST

    And another crash,just one rider in this one.

  75. 16:50:38 CEST

    The nerves are showing....

  76. 16:50:47 CEST

    The end is in sight!

  77. 16:51:03 CEST

    The Dutch lead the way, and Worrack leads Teutenberg.

  78. 16:51:36 CEST

    The sprint is open! Worrack goes, now Teutenberg

  79. 16:51:56 CEST

    It is Bronzini again!  She didnt crash!

  80. 16:52:29 CEST

    Once again, just like last year:  Bronzini ahead of Vos. With Teutenberg third.

  81. 16:53:34 CEST

    That was a close one.  If the finish line had been a meter or two further, then Vos might have won.

  82. 16:54:34 CEST

    Tears from a Danish rider who must have been in one of the crashes.

  83. 16:55:11 CEST

    Joy for the Italians, long faces for the Dutch women.

  84. 16:56:06 CEST

    This is the fifth consecutive year that Vos has finished second in the Worlds road race.

  85. 16:57:49 CEST

    Bronzini really powered her way up that final closing climb to repeat her title.

  86. 17:00:34 CEST

    There is a big Italian celebration going on! Wouldn't the men's team love to be in this same position tomorrow?

  87. 17:02:11 CEST

    A very wry smile from Vos as she accepts her medal.

  88. 17:03:16 CEST

    Bronzini receives her rainbow jersey and medal, and climbs to the top step of the podium.

  89. 17:10:59 CEST

    Our top ten:     
    1 Giorgia Bronzini (Italy) 3:21:28     
    2 Marianne Vos (Netherlands) 3:21:28     
    3 Ina Teutenberg (Germany) 3:21:28     
    4 Nicole Cooke (Great Britain) 3:21:28     
    5 Julia Martisova (Russian Federation) 3:21:28     
    6 Chloe Hosking (Australia) 3:21:28     
    7 Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain) 3:21:28     
    8 Ludivine Henrion (Belgium) 3:21:28     
    9 Rasa Leleivyte (Lithuania) 3:21:28     
    10 Aude Biannic (France) 3:21:28

  90. 17:12:04 CEST

    Congratulations to Bronzini for repeating her Worlds title.

    Join us again tomorrow for the Elite Men. Will we see yet another mass sprint in that race?

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