Hynek and Bigham win Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike

First race after the UCI Marathon World Championships

Kristian Hynek from the Czech Republic and Sally Bigham from Britain won the 19th Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike. This year, the long-distance race in the Dolomites was part of the UCI Marathon World Series. The elite men raced 114km while the elite women raced 80 km.

Second in the men's was last year's winner Alban Lakata, in third was Luke Büchli from Switzerland. Among the women, Elena Gaddoni and Daniela Veronesi finished out the top three after Bigham.


In bright sunshine, Kristian Hynek mastered the marathon in 4:25:16. The former ex-European champion and World Cup level rider distanced Lakata by 1:51. Luke Büchli finished 6:36 down.

Hynek was able to break away from his pursuers on the numerous climbs. At the first mountain prize at the Helm Mountain (43km), he had a lead of 37 seconds over Italian Tony Longo and 43 seconds on Lakata.

"Today I simply had more power on the climbs," said Hynek.

Hynek had a head start going into the second mountain prize located at Haunold (65km) above Innichen. On the descent towards Dobbiaco, only then could Lakata keep up with the eventual winner. The two raced together along the long, slightly ascending and fast stretches to the Schluderbach (86km), where the last eight-kilometer climb begins to the Prato Piazza (2,000m). It was here where Hynek set the final and decisive attack.

"Alban gave everything," said Hynek.

"On the downhill, it was relatively difficult and challenging because the many singletrack trails demanded everything from me," said Hynek. "The number 19 is my lucky number by the way! The 19th rendition of the Dolomiti Superbike brought me luck on my first participation."

Lakata seemed to lose power, one week after marathon Worlds. Hynek reached the Prato Piazza, plunged into the descent, conquered the last 18km alone and with his arms raised, crossed the finish line first in Niederdorf.

"Hynek was simply too strong today," said Lakata. "The mountains were a real torture for me today, but I am very happy as you cannot always win. After the marathon Worlds, I was not 100 percent present in my head, causing my motivation to subside a bit. So, I was not as concentrated as last week."

Büchli fought for a long time against Longo for third place. On climbing to Prato Piazza, Büchli pulled away.

"Up to the third technical feed zone, we were still close together. Then Hynek turned the turbo on at the short, steep climb to Haunold (second mountain prize) and opened a gap. From there, I kept up with Tony Longo. On the climb to Prato Piazza he lost power and I carried on alone," said Buchli.


Sally Bigham won the Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike for the second time in a row. The 35-year-old finished the 80km in 3:46:31, thereby making her 13:35 faster than the former Italian cross country champion Elena Gaddoni. Daniela Veronesi was third over 18 minutes after Bigham.

"Although I felt in great shape," said Bigham, I had to ride very carefully, because I had problems with my gears. For that reason, I wanted to avoid breaking the chain if I tread too hard."

Bigham went into the lead right after the start. Although Veronesi and Gaddoni tried to remain at her rear wheel, but Bigham soon tore away and visibly enlarged her lead. In the battle for second and third place, Gaddoni passed Daniela Veronesi on the last climb to Prato Piazza.

"It is a great honour for me to win the Dolomiti Superbike in the Alta Pusteria for the second time in a row, because here in 2008 I was placed 28th in the world championship and where I started my international career," said Bigham.

Gaddoni said, "I tried for a long time to stay on the rear wheel of Sally to find my rhythm; but Bigham had one more gear."

Veronesi said, "It is an important place on the podium and matches my current capabilities. I tried to take advantage of my strengths on the longer and flatter stretches, as well on the descent. On the last climb, my power left me as the Prato Piazza has always been a problem for me."

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Kristian Hynek (Cze) 4:25:16  
2 Alban Lakata (Aut) 0:01:52  
3 Lukas Buchli (Swi) 0:06:36  
4 Karl Platt (Ger) 0:13:14  
5 Damiano Ferraro (Ita) 0:14:19  
6 Daniele Mensi (Ita) 0:14:28  
7 Roel Paulissen (Bel) 0:14:29  
8 Sören Nissen (Den) 0:14:53  
9 Jukka Vastaranta (Fin) 0:16:30  
10 Mirko Pirazzoli (Ita) 0:16:32  
11 Samuele Porro (Ita) 0:16:53  
12 Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Col) 0:18:22  
13 Walter Costa (Ita) 0:19:23  
14 Max Knox (RSA) 0:20:53  
15 Tony Longo (Ita) 0:21:31  
16 Klaus Fontana (Ita) 0:22:09  
17 Steffen Thum (Ger) 0:22:16  
18 Enrico Franzoi (Ita) 0:23:13  
19 Marzio Deho (Ita)    
20 Massimo De Bertolis (Ita) 0:23:16  
21 Nico Bell (RSA) 0:24:52  
22 Matthias Leisling (Ger) 0:28:04  
23 Thomas Dietsch (Fra) 0:30:54  
24 Leopoldo Rocchetti (Ita) 0:32:07  
25 Marc De Maar (AHo) 0:35:23  
26 Roberto Crisi (Ita) 0:43:30  
27 Heinz Zörweg (Aut) 0:44:39  
28 Alessandro Gambino (Ita) 0:44:41  
29 Simon Gegenheimer (Ger) 0:45:19  
30 Donato D'aurora (Ita) 0:46:08  
31 Thomas Forer (Ita) 0:47:02  
32 Matthias Ball (Ger) 0:52:09  
33 Florian Bolt (Swi) 0:52:15  
34 Valtteri Repo (Fin) 0:53:03  
35 Alessio Camilli (Ita) 0:53:06  
36 Angelo Mirtelli (Ita) 0:54:31  
37 Martin Kamml (Ger) 0:55:42  
38 Patricio Andres Campbell Vilches (Chi) 0:56:31  
39 Tim Dunford (GBr) 0:58:11  
40 Claudio Segata (Ita) 0:58:36  
41 Morgan Pilley (Aus) 1:02:24  
42 Miguel-Angel Iglesias Guerrero (Spa) 1:03:55  
43 Matteo Colaiacovo (Ita) 1:06:31  
44 Giacomo Torleone (Ita)    
45 Timothy Carleton (Can)    
46 Rudy Vos (Ned) 1:08:02  
47 Mike Blewitt (Aus) 1:08:52  
48 Christoph Rytz (Swi) 1:10:02  
49 Juan Simon Ocana Ortiz (Mex) 1:11:20  
50 Marco Pretolani (Ita) 1:14:26  
51 Christian Montoro (Ita) 1:14:31  
52 Simone Bonifazi (Ita) 1:19:48  
53 Chris Pedder (GBr) 1:27:09  
54 Juan Antonio Diaz Cuervo (Mex) 1:39:48  
55 Mirco Bianco (Ita) 1:40:41  
56 Fausto Gualdi (Ita) 1:44:49  
57 Jeffry Goethals (Bel) 1:54:41  
58 Enrico Annoni (Ita) 2:07:03  
59 Andrea Comola (Ita) 2:14:18  
60 Gian Claudio Chiurulli (Ita) 2:21:06  
61 Simone Graziani (Ita) 2:35:13  
62 Matteo Farina (Ita) 2:52:26  
63 Patrick Schleinkofler (Ger) 2:58:45  
64 Paolo Bacilo (Ita) 3:19:49  
65 Kristof Huyck (Bel) 3:22:32  
66 Nicola Zonta (Ita) 3:59:18  
67 Massimo Stermieri (Ita) 4:59:57  
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Sally Bigham (GBr) 3:46:31  
2 Elena Gaddoni (Ita) 0:13:36  
3 Daniela Veronesi (Ita) 0:18:27  
4 Katrin Schwing (Ger) 0:25:13  
5 Verena Krenslehner (Aut) 0:25:33  
6 Stefanie Hadraschek (Ger) 0:27:53  
7 Anna Ferrari (Ita) 0:31:37  
8 Alexandra Clement (Swi) 0:32:33  
9 Inne Gantois (Bel) 0:33:57  
10 Lorenza Menapace (Ita) 0:38:44  
11 Simona Mazzucotelli (Ita) 0:48:42  
12 Katharina Alberti (Ger) 0:53:07  
13 Liliana Alejandra Uzcategui Vasquez (Ven) 0:54:55  
14 Ruth Zemmer (Ita) 1:01:30  
15 Imogen Smith (Aus) 1:02:20  
16 Rachel Fenton (GBr) 1:07:04  

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