UCI Mountain Bike World Championships 2009

September 1- 6, 2009, Canberra, Australia, Mountain Bike - CM

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Greg Johnson
  1. 09:06:53 AEST

    Welcome to Cyclingnews' coverage of the 2009 International Cycling Union (UCI) Mountain Bike World Championships, from Australia's sunny capital Canberra. We'll be bringing you two events today, starting with the Elite Women's Olympic Cross Country race from 10 AM Australian Eastern Standard time. Once the dust has settled from the women's race, we'll bring you the Elite Men's Olympic Cross Country from 2 PM AEST.

    After some patchy weather early yesterday the skies have cleared for today’s racing, although riders will face a light, chilly breeze if current conditions continue over the coming hours.

  2. 10:00:38 AEST

    The women's race is about to get underway, with Maja Wloszczowska (Poland) the only rider not to start.

  3. 10:01:00 AEST

    The women's race has started. They will complete five laps today, starting with a 6.4 kilometre opening lap followed by four laps at 6.2 kilometres.

  4. 10:03:05 AEST

    The entire peloton is together on the early sections of the track, which is a more open fire road leading towards the first singletrack section of the day.

  5. 10:05:14 AEST

    Eva Lechner (Italy) is leading the women as they enter the cardiac climb.

  6. 10:06:41 AEST

    Eva Lechner (Italy) has gone over the handle bars, but it hasn't caused the field behind her too many issues.

  7. 10:07:56 AEST

    Lene Byberg (Norway) has had a little push from Sabine Spitz to help her get through a tricky rock section, where she was caught up.

  8. 10:09:09 AEST

    Cécile Rode Ravanel (France) has taken the lead through the tricky hammer head section of the course, which features a steep, sudden drop.

  9. 10:11:00 AEST

    Cécile Rode Ravanel (France) is followed by Eva Lechner (Italy) and Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation) at the front of the race, with a gap starting to form back to fourth place.

  10. 10:12:17 AEST

    Eva Lechner (Italy) is sticking close to the leader, but Kalentieva is falling back from the pair.

  11. 10:13:00 AEST

    Jodie Willett (Australia) had a small fall on the top of the course, but is back on her bike.

  12. 10:14:10 AEST

    Eva Lechner (Italy) has closed the few bike length gap Cécile Rode Ravanel (France) had over her and is now leading up a short climb.

  13. 10:15:07 AEST

    Sabine Spitz (Germany) is leading the chase which includes Lene Byberg (Norway), but the Russian seems to be dropping further back.

  14. 10:16:10 AEST

    Sabine Spitz (Germany) has done a fantastic job driving the chase group, with it now sitting just four bike lengths behind the leaders as the race enters a fast, sweeping section of the course.

  15. 10:17:44 AEST

    Catharine Pendrel (Canada) is also in the five women chase, which Spitz continues to lead.

  16. 10:19:57 AEST

    Cécile Rode Ravanel (France) has taken back over at the front, but the chase group has caught the leading duo heading down towards the start/finish line.

  17. 10:21:33 AEST

    Willow Koerber is wearing the United States Of America jersey in the lead group as they reach the start/finish line.

  18. 10:23:02 AEST

    Blaza Klemencic (Slovenia) is the seventh rider in the lead group. The leaders have crossed the line in 20:58 minutes.

  19. 10:23:58 AEST

    Willow Koerber won the USProXCT finale in Windham, New York, in mid-August. She was also on the podium at US Nationals in July behind her teammate Heather Irmiger. She's been getting stronger all season long.

  20. 10:25:38 AEST

    Katie Compton finished the first lap in ninth position, 29 seconds behind the leader, while Marie-Helene Premont (Canada) was a further 15 seconds back in 10th place.

  21. 10:27:26 AEST

    Spitz is leading the front group as it reaches the first climb again. Eva Lechner (Italy) has dropped off the back of the group slightly.

  22. 10:28:43 AEST

    Pendrel dropped her train, holding up Koerber - who is riding a 29er - slightly.

  23. 10:29:44 AEST

    Spitz has broken clear of the lead group at the top of the course, making the most of Pendrel's issues and its impact on the women behind her.

  24. 10:31:17 AEST

    Cécile Rode Ravanel (France) has mounted a chase of Spitz, with Willow Koerber (United States Of America) able to stay on the Frenchwoman's wheel with a sharp acceleration.

  25. 10:32:14 AEST

    Lene Byberg (Norway) is riding comfortably in second place.

  26. 10:33:19 AEST

    Byberg has clawed back some time on Spitz down the descent.

  27. 10:34:05 AEST

    Byberg is back on Spitz's wheel, with the French and USA rider about 15 bike lengths behind.

  28. 10:34:53 AEST

    Willow Koerber (United States Of America) has taken to the front of the chase group.

  29. 10:35:39 AEST

    This could be the big day for Lene Byberg (Norway). Though she doesn't win the big races often, she is one of the most consistent riders on the circuit - racing well all season long. Just a few weeks ago, she won the World Cup in Bromont - in some very difficult, muddy conditions.

  30. 10:37:01 AEST

    Byberg has started to pull away from Spitz in the fast flowing section that leads down towards the start/finish area,

  31. 10:37:31 AEST

    Lene Byberg is carrying on the tradition of strong female, Norwegian cyclists. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa, a Cyclingnews diarist, has won several world titles - mostly recently the marathon world championship in 2008, but then she took nearly a year off to have a baby.

  32. 10:38:16 AEST

    Byberg finished 13th at the worlds last year. Unlike Spitz, she tends to stick to cross country racing - whereas Spitz makes regular marathon race appearances.

  33. 10:40:11 AEST

    Wloszczowska was the only rider not to start today's race, she broke her jaw in a training accident earlier this week on the course.

  34. 10:41:23 AEST

    Willow Koerber (United States Of America) is sitting in a medal winning position at the moment, with the riding managing to shake off early leader Cécile Rode Ravanel (France).

  35. 10:42:45 AEST

    Byberg has led the race as they start the third lap, with Spitz five seconds behind and Koerber 14 seconds back.

  36. 10:44:20 AEST

    Anna Szafraniec (Poland) rounded out the top five, behind Rode Ravanel. Pendrel is still hanging in there in sixth place, 30 seconds behind the leader.

  37. 10:44:48 AEST

    Cécile Rode Ravanel, riding in fourth place, was part of the bronze medal winning Team Relay squad for France on Tuesday.

  38. 10:45:40 AEST

    Defending champion Margarita Fullana Riera (Spain) crossed the line nearly two minutes down in 13th place.

  39. 10:46:37 AEST

    Katie Compton (USA) is riding in eight place. It's a good day for Compton, who has medalled at the cyclo-cross World Championships twice. Compton has raced a few mountain bike races this year and done well when she's not been suffering from asthma. Fortunately, just a few weeks ago she got her Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) all sorted out with the UCI. That should prevent withdrawals like the one she had to do in Birmingham, Alabama at the US ProXCT race - there she ended up in the hospital with an asthma attack.

  40. 10:47:31 AEST

    Rowena Fry (Australia) is the top Australian in 21st place. She managed to pick up two places on the second lap.

  41. 10:48:18 AEST

    Byberg has slipped up the cardiac climb, she got back on and in control quickly, but lost valuable bike lengths over Spitz.

  42. 10:50:08 AEST

    Current world champion Margarita Fullana Riera (Spain) clearly doesn't like the technical sections on this tough Australian course, with the rider clearly cautious and visually slow during these sections.

  43. 10:52:02 AEST

    Esther Süss (Switzerland) made the most of being off her bike to run straight past the Spanish defending champion.

  44. 10:53:21 AEST

    Katherine Compton (United States Of America) had the crowd's breath as she descended a section only on her front wheel. The rider managed to get the rear back down, but ran slightly off course.

  45. 10:53:53 AEST

    Anna Szafraniec (Poland) is riding in sixth, just behind Catharine Pendrel (Canada). We heard that Maja Wloszczowska (Poland) isn't racing today, so Szafraniec is Poland's best hope for a medal. She'll be looking to add to the gold won by Aleksandra Dawidowicz in the Under 23 women's cross country.

  46. 10:55:17 AEST

    If you have any questions during our coverage day, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at cyclingnews@cyclingnews and we'll do our best to answer them.

  47. 10:55:49 AEST

    We catch a glimpse of US National Champion Heather Irmiger. She is flowing through the course although not making it look quite as effortless as her Subaru / Gary Fisher teammate Koerber, who riding in third. In fact, Irmiger is both the US national marathon and the US national cross country champion.

  48. 10:56:35 AEST

    Byberg looks comfortable with the pace she's riding, yet she's managed to increase her gap - by a good margin - over Spitz.

  49. 10:58:06 AEST

    Willow Koerber (United States Of America) is continuing her amazing effort and has now caught Spitz. The American looks set to take over second place with two laps remaining.

  50. 11:00:24 AEST

    This year's course is a shorter version of that riders faced during last year's World Cup. It has been reduced by 1.6 kilometres to 6.2 kilometres in length.

  51. 11:01:08 AEST

    Yesterday was sure an exciting day for Australian mountain bike fans. Aussies won both the elite men's and the elite women's four cross worlds. Jared Graves won the men's race, and Caroline Buchanan, a native of Canberra, won the women's race.

  52. 11:02:37 AEST

    We've seen Byberg ride well in a variety of conditions. She's also really consistent throughout races and doesn't tend to fade. It must be such a thrill for her to be at the front during the World Championships - she's never been in this lead position before at this point at worlds.

  53. 11:03:42 AEST

    Byberg has a 20 second lead heading in to the fourth lap. Willow Koerber (United States Of America) is in second place, ahead of Sabine Spitz (Germany) in third.

  54. 11:04:56 AEST

    Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation) has had a stormer of a lap. After going out hard then dropping down to 10th place, she's fought back with the quickest lap of the race to claim back five places.

  55. 11:08:09 AEST

    Spitz has taken back second place from Willow Koerber (United States Of America), who is still on her wheel. The pair are about 120 metres behind Byberg on the cardiac climb.

  56. 11:08:53 AEST

    Byberg still has most of two laps to go. She's been riding on her own for a little while now - that's a tough place to be mentally. Especially when her two chasers have her in sight on the climbs. Spitz has decided she doesn't want to let Byberg get too much time. In mountain biking, "out of sight, out of mind" is an important concept. As long as Spitz and Koerber keep Byberg in sight, she is not safe in her lead.

  57. 11:10:20 AEST

    If anyone will know how fast or slow to burn her matches in a big race, it'll be current marathon world champion and Olympic champion Sabine Spitz.

  58. 11:11:36 AEST

    Spitz has managed to put a significant gap on Willow Koerber (United States Of America) as she tries to claw back Norway leader Byberg.

  59. 11:13:09 AEST

    The Swiss fans are really getting behind Germany's Sabine Spitz, cheering her on up the technical climb, with their best rider back in 12th place.

  60. 11:16:30 AEST

    Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation) is continuing her fight back. She might not win the race overall, but Spitz and Koerber have reason to be concerned. The Russian is nearly on their wheel.

  61. 11:18:05 AEST

    Willow Koerber (United States Of America) has re-caught Spitz, now she's trying to get away from the German who has Russia's Kalentieva on her tail. Kalentieva has been the quickest woman on the track over the last two laps, however an issue on the second lap has left her on the back foot.

  62. 11:19:03 AEST

    Irina Kalentiva knows how to win the world championships. She's done it before - in 2007 when the worlds were in Fort William, Scotland. The Russian lives and trains in Germany.

  63. 11:21:10 AEST

    Our race leader, Byberg, is the only rider in the top four riding a full suspension bike. The three riders behind are all on hardtails, with Koerber on a 29er.

  64. 11:22:06 AEST

    Spitz has just had her medal position taken away from her with Kalentieva passing her.

  65. 11:23:49 AEST

    The race is going to be close entering the final lap. Koerber is close to Byberg, but Kalentieva is continuing her charge so the American will need to be mindful of preserving her position as well as fighting for the lead.

  66. 11:25:22 AEST

    Kalentieva has crossed the line 29 seconds down, which sounds like a lot, however the Russian made up an impressive 40 seconds on the leader during the last lap. A shot at victory - if she can continue at the same pace - isn't out of the question.

  67. 11:26:25 AEST

    Koerber is riding the world championships race of her life. She's got to be hungry for that silver medal. Last year, she was 40th at the worlds. In 2008, she was 15th. She's putting the moves on Kalientieva in third and Spitz in fourth.

  68. 11:26:41 AEST

    For you Canadians following along, Catharine Pendrel is riding in sixth at 1:13 behind leader Byberg.

  69. 11:28:08 AEST

    Katie Compton (USA) has dropped back to 10th place after lap four, while Marie-Helene Premont (Canada) picked up one more place on the last lap to take 13th.

  70. 11:28:53 AEST

    Byberg is showing some signs of fatigue. A little bobble here and there - a little more body language in her upper body that we saw earlier.

  71. 11:30:34 AEST

    Kalentieva is looking stronger with every minute that passes. The Russian has already caught, and passed, Koerber who looks like she will have to settle for a bronze medal this year. It's still an incredible performance from the rider, but no doubt dis-heartening to see the Russian's speed at this late stage of the race.

  72. 11:32:06 AEST

    Kalentieva is closing down the margin to Byberg. Any slip from the Norwegian will cost her the world title at this point.

  73. 11:32:29 AEST

    Kalientieva just rode very well over the Hammerhead descent. She floated over many rocks and drop offs where we've seen other riders struggle.

  74. 11:33:59 AEST

    Kalentieva is just a few bike lengths off Byberg's wheel now.

  75. 11:34:16 AEST

    It'll be interesting to see how much Byberg has left. Will being caught give her a second wind or will it just underscore the fatigue she must be feeling at this point?

  76. 11:35:49 AEST

    Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation) and Lene Byberg (Norway) are now together on the open road section after the feed zone. Neither rider were interested in taking a new bottle, with a world championship on the line and half a lap remaining.

  77. 11:36:37 AEST

    Kalentieva is just sitting on Byberg. She's biding her time, looking relaxed. Byberg keeps standing up - maybe stretching the legs.

  78. 11:37:04 AEST

    The two riders are side by side as they approach the single track.

  79. 11:37:39 AEST

    Kalentieva has surged ahead to take the single track first and has immediately pulled out a few bike lengths over Byberg.

  80. 11:39:02 AEST

    Kalentieva has continued the surge. Byberg tried to fight back, but the Russian is just far too strong, just pulling further and further away.

  81. 11:39:59 AEST

    Kalentieva's body language through the downhill, switchback turns is beautiful to watch. She is just flowing around turn after turn after turn. Koerber is still in third as far as we can tell.

  82. 11:41:07 AEST

    Sabine Spitz (Germany) looked as though she was fading fast after losing the lead. However she's managed to stay in fourth place.

  83. 11:41:59 AEST

    Anna Szafraniec (Poland) is in fifth, trying to catch Spitz before the finish.

  84. 11:43:10 AEST

    With less than two kilometres remaining, Kalentieva is proving dominate. Fighting back from 21st place, she's riding away with the race and looks almost certain to take her second world title - joining that which she claimed in 2007 at Fort William.

  85. 11:43:52 AEST

    Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation) has crossed the line to take victory with her hands high.

  86. 11:44:38 AEST

    Lene Byberg (Norway) has taken second place, clearly upset not to have held on, but congratulates her foe on the way through.

  87. 11:45:21 AEST

    Willow Koerber (United States Of America) had a little wobble as she started celebrating her third place. A bronze medal is fantastic for the American rider.

  88. 11:46:40 AEST

    Saine Spitz (Germany) took fourth place from Anna Szafraniec (Poland). Catharine Pendrel (Canada) has finished up in sixth place.

  89. 11:48:52 AEST

    After starting the race strong and leading the early laps Cécile Rode Ravanel (France) has taken seventh place. Esther Süss (Switzerland) has taken eight place from Eva Lechner (Italy), who was also leading the race earlier on. Heather Irmiger (United States Of America) has rounded out the top 10, capping an amazing race for the North American riders.

  90. 11:50:15 AEST

    Marie-Helene Premont (Canada) has taken13th place.

  91. 11:51:28 AEST

    Katie Compton (USA) has taken 14th place, while Georgia Gould (USA) out-sprinted defending champion and current world cup leader Margarita Fullana Riera (Spain) to take 15th.

  92. 11:55:47 AEST

    Kate Potter has come through as Australia's top finisher after Rowena Fry dropped a number of places on the final lap.

  93. 11:57:03 AEST

    The winner was clearly delighted with her fight back from 21st place today, as she should be: “It’s unbelievable. The first lap I had a problem with my chain. But anyway, I gave my best today and I cannot believe it. I think all of my race I could come back to take a top three. It was my dream before the race to win here, I wanted to be world champion. I’m so happy.”

  94. 11:58:15 AEST

    And that's it for this morning's coverage of the women's olympic cross country race. Join us later today for the men's event, starting at 2 PM AEST.

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