Andreassen wins junior men's cross country world championship

Bernal and Schwarzbauer round out top three

Denmark's Simon Andreassen dominated the junior men's cross country race from start to finish at the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships on Thursday in Hafjell, Norway. Behind him, the battle was for the remaining medals, of which Egan Bernal (Colombia) earned the silver ahead of Luca Schwarzbauer (Germany) with the bronze.

"It was a great day. I felt perfect. This was my biggest goal of the season, and I'm happy to complete it," said Andreassen. "I felt a lot of pressure at the start because I won a lot of races this year so people were expecting me to go fast today. I felt good before the race so I was ready to give it my best."

From the very start, Andreassen sprinted off the front and he already had 15 seconds over his closest chaser as of halfway through the first lap of the five-lap race.

"My plan was to go full speed in the first part of the race so I could get a gap and ride alone and pick my own lines and not be with other riders," said Andreassen. "The first two laps, I went full speed, then I slowed down a little and rode safely."

Several riders chased, initially including Neilo Perrin Ganier (France), Milan Vader (Netherlands), Bernal, and Hugo Pigon (France).

As some riders who went out too hard started to fade, Andreassen continued to ride strongly at the front and steadily per his strategy.

Behind the Dane, Bernal had a slight gap on Vader. Then David Horvath (Germany) chased ahead of Hugo Briatta (France).

Eventually Vader and Bernal were together while the two Germans - Schwarzbauer and Horvath - were also keeping each other company a bit further back.

With two laps to go, Andreassen had a comfortable 1:30 lead, which just kept growing despite a slow leaking flat tire on the last lap.

"I had a little flat on the first uphill and it kept getting worse," said Andreassen after he was observed running a technical downhill instead of riding it. He'd also run it on the penultimate lap, but said in the first instance, he was just being cautious.

On the final lap, Vader surged to get away from Bernal, but the Dutch rider couldn't sustain the effort and was later passed by both Bernal and Schwarzbauer.

Pan Am bronze medallist Bernal, a first-year junior, rode consistently throughout the race, and in the end, he got the better of Schwarzbauer.

"It's been the best day of my life. I wasn't expecting this big of a result," said Bernal. "I was expecting a top 10, but a medal is a big thing for Colombia. We have no support and paid to get ourselves here. Everything is different than you'd think it is. It's very important for us and I'm really happy."

"There are lots of talented kids in Colombia, especially among the juniors, who are growing up strong. We don't have all the support we'd like to have to get international experience and this shows the talent of the Colombian people, not just on the road like Nairo Quintana."

On the other hand, third place finisher Schwarzbauer was not particularly happy with the bronze medal.

"I worked so hard in the last weeks, and it was not what I expected. Now I'm not that happy although I'm happy I didn't have punctures or a crash," he said. "Maybe I did too much to prepare for Worlds? It was my good technique on the downhills that saved me today."

US rider Neilson Powless put in a good ride to finish eighth, despite a last lap crash in the final descent that cost him one place. The American had steadily moved up throughout the race, looking strong throughout.

"The start was super intense and we were running almost the whole first climb," said Powless. "I tried to stay calm - I knew that was going to happen. I had practiced running my bike up that section, including where to get off and where to get back on.

"I knew it was going to be a long race and just rode my own race, kept my own rhythm and didn't go outside of myself. It paid off and it was a good day."

Full Results

Junior men cross country
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simon Andreassen (Denmark)1:08:49 
2Egan Bernal (Colombia)0:00:37 
2Egan Bernal (Colombia)  
3Luca Schwarzbauer (Germany)0:00:38 
4Milan Vader (Netherlands)0:01:19 
5David Horvath (Germany)0:02:30 
6Hugo Briatta (France)0:02:48 
7Neilo Perrin Ganier (France)0:03:53 
8Neilson Powless (United States Of America)0:03:55 
9Moreno Pellizzon (Italy)0:03:56 
10Filippo Colombo (Switzerland)0:04:02 
11David Ashby-Coventry (New Zealand)0:04:16 
12Marc Andre Fortier (Canada)0:04:22 
13Erik Nordsaeter Resell (Norway)0:04:26 
14Hugo Pigeon (France)0:04:29 
15Wout Alleman (Belgium)0:04:40 
16Jan Rajchart (Czech Republic)0:04:43 
17Maximilian Brandl (Germany)0:04:47 
18Niels Derveaux (Belgium)0:04:50 
19Matej Prudek (Czech Republic)0:04:55 
20Alessandro Naspi (Italy)  
21Antoine Philipp (France)0:05:25 
22Stanislav Antonov (Russian Federation)0:05:48 
23Noah Bloechlinger (Switzerland)0:05:57 
24Felix Ritzinger (Austria)0:06:05 
25Thomas Craig (Great Britain)0:06:14 
26Lucas Dubau (France)0:06:31 
27Arsenty Vavilov (Russian Federation)0:06:40 
28Dylan Kerfoot-Robson (Great Britain)0:06:50 
29Marceli Boguslawski (Poland)0:06:57 
30Joshua Dubau (France)0:06:58 
31Frazer Clacherty (Great Britain)0:07:03 
32Erik Haegstad (Norway)0:07:22 
33Robin Hofmann (Germany)0:07:36 
34Pierre De Froidmont (Belgium)0:07:50 
35Jack Compton (New Zealand)0:08:02 
36Matej Ulik (Slovakia)0:08:36 
37Max Wiklund-Hellstadius (Sweden)0:08:39 
38Mitchell Greenway (Australia)0:08:45 
39Rok Naglic (Slovenia)0:08:59 
40Jose Gerardo Ulloa (Mexico)0:09:06 
41Rhys Verner (Canada)0:09:09 
42Eirik Pettersen (Norway)0:09:27 
43Jonas Lindberg (Denmark)0:09:33 
44Nikolay Melnikov (Russian Federation)0:09:41 
45Manuel Cid De La Paz (Argentina)0:09:45 
46Garrett Gerchar (United States Of America)  
47Sigurd Salberg Pedersen (Norway)0:09:55 
48Martin Setterberg (Sweden)0:10:05 
49Petter Fagerhaug (Norway)0:10:13 
50Guy Leshem (Israel)0:10:23 
51Dmitry Aleksandrov (Russian Federation)0:10:42 
52Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (Mexico)0:10:46 
53Felix Belhumeur (Canada)0:10:52 
54Jozsef Krisztian Kadi (Hungary)0:11:03 
55Thibault Daniel (France)0:11:12 
56Alan Hatherly (South Africa)0:11:18 
57Filip Sklenarik (Slovakia)0:11:27 
58Landen Beckner (United States Of America)0:11:33 
59Anders Bregnhoj (Denmark)0:13:37 
60Juan Jose Rincon (Colombia)0:37:17 
60Juan Jose Rincon (Colombia)  
-1lapJoris Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands)  
-1lapRodrigo Serafin (Portugal)  
-1lapReece Tucknott (Australia)  
-1lapMarton Dina (Hungary)  
-1lapMarius Grondahl Andresen (Norway)  
-1lapZsombor Palumby (Hungary)  
-1lapCarson Beckett (United States Of America)  
-1lapNick Van Pol (Belgium)  
-1lapFelix Burke (Canada)  
-1lapGuillaume Larose-Gingras (Canada)  
-1lapAinur Akhmetov (Russian Federation)  
-1lapJavier Jimenez Pascual (Spain)  
-1lapLuke Brame (Australia)  
-1lapMasaki Yamada (Japan)  
-1lapKirill Smirnov (Russian Federation)  
-1lapGonzalo Artal Lokman (Argentina)  
-1lapFelix Smalley (Australia)  
-2lapsTomass Iljenko (Latvia)  
-2lapsRodrigo Navarro (Argentina)  
-2lapsRobin Thyrstedt (Sweden)  
-2lapsYunus Emre Yilmaz (Turkey)  
-2lapsDaniel Dina (Hungary)  
-2lapsBen Oliver (New Zealand)  
-2lapsJose Luciano Martinez Ronconi (Argentina)  
-2lapsKostiantyn Prykhodko (Ukraine)  
-2lapsTobias Eise (Germany)  
-3lapsSandro Trevisani (Switzerland)  
-3lapsKirill Tarassov (Estonia)  
DNFPeter Zupancic (Slovenia)  
DNFSasu Halme (Finland)  
DNFLeonardo Aparecido Cruvinel Da Cruz (Brazil)  
DNFGareth Cannon (New Zealand)  
DNFHans Kristian Rudland (Norway)  
DNFRamon Lauener (Switzerland)  
DNFMichael Potter (Australia)  
DNFSean Bennett (United States Of America)  
DNFRoman Lehky (Czech Republic)  
DNSTristan De Lange (Namibia)  
DNSAri Hirabayashi (Japan)  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Germany269 pts
4Great Britain210 
6Russian Federation201 
9United States Of America182 
13Czech Republic161 
26South Africa42 


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