Ferrand Prevot finally gets gold

Victory for France in Offida

Pauline Ferrand Prevot won the Junior World Road Championship in Offida, Italy. The Frenchwoman beat Rossella Ratto (Italy) and Coryn Rivera (United States) in a sprint finish to take the rainbow jersey, ending a sequence of silver medals at the World Championships.

Second in last year’s road race and time trial, Ferrand Prevot was also the runner-up in Friday’s time trial, but she was determined to make amends this time around. “It was time, although I was terrified that I would come second again,” she said. Remarkably, the French rider was also a double silver medallist at the European Championships.

Ferrand Prevot rode a canny race, and took full advantage of the strength of the home nation’s line-up. “The Italians were great, they controlled the race. I tried to use as little energy as possible and save myself for the sprint. It went well,” she said.

Home favourite Ratto was fancied in the finale, especially due to the hard work of her teammate Susanna Zorzi in the last two laps. Zorzi’s solo attack allowed Ratto to save her legs, but she had to be content with second place. “I’m not disappointed at all because a place on the podium at the World Championships is still a great result. I want to dedicate this medal to my teammates, because they set an infernal pace during the early laps, whittling down the bunch and giving me a chance.”

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Pauline Ferrand Prevot (France) 2:31:47  
2 Rossella Ratto (Italy)    
3 Coryn Rivera (United States Of America)    
4 Canna Solovei (Ukraine) 0:00:02  
5 Susanna Zorzi (Italy) 0:00:16  
6 Sarah-Lena Hofmann (Germany) 0:00:20  
7 Alexia Muffat (France) 0:01:15  
8 Kaitlin Antonneau (United States Of America) 0:02:39  
9 Pauline Godey (France) 0:02:41  
10 Kendall Cail Ryan (United States Of America)    
11 Annelies Visser (Netherlands)    
12 Manon Souyris (France)    
13 Lisa Fischer (Germany) 0:02:43  
14 Ingrid Drexel (Mexico)    
15 Jessica Allen (Australia)    
16 Jessica Prinner (United States Of America) 0:02:46  
17 Giulia Ronchi (Italy) 0:02:50  
18 Daisy Depoorter (Belgium) 0:03:00  
19 Tatiana Shamanova (Russian Federation) 0:03:11  
20 Viviana Gatto (Italy) 0:03:15  
21 Irene Usabiaga Balerdi (Spain)    
22 Laura Van Der Kamp (Netherlands) 0:04:22  
23 Rebecca Talen (Netherlands)    
24 Larissa Brühwiler (Switzerland) 0:05:23  
25 Miriam Bjørnsrud (Norway) 0:05:25  
26 Mieke Kröger (Germany) 0:05:37  
27 Tessa De Moyer (Belgium) 0:05:40  
28 Laura Bietola (Canada)    
29 Maddison Vit (Australia) 0:05:43  
30 Lisa Poller (Germany) 0:05:45  
31 Anna Zavershinskaya (Russian Federation) 0:05:50  
32 Chika Fukumoto (Japan)    
33 Anna Kyva (Ukraine) 0:07:08  
34 Alina Bondarenko (Russian Federation) 0:08:44  
35 Melanie Woering (Netherlands) 0:09:28  
36 Thea Thorsen (Norway) 0:09:35  
37 Bianca Martin Ortega (Spain) 0:10:22  
38 Christina Perchtold (Austria) 0:10:55  
39 Marlene Wintgens (Belgium) 0:10:56  
40 Annie Ewart (Canada) 0:10:59  
41 Josefine Grimbeck (Sweden) 0:12:17  
42 Daniela Levi (Israel) 0:13:57  
43 Vera Adrian (Namibia) 0:14:18  
44 Dorleta Eskamendi Gil (Spain)    
45 Julia Garnet (Canada)    
DNF Anna Trevisi (Italy)    
DNF Stephanie Hansen (Australia)    
DNF Viktoria Zeller (Austria)    
DNF Volha Masiukovich (Belarus)    
DNF Véronique Drapeau-Zgoralski (Canada)    
DNF Flor Palma (Chile)    
DNF Tania Martinez Gual (Spain)    
DNF Rotem Gafinovitz (Israel)    
DNF Michaela Angelika Milz (Namibia)    
DNF Ashleigh Neave (New Zealand)    
DNF Alexandra Chekina (Russian Federation)    
DNF Mariana Rusu (Ukraine)    
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