Baestaens makes it two-in-a-row

Belgian tops Bosmans, Van der Haar in sprint finale

Vincent Baestaens won the second round of the Men's Under 23 World Cup in Kalmthout, Belgium. On a snow-covered, half-frozen and half-muddy course, the Belgian bested his compatriot Wietse Bosmans (Belgium) and Dutchman Lars van der Haar in a long sprint.

After claiming both wins in the World Cup Baestaens has thus strengthened his overall lead. Previously second-placed Marcel Meisen (Germany) crashed at the start and did not finish, causing him to drop to seventh place overall. Van der Haar moved up to second overall, 30 points behind Baestaens, while Bosmans is five points further down in third place.

"This is great although I wasn't feeling strong early on, after riding with the professional riders yesterday [in the Scheldecross]," Baestaens said. "Luckily, it all came down to the last part of the race. Van der Haar finished third twice now and he's going to be my biggest rival for the overall win."

The eventual top three quickly distanced the rest of the field on the fast course near Antwerp. Despite several attacks, none of these three riders was able to distance his rivals. Going into the last lap, Van der Haar made an error, which forced him to chase down a twenty-metre gap on the two Belgians.

After the race, Bosmans wondered why Baestaens opted to stay on his wheel. "He didn't want to take a pull. Eventually he entered the forest first and I lacked the power to overtake him one more time," Bosmans said.

For Baestaens it was a tactical choice not to work in order to keep Van der Haar at a distance. "I did not want to take a pull because Lars would come back anyway. I choose to save one more cartouche for the last lap. I knew that I could get a gap of five metres if I took one of the last corners full on; it worked," Baestaens said.

Bosmans was disappointed not to win in front of his home crowd in Kalmthout. "I'd rather have won the race but it was tactical and decided by small mistakes," Bosmans said.

Third placed Lars van der Haar was pleased that he played his part in a race that he had picked out as a major target. "The good thing is that I lived up to my expectations to race for the victory. Of course I preferred to win but I went too hard into a corner during the penultimate lap," Van der Haar said.

Elia Silvestri (Italy) was best of the rest, 17 seconds behind the winner and just two seconds in front of Matthieu Boulo (France) and Joeri Adams (Belgium). The latter, a former junior world champion, is now fourth place overall in the World Cup. Freshly-crowned US champion Danny Summerhill crashed on his injured shoulder but seemingly without serious damage. Summerhill finished a distant 21st, two spots ahead of his usual rival in the US, Zach McDonald.

Next week the third round of the World Cup is once again held in Belgium. Heusden-Zolder hosts the third of five rounds and Baestaens will be there to defend his lead.

Full Results
1Vincent Baestaens (Belgium)0:49:42 
2Wietse Bosmans (Belgium)0:00:02 
3Lars van der Haar (Netherlands)  
4Elia Silvestri (Italy)0:00:17 
5Matthieu Boulo (France)0:00:19 
6Joeri Adams (Belgium)  
7Tijmen Eising (Netherlands)0:00:35 
8Mike Teunissen (Netherlands)0:00:37 
9Gianni Vermeersch (Belgium-B)0:00:39 
10Arnaud Grand (Switzerland)  
11Micki Van Empel (Netherlands)0:00:53 
12Sean De Bie (Belgium)0:00:59 
13Matteo Trentin (Italy)0:01:01 
14Vinnie Braet (Belgium)0:01:02 
15Jim Aernouts (Belgium)0:01:27 
16Twan Van Den Brand (Netherlands)0:01:32 
17Marek Konwa (Poland)0:01:33 
18Tim Merlier (Belgium-B)  
19Kenneth Hansen (Denmark)  
20Ole Quast (Germany)0:01:43 
21Daniel Summerhill (United States)0:01:57 
22Michiel van der Heijden (Netherlands)0:01:58 
23Zach McDonald (United States)0:02:24 
24Jiri Polnicky (Czech Republic)0:02:25 
25Angelo De Clercq (Belgium-B)0:02:30 
26Tomas Paprstka (Czech Republic)0:02:31 
27Vincent Dias Dos Santos (Luxembourg)  
28Jens Adams (Belgium-B)0:02:33 
29Michael Boros (Czech Republic)0:02:37 
30Michael Winterberg (Switzerland)0:02:39 
31Luca Braidot (Italy)  
32Jan Nesvadba (Czech Republic)0:02:44 
33Radek Polnicky (Czech Republic)0:02:47 
34Mirko Tabacchi (Italy)0:03:14 
35Irwin Gras (France)0:03:18 
36Théo Dumanchin (France)0:03:19 
37Max Walsleben (Germany)0:03:23 
38Floris De Tier (Belgium-B)0:03:24 
39Jimmy Turgis (France)0:03:25 
40Sven Beelen (Belgium-B)0:03:33 
41Wojciech Herba (Poland)0:03:34 
42Jerome Townsend (United States)0:03:50 
43Valentin Scherz (Switzerland)  
44David Menut (France)0:04:33 
45Jonas Schau Guddal (Denmark)0:04:37 
46Anthony Grand (Switzerland)0:04:40 
47Dario Stauble (Switzerland)0:04:51 
48Pit Schlechter (Luxembourg)0:04:56 
49Joseph Schmalz (United States)0:05:38 
50Fabian Danner (Germany)0:05:47 
51Lubomir Petrus (Czech Republic)  
52Steve Fisher (United States)0:05:58 
53Piotr Antkowiak (Poland)0:06:01 
54Scott Thiltges (Luxembourg)0:06:08 
55Marcel Meisen (Germany) -3laps 
U23 Men World Cup standings after round 2
1Vincent Baestaens (Belgium)120pts
2Lars van der Haar (Netherlands)90 
3Wietse Bosmans (Belgium)85 
4Joeri Adams (Belgium)60 
5Jim Aernouts (Belgium)56 
6Matthieu Boulo (France)54 
7Marcel Meisen (Germany)50 
8Tijmen Eising (Netherlands)50 
9Vinnie Braet (Belgium)45 
10Elia Silvestri (Italy)40 
11Sean De Bie (Belgium)39 
12Micki Van Empel (Netherlands)37 
13Michiel van der Heijden (Netherlands)35 
14Matteo Trentin (Italy)32 
15Marek Konwa (Poland)32 
16Mike Teunissen (Netherlands)26 
17Gianni Vermeersch (Belgium)25 
18Kevin Eeckhout (Belgium)24 
19Ole Quast (Germany)24 
20Arnaud Grand (Switzerland)22 
21Jiri Polnicky (Czech Republic)22 
22Angelo De Clercq (Belgium)18 
23Sven Beelen (Belgium)16 
24Twan Van Den Brand (Netherlands)15 
25Kenneth Hansen (Denmark)15 
26Tim Merlier (Belgium)13 
27Jens Adams (Belgium)13 
28Melvin Rulliere (France)11 
29Daniel Summerhill (United States)10 
30Irwin Gras (France)9 
31Zach McDonald (United States)8 
32Théo Dumanchin (France)8 
33Gert-Jan Bosman (Netherlands)7 
34Corne Van Kessel (Netherlands)6 
35Tomas Paprstka (Czech Republic)5 
36Michael Schweizer (Germany)5 
37Vincent Dias Dos Santos (Luxembourg)4 
38Mirko Tabacchi (Italy)4 
39Michael Boros (Czech Republic)2 
40Matthias Bossuyt (Belgium)2 
41Michael Winterberg (Switzerland)1 
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