Dennis claims final stage

Cantwell secures overall win

Full Results
1Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)1:29:04 
2David Tanner (NSWIS)  
3Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)  
4Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)  
5Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)  
6Joel Pearson (Credit Collect/Primestate)  
7Daniel Barry (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
8Kyle Marwood (Praties)  
9Charles Howlett (Cycle City)  
10Will Clarke (Praties)  
11Ben Grenda (Praties)  
12Aaron Donnelly (NSWIS)  
13Benjamin Hill (Swan Hill Region)  
14Jason Rigg (Praties)  
15Silas Fisher (Team 2XU - ACR)  
16Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco AIS)  
17James Langedyk (Jayco - VIS)  
18Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)  
19Tobais Boylan (Search2Retain)  
20Miles Watson (Titans - Race)  
21David Cripps (Lawson Homes)  
22Dale Parker (Titans - Race)  
23Andrew Ward (OEX - Team Enterprise)  
24David Pell (Credit Collect/Primestate)  
25Trent Stevenson (Cycle City)  
26Marc Williams (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)  
27Joshua Prete (QSM Sports)  
28Michael Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)  
29Nathan Earle (Praties)  
30Alex Carver (NSWIS)  
31Tim Hucker (Titans - Race)  
32Adam Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)  
33Thomas Donald (Search2Retain)  
34Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ACR)  
35Patrick Lane (Jayco - VIS)  
36Eliott Crowther (OEX - Team Enterprise)  
37Alex Smyth (Jayco - VIS)  
38Mathew Marshall (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
39Andy Mcnab (Search2Retain)  
40James Mccoy (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
41Adam Semple (Team Jayco AIS)  
42Brendan Schultz (Titans - Race)  
43Tim Decker (Titans - Race)  
44Lachlan Morton (NSWIS)0:00:17 
45Eric Sheppard (Jayco - VIS)  
46Ashley Baines (Cycle City)0:00:24 
47Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)0:00:30 
48Sean Finning (Jayco - VIS)0:01:15 
49Rhys Gillett (Cycle City)0:02:48 
50James Mowatt (Cycle City)  
51Chris Pryor (Fly V Australia)0:02:58 
52James Mcdulling (Decked Out - Race)  
53Samuel Witmitz (Titans - Race)  
54Mitchell Mulhern (QSM Sports)  
55Matthew Mcdonagh (Lawson Homes)  
56James Hepburn (QSM Sports)  
57Tom Hanover (OEX - Team Enterprise)  
58Michael Hepburn (Fly V Australia)  
59Peter Ladd (Budget Forklifts)  
60John Cornish (Credit Collect/Primestate)  
61Shaun Mccarthy (Credit Collect/Primestate)  
62Joel Stewart (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)  
63Scott Cronly-Dillon (Swan Hill Region)  
64Sam Genge (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:05:56 
65James Henry (Search2Retain)  
66Sam Spokes (NSWIS)  
67Hamish Presbury (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
68Scott Law (NSWIS)  
69Michael Freiberg (Team Jayco AIS)  
70Po Hung Wu (Decked Out - Race)  
71Luke Davison (Team Jayco AIS)0:08:54 
72Al Dempsey (OEX - Team Enterprise)0:11:52 
73Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:14:50 
74Samuel Wood (QSM Sports)  
75Daniel Seagar (Search2Retain)0:17:48 
76Matth Meisel-Dennis (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)  
77Trevor Griffiths (Jayco - VIS)0:20:46 
78Latham Croft (Decked Out - Race)  
79Peter Aquilina (Decked Out - Race)  
80Daniel Mcguigan (Swan Hill Region)  
DNFWill Dickeson (Credit Collect/Primestate)  
DNFJohn Forrest (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)  
Young riders
1Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)1:29:04 
2Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)  
3Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)  
4Daniel Barry (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
5Ben Grenda (Praties)  
6Aaron Donnelly (NSWIS)  
7Benjamin Hill (Swan Hill Region)  
8Silas Fisher (Team 2XU - ACR)  
9Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco AIS)  
10James Langedyk (Jayco - VIS)  
11Dale Parker (Titans - Race)  
12Joshua Prete (QSM Sports)  
13Michael Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)  
14Nathan Earle (Praties)  
15Alex Carver (NSWIS)  
16Adam Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)  
17Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ACR)  
18Patrick Lane (Jayco - VIS)  
19Eliott Crowther (OEX - Team Enterprise)  
20Alex Smyth (Jayco - VIS)  
21Mathew Marshall (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
22Andy Mcnab (Search2Retain)  
23James Mccoy (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
24Adam Semple (Team Jayco AIS)  
25Lachlan Morton (NSWIS)0:00:17 
26Eric Sheppard (Jayco - VIS)  
27Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)0:00:30 
28Rhys Gillett (Cycle City)0:02:48 
29James Mowatt (Cycle City)  
30James Mcdulling (Decked Out - Race)0:02:58 
31Mitchell Mulhern (QSM Sports)  
32Matthew Mcdonagh (Lawson Homes)  
33James Hepburn (QSM Sports)  
34Tom Hanover (OEX - Team Enterprise)  
35Michael Hepburn (Fly V Australia)  
36Scott Cronly-Dillon (Swan Hill Region)  
37Sam Genge (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:05:56 
38James Henry (Search2Retain)  
39Sam Spokes (NSWIS)  
40Hamish Presbury (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
41Scott Law (NSWIS)  
42Michael Freiberg (Team Jayco AIS)  
43Luke Davison (Team Jayco AIS)0:08:54 
44Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:14:50 
45Samuel Wood (QSM Sports)  
46Daniel Seagar (Search2Retain)0:17:48 
47Matth Meisel-Dennis (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)  
48Trevor Griffiths (Jayco - VIS)0:20:46 
49Latham Croft (Decked Out - Race)  
3Team Jayco AIS  
4Titans - Race  
5Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti Plus  
6Suzuki - ACTAS Team  
7Jayco - VIS  
9Cycle City0:00:24 
10Fly V Australia0:02:58 
11Lawson Homes  
12Credit Collect/Primestate  
13OEX - Team Enterprise  
14Budget Forklifts0:03:28 
15QSM Sports0:05:56 
16Swan Hill Region Heart Of The Mu0:23:44 
17Decked Out - Race0:29:40 
Final general classification
1Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)21:23:33 
2Joel Pearson (Credit Collect/Primestate)0:00:14 
3Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)0:00:27 
4David Tanner (NSWIS)0:00:41 
5Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ACR)0:01:16 
6Alex Carver (NSWIS)0:01:27 
7Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)0:01:33 
8Ben Grenda (Praties)0:01:35 
9Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco AIS)0:01:36 
10Jason Rigg (Praties)0:01:49 
11Eliott Crowther (OEX - Team Enterprise)  
12Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)0:02:07 
13James Langedyk (Jayco - VIS)0:02:21 
14Miles Watson (Titans - Race)0:02:24 
15Marc Williams (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:02:57 
16Silas Fisher (Team 2XU - ACR)0:04:17 
17Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)0:04:28 
18Will Clarke (Praties)0:04:47 
19Adam Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:04:54 
20Daniel Barry (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:05:00 
21Benjamin Hill (Swan Hill Region)0:06:56 
22Ashley Baines (Cycle City)0:07:48 
23Adam Semple (Team Jayco AIS)0:09:55 
24Michael Freiberg (Team Jayco AIS)0:10:22 
25Patrick Lane (Jayco - VIS)0:11:23 
26Trent Stevenson (Cycle City)0:13:19 
27Tim Hucker (Titans - Race)0:14:38 
28Eric Sheppard (Jayco - VIS)0:16:42 
29Charles Howlett (Cycle City)0:19:12 
30David Cripps (Lawson Homes)0:19:15 
31Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)0:21:04 
32James Mowatt (Cycle City)0:22:47 
33David Pell (Credit Collect/Primestate)0:24:23 
34James Mccoy (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:24:52 
35Tobais Boylan (Search2Retain)0:25:28 
36Aaron Donnelly (NSWIS)0:27:10 
37Joshua Prete (QSM Sports)0:27:18 
38Samuel Witmitz (Titans - Race)0:29:48 
39Tim Decker (Titans - Race)0:29:49 
40Andy Mcnab (Search2Retain)0:29:50 
41Scott Law (NSWIS)0:31:57 
42Kyle Marwood (Praties)0:33:13 
43Alex Smyth (Jayco - VIS)0:33:51 
44Nathan Earle (Praties)0:35:00 
45Chris Pryor (Fly V Australia)0:39:28 
46Michael Hepburn (Fly V Australia)0:42:28 
47Michael Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:42:39 
48Dale Parker (Titans - Race)0:43:53 
49Brendan Schultz (Titans - Race)0:44:10 
50Hamish Presbury (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:48:56 
51Lachlan Morton (NSWIS)0:52:03 
52Peter Ladd (Budget Forklifts)0:53:14 
53Mathew Marshall (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:53:35 
54Rhys Gillett (Cycle City)0:59:01 
55John Cornish (Credit Collect/Primestate)  
56Sam Spokes (NSWIS)1:03:13 
57Tom Hanover (OEX - Team Enterprise)1:05:28 
58Shaun Mccarthy (Credit Collect/Primestate)1:06:11 
59Po Hung Wu (Decked Out - Race)1:13:30 
60Al Dempsey (OEX - Team Enterprise)1:17:08 
61Thomas Donald (Search2Retain)1:18:51 
62Joel Stewart (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)1:20:01 
63James Hepburn (QSM Sports)1:30:12 
64Mitchell Mulhern (QSM Sports)1:31:04 
65James Mcdulling (Decked Out - Race)1:32:25 
66Andrew Ward (OEX - Team Enterprise)1:37:45 
67James Henry (Search2Retain)1:39:21 
68Trevor Griffiths (Jayco - VIS)1:44:15 
69Scott Cronly-Dillon (Swan Hill Region)1:45:15 
70Matthew Mcdonagh (Lawson Homes)1:48:45 
71Sean Finning (Jayco - VIS)1:53:16 
72Luke Davison (Team Jayco AIS)1:58:48 
73Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)2:02:10 
74Samuel Wood (QSM Sports)2:10:46 
75Sam Genge (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)2:35:50 
76Latham Croft (Decked Out - Race)2:37:40 
77Daniel Seagar (Search2Retain)2:53:49 
78Peter Aquilina (Decked Out - Race)2:57:13 
79Matth Meisel-Dennis (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)3:27:59 
80Daniel Mcguigan (Swan Hill Region)3:33:26 
Sprint classification
1Joel Pearson (Credit Collect/Primestate)55pts
2Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)39 
3Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)37 
4Ben Grenda (Praties)31 
5Will Clarke (Praties)25 
6Silas Fisher (Team 2XU - ACR)24 
7Ashley Baines (Cycle City)23 
8Sean Finning (Jayco - VIS)22 
9James Langedyk (Jayco - VIS)22 
10Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)22 
11Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)21 
12Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco AIS)20 
13David Tanner (NSWIS)18 
14Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ACR)17 
15Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)17 
16Miles Watson (Titans - Race)16 
17Adam Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)15 
18Michael Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)14 
19Kyle Marwood (Praties)14 
20Tom Hanover (OEX - Team Enterprise)14 
21Samuel Witmitz (Titans - Race)13 
22David Pell (Credit Collect/Primestate)13 
23Alex Carver (NSWIS)12 
24Eliott Crowther (OEX - Team Enterprise)11 
25Daniel Barry (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)11 
26Sam Spokes (NSWIS)11 
27Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)10 
28Chris Pryor (Fly V Australia)9 
29Hamish Presbury (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)9 
30Charles Howlett (Cycle City)8 
31Nathan Earle (Praties)7 
32Jason Rigg (Praties)7 
33Michael Hepburn (Fly V Australia)6 
34Michael Freiberg (Team Jayco AIS)6 
35Marc Williams (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)6 
36James Mowatt (Cycle City)5 
37Andy Mcnab (Search2Retain)4 
38Adam Semple (Team Jayco AIS)4 
39Brendan Schultz (Titans - Race)4 
40Shaun Mccarthy (Credit Collect/Primestate)3 
41Trevor Griffiths (Jayco - VIS)3 
42Trent Stevenson (Cycle City)3 
43James Mccoy (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)3 
44Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)3 
45Tim Hucker (Titans - Race)2 
46Eric Sheppard (Jayco - VIS)2 
47David Cripps (Lawson Homes)2 
48Aaron Donnelly (NSWIS)2 
49Patrick Lane (Jayco - VIS)1 
Mountains classification
1Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ACR)23pts
2Will Clarke (Praties)14 
3Aaron Donnelly (NSWIS)9 
4Charles Howlett (Cycle City)8 
5Ben Grenda (Praties)4 
6Michael Freiberg (Team Jayco AIS)4 
7James Mccoy (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)3 
8Eliott Crowther (OEX - Team Enterprise)3 
9Nathan Earle (Praties)3 
10Joel Pearson (Credit Collect/Primestate)2 
11Silas Fisher (Team 2XU - ACR)2 
12David Tanner (NSWIS)2 
13Will Dickeson (Credit Collect/Primestate)1 
14Tom Hanover (OEX - Team Enterprise)1 
15Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)1 
16Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)1 
17Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)1 
18Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)1 
Criterium classification
1Joel Pearson (Credit Collect/Primestate)46pts
2Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)41 
3Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)38 
4David Tanner (NSWIS)37 
5Kyle Marwood (Praties)32 
6Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)29 
7Alex Carver (NSWIS)17 
8Michael Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)13 
9Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)10 
10Michael Hepburn (Fly V Australia)10 
11Ben Grenda (Praties)10 
12Sean Finning (Jayco - VIS)9 
13Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)8 
14Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)8 
15Will Clarke (Praties)7 
16Aaron Donnelly (NSWIS)7 
17Charles Howlett (Cycle City)6 
18Daniel Barry (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)5 
19James Langedyk (Jayco - VIS)5 
20Tobais Boylan (Search2Retain)5 
21Adam Semple (Team Jayco AIS)4 
22Samuel Witmitz (Titans - Race)3 
23Shaun Mccarthy (Credit Collect/Primestate)3 
24Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ACR)1 
25Po Hung Wu (Decked Out - Race)1 
26Joshua Prete (QSM Sports)1 
Most aggressive rider classification
1Aaron Donnelly (NSWIS)6pts
2Cameron Peterson (Swan Hill Region)4 
3Adam Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)4 
4Daniel Barry (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)2 
5Joel Pearson (Credit Collect/Primestate)2 
6Ashley Baines (Cycle City)2 
7Samuel Witmitz (Titans - Race)2 
8Tim Decker (Titans - Race)2 
9Sean Finning (Jayco - VIS)2 
10Will Clarke (Praties)2 
Young rider classification
1Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)21:24:00 
2Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ACR)0:00:49 
3Alex Carver (NSWIS)0:01:00 
4Ben Grenda (Praties)0:01:08 
5Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco AIS)0:01:09 
6Eliott Crowther (OEX - Team Enterprise)0:01:22 
7Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)0:01:40 
8James Langedyk (Jayco - VIS)0:01:54 
9Silas Fisher (Team 2XU - ACR)0:03:50 
10Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)0:04:01 
11Adam Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:04:27 
12Daniel Barry (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:04:33 
13Benjamin Hill (Swan Hill Region)0:06:29 
14Adam Semple (Team Jayco AIS)0:09:28 
15Michael Freiberg (Team Jayco AIS)0:09:55 
16Patrick Lane (Jayco - VIS)0:10:56 
17Eric Sheppard (Jayco - VIS)0:16:15 
18Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)0:20:37 
19James Mowatt (Cycle City)0:22:20 
20James Mccoy (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:24:25 
21Aaron Donnelly (NSWIS)0:26:43 
22Joshua Prete (QSM Sports)0:26:51 
23Andy Mcnab (Search2Retain)0:29:23 
24Scott Law (NSWIS)0:31:30 
25Alex Smyth (Jayco - VIS)0:33:24 
26Nathan Earle (Praties)0:34:33 
27Michael Hepburn (Fly V Australia)0:42:01 
28Michael Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:42:12 
29Dale Parker (Titans - Race)0:43:26 
30Hamish Presbury (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:48:29 
31Lachlan Morton (NSWIS)0:51:36 
32Mathew Marshall (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:53:08 
33Rhys Gillett (Cycle City)0:58:34 
34Sam Spokes (NSWIS)1:02:46 
35Tom Hanover (OEX - Team Enterprise)1:05:01 
36James Hepburn (QSM Sports)1:29:45 
37Mitchell Mulhern (QSM Sports)1:30:37 
38James Mcdulling (Decked Out - Race)1:31:58 
39James Henry (Search2Retain)1:38:54 
40Trevor Griffiths (Jayco - VIS)1:43:48 
41Scott Cronly-Dillon (Swan Hill Region)1:44:48 
42Matthew Mcdonagh (Lawson Homes)1:48:18 
43Luke Davison (Team Jayco AIS)1:58:21 
44Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)2:01:43 
45Samuel Wood (QSM Sports)2:10:19 
46Sam Genge (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)2:35:23 
47Latham Croft (Decked Out - Race)2:37:13 
48Daniel Seagar (Search2Retain)2:53:22 
49Matth Meisel-Dennis (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)3:27:32 
Teams classification
3Team Jayco AIS0:02:15 
4Fly V Australia0:09:38 
5Cycle City0:20:53 
6Titans - Race0:21:49 
7Jayco - VIS0:22:39 
8Credit Collect/Primestate0:24:09 
9Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti Plus0:32:10 
10Suzuki - ACTAS Team0:40:28 
11OEX - Team Enterprise0:52:14 
13Budget Forklifts0:56:34 
14Lawson Homes1:06:49 
15QSM Sports2:59:21 
16Swan Hill Region Heart Of The Mu3:29:12 
17Decked Out - Race5:03:29 
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