Clarke leads a Unitedhealthcare 1-2-3 in Somerville

Australian criterium champion Wells cleans up women's race

The Unitedheadlthcare team has continued its strong run of form by taking an impressive 1-2-3 at the Tour of Somerville. Hilton Clarke was the first from the 'blue train' across the line while lead-out man Karl Menzies still had plenty in the tank to take second and Carlos Alzate rounded-out the podium in third.

Unitedhealthcare worked hard to bring back a dangerous escape that at one point extended out to over 45-seconds but the additional firepower of Robert Förster, who returned from a knee injury that sidelined him earlier in the year meant the team had that little bit extra in reserve when it came to line-out the sprint.

Race winner Clarke paid tribute to the return of 'Frösi' along with the rest of his teammates who were again tirless in their pursuit of the breakaway.

"Today was a very special race for the team as we had Frösi back for the first time since his bad injury," said Clarke. "The team was really excited that he is OK and back racing with us. We put no pressure on him but asked that he hit the front with 500m to go and give us all he had. Frösi did and got Karl to the 250m to go and that was a big part of us being able to sweep the podium.

"Aldo (Ilesic) and Jonny (Clarke) also did an amazing job riding the front from 10 laps to go to bring back a dangerous break of four riders which at one point had 45 seconds on us."

Second on the day Menzies was elated with the outcome of the day and also gave a shout-out to his teammate Förster.

"It was a great day for everyone here. All of the guys on the team did their job perfectly and then some. Jonny went all out to bring the break back and Aldo was just unbelievable with his effort, which in the end set us up for a podium sweep. He got Frösi a long ways down the home straight, so when he kicked hard, I knew we were good to go.

"By the time I started my effort, we had 250m to go and I hit out knowing we still had Hilton and Carlos behind me and our chances were good for first, second and third. It was great racing with a different few guys as well as having Frösi back from injury."

In the women's event it was the Australian criterium champion Kimberley Wells (Fearless Femme Racing p/b Pure Energy) that took the win ahead of Amy Cutler and Laura Brown from the Colavita Fina Cooking squad.

Elite men

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Hilton Clarke (UnitedHealthcare)    
2 Karl Menzies (UnitedHealthcare)    
3 Carlos Alzate (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)    
4 Ricardo Escuela (Team Predator Carbon Repair)    
5 Shane Kline (Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis)    
6 Rodrigo Echeverri Conde (Team Somerville Bicycle Shop)    
7 Zachary Bell (Champion System Pro Cycling Team)    
8 Cesar marte (GS memgoni USA)    
9 Demis Aleman (Jamis Hagens Berman p/b Sutter Home)    
10 Rigoberto Rodriguez (Somerville Bicycle Shop p/b Showcase Auto)    
11 Fabian Schnaidt (Champion System Pro Cycling Team)    
12 Matthias Friedemann (Champion System Pro Cycling Team)    
13 Anthony Rodriguez Morel (Team Somerville Bicycle Shop)    
14 Stalin Quiterio Cuello    
15 Travis McCabe (Elbowz Racing p/b Boneshaker Project)    
16 Justin Williams (MRI-Endurance Elite U23)    
17 Jesse Keough (Foundation)    
18 Edwin Bull (Van Dessel Factory Team)    
19 Euris R. Vidal (CRCA/Foundation)    
20 Sam Sautelle (Breakawaybikes p/b Vie 13)    
21 Nicolai Brochner (BISSEL-ABG-GIANT)    
22 Gavriel Epstein (Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes)    
23 Geron Williams (Foundation)    
24 Andrei Strelkov (Team Novo Nordisk)    
25 Anthony Taylor (Dave Jordan Racing)    
26 Max Korus (Astellas Oncology Cycling Team)    
27 Rafael A. Meran (CRCA/Foundation)    
28 Donald Brew (DC Velo Limited)    
29 Amos Brumble IV (CCB)    
30 Dan Greene (Iron City Bikes)    
31 Robin Carpenter (Hincapie Sportswear Development Team)    
32 Wesley Kline (D3DEVO)    
33 Garrett Olsen (Battley Harley-Davidson)    
34 Ruben Companioni (Jamis Hagens Berman)    
35 kevin massicotte (Ride with Rendall)    
36 Ryan Shebelsky (Team Alliance Environmental)    
37 Ryan Serbel (Aetna Cycling Team p/b    
38 Jean Michel LeChance (Team Predator Carbon Repair)    
39 Patrick Kos (Team Alliance Environmental)    
40 Ian Holt (US Armed Forces Cycling Team)    
41 Juan Polanco (gs mengoni usa)    
43 Thomas Schubert (D3DEVO)    
44 Elvi Rodriguez Garcia (Somerville Bicycle Shop)    
45 Giancarlo Bianchi (AG Bicycles / Guttenplan Coaching)    
46 Jeremy Durrin (Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)    
47 John Durso (Colavita Racing Inc.)    
48 Aaron Perry (Team Novo Nordisk)    
49 Rafal Urzedowski (Team Somerville Bicycle Shop)    
50 Aurelien Passeron (Predator Carbon Repair)    
51 Guillaume Nelessen (Van Dessel Factory Team)    
52 Alex Cox (CCB Racing)    
53 Alonzo Greaves (Rorima Bike Club)    
54 Matt Inconiglios (Stage 1 / fusionTHINK)    
55 Stephan Dioslaki (Five Four Sports)    
56 Isaac Howe (Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis)    
57 Gabe Lloyd (Van Dessel Factory Team)    
58 Branden Russell (Team Novo Nordisk)    
59 Robert Forster (United Healthcare)    
60 Jason Meidhof (Clean Currents p/b Beyer Kia)    
61 Franco Font (Team Predator Carbon Repair)    
62 Bobby Lea (Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis)    
63 Matthew Spohn (The Performance Lab p/b Caffeinated Cyclist)    
64 David Martin (Team Metra / Cycles 54)    
65 Timothy Mitchell (CCB Racing)    
66 Alejandro Guzman (Foundation)    
67 Victor Riquelme (Body by Vi p/b Velo Vie)    
68 David Hoyle (Aetna Cycling Team p/b    
69 Sean Melcher (NJ/NY Colavita Racing Regional Team)    
70 Adam Myerson (Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis)    
71 David Casale ( p/b Vie 13)    
72 Nicholas Rogers ( p.b. Vie 13)    
73 Aliaksandr Bialiauski (CCB Racing)    
74 Ryan McKinney (Clean Currents p/b Beyer Kia)    
75 Chris Williams (Novo Nordisk)    
76 Jason Cheney (Ride With Rendall)    
77 Brian Breach (GS Mengoni U.S.A.)    
78 Zachary Koop (Blue    
79 Franklin Burgos (Dave Jordan Racing)    
80 Michael Chauner (EQUIPE GARNEAU - QU+BECOR)    
81 Nicholas Keough (Foundation)    
82 Gregory Leach (Team Metra / Cycles 54)    
83 Gilberth Gomez Valverde (Team Somerville Bicycle Shop)    
84 Aldo Ilesic (UniteHealthcare Pro Cycling Team)    
85 Justin Morris (Team Novo Nordisk)    
86 Wyatt Stoup (Mt Borah / Minerva Design p/b Basso)    
87 Sean Wakefield (Ride with Rendall)    
88 Kyle Wamsley (Jamis Hagens Berman)    
89 Glen Rendall (Ride with Rendall)    
90 Patrick Raines (Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis)    
91 Barry Miller (Firefighters Racing UCI Elite)    
92 Gorgi Popstefanov (Five Four Sports)    
93 John (Jackie) Simes (Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis)    
94 Horace Burrowes (We Stand United (W.S.))    
95 Anthony Lowe (We Stand United (W.S.))    
96 Broderick Hartley (D3DEVO)    
97 Jamie Clinton (Chester County Cycling Foundation)    
98 Andres Diaz    
99 Bobbie Traksel (Champion System Pro Cycling Team)    
100 Roselvert Marte Quezada (G.S. Mengoni U.S.A.)    
101 Thomas Raeymaekers (Novo Nordisk)    
102 Emile Abraham (Predator Cycling)    
103 Matthew Furlow ( p.b. Vie 13)    
104 Michael Rosenhaus (Central Jersey Cycling Team)    
105 Ben Chaddock (Team SmartStop-Mountain Khakis)    
106 Christopher Tirone (French Meadow Bakery/Fortistar)    
107 Steven Ward (Colavita Racing)    
108 Joseph Wentzell ( p.b. Vie 13)    
109 Casey Roth (Ride With Rendall)    
110 Gregor Gazvoda (Champion System Pro Cycling Team)    
111 Ryan Roth (Champion System Pro Cycling Team)    
112 Dion Smith (Predator Carbon Repair)    
113 Wilson Vasquez (Lupus Racing Team)    
114 Jonathan Clarke (UnitedHealthcare)    

Elite women

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Kimberley Wells (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy Cycling-Vie13)    
2 Amy Cutler (Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell &Shebell)    
3 Laura Brown (Team Colavita Fine Cooking)    
4 Alexis Zink (NCVC/UnitedHealthcare)    
5 Erin Silliman (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy Cycling-Vie 13)    
6 Jennifer Purcell (Colavita-Fine Cooking)    
7 Kelly Fisher-Goodwin (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy Cycling-Vie 13)    
8 Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy Cycling-Vie 13)    
9 Mary Costelloe (Chester County Cycling Foundation)    
10 Kate Veronneau (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy Cycling-Vie 13)    
11 Fabienne Gerard (Team Kenda presented by RACC)    
12 Colleen Gulick (Team Kenda presented by RACC)    
13 Kimberly Ann Zubris (Peanut Butter & Co Human Zoom)    
14 Patricia Buerkle (Peanut Butter & Co Human Zoom)    
15 Elspeth Huyett (Team Alliance Environmental)    
16 Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom Racing)    
17 Kaitlyn Lawrence (Genesee Valley Cycling Club)    
18 Colleen Hayduk (MVP Health Care Cycling)    
19 Raquel Miller (Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling Team)    
20 Emily Elbers (Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling Team)    
21 Rebecca Chan (CAWES p/b Specialized)    
22 Kimberly Edwards (Team Kenda presented by RACC)    
23 Kacey Lloyd (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy Cycling-Vie 13)    
24 Kelley Bethoney (Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster)    
25 Becca Schepps (Team Novo Nordisk)    
26 Meredith Ehn (Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling Team)    
27 Caryl Gale (Century Road Club Assoc)    
28 Cheryl Wolf (SignatureCycles/Rockstar Games)    
29 danielle kosecki (Asphalt Green Cycling Team)    
30 Hannah Hayduk (Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell &Shebell)    
31 Elizabeth Bonilla (Peanut Butter & Co Human Zoom)    
32 Deborah LeedaleBrown (Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell &Shebell)    
33 Molly Hurford (Colavita Racing)    
34 Victoria Hanks (Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom)    
35 Jacqueline Paull (Watchung Wheelmen)    
36 Stephanie Kaplan (Asphalt Green Cycling Team)    
37 CarolLynn Mills (Houlihan Lokey)    
38 Nadia Latzgo (ExergyTWENTY16)    
39 Mandy Marquardt (Team Novo Nordisk Women)    
40 Andrea Wagner (Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom)    
41 Whitney Schultz (Colavita-Fine Cooking)    
42 Leah Guloien (Team Colavita Fine Cooking)    
43 Jennifer Magur (Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling Team)    
44 Shane Ferro (Pink Rhino Racing)    
45 Chane Jonker (Team Kenda presented by RACC)    
46 Kristine Church (Peanut Butter & Co Human Zoom)    
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