Walker shakes up general classification with stage win in Metung

Drapac rider new race leader as Giacoppo, Davison get dropped from decisive break

Will Walker (Drapac) just may have completed a fairytale return to competitive racing, winning Stage 8 of the Tour of Gippsland and catapulting himself in the overall lead on Saturday afternoon.

Walker triumphed in the 69.3km road stage having spent most of the race in a breakaway, ahead of Patrick Shaw (Genesys) and Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling). The victory gives Walker a 14 second lead in the general classification with the previous caretaker of the yellow jersey, Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys) left chasing the race-winning break over a minute in arrears.

The 26 year-old former Australian Champion and U23 world championship silver medallist announced in February that he had been given the all-clear by doctors to return to competition, having made a premature exit from the sport in 2009 due to tachycardia.

"I'm still not as strong as I could be but I'm smarter," Walker said of his version 2.0-self and he believes he can retain the race lead with one stage left.

"I'd like to make the Drapac team and Lakes Oil proud."

On Friday, Walker earned his first podium in his return, finishing runner up behind Jack Beckinsale (Jayco-Honey Shotz) in the 102km road stage to Dargo.

Splits were always a possibility on this rolling stage, with the situation contained by the peloton's neutral declaration in 2011 and this time around, the riders wasted no time with four riders jumping off the front by the 10km mark. The four soon turned into 10 with Jai Crawford, Pat Shaw (Genesys), Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain), Robbie Hucker (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore), Ed White (GPM - Wilson Racing), Rhys Pollock, Lachlan Norris, Darren Lapthorne (Drapac) Joe Lewis, Nic Dougall (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling) , and Gordon McCauley (Lakes Oil) gaining a 35 second advantage.

Budget Forklifts led the chase and the gap was reduced to 20 seconds with the bunch strung out into single file due to the pace. The team which led the race after day 1 got the desired result with three-time stage winner Luke Davison bridging across to join the breakaway just ahead of the second sprint.

It was becoming clear that the breakaway just might have a chance today with more and more riders making it across the gap, as the selection expanded to 20 riders including Giacoppo, Walker and National Road Series leader, Mark O'Brien (Budget Forklifts). At its peak, the escape had a 1:40 advantage on the peloton with around 45km of racing down.

The final sprint of the day, forced the leading group to split and with 17km left to race, Giacoppo, Davison and Lapthorne were left behind as the gap was reduced to 54 seconds but the damage had been done with the peloton left to chase and 13 riders left fighting it out to the finish line.

Just one stage remains at the Tour of Gippsland, a 44km criterium in Paynesville on Sunday with Walker now likely to hold on to the overall lead.

Giacoppo holds a one-point lead in the Sprint Championship and a three-point lead in the Criterium Championship. Hill will be crowned Hotondo Homes King of the Mountains with no bonuses available in the classification in tomorrow's criterium. The most aggressive prize is up for grabs however with Lapthorne and JoshTaylor (GPM-Wilson Racing) locked on four points, with Shaw, Alex Carver (Genesys), Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling) and Norris all on two points.

RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling rocketed up the team classification on today's penultimate stage and now hold a 51 second lead over Genesys with Drapac a further six seconds back.

Full results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)1:38:33 
2Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)  
3Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)  
4Alex Clements (Team Polygon Australia)  
5Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)  
6Gordon McCauley (Lakes Oil)  
7Mark O'Brien (Team Budget Forklifts)  
8Sam McCallum (Team Polygon Australia)  
9Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)  
10Ed White (GPM Wilson Racing)  
11Johnnie Walker (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)  
12Nic Dougall (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)  
13Robbie Hucker (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)  
14Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:00:08 
15James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:00:12 
16Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)  
17Rhys Pollock (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:00:17 
18Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:01:08 
19George Tansley (SASI)  
20Edward Bissaker (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)  
21Luke Dale (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)  
22Ryan MacAnally (Team Budget Forklifts)  
23Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)  
24Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)  
25Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)  
26Dion Smith (Hot Cycles New Zealand)  
27Peter Thompson (Drapac Professional Cycling)  
28Alex Wohler (Team Downunder)  
29David Edwards (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)  
30Nick Miller (Hot Cycles New Zealand)  
31Mitchell Codner (St George Skoda)  
32James Stretch (Team Downunder)  
33James Ibrahim (Plan B Racing)  
34Stuart Shaw (Drapac Professional Cycling)  
35Jake Kauffmann (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)  
36Nash Kent (GPM Wilson Racing)  
37Stuart Mulhern (Team Downunder)  
38Marc Wilson (Croydon Cycleworks)  
39Darcy Woolley (Bunnings Warehouse)  
40Dylan Newberry (Hot Cycles New Zealand)  
41Alex Carver (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)  
42Sam Rutherford (GPM Wilson Racing)  
43Brodie Talbot (Thiess Degrémont)  
44Nick Yallouris (St George Skoda)  
45Steven Del Gallo (John West Cycling)  
46Antony Dimitrovski (Parramatta Racing Team)  
47Michael Troy (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)  
48Danny Pulbrook (Team Polygon Australia)  
49Timothy Cameron (Suzuki / Trek)  
50Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Professional Cycling)  
51Tom Bessey (Hot Cycles New Zealand)  
52Jack Beckinsale (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)  
53Jordan Kerby (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)  
54Daniel Barry (Lakes Oil)  
55Ron Purtle (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)  
56William Bowman (Lakes Oil)  
57James Rendall (Bairnsdale RSL)  
58Liam Hill (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)  
59Tom Hamilton (Jayco - VIS)  
60Matthew Nicholson (Thiess Degrémont)  
61Jackson Mawby (Plan B Racing)  
62Mathew Marshall (Team Downunder)  
63Peter English (Bunnings Warehouse)  
64Simon Binney (Hot Cycles New Zealand)  
65Jeremy Scott (St George Skoda)  
66Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)  
67Cal Britten (Search2Retain)  
68Aaron Jones (Team Polygon Australia)  
69Steven Waite (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)  
70Alistair Crameri (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)  
71Stuart Smith (Jayco - VIS)  
72Luke Parker (Jayco - VIS)  
73Mitchell Pearson (Suzuki / Trek)  
74Jarryd Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)  
75Billy Sewell (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)  
76Jordan Davies (St George Skoda)  
77Nicholas D'Ambrosio (Parramatta Racing Team)  
78Jay Dutton (St George Skoda)  
79Oliver Martin (Team Polygon Australia)  
80Joel Stearnes (Team Polygon Australia)  
81Sam Crome (SASI)  
82Luke Williams (Parramatta Racing Team)  
83Andrew Roe (SASI)  
84Jeremy Cameron (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)  
85Boon Kiak Yeo (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)  
86Vaughan Bowman (Bairnsdale RSL)  
87Luke Joyce (Plan B Racing)  
88Liam Dove (Jayco - VIS)  
89Clive Silcock (Thiess Degrémont)  
90Brock Roberts (John West Cycling)  
91Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)  
92Jamie Lacey (Thiess Degrémont)  
93Damien Wright (Suzuki / Trek)  
94Josh Aldridge (Hot Cycles New Zealand)  
95Sam Sautelle (Suzuki / Trek)  
96Jacob Restall (Team Downunder)  
97Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Professional Cycling)  
98Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)  
99Nick Woods (Team Downunder)  
100Lachlan Norris (Drapac Professional Cycling)  
101Darren Rolfe (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)  
102James Boal (John West Cycling)  
103Samuel Witmitz (Team Budget Forklifts)  
104Michael Crosbie (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)  
105Jack Matthews (Team Polygon Australia)  
106Charles Howlett (Search2Retain)  
107James Butler (John West Cycling)  
108Ivan Michelin-Beard (Suzuki / Trek)  
109Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)  
110Andrew Crawley (GPM Wilson Racing)  
111Alexander Smyth (Plan B Racing)  
112Robert-Jon Mccarthy (SASI)  
113Fraser Northey (SASI)  
114William Lind (Suzuki / Trek)  
115Lauchlan Stewart (Bairnsdale RSL)  
116Matt Leonard (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)0:01:25 
117Karl Evans (SASI)0:01:34 
118Jay Bourke (Bairnsdale RSL)0:01:56 
119Chad Elliston (Hot Cycles New Zealand)  
120Kane Walker (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:01:58 
121Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)  
122Luke Ockerby (Team Budget Forklifts)  
123Marc Williams (Team Budget Forklifts)  
124Peter Loft (Team Budget Forklifts)  
125Blake Hose (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:03:47 
126Jake Magee (GPM Wilson Racing)  
127Geoff Straub (Team Downunder)  
128Daniel Furmiston (Plan B Racing)  
129Daniel Bonello (Plan B Racing)0:14:36 
130Brendan Schultz (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:18:51 
131Nicholas Brain (John West Cycling)0:19:31 
132William Raisin-Shaw (Bunnings Warehouse)  
133Tom Donald (Search2Retain)  
134Hardy Michel (Lakes Oil)  
135Samuel Rix (Bunnings Warehouse)0:19:34 
136Chris Harper (Bairnsdale RSL)0:19:35 
137Trent Morey (Plan B Racing)  
138Macauley Mulhall (Parramatta Racing Team)  
139Stefan Imberger (Bairnsdale RSL)  
140Mitch Flynn (Suzuki / Trek)  
141Joshua Lind (Suzuki / Trek)  
142Justin Vanstone (Team Downunder)  
DNFAlexander Malone (Plan B Racing)  
DNFJackson Law (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)  
DNSHayden Brooks (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)  
DNSShannon Johnson (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)  
DNSCaleb Jones (GPM Wilson Racing)  
Intermediate Sprints - m29 Swan Reach Primary School Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)3 pts
2Gordon McCauley (Lakes Oil)2 
3Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)1 
m34 Tambo Upper Town Sign Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)3 pts
2Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)2 
3Gordon McCauley (Lakes Oil)1 
m46 Mossiface CFA Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)3 pts
2Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)2 
3Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)1 
m56 Bruthen Bakery Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)3 pts
2Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)2 
3Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)1 
m66 Tambo Upper Primary School Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)3 pts
2Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)2 
3Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)1 
Hill Climbs - m31 House 275 HC4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)3 pts
2Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)2 
3Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)1 
m37 Riverdell Homestead HC4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)3 pts
2Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)2 
3Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)1 
m64 Wards Rd HC4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)3 pts
2William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)2 
3Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)1 
m70 House 318 HC4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)3 
2Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)2 
3Alex Clements (Team Polygon Australia)1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)2 pts
General classification after Stage 8
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)10:20:22 
2Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:00:14 
3Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)0:00:15 
4Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:00:24 
5Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:00:29 
6Alex Clements (Team Polygon Australia)0:00:48 
7Gordon McCauley (Lakes Oil)0:00:54 
8Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:00:55 
9Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)0:00:59 
10Johnnie Walker (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:01:02 
11Robbie Hucker (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:01:03 
12James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:01:04 
13Nic Dougall (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:01:09 
14Mark O'Brien (Team Budget Forklifts)0:01:10 
15Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)0:01:16 
16Rhys Pollock (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:01:19 
17Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:01:21 
18Jordan Kerby (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:01:34 
19Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:01:36 
20Alex Wohler (Team Downunder)0:01:39 
21Edward Bissaker (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:01:48 
22William Bowman (Lakes Oil)0:01:59 
23Dion Smith (Hot Cycles New Zealand)  
24Sam Rutherford (GPM Wilson Racing)0:02:01 
25Daniel Barry (Lakes Oil)0:02:05 
26Tom Bessey (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:02:07 
27Danny Pulbrook (Team Polygon Australia)0:02:11 
28Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)  
29Mathew Marshall (Team Downunder)0:02:12 
30Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)0:02:17 
31Timothy Cameron (Suzuki / Trek)0:02:19 
32Steven Waite (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:02:27 
33Tom Hamilton (Jayco - VIS)0:02:34 
34Jordan Davies (St George Skoda)0:02:36 
35Lachlan Norris (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:02:44 
36Matthew Nicholson (Thiess Degrémont)0:02:52 
37Alex Carver (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:03:12 
38Brodie Talbot (Thiess Degrémont)0:03:20 
39Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)0:03:24 
40Jack Beckinsale (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:04:38 
41Robert-Jon Mccarthy (SASI)0:04:54 
42David Edwards (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:05:51 
43Luke Ockerby (Team Budget Forklifts)0:05:52 
44Nick Yallouris (St George Skoda)0:06:44 
45Stuart Mulhern (Team Downunder)  
46Stuart Smith (Jayco - VIS)  
47Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:06:49 
48Cal Britten (Search2Retain)0:07:01 
49Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:08:18 
50Andrew Roe (SASI)0:08:31 
51Stuart Shaw (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:08:46 
52Josh Aldridge (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:09:04 
53Andrew Crawley (GPM Wilson Racing)0:09:49 
54Darren Rolfe (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:09:50 
55Luke Dale (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:09:59 
56Samuel Witmitz (Team Budget Forklifts)0:10:54 
57Nick Miller (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:11:35 
58Alexander Smyth (Plan B Racing)0:11:38 
59Jake Kauffmann (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)0:11:59 
60Blake Hose (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:12:09 
61James Rendall (Bairnsdale RSL)0:12:33 
62Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:12:37 
63Jeremy Scott (St George Skoda)0:14:38 
64Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)0:14:50 
65Ryan MacAnally (Team Budget Forklifts)0:15:30 
66Liam Dove (Jayco - VIS)0:15:57 
67Sam McCallum (Team Polygon Australia)0:16:14 
68Sam Crome (SASI)0:16:17 
69Peter English (Bunnings Warehouse)0:16:47 
70Michael Troy (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:16:49 
71Kane Walker (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:17:33 
72Brock Roberts (John West Cycling)  
73Alistair Crameri (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:18:39 
74Chad Elliston (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:18:41 
75Marc Williams (Team Budget Forklifts)0:18:44 
76James Boal (John West Cycling)0:19:37 
77Damien Wright (Suzuki / Trek)0:19:41 
78Lauchlan Stewart (Bairnsdale RSL)0:20:58 
79Mitchell Codner (St George Skoda)0:22:19 
80Karl Evans (SASI)0:22:25 
81William Lind (Suzuki / Trek)0:23:41 
82Sam Sautelle (Suzuki / Trek)0:23:48 
83Luke Parker (Jayco - VIS)0:24:19 
84Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:24:42 
85Ed White (GPM Wilson Racing)0:25:03 
86Peter Thompson (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:25:08 
87Jay Dutton (St George Skoda)0:25:38 
88Steven Del Gallo (John West Cycling)0:26:26 
89Geoff Straub (Team Downunder)0:26:38 
90Vaughan Bowman (Bairnsdale RSL)0:27:08 
91Dylan Newberry (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:27:20 
92Peter Loft (Team Budget Forklifts)0:27:53 
93Luke Williams (Parramatta Racing Team)0:27:58 
94Darcy Woolley (Bunnings Warehouse)0:28:20 
95James Stretch (Team Downunder)0:29:03 
96Marc Wilson (Croydon Cycleworks)0:29:38 
97Ivan Michelin-Beard (Suzuki / Trek)0:30:05 
98Daniel Bonello (Plan B Racing)0:32:48 
99Jay Bourke (Bairnsdale RSL)0:33:01 
100Antony Dimitrovski (Parramatta Racing Team)0:33:10 
101Mitchell Pearson (Suzuki / Trek)0:33:19 
102Jacob Restall (Team Downunder)0:33:39 
103Michael Crosbie (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:34:04 
104Simon Binney (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:34:54 
105Liam Hill (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)0:34:58 
106Ron Purtle (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)0:35:52 
107Jamie Lacey (Thiess Degrémont)0:36:04 
108George Tansley (SASI)0:37:46 
109James Butler (John West Cycling)0:38:05 
110Nash Kent (GPM Wilson Racing)0:38:07 
111Daniel Furmiston (Plan B Racing)0:38:57 
112Jack Matthews (Team Polygon Australia)0:40:51 
113Jeremy Cameron (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:41:41 
114Matt Leonard (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)0:41:56 
115Luke Joyce (Plan B Racing)0:42:07 
116Jackson Mawby (Plan B Racing)0:42:16 
117Charles Howlett (Search2Retain)0:42:36 
118Clive Silcock (Thiess Degrémont)0:43:29 
119Nick Woods (Team Downunder)0:44:02 
120Nicholas D'Ambrosio (Parramatta Racing Team)0:44:43 
121Billy Sewell (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:45:47 
122Oliver Martin (Team Polygon Australia)0:46:20 
123Joel Stearnes (Team Polygon Australia)0:48:03 
124Trent Morey (Plan B Racing)0:49:14 
125Mitch Flynn (Suzuki / Trek)0:52:40 
126James Ibrahim (Plan B Racing)0:52:59 
127Fraser Northey (SASI)0:54:07 
128Jarryd Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:55:26 
129Hardy Michel (Lakes Oil)0:55:51 
130Boon Kiak Yeo (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:58:42 
131Brendan Schultz (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)1:03:02 
132Tom Donald (Search2Retain)1:04:12 
133Joshua Lind (Suzuki / Trek)1:06:37 
134Samuel Rix (Bunnings Warehouse)1:07:25 
135Stefan Imberger (Bairnsdale RSL)1:08:45 
136Jake Magee (GPM Wilson Racing)1:09:04 
137Nicholas Brain (John West Cycling)1:10:19 
138Aaron Jones (Team Polygon Australia)1:10:35 
139Chris Harper (Bairnsdale RSL)1:19:02 
140William Raisin-Shaw (Bunnings Warehouse)1:28:25 
141Justin Vanstone (Team Downunder)1:37:28 
142Macauley Mulhall (Parramatta Racing Team)1:59:49 
SP AusNet Sprint Championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)38 pts
2Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)37 
3William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)28 
4Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)26 
5Alex Carver (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)23 
6Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Professional Cycling)18 
7Samuel Witmitz (Team Budget Forklifts)15 
8Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)15 
9Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)15 
10Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)12 
11Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)12 
12Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)11 
13Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)11 
14Luke Ockerby (Team Budget Forklifts)9 
15Rhys Pollock (Drapac Professional Cycling)9 
16Jordan Kerby (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)9 
17Gordon McCauley (Lakes Oil)8 
18Lachlan Norris (Drapac Professional Cycling)7 
19Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)7 
20Robbie Hucker (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)6 
21James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)6 
22Ryan MacAnally (Team Budget Forklifts)5 
23Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)4 
24Tom Bessey (Hot Cycles New Zealand)4 
25Daniel Furmiston (Plan B Racing)4 
26Dion Smith (Hot Cycles New Zealand)4 
27Stuart Shaw (Drapac Professional Cycling)4 
28Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)4 
29Peter Loft (Team Budget Forklifts)4 
30Sam Rutherford (GPM Wilson Racing)3 
31Luke Dale (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)3 
32Liam Dove (Jayco - VIS)3 
33Peter Thompson (Drapac Professional Cycling)3 
34Geoff Straub (Team Downunder)3 
35Alex Wohler (Team Downunder)3 
36Daniel Barry (Lakes Oil)3 
37Brodie Talbot (Thiess Degrémont)3 
38Alexander Smyth (Plan B Racing)3 
39Robert-Jon Mccarthy (SASI)2 
40Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Professional Cycling)2 
41Marc Williams (Team Budget Forklifts)2 
42Luke Parker (Jayco - VIS)2 
43Johnnie Walker (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)1 
44Mark O'Brien (Team Budget Forklifts)1 
45William Bowman (Lakes Oil)1 
46Andrew Crawley (GPM Wilson Racing)1 
47Blake Hose (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)1 
48Kane Walker (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)1 
49Charles Howlett (Search2Retain)1 
50Fraser Northey (SASI)1 
51Brendan Schultz (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)1 
Credit Collect Criterium Championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)26 pts
2Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)23 
3Alex Wohler (Team Downunder)21 
4Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Professional Cycling)18 
5Ryan MacAnally (Team Budget Forklifts)18 
6William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)13 
7Edward Bissaker (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)13 
8Samuel Witmitz (Team Budget Forklifts)13 
9Robert-Jon Mccarthy (SASI)12 
10Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)11 
11Jordan Kerby (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)10 
12Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)10 
13Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Professional Cycling)9 
14Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)8 
15Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)4 
16Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)3 
17Gordon McCauley (Lakes Oil)3 
18Daniel Barry (Lakes Oil)3 
19Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)1 
20Dion Smith (Hot Cycles New Zealand)1 
Hotondo Homes King of the Mountains
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)21 pts
2Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)14 
3Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)10 
4Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Professional Cycling)6 
5James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)5 
6Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)5 
7William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)4 
8Alex Clements (Team Polygon Australia)4 
9Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)3 
10Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)2 
11Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)2 
12Dion Smith (Hot Cycles New Zealand)1 
13Peter Loft (Team Budget Forklifts)1 
Crossco Most Aggressive Rider
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Professional Cycling)4 pts
2Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)4 
3Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)2 
4Alex Carver (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)2 
5Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)2 
6Lachlan Norris (Drapac Professional Cycling)2 
Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling31:04:03 
2Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team0:00:51 
3Drapac Professional Cycling0:00:57 
5Team Budget Forklifts0:02:10 
6Lakes Oil0:02:14 
7Hot Cycles New Zealand0:03:30 
8Team Polygon Australia0:05:25 
9Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore0:05:31 
10Team Jayco-Honey Shotz0:06:00 
11Team Downunder0:07:59 
12GPM Wilson Racing0:09:15 
14St George Skoda0:14:50 
15Jayco - VIS0:17:56 
16Suzuki / Trek0:25:37 
17Plan B Racing0:33:49 
18Thiess Degrémont0:39:22 
19African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team0:40:45 
20John West Cycling0:48:05 
21Bairnsdale RSL0:49:31 
22Bunnings Warehouse1:38:55 
23Parramatta Race Team1:42:54 
24Seight Custom Cycling Wear1:47:34 
Scody Cup Leaders
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)45 pts
2Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)41 
3Alex Wohler (Team Downunder)38 
4Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)35 
5William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)34 
6Edward Bissaker (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)29 
7Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Professional Cycling)25 
8Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)24 
9Ryan MacAnally (Team Budget Forklifts)23 
10Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)21 


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