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Kirsten Frattini

Good morning and welcome to Cyclingnews’ live coverage of the Tour of California’s Stage 8 finale in Thousand Oaks.


  1. 0km remaining from km

    08:47:13 PDT

    Good morning! The peloton has rolled out on a neutral start, which kicks of the final stage of the Tour of California today.

  2. 08:48:12 PDT

    Team Sky's Danny Pate already has a flat tire and is getting support from his team.


  3. 08:48:39 PDT

    It's not a great way to start the race!


  4. 08:49:56 PDT

    The neutral start was only about half a mile and the peloton is now officially racing.


  5. 08:52:04 PDT

    It's a beautiful day in Thousand Oaks. The temperatures have cooled down just enough to give the riders some reprieve from the nearly 100 Fahrenheit weather during the previous stages.


    It's actually a much cooler 60 Fahrenheit today. Brrr!


  6. 08:52:50 PDT

    Five riders are trying to sneak off the front of the field at the moment.



  7. 08:56:14 PDT

    Bradley Wiggins is leading the overall classification by 30 seconds ahead of Rohan Dennis (Garmin-Sharp) and 1:48 minutes ahead of third placed Lawson Craddock (Giant-Shimano).


    Team Sky has had firm control of the peloton, even though the mountain stages, so it's going to be tough for his rivals to advance on GC.


  8. 08:56:42 PDT

    Six riders now have a slight advantage on the field. 

  9. 08:58:02 PDT

    The field is traveling a top speeds of 60 km/h. 


  10. 08:58:41 PDT

    It's expected to be an exciting circuit race today as the peloton will race three long circuits that are 32km followed by three short circuits that are 7.4km.


  11. 09:00:09 PDT

    There are three King of the Mountain spots on Mullholland HWY, Rock Store. Canada’s Will Routley (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) is leading that competition, and has been since the opening stage.


  12. 09:01:13 PDT

    There are also two intermediate sprints and a final sprint for time bonuses at the finish line. Peter Sagan (Cannonadale) is leading the sprint competition.


  13. 09:05:09 PDT

    It's a strong breakaway of riders with Niki Terpstra (Omega Pharma-QuickStep), Jens Voigt (Trek Factory Racing), Matthew Hayman (Orica-GreenEdge), Jack BoBridge (Belkin), Chad Haga (Giant-Shimano), Chris Jones (UnitedHealthcare) and Alex Candelario (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)


  14. 122.2km remaining from km

    09:06:22 PDT

    The breakaway has gained over a minute on the field and is about five kilometers to the first climb.


  15. 09:07:45 PDT

    Terpstra's Omega Pharma teammate Carlos Quintanilla is one his own, chasing the breakaway.


  16. 09:12:38 PDT

    Breakaway rider, Chris Jones has been a regular in the breakaways during the last half of the Tour of California. He was wearing the event's Most Courageous Rider's jersey. He spoke with Cyclingnews in this video about his experiences during the race so far.


  17. 09:13:10 PDT

    Quintanilla has caught up to the breakaway.


  18. 09:16:37 PDT

    The breakaway is one kilometer to the top of the first climb over Rock Store, 1:10 minutes ahead of the field.


    There are already 12 riders off the back on the main field.

  19. 116.7km remaining from km

    09:20:33 PDT

    And the breakaway has crested the first ascent over Rock Store.


    Jones picked up the KOM points ahead of Haga and Bobridge.


  20. 09:21:52 PDT

    The descent off of Rock Store is very fast, twisty and technical. 


  21. 09:24:44 PDT

    We're sure these racers will have no problem with the technical nature of the descent off of Rock Store, however, people do race cars and motorcycles on it all the time. There's one bend that is so accident prone that they just keep a life flight helicopter around to rescue them. Yikes!


  22. 09:27:21 PDT

    Our reporter Pat Malach spoke with Optum's director, Eric Wohlberg this morning, who said. “We have a training camp in Oxnard just over the hill, so we know Mullhulland Drive, the Rock Store climb and all these great roads. But the fact is that everyone's legs are cooked right now, so it doesn't really matter how well you know the roads. It's a tough circuit, but we're confident Will Routley will hold the KOM jersey. That's mathematically done, we just have to get him to the finish line.”


  23. 110.2km remaining from km

    09:28:58 PDT

    Our breakaway is approaching 25km into the race and holding a gap of 1:35 minutes.


  24. 09:31:34 PDT

    It's too early to tell if the field will come back together, however, Cannondale's Ted King believes it will be another field sprint, despite the steep climbs on course, and another day suited to his teammate Peter Sagan.


    "Peter is talented and I'm not worried about him making it over the climbs. Garmin has a lot on the line today, and they will go down swinging. It's going to be a very full day.”


  25. 09:32:26 PDT

    There's been a crash in the main peloton on the descent off of Rock Store. Riders involved in the accident are from teams Bissell, UnitedHealthcare and Garmin-Sharp. We certainly hope that they are all OK.


  26. 09:33:12 PDT

    The good news is that all of the riders involved in the accident on the Rock Store descent are back on their bikes and riding.

  27. 09:35:24 PDT

    After all that craziness on the Rock Store descent, the is safely at the bottom, and has decided to slow down and call a nature break.


  28. 09:36:22 PDT

    Race leader, Bradley Wiggins (Team Sky) has gotten off his bike to adjust his front wheel.


  29. 102.2km remaining from km

    09:38:06 PDT

    The breakaway is approaching the first intermediate sprint.


  30. 09:38:34 PDT

    Terpstra won the sprint ahead of Hayman and Quintanilla.


  31. 09:40:55 PDT

    Oh dear, we've just gotten word that two of the riders that crashed on the Rock Store descent actually went over the guardrails. 


    They were George Bennett (Cannondale) and Lawrence Warbasse (BMC Racing).


    They have rejoined the peloton.


  32. 97.2km remaining from km

    09:43:20 PDT

    The new gap for our breakaway is 3:40 minutes.


  33. 09:46:44 PDT

    Clement Chevrier (Bissell) told our reporter Pat Malach.

    “It's my first time at this race, so I want to enjoy the last day. We've had a great week, and we'll try to get in the break today. It should be a fast climb. It's short but pretty steep and should be a good place to attack. I expect it will be a small peloton at the finish."


    Unfortunately, Bissell has not made the first breakaway but there is still a lot of racing to go today and things could certainly reshuffle in their favor.


  34. 09:54:32 PDT

    The breakaway has gained another 10 seconds and is leading the race by 3:50 minutes. 


    Bobridge is the highest placed rider overall, 10:59 minutes behind Wiggins.

  35. 09:56:05 PDT

    Optum's Brad Huff and BMC's Lawrence Warbasse have abandoned the race.


    Warbasse was one of the riders who crashed off of the Rock Store descent and went over the guardrail.


  36. 87.2km remaining from km

    09:59:52 PDT

    The breakaway is continuing play nicely with one another. Terpstra is currently taking his turn on the front.


    They're 48km into the race and approaching the Peter Strauss Ranch, a regional park unit of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.


    It's located off of Mullhulland Hwy. That means that they're getting close to the second climb over Rock Store!


  37. 85.2km remaining from km

    10:01:35 PDT

    And the breakaway is at the bottom of Rock Store for the second time.


  38. 10:06:38 PDT

    Lawson Craddock (Giant-Shimano) is sitting comfortably in the peloton. The youngster has had an outstanding performance this week, sitting third overall and wearing the event's Best Young Rider jersey. Check out what he had to say in this recent Cyclingnews video.


  39. 10:09:43 PDT

    Optum's Alex Candelario has lost contact with the breakaway on Rock Store. He's been a top US national-level sprinter for over a decade and has had multiple top 10 finishes at the Tour of California over the years. Perhaps this climb is a little too steep and not quite his cup of tea.


  40. 10:13:39 PDT

    Speaking of tea ... It seems that royalty has arrived to the top of Rock Store!


    Fans dressed royal costumes and wearing crowns have gathered at the top of Rock Store to cheer on Bradley Wiggins.


  41. 10:14:28 PDT

    Jones took the points at the top of Rock Store followed by Quintanilla and Terpstra.


  42. 10:15:53 PDT

    Terpstra has attacked at the top of the climb followed by Bobridge, and the pair are trying to gain time on their former breakaway companions.


  43. 10:17:23 PDT

    The pair have gained 15 seconds ahead of Voigt, Hayman, Haga, Jones and Quintanilla.


  44. 10:21:49 PDT

    Terpstra and Bobridge have increased their lead to 35 seconds ahead of the five chasers.


  45. 10:23:20 PDT

    Terpstra and Bobridge have increased their lead to 35 seconds ahead of the five chasers.


  46. 10:27:34 PDT

    Terpstra came to the Tour of California after taking a break at the end of the Classics season. His objectives were to work for his teammates and gain form heading into the Tour de France, if he's selected. But he also said he would want to win a stage if the opportunity came up.


    Cyclingnews caught up with Terpstra for this recent interview.


  47. 69.2km remaining from km

    10:29:24 PDT

    The main peloton has also split apart after climbing over Rock Store. Although the smaller groups are trying to catch back up to the main field before the start of the third large circuit.


  48. 10:31:50 PDT

    Cannondale is working with Team Sky, setting a fast pace at the front of the field, to try and reduce the time to the escapees.


    Sagan will no doubt want to win the stage today.


  49. 10:37:13 PDT

    Terpstra and Bobridge are working hard to increase their gap to over a minute to the five chasers.

  50. 10:44:34 PDT

    Terpstra and Bobridge are working hard to increase their gap to over a minute to the five chasers.

  51. 10:47:57 PDT

    The peloton is beginning to reabsorb the original breakaway riders.


  52. 10:50:59 PDT

    Terpstra and Bobridge, however, are still holding onto a minute advantage over the main field.


  53. 10:52:04 PDT

    The breakaway riders are partway up the Rock Store ascent for the third time. 


  54. 10:54:24 PDT

    Jose Pimenta (NetApp-Endura) has attacked the main field on Rock Store and is trying to bridge across to the two breakaway riders.


  55. 10:55:16 PDT

    Team Sky is setting a fast pace at the front of the main field and Wiggins is looking quite comfortable on the climb.


  56. 10:55:52 PDT

    The main field has 1km to go to the top of the climb.


    Janier Acevedo has just attacked out of the field.


  57. 10:57:24 PDT

    Acevedo was followed by Daniel Jaramillo (Jamis-Hagens Berman). They are working together to catch up to Pimenta.


  58. 10:58:19 PDT

    Peter Stetina (BMC) has also made an attack over the top of the Rock Store summit.


  59. 10:59:36 PDT

    Terpstra and Bobridge have lost time on the descent off of Rock Store. Their gap is down to just 30 seconds.


  60. 11:00:13 PDT

    Lucas Euser (UnitedHealthcare) is making his move off the front of the main field.


  61. 11:01:21 PDT

    Terpstra and Bobridge look behind them and see the peloton approaching very quickly.


  62. 11:02:56 PDT

    Wiggins himself closed down the breakaway, but then lets Dombrowski take over the pacemaking. There is still some chance of attacks, but the final three circuits are flat and fast.

  63. 11:04:22 PDT

    • Climb

    The breakaway stayed clear long enough to take the KOM points:
    1 Jack Bobridge (Aus) Belkin Pro Cycling Team
    2 Niki Terpstra (Ned) Omega Pharma - Quick-Step
    3 José Joao Pimenta Costa (Por) Team NetApp-Endura

  64. 11:04:46 PDT

    Eloy Teruel (Jamis-Hagens Berman) goes on the attack with a Novo Nordisk rider.

  65. 11:05:36 PDT

    The pace is far too high, and they can't go clear, but now we have a counter-attack from Jamis.

  66. 11:06:29 PDT

    That move was easily nullified by Tom Danielson, working for Rohan Dennis up front. The leading group has been reduced to just 40 riders, Sagan is still in there, but which other sprinters have survived?

  67. 11:07:04 PDT

    They're on the descent now, and so far nobody is keen to risk it with an attack.

  68. 11:08:43 PDT

    Janier Acevedo has defied the caution of the race leader, going away on the twisty part of the descent.

  69. 11:09:37 PDT

    It's fairly unlikely that an attack on this descent will stay clear on the 22km of the finishing circuits, but tell that to stage 5 winner Taylor Phinney.

  70. 11:10:33 PDT

    Sagan just cruised across to the leading two on the descent, he opened up a gap on Wiggins, but the race leader just closed it down.

  71. 11:11:23 PDT

    There is a second peloton that's at 1:10. There are plenty of riders suffering after a hard, hot week of racing. Last time they did this circuit much of the peloton missed the time cut. They should be OK this year.

  72. 11:12:03 PDT

    We've got another attack going off the front: a Jamis rider is visible with probably Omega Pharma-Quickstep and Garmin.

  73. 11:12:59 PDT

    Nope, it's Jens Keukeleire (Orica), Lucas Euser (UHC) and Eloy Teruel (Jamis-Hagens Berman)

  74. 11:14:41 PDT

    The NetApp-Endura team is amassing at the front of the chasing bunch, 5 seconds only behind the three leaders as they head under 1km to go until they hit the line for those three circuits.

  75. 11:15:45 PDT

    Jack Bobridge isn't going to say die, he bridged up to the three, making it now four riders at 15 seconds.

  76. 11:18:54 PDT

    Euser lead the break through the line for the sprint points, ahead of Eloy Teruel and Jack Bobridge, but they weren't exactly contesting it. The four are working together well.

  77. 11:21:48 PDT

    Jens Keukeleire, 25, came to Orica via the Cofidis team. Back in 2010 he had a very impressive neo-pro year winning the Driedaagse van West-Vlaanderen and Nokere Koerse back to back. Since then he's struggled to fulfill the expectations of the Belgian public, but has been turning out consistently strong performances.

  78. 11:22:57 PDT

    They've managed to edge out another five seconds on the field, but their gap isn't growing enough to give us hope that they can hold off the Cannondale-led chase.

  79. 11:23:33 PDT

    Lars Boom leaps out of the field to give a lecture to the motorbike, who he believes is helping the peloton chase his teammate Bobridge up in the breakaway.

  80. 11:24:51 PDT

    Two laps to go for the four leaders - Teruel leads them across the line but there aren't any sprint points this lap.

  81. 11:25:48 PDT

    Whoo! Right behind the peloton is another big group with Omega Pharma at its head, pulling Mark Cavendish back into contention. We've got Fred Rodriguez up front, Degenkolb, Sagan, Goss all itching for this sprint.

  82. 11:27:41 PDT

    So far, Sagan's Cannondale team is doing all the work with just one rider, and Team Sky helping out - perhaps paying them back for yesterday's hard work. We expect to see Giant-Shimano come forward to help Degenkolb.

  83. 11:28:50 PDT

    Yesterday, John Degenkolb was left without any of his usual teammates for the sprint, and was unable to get to the front with only skinny climbers to help him go up against Thor Hushovd and Peter Sagan. Today, he'll be rallying his troops to help him win a stage. He was so, so close on stage 1.

  84. 11:29:41 PDT

    Omega Pharma is pulling Cavendish toward the front - Sagan drifted back and saw the group coming by. Surprise!

  85. 11:30:38 PDT

    One sprinter who won't be taking part in the dash today is Moreno Hofland. The Belkin rider called it a day at the finish line along wiht teammate Dennis van Winden.

  86. 11:32:05 PDT

    Bobridge, Euser, Teruel and Keukeleire now have Omega Pharma to deal with. BMC is also putting men up front, and this 25 second gap is starting to plummet.

  87. 11:33:32 PDT

    There is about 200m between the four leaders and the peloton as they head past the VIP tents. They're in sight of the line and the bell lap.

  88. 11:34:46 PDT

    Optum is getting together, their orange helmets standing out in the field. Euser and Keukeleire out-cornered Bobridge and got a gap, The Australian has to use his pursuiting skills to get back on with Teruel.

  89. 5.5km remaining from km

    11:36:33 PDT

    The corners in this finishing circuit are very wide and safe, allowing the field to easily power up to the breakaway. They're caught.

  90. 5km remaining from km

    11:37:22 PDT

    Teruel is not giving up, however, but can he hold off all of Omega Pharma? Nope. He swings wide and lets the field come through.

  91. 11:37:50 PDT

    Bissell is moving up on the outside, following Trek, who work for Danny van Poppel.

  92. 11:38:10 PDT

    The bunch is all over the road as riders try to get their lead-outs sorted. Bissell at the front.

  93. 11:38:37 PDT

    We've been consistenly impressed with the team of Axel Merckx - he's taught them well, and they're fearless in front of WorldTour teams.

  94. 11:39:00 PDT

    Sagan is quite a ways back, but moving up with a teammate.

  95. 11:39:28 PDT

    Two Cannondale riders are now with Sagan, as Bissell swings off and BMC takes over> Hushovd is right up front.

  96. 11:39:52 PDT

    No team has total control, and the peloton is still 5 riders wide as they head to 2km to go.

  97. 11:40:17 PDT

    Phinney is there with Hushovd, wanting to get it right this time after yesterday's narrow miss.

  98. 11:40:43 PDT

    Cavendish is sitting on the wheels, and we have an attack on the left at 1km to go.

  99. 11:41:09 PDT

    They've got four lanes to sprint in, and the teams are jockeying left and right . Giant at the front now.

  100. 11:41:22 PDT

    This is a sprint of pure power and we favor Degenkolb.

  101. 11:41:36 PDT

    Cavendish is coming on the left, Sagan on the right.

  102. 11:41:59 PDT

    Degenkolb makes a charge on the right but he cannot get it! Cavendish shows his class with a second fine sprint victory.

  103. 11:43:08 PDT

    It was Sagan in third, he gets to keep that green jersey, with Goss, Hushovd, Van Poppel and Boom behind.

  104. 11:43:57 PDT

    Sagan is an amazing rider, but he has become more versatile than just focusing on being a pure sprinter, so he lacks a little bit of speed on riders like Cavendish.

  105. 11:45:25 PDT

    Your top 10:

    1 Mark Cavendish (GBr) Omega Pharma - Quick-Step Cycling Team 2:53:50
    2 John Degenkolb (Ger) Team Giant-Shimano
    3 Peter Sagan (Svk) Cannondale
    4 Matthew Harley Goss (Aus) Orica Greenedge
    5 Danny Van Poppel (Ned) Trek Factory Racing
    6 Thor Hushovd (Nor) BMC Racing Team
    7 Lars Boom (Ned) Belkin Pro Cycling Team
    8 Zakkari Dempster (Aus) Team NetApp - Endura
    9 Alex Howes (USA) Garmin Sharp
    10 Kiel Reijnen (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team

  106. 11:47:55 PDT

    Final general classification

    1 Bradley Wiggins (GBr) Team Sky 28:22:05
    2 Rohan Dennis (Aus) Garmin Sharp 0:00:30
    3 Lawson Craddock (USA) Team Giant-Shimano 0:01:48
    4 Tiago Machado (Por) Team NetApp-Endura 0:02:02
    5 Adam Yates (GBr) Orica GreenEdge 0:02:14
    6 Peter Stetina (USA) BMC Racing Team 0:02:30
    7 Johan Esteban Chaves Rubio (Col) Orica GreenEdge 0:02:39
    8 Laurens Ten Dam (Ned) Belkin Pro Cycling Team 0:03:01
    9 Javier Alexis Acevedo Colle (Col) Garmin Sharp 0:03:05
    10 David De La Cruz Melgarejo (Spa) Team NetApp-Endura 0:03:06

  107. 11:48:45 PDT

    Wiggins gets to take home the overall victory, with Rohan Dennis in second and Lawson Craddock third. The Giant-Shimano rider is also the best young rider. Mountains classification goes to Will Routley who led from start to finish, and the green jersey goes to Sagan.

  108. 11:50:13 PDT

    Cavendish is going to look at the replay tonight and see how close he came to losing to Degenkolb, thanks to a slightly premature victory salute. 

  109. 11:52:21 PDT

    Congratulations to Sir Bradley Wiggins on his victory here, and to all of our jersey winners and, to be honest, the riders who simply survived this race. It was a tough week with crazy high temperatures and hard stages.

  110. 11:53:31 PDT

    Thank you for following the Tour of California with Cyclingnews. Be sure to check back for the full report, results and photos here.

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