Nishitani nabs penultimate stage

Sohrabi continues as GC leader

Taiji Nishitani (Japan) won his first-ever Tour de Taiwan stage as he prevailed in the field sprint at the end of stage eight in Hualien. The Japanese rider topped 2010 Tour de Taiwan champion David McCann (Giant Kenda Cycling Team) and Takeaki Ayabe (Japan) for the victory.

"I have been coming to the Tour de Taiwan for four times before this and this is my first win. I'm ecstatic," said Nishitani. "Before the start, I had a feeling that I can win the race and I wanted to raise both arms in jubilation. Unfortunately, at the end today, I could only raise one arm which was good enough, I suppose."

Mehdi Sohrabi (Tabriz Petrochemical Team) remains in the overall lead with one stage remaining. The 30-year-old Iranian has a six-second advantage over teammate Markus Eibegger while third-placed David McCann cut his deficit to 18 seconds with the time bonuses won during the stage.

"Today was tough as usual where several teams attacked but my team worked really hard to make sure that there was no danger," said Sohrabi. "Tomorrow, I expect more of the same where teams will be working hard to take the yellow jersey from me. But I think that we can take them on."

The Tour de Taiwan concludes on Monday with a 117km stage from Yilan to Yangmingshan, at the edge of Taipei City

Full Results
1Taiji Nishitani (Jpn) Japan4:06:21 
2David McCann (Irl) Giant Kenda Cycling Team  
3Takeaki Ayabe (Jpn) Japan  
4Fan Hsin Chu (Tpe) Giant Kenda Cycling Team  
5Adam Semple (Aus) Drapac  
6Chun-Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team  
7Alex Candelario (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth  
8Junpei Murakami (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team  
9Hsin-Hua Huang (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan  
10Mehdi Sohrabi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team  
11Roger Beuchat (Swi) Champion System  
12Ying Hon Yeung (HKg) Hong Kong  
13Chun Hing Chan (HKg) Hong Kong  
14Adam Phelan (Aus) Drapac  
15Jai Crawford (Aus) Giant Kenda Cycling Team  
16Guillaume Bourgeois (Swi) Champion System  
17Yuzuru Suzuki (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team  
18Peng Da Jiao (Chn) Max Success Sports  
19Burger Leon (Ned) Netherlands  
20Miyataka Shimizu (Jpn) Japan  
21Chi Ho Yuen (HKg) Hong Kong  
22Rhys Pollock (Aus) Drapac  
23Vries, De Harm (Ned) Netherlands  
24Hyosuk Gong (Kor) Korea  
25Hossein Askari (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team  
26Alex Coutts (GBr) Giant Kenda Cycling Team  
27Bambang Suryadi (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice  
28Shih-Chang Huang (Tpe) Action Cycling Team  
29Ben Greenwood (GBr) Rapha Condor - Sharp  
30Ryota Nishizono (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team  
31Kyung Gu Jang (Kor) Korea  
32Wai Man Chau (HKg) Champion System  
33Henry Frusto (Ita) d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo  
34Lachlan Norris (Aus) Drapac  
35Junya Sano (Jpn) d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo  
36Shinichi Fukushima (Jpn) Japan  
37Ryan Sherlock (Irl) Giant Kenda Cycling Team  
38Markus Eibegger (Aut) Tabriz Petrochemical Team  
39Hayato Yoshida (Jpn) Japan  
40Daniel Bowman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth  
41Behnam Khalili Khosroshahi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:00:09 
42Michael Creed (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:00:13 
43Ghader Mizbani Eranagh (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team  
44Tom Southam (GBr) Rapha Condor - Sharp  
45Michael Friedman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:00:25 
46Kazuki Aoyanagi (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team0:01:34 
47Julian Kyer (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:10:44 
48James McCallum (GBr) Rapha Condor - Sharp  
49Chia-Chun Chen (Tpe) Exustar Cycling Team  
50Eun Seong Jeong (Kor) Korea  
51Kam Po Wong (HKg) Hong Kong  
52Amir Rusli (Mas) Drapac  
53Mohd Rauf Nur Misbah (Mas) Malaysia  
54Po-Hung Wu (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan  
55Hao Liu (Chn) Max Success Sports  
56Sea Keong Loh (Mas) Malaysia  
57En Huang (Chn) Max Success Sports  
58Che-Wei Hu (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan  
59Wei-Cheng Lee (Tpe) Action Cycling Team  
60Hui Zhang (Chn) Max Success Sports  
61Chan Jae Jang (Kor) Korea  
62Rico Rogers (NZl) Giant Kenda Cycling Team  
63Siu Wah Ko (HKg) Hong Kong  
64Kin San Wu (HKg) Champion System  
65Yusuke Hatanaka (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team  
66Mart Ojavee (Est) Champion System  
67Kenji Itami (Jpn) Japan  
68Jaan Kirsipuu (Est) Champion System  
69Boris Shpilevskiy (Rus) Tabriz Petrochemical Team  
70Floris Goesinnen (Ned) Drapac0:10:51 
71Bernardo Riccio (Ita) d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo  
72Sung Baek Park (Kor) Korea  
73Dean Downing (GBr) Rapha Condor - Sharp  
74Shih-Hsin Hsiao (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:16:11 
75Kun-Hung Hung (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan0:16:12 
76Michael Sherer (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:16:13 
77Vriend Rudy (Ned) Netherlands  
78Suhardi Hassan (Mas) Malaysia0:16:16 
79Mohd Faris Abdul Razak (Mas) Malaysia  
80Springintveld Joost (Ned) Netherlands  
81Wel Van Ruud (Ned) Netherlands  
82Kun Jiang (Chn) Max Success Sports0:16:18 
83Cheng-Yen Chen (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan0:16:19 
84Shinri Suzuki (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team0:16:20 
85Yi-Hao Tseng (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan0:16:26 
86Davide Torosantucci (Ita) d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo0:16:28 
87Herwin Jaya (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice0:18:02 
DNFYat Wai Chan (HKg) Hong Kong  
DNFDean Windsor (Aus) Rapha Condor - Sharp  
DNFSai Fei Xue (Chn) Max Success Sports  
DNFWen-Lung Chien (Tpe) Exustar Cycling Team  
Sprint 1 - East Coast National Scenic Area, 35.9km
1Peng Da Jiao (Chn) Max Success Sports5pts
2Michael Friedman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth3 
3Kazuki Aoyanagi (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team2 
4Ying Hon Yeung (HKg) Hong Kong1 
Sprint 2 - Guanfu Train Station, 128.7km
1Miyataka Shimizu (Jpn) Japan5pts
2Michael Creed (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth3 
3Hossein Askari (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team2 
4Ghader Mizbani Eranagh (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team1 
Mountain 1 - Route 30-29k (Cat. 1) 71.8km
1Ying Hon Yeung (HKg) Hong Kong8pts
2Peng Da Jiao (Chn) Max Success Sports6 
3Kazuki Aoyanagi (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team5 
4Michael Friedman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth3 
5Hyosuk Gong (Kor) Korea2 
6Jai Crawford (Aus) Giant Kenda Cycling Team1 
Mountain 2 - Xianghe Tea Garden (Cat. 3) 102.3km
1Shinichi Fukushima (Jpn) Japan3pts
2Hyosuk Gong (Kor) Korea2 
3Ying Hon Yeung (HKg) Hong Kong1 
Mountain 3 - Carp Lake Visitor Center (Cat. 3) 185.8km
1Taiji Nishitani (Jpn) Japan3pts
2David McCann (Irl) Giant Kenda Cycling Team2 
3Takeaki Ayabe (Jpn) Japan1 
1Giant Kenda Cycling Team12:19:03 
4Hong Kong  
5Shimano Racing Team  
6Champion System  
7Tabriz Petrochemical Team  
8Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:00:13 
9Action Cycling Team0:10:44 
10d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo0:10:51 
11Rapha Condor - Sharp0:10:57 
13Team Senter-Merida Taiwan0:21:28 
14Max Success Sports  
General classification after stage 8
1Mehdi Sohrabi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team24:24:46 
2Markus Eibegger (Aut) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:00:06 
3David McCann (Irl) Giant Kenda Cycling Team0:00:18 
4Rhys Pollock (Aus) Drapac0:01:13 
5Adam Phelan (Aus) Drapac0:01:30 
6Lachlan Norris (Aus) Drapac0:01:34 
7Junya Sano (Jpn) d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo0:01:35 
8Junpei Murakami (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team0:01:37 
9Daniel Bowman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:01:40 
10Henry Frusto (Ita) d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo0:01:41 
11Hossein Askari (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:01:43 
12Yuzuru Suzuki (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team  
13Jai Crawford (Aus) Giant Kenda Cycling Team  
14Hayato Yoshida (Jpn) Japan0:01:44 
15Chun Hing Chan (HKg) Hong Kong0:01:45 
16Peng Da Jiao (Chn) Max Success Sports0:01:46 
17Hyosuk Gong (Kor) Korea  
18Adam Semple (Aus) Drapac0:02:13 
19Alex Candelario (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:02:17 
20Takeaki Ayabe (Jpn) Japan0:02:18 
21Alex Coutts (GBr) Giant Kenda Cycling Team0:02:23 
22Ying Hon Yeung (HKg) Hong Kong0:02:26 
23Ryota Nishizono (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team  
24Hsin-Hua Huang (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan0:02:27 
25Miyataka Shimizu (Jpn) Japan0:02:28 
26Kyung Gu Jang (Kor) Korea0:02:29 
27Chi Ho Yuen (HKg) Hong Kong0:02:32 
28Chun-Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:02:35 
29Wai Man Chau (HKg) Champion System0:03:57 
30Taiji Nishitani (Jpn) Japan0:04:40 
31Kazuki Aoyanagi (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team0:05:05 
32Ghader Mizbani Eranagh (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:05:27 
33Shih-Chang Huang (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:07:11 
34Michael Friedman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:07:29 
35Ryan Sherlock (Irl) Giant Kenda Cycling Team0:08:38 
36Burger Leon (Ned) Netherlands0:09:00 
37Tom Southam (GBr) Rapha Condor - Sharp0:10:46 
38Floris Goesinnen (Ned) Drapac0:11:42 
39Chan Jae Jang (Kor) Korea0:12:51 
40Po-Hung Wu (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan0:13:04 
41Kam Po Wong (HKg) Hong Kong0:13:05 
42Kenji Itami (Jpn) Japan0:13:13 
43Wei-Cheng Lee (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:13:43 
44Kin San Wu (HKg) Champion System0:13:54 
45Mohd Rauf Nur Misbah (Mas) Malaysia0:13:56 
46Ben Greenwood (GBr) Rapha Condor - Sharp0:14:30 
47Amir Rusli (Mas) Drapac0:14:49 
48En Huang (Chn) Max Success Sports0:14:55 
49Vries, De Harm (Ned) Netherlands0:15:13 
50Sea Keong Loh (Mas) Malaysia0:15:27 
51Yusuke Hatanaka (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team0:15:42 
52Fan Hsin Chu (Tpe) Giant Kenda Cycling Team0:16:14 
53Sung Baek Park (Kor) Korea0:16:25 
54Shinri Suzuki (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team0:17:53 
55Michael Creed (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:17:57 
56Davide Torosantucci (Ita) d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo0:18:11 
57Julian Kyer (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:20:15 
58Roger Beuchat (Swi) Champion System0:20:59 
59Hui Zhang (Chn) Max Success Sports0:21:47 
60Eun Seong Jeong (Kor) Korea0:23:15 
61Chia-Chun Chen (Tpe) Exustar Cycling Team0:23:19 
62Mohd Faris Abdul Razak (Mas) Malaysia0:26:01 
63Behnam Khalili Khosroshahi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:27:41 
64Shih-Hsin Hsiao (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:27:52 
65Guillaume Bourgeois (Swi) Champion System0:28:07 
66Kun-Hung Hung (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan0:28:11 
67Che-Wei Hu (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan0:28:34 
68Hao Liu (Chn) Max Success Sports0:29:21 
69Dean Downing (GBr) Rapha Condor - Sharp0:29:58 
70Kun Jiang (Chn) Max Success Sports0:31:26 
71Mart Ojavee (Est) Champion System0:31:42 
72Shinichi Fukushima (Jpn) Japan0:35:16 
73Bambang Suryadi (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice0:35:33 
74Springintveld Joost (Ned) Netherlands0:36:03 
75Herwin Jaya (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice0:36:09 
76Jaan Kirsipuu (Est) Champion System0:37:31 
77Yi-Hao Tseng (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan0:40:17 
78James McCallum (GBr) Rapha Condor - Sharp0:40:43 
79Vriend Rudy (Ned) Netherlands0:41:12 
80Wel Van Ruud (Ned) Netherlands0:41:57 
81Bernardo Riccio (Ita) d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo0:45:33 
82Cheng-Yen Chen (Tpe) Team Senter-Merida Taiwan0:46:29 
83Siu Wah Ko (HKg) Hong Kong0:46:31 
84Rico Rogers (NZl) Giant Kenda Cycling Team0:49:42 
85Boris Shpilevskiy (Rus) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:52:40 
86Suhardi Hassan (Mas) Malaysia0:56:00 
87Michael Sherer (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth1:04:17 
Points classification
1Mart Ojavee (Est) Champion System39pts
2Chan Jae Jang (Kor) Korea30 
3Mehdi Sohrabi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team20 
4Rhys Pollock (Aus) Drapac11 
5Michael Sherer (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth10 
6Lachlan Norris (Aus) Drapac9 
7Jaan Kirsipuu (Est) Champion System9 
8Mohd Rauf Nur Misbah (Mas) Malaysia8 
9Roger Beuchat (Swi) Champion System8 
10David McCann (Irl) Giant Kenda Cycling Team7 
11Markus Eibegger (Aut) Tabriz Petrochemical Team6 
12Shinichi Fukushima (Jpn) Japan5 
13Peng Da Jiao (Chn) Max Success Sports5 
14Miyataka Shimizu (Jpn) Japan5 
15Wai Man Chau (HKg) Champion System5 
16Sea Keong Loh (Mas) Malaysia5 
17Herwin Jaya (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice5 
18Vriend Rudy (Ned) Netherlands5 
19Michael Creed (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth5 
20Jai Crawford (Aus) Giant Kenda Cycling Team4 
21Ghader Mizbani Eranagh (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team4 
22Michael Friedman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth4 
23Kam Po Wong (HKg) Hong Kong3 
24Bernardo Riccio (Ita) d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo3 
25Boris Shpilevskiy (Rus) Tabriz Petrochemical Team3 
26Hossein Askari (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team2 
27Chun-Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team2 
28Kazuki Aoyanagi (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team2 
29Dean Downing (GBr) Rapha Condor - Sharp2 
30Yuzuru Suzuki (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team1 
31Ying Hon Yeung (HKg) Hong Kong1 
32Behnam Khalili Khosroshahi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team1 
33Kun Jiang (Chn) Max Success Sports1 
Mountains classification
1Mehdi Sohrabi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team33pts
2Ying Hon Yeung (HKg) Hong Kong18 
3Shinichi Fukushima (Jpn) Japan14 
4Hyosuk Gong (Kor) Korea13 
5Markus Eibegger (Aut) Tabriz Petrochemical Team11 
6Chun-Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team11 
7Kam Po Wong (HKg) Hong Kong8 
8Rhys Pollock (Aus) Drapac8 
9Peng Da Jiao (Chn) Max Success Sports7 
10Kyung Gu Jang (Kor) Korea6 
11Hossein Askari (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team6 
12Mart Ojavee (Est) Champion System6 
13Kazuki Aoyanagi (Jpn) Shimano Racing Team5 
14David McCann (Irl) Giant Kenda Cycling Team4 
15Herwin Jaya (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice4 
16Lachlan Norris (Aus) Drapac4 
17Adam Semple (Aus) Drapac3 
18Taiji Nishitani (Jpn) Japan3 
19Dean Downing (GBr) Rapha Condor - Sharp3 
20Michael Friedman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth3 
21Jaan Kirsipuu (Est) Champion System3 
22Sung Baek Park (Kor) Korea2 
23Bambang Suryadi (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice2 
24Bernardo Riccio (Ita) d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo2 
25Takeaki Ayabe (Jpn) Japan1 
26Chi Ho Yuen (HKg) Hong Kong1 
27Chan Jae Jang (Kor) Korea1 
28Adam Phelan (Aus) Drapac1 
29Alex Coutts (GBr) Giant Kenda Cycling Team1 
30Ghader Mizbani Eranagh (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team1 
31Henry Frusto (Ita) d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo1 
32Jai Crawford (Aus) Giant Kenda Cycling Team1 
Teams classification
1Tabriz Petrochemical Team73:16:46 
3Giant Kenda Cycling Team0:02:01 
4Shimano Racing Team0:02:25 
6Hong Kong0:04:06 
7Champion System0:04:14 
8Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:08:03 
9d'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo0:13:13 
11Action Cycling Team0:21:02 
12Max Success Sports0:27:06 
13Team Senter-Merida Taiwan0:28:05 
14Rapha Condor - Sharp0:29:04 
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