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Daniel Benson

Hello and welcome to Cyclingnews' live coverage from the Tour de Suisse. It's the final stage today, a 26.9km individual test around Liestal.

  1. 13:02:59 BST

    The profile for today's stage is pretty straight forward. The riders will climb gradually for the first 11.4 km before descending down towards the finish. There's around 200 meters of climbing in total. There's also a little rise just before the finish line.

  2. 13:05:07 BST

    Let's look at the top ten just to get an indication of how close things are:

    1 Robert Gesink (Ned) Rabobank 34:27:47
    2 Rigoberto Uran (Col) Caisse d'Epargne 0:00:29
    3 Steve Morabito (Swi) BMC Racing Team 0:00:36
    4 Fränk Schleck (Lux) Team Saxo Bank 0:00:38
    5 Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Team Katusha 0:00:42
    6 Matteo Carrara (Ita) Vacansoleil Pro Cycling Team 0:00:54
    7 Lance Armstrong (USA) Team Radioshack 0:00:55
    8 Oliver Zaugg (Swi) Liquigas-Doimo 0:01:01
    9 Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Team Saxo Bank 0:01:17
    10 Thomas Lövkvist (Swe) Sky Professional Cycling Team 0:01:38

  3. 13:07:22 BST

    Armstrong is probably the best time trialist in the top ten. He'll need to bring back 2 seconds per km if he's to overhaul Gesink. It's possible, Gesink it's great against the clock but Armstrong isn't the same rider he was a few years back. In truth he's not put in a comparable time trial since his comeback.

  4. 13:11:00 BST

    Just off topic for a second, but Cyclingnews and Procycling are putting on an event in London tomorrow night. Expert panelists, pro riders, prize draw and Tour de France discussion. What more could you want? We still have a few spaces left and all the details are here.

  5. 13:11:58 BST

    Back to the action and we have our first finishers for today.

  6. 13:15:07 BST

    Our man Shane Stokes spoke to Mr Armstrong and asked if he thought he could win today:

    I would say yes, but my time trials have disappointed me in the last two years,” he told Eurosport. “But we'll see how it goes Sunday. I will do my best and I think the fact that there is only one race against the clock in the next Tour is a real chance. But I must be happy. I am almost 39 years, I am professional cyclist for 17 years and I'm still ahead, despite the nonsense I read in newspapers or on internet every day.”

    What do you think? Can Armstrong take the overall win? Is he even Gesink's biggest threat today? let me know at


  7. 13:17:19 BST

    Jason McCartney has just finished and set the best new time for today.

  8. 13:18:43 BST

    Fabian Cancellara, the favourite for the stage today will go off in around 30 minutes from now.

  9. 13:20:13 BST

    But keep an eye out for men like Vande Velde, the Shlecks, Tony Martin - riders who will use this as a test for their Tour de France form. We've not seen much from Vande Velde (Garmin-Transitions) so far in this race. He's of course coming back from a broken collar bone sustained in the Giro last month.

  10. 13:21:14 BST

    Bruseghin comes over the line and he's in fourth. That's a bit of a surprise, I thought today would have suited him, he's pretty handy against the clock.

  11. 13:27:41 BST

    Apologies, my ability to differentiate between time zones is appalling. Cancellara, the big favourite has just rolled down the start ramp. What time will the World Champion post today?

  12. 13:29:25 BST

    Ryder Hesjedal (Garmin-Transitions) has started the time trial. Does this guy ever get a break from racing? He'll probably make the Tour de France line-up too.

  13. 13:30:31 BST

    Former Tour de France winner Oscar Pereiro will start in a few minutes, as will Dave Zabriskie - another rider to watch ahead of this year's Tour de France.

  14. 13:31:33 BST

    Intermediate times are a little flaky at the moment but Thor Hushovd has set the best new time at the finish, Brett Lancaster 31 seconds down and McCartney a further three seconds down.

  15. 13:34:00 BST

    Jose Gutierrez starts in a few minutes as well. Former Spanish TT champion, what can he do today?

  16. 13:35:45 BST

    CyclingOpinion @dnlbenson with Armstrong's recent TT form, I expect Gesink to win the overall and do a good TT, maybe even challenge Armstrong's time.

  17. 13:37:35 BST

    Robbie Hunter crosses the line, 21 seconds down on Hushovd.

  18. 13:43:48 BST

    Marcus Burghardt, winner of two stages in the race so far, comes home in seventh spot. He'll drop down the leaderboard as more riders come in but the German has surely done enough to warrant a place in BMC's Tour de France line up.

  19. 13:46:08 BST

    Alessandro Ballan, yes he is riding here, comes home in first place, besting Hushovd by two seconds.

  20. 13:50:26 BST

    That's a good ride from Ballan who of course hasn't raced much since the Lampre investigation was launched. His team pulled him just before Roubaix but welcomed him back after no charges were leveled at the Italian.

  21. 13:51:17 BST

    Cancellara will be roughly ten minutes away from the finish.

  22. 13:55:44 BST

    Sandy Casar about to start his time trial. The Frenchman was on the attack yesterday. So was Tom Danielson and he'll start a few minutes after Casar.

  23. 13:57:27 BST

    Zabriskie is looking strong here. He's certainly giving it everything in us US national champs kit.

  24. 13:58:15 BST

    He looked a bit unsure of himself around that last corner though.

    Mollena now out on the course too. He did a huge amount of work for Gesink yesterday.

  25. 13:59:04 BST

    Cancellara comes home and puts up the best time. 1.03 ahead of Ballan and into first place.

  26. 14:00:38 BST

    Road are wet here so Zabriskie has to be careful as Barredo starts his time trial.

  27. 14:01:37 BST

    George Hincapie is on the road as well now.

    Zabriskie gets out the saddle. Can he challenge the time of Cancellara?

  28. 14:01:57 BST

    1k to go for Zabriskie.

  29. 14:02:25 BST

    Very wide around that corner but he's still going fast. 500 meters to go.

  30. 14:02:44 BST

    He could do it.

  31. 14:03:28 BST

    No. Second for Zabriskie. Those final 500 meters seemed to drag on forever.

  32. 14:04:59 BST

    The American finished 12 seconds down on Cancellara.

  33. 14:05:33 BST

    As Jeremy Roy go ahead of Hushovd and into fourth.

  34. 14:08:08 BST

    Maxime Monfort now on the road too. What does the belgian TT champ have left in the tank after yesterday's exploits?

  35. 14:13:27 BST

    Jens Voigt comes home, three minutes down on Cancellara. As Devolder sets off on his time trial.

  36. 14:14:18 BST

    Gustav Larrson is about to start. He won the final TT in the Giro this year so he'll have confidence and form. Here he goes.

  37. 14:15:19 BST

    A good ride from Poels, who now sits in third place, behind Cancellara and Zabriskie.

  38. 14:16:19 BST

    Kreuziger next down the ramp, Martin and Leipheimer next.

  39. 14:16:40 BST

    Chavanel comes home in twelfth place.

  40. 14:17:35 BST


    @dnlbenson @schleckfrank had same time as @lancearmstrong in the Stage1 TT. If they tie today, and both beat @rgupdate, Frank wins #tdsuisse

  41. 14:18:10 BST

    Martin now in the start house. adjusts his gloves, grips the bars an GO!

  42. 14:21:00 BST

    Monfort about to come up to the first time check and he's in 6th spot. Zabriskie was in fact the fastest rider at the top of the climb.

    Now Leipheimer starts.

  43. 14:23:02 BST

    Now it's Kloden. Andreas is still a good time trialist and could potentially challenge Cancellara. So far only two riders have finished within a minute of him.

  44. 14:24:25 BST

    Andy Schleck is about to start. He'll be looking for a top twenty ride today.

  45. 14:24:54 BST

    He had a good time trial in the Tour of Suisse last year and will be hoping for something similar.

  46. 14:27:59 BST

    Kreuziger, wearing 21 is now motoring along - no pun intended - he needs to pull something out of the bag before the Tour, purely to give himself some confidence.

  47. 14:29:09 BST

    Hincapie comes over the line in 7th.

  48. 14:31:55 BST

    Larsson  can only manage 6th best at the first time check as Kreuziger gets out of the saddle on the steeper section of the climb. Quite a few fans have braved the weather to be out there on the hill. Good on them.

  49. 14:32:11 BST

    Armstrong in the start house now.

  50. 14:32:32 BST

    3, 2, 1, Go.

  51. 14:33:14 BST

    He didnt seem happy with his gearing then but he's finally down in his aero position.

  52. 14:35:01 BST

    Remember Armstrong needs to pull back 2 seconds per kilometer if he's to wrestle the overall from Gesink.

  53. 14:36:36 BST

    Rodriguez, Kim Kirchen's roommate, is about to start.

  54. 14:38:01 BST

    Monfort coming to the finish now. Not a bad time at all considering how much work he did yesterday. Third on the line.

  55. 14:39:17 BST

    Kloden now coming up to the first time check. Not a fantastic ride form the German, who has the ninth best time.

    Here comes Frank Schleck down the start ramp.

  56. 14:40:47 BST

    Tony Martin looks very efficient on the bike as Morabito now starts.

  57. 14:42:39 BST

    Uran now about to start, so that means everyone but Gesink is on the road or has finished.

  58. 14:44:16 BST

    Armstrong weaving from either side of the road as he tries to find the best line. He's on the steeper section of the climb now as the yellow jersey starts the time trial.

  59. 14:45:42 BST

    No yellow skin suit for Gesink. he's even kept his orange helmet and overshoes. Nice.

  60. 14:47:17 BST

    Fuglsang is in the top ten at the time check, Armstrong now out of the saddle on the climb.

  61. 14:47:59 BST

    Larsson coming into the finish now. he wont beat Cancellara and has to settle for third.

  62. 14:49:12 BST

    We wont have any time checks on Gesink until he reaches the top of the climb.

  63. 14:50:25 BST

    Gesink, mouth stretched, as he tries to get every bit of oxygen into his body as possible, jumps out of the saddle on the climb.

  64. 14:51:24 BST

    Not really the time Kreuziger wanted, 1th but here comes Tony Martin and this could be good.

    It is, Tony Martin takes the lead.

  65. 14:51:59 BST

    Gesink doesn know he's allowed to sit down, right?

  66. 14:52:27 BST

    Martin has beaten Cancellara by 17 seconds. That's a big result for the German.

  67. 14:52:47 BST

    Armstrong over the climb now and powering it on the descent.

  68. 14:54:23 BST

    Leipheimer crosses the line in fifth.

  69. 14:55:30 BST

    Frank Schleck is 7th at the top the climb. Gesink looking smooth as he takes a sharp left hander.

  70. 14:56:15 BST

    Kloden coming to the finish and takes 4th.

  71. 14:57:02 BST

    Armstrong looked a bit sluggish at the start but he seems to be going well now. Gesink is now on the harder part of the climb.

  72. 14:59:31 BST

    Uran well down at the top of the climb.

  73. 15:00:28 BST

    Gesink coming to the top of the climb now. He's giving it everything.

  74. 15:01:56 BST

    Gesink 1.09 down on Zabriskie at the top of the climb

  75. 15:03:16 BST

    Armstrong isn't holding back here. He's giving it everything too.

  76. 15:04:03 BST

    Gesink is holding yellow though. Uran was well down on him.

  77. 15:04:46 BST

    Not far for the Texan now.

  78. 15:05:53 BST

    Here he comes to the finish.

  79. 15:06:06 BST

    Not a bad time at all.

  80. 15:06:21 BST

    100 meters to go.

  81. 15:06:41 BST

    11th best time for Armstrong.

  82. 15:07:38 BST

    All eyes on Gesink now.

  83. 15:10:04 BST

    Armstrong has put himself in a very strong position overall. He could even be leading the GC now. Frank Schleck is still out on the road though. Can he challenge?

  84. 15:12:07 BST

    Rodriguez comes in, well down though. Here comes Frank Schleck.

  85. 15:12:44 BST

    13th for Frank on the line.

  86. 15:14:10 BST

    Uran is near the finish now as Gesink continues to get in and out of the saddle as he tries to find more power.

  87. 15:15:11 BST

    Morabito is coming to the line now. He could still do some damage in the overall. 21st place for him in the time trial.

  88. 15:16:57 BST

    Gesink has jsut 1000 meters left. The roads are very very here so he has to be careful. Uran has just 400 meters to go now.

  89. 15:18:34 BST

    I think Gesink is going to lose this one here. it's going to be very, very close.

  90. 15:19:05 BST

    He's sprinting around each corner but it might not be enough.

  91. 15:19:26 BST

    he's lost too much time, surely.

  92. 15:20:39 BST

    2.18 down on Tony Martin for Gesink. Frank Schleck has done it. He's won the Tour de Suisse.

  93. 15:21:56 BST

    Armstrong should be second overall then, by around 12 seconds. Gesink  totally cracked in the second part of the time trial and finishes in 5th, 27 seconds down in GC.

  94. 15:22:33 BST

    Confirmation then:

    1 Schleck (SAX)
    2 Armstrong (RSH) +0:12
    3 Fuglsang (SX) +0:17
    4 Morabito (BMC) +0:23
    5 Gesink (RAB) +0:27
    6 Martin (THR) +0:27
    7 Uran (GCE) +0:33
    8 Kloden (RSH) +0:48
    9 Rodriguez (KAT) +1:09
    10 Leipheimer (RSH) +1:14

  95. 15:23:27 BST

    Well congrats to MI_Bike_Fan who tweeted in earlier with this:

    @dnlbenson @schleckfrank had same time as @lancearmstrong in the Stage1 TT. If they tie today, and both beat @rgupdate, Frank wins #tdsuisse

  96. 15:46:20 BST

    Thanks for joining us today for a dramatic end to the Tour de Suisse.

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