Tour de Suisse 2014

June 14-22, 2014, Bellinzona, Switzerland, Road - WorldTour

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Stephen Farrand

Live coverage of stage nine of the 2014 Tour de Suisse.

  1. 14:45:06 CEST

    Hello and welcome to live coverage of the final stage of the Tour de Suisse.

  2. 14:46:25 CEST

    This decisive stage is already underway, with the rider tackling the first of four climbs that will decide who is the final overall winner of this year's race.

  3. 14:51:19 CEST

    Sadly Fabian Cancellara (Trek Factory Racing) did not start today's final stage. He is still suffering from a bee sting on his arm during Friday's time trial.

  4. 14:54:28 CEST

    We have already seen several attacks as riders try to get into the break of the day.

  5. 14:57:34 CEST

    A group of 16 riders has formed on the first climb of the stage.

  6. 40km remaining from 157km

    14:59:17 CEST

    The 16 riders has a 25 second lead. This could be a hectic, super aggressive stage.

  7. 15:11:13 CEST

    There are reports of 18 or 19 riders now in the break. However the peloton is not letting them get away.

  8. 15:16:01 CEST

    The gap is now 55 seconds with the attack apparently down to ten riders.

  9. 15:18:07 CEST

    The attackers include: Ruben Plaza (Movistar),  Aliaksandr Kuchynski (Katusha), Christian Knees (Team Sky), Silvan Dillier (BMC), Maniuele Boaro (Tinkoff-Saxo) and Stef Clement (Belkin).    

  10. 15:20:12 CEST

    Also in the ten rider attack, are Sep Vanmarcke (Belkin), Andre Cardoso (Garmin-Sharp), Johann Tschopp (IAM Cycling) and Jeremy Roy (

  11. 57km remaining from 157km

    15:21:26 CEST

    The race is now on the second climb of the day but the peloton is still trying to chase them down. 

  12. 15:32:35 CEST

    The riders are close to the top of the climb. Some on else could try to jump across to the 10-rider break.

  13. 15:40:46 CEST

    As we suspected, several riders have jumped across to the 10 rider up front. It is also now raining on the race, adding another factor to the battle on the road.

  14. 15:52:15 CEST

    Also in the attack are Arnold Jeannesson (, Sander Armee (Lotto Belisol), Danilo Wyss, Steve Morabito (BMC), Oliver Zaugg (Tinkoff-Saxo), Andy Schleck (Trek Factory Racing) and Georg Preidler (Giant-Shimano).

  15. 80km remaining from 157km

    15:56:01 CEST

    The sky is still grey but it has stopped raining.

  16. 15:56:51 CEST

    The break has gone through the feed zone, grabbing their feed bags at speed before quickly powering on.

  17. 15:57:08 CEST

    The gap to the peloton is 1:25.

  18. 16:09:02 CEST

    Just after the half-way point in the stage, the 17-rider break has a lead of 1:25.

  19. 16:11:13 CEST

    There are five Swiss riders in the break of the day, chasing a special final victory on home roads.

  20. 16:16:44 CEST

    Tony Martin's Omega Pharma-QuikcStep team cannot let this break go away. Steve Morabito (BMC) is best placed overall, only 3:05 behind the German.

  21. 55km remaining from 157km

    16:25:24 CEST

    The peloton is lined out as it tries to chase the breakaway. The next climb is about to begin and so it could be a breaking point in the race.

  22. 16:34:03 CEST

    The riders in the break have begun to attack each other.

  23. 16:36:38 CEST

    Indeed the break is splitting on the climb. Only the strongest will survive.

  24. 16:40:31 CEST

    Behind the peloton is also exploding. Matthias Frank (IAM Cycling), Rui Costa (Lampre-Merida) and Bauke Mollema (Belkin) have jumped away, as others suffer.

  25. 16:41:02 CEST

    Martin is trying to limit his losses but has already used up most of his teammates.

  26. 16:44:49 CEST

    Riders from the break are dropping back to help the Frank, Costa and Mollema trio. Vanmarcke and Marcel Wyss are there to help. 

  27. 16:47:24 CEST

    The attackers from the peloton have joined the main break, using their teammates to distance race leader and his group.

  28. 16:49:05 CEST

    Belkin and IAM CYcling are driving the break clear. They've passed the top of the climb and grab a bottle before the descent. 

  29. 16:50:13 CEST

    Tony Martin's group is 1:25.

  30. 16:50:56 CEST

    Martin has moved off the front and seems close to giving up on overall victory.

  31. 16:58:12 CEST

    The climb to the finish is 20km long and will reveal who can win the Tour de Suisse.

  32. 16:58:51 CEST

    The front group is screaming along and increasing the gap.

  33. 16:59:45 CEST

    There are 13 riders left up front. Andy Schleck (Trek Factory Racing) is no longer there and other riders have been dropped.

  34. 17:02:32 CEST

    Tom Dumoulin (Giant-Shimano) has also missed the attack and so his teammate Priedler has dropped back from the break to give him a hand. He will need it.

  35. 17:08:45 CEST

    The chase is taking place on the descent but the gap is up to 2:15.

  36. 17:11:08 CEST

    Tony Martin has found some help from other teams but he's facing a mammoth task to save his race lead.

  37. 24km remaining from 157km

    17:11:59 CEST

    But the chase group seems to have eased and the gap increases to 2:20.

  38. 17:12:31 CEST

    The climb to the finish begins in four kilometres.

  39. 17:17:20 CEST

    Martin gets some help from Giant-Shimano and Louis Meintjes (MTN - Qhubeka). 

  40. 17:17:56 CEST

    As it stands, Rui Costa is on track to take the overall victory. He is best placed overall of the riders in the front group.

  41. 17:18:39 CEST

    Matthias FRank (IAM Cycling) is nine seconds behind, with Mollema at 36 seconds.

  42. 18km remaining from 157km

    17:23:38 CEST

    The gap remains at 2:00 as the gradient of the climb begins to bite.

  43. 17:30:51 CEST

    There only nine riders up front now. But Tony Martin refuses to go down without a fight. He is riding on the front and the gap is down to 1:50.

  44. 12km remaining from 157km

    17:38:41 CEST

    Martin is riding a person time trial on the front of the chase group. The gap i down to 1:40.

  45. 17:39:15 CEST

    or now, nobody up front is showing their hand. This will be a poker game until the final kilometres.

  46. 10km remaining from 157km

    17:46:04 CEST

    The riders are in a short tunnel, with Marcel Wyss (IAM Cycling) doing a massive turn on the front.

  47. 17:46:28 CEST

    The gap has opened to 2:10 as Wyss powers away on the front.

  48. 17:49:13 CEST

    Behind the attacks have begun, with Eros Capecchi (Movistar) going away and sparking a chase by Roman Kreuziger (Tinkoff-Saxo).

  49. 8km remaining from 157km

    17:51:12 CEST

    Martin catches the attackers but Kreziger is upping the pace as he tries to protect his own GC position.

    The gap is only 1:40 now.

  50. 17:52:52 CEST

    up front Wyss is still working hard, as the gradient eases. No doubt the decisive attacks will come in the final kilometres as the road kicks up again.

  51. 17:53:35 CEST

    Martin refuses to give up. He's trying to time trial his way back up to the front group and so limit his time losses.

  52. 5km remaining from 157km

    17:55:25 CEST

    Costa looks strong as he prepares for the final showdown for overall victory.

  53. 17:57:08 CEST

    Wyss is still working on the front for his IAM Cycling teammate. Can Frank take over, gain the nine seconds he needs on Costa and win the Tour de Suisse?

  54. 17:58:22 CEST

    Wyss pulls over and Frank accelerates. But Costa and Mollema are going after him.

  55. 17:58:53 CEST

    Behind other riders are suffering and trying to limit their losses.

  56. 18:00:01 CEST

    Now Costa opens a gap with a strong surge. Zaugg (tinkoff-Saxo) is also fighting back but the gaps are opening.

  57. 2km remaining from 157km

    18:00:43 CEST

    Costa is committed and is trying to win the stage and the overall classification.

  58. 18:01:15 CEST

    Mollema is suffering and has lost some ground but he's still fighting for a place on the final podium.

  59. 18:02:15 CEST

    Tony Martin is close to 2:00 back and so has lost any chance of victory.

  60. 18:02:40 CEST

    The climb ends very soon, with a short descent to the finish area.

  61. 18:03:21 CEST

    Last kilometre.

  62. 18:05:29 CEST

    Costa is about to win the stage and the overall classification. It will be his first win as world champion.

  63. 18:06:05 CEST

    Costa gets the cheers as he rides to the finish.

  64. 18:06:38 CEST

    He celebrates with his arms in the air!

  65. 18:07:15 CEST

    Mollema takes second at 15 seconds but Frank is not far behind and defends second overall behind Costa.

  66. 18:07:36 CEST

    Wow. What a stage, what a race.

  67. 18:08:19 CEST

    Frank was actually ahead of Mollema in sight of the finish but lost his chain for a moment.

  68. 18:09:33 CEST

    Tony Martin loses more than two minutes and so losses his leader's yellow jersey to Costa.

  69. 18:09:52 CEST

    Race number 13 proved unlucky for Tony Martin.

  70. 18:20:27 CEST

    Costa pointed to himself and pointed out he was number one as he crossed the line.

  71. 18:22:26 CEST

    Costa pulls on the yellow jersey as the winner of the 2014 Tour de Suisse. He is joined on the podium by Frank and Mollema.

  72. 18:23:48 CEST

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