Tour de Romandie 2011

April 26 - May 1, 2011, Martigny (ITT), SUI, Road - UPT (ProTour)

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Daniel Benson

Hello and welcome to Cyclingnews's live coverage from the Tour de Romandie. Today it's stage two from Romont to Romont. As you can see we're using a new live system today.

  1. 13:32:49 UTC

    This is our first time using the new blimp/live tool so bear with us. We'll try and iron out any bugs as they crop up.

  2. 13:34:09 UTC

    Like a brand new car I'm going to press all the buttons at once and see what they do. Apologies in advance.

  3. 13:36:29 UTC

    Wow. Things are actually happening. Sorry, this is already turning into an inner monlogue. I'll get to the racing very shortly.

  4. 13:40:01 UTC

    • Break

    So we have two riders up the road at the moment, Kern and  Bouet

  5. 13:43:08 UTC

    The two leaders have a gap of 2.25.

  6. 13:46:26 UTC

    Earlier today Ben Hermans from Radioshack abandoned the race. He's had a very good spring already but we're unsure as to why he left the race. As soon as we know we'll pass it on.

  7. 78km remaining from 171.8km

    13:48:12 UTC

    78km of racing left in today's stage

  8. 13:51:29 UTC

    Christophe Kern (Europecar)

    Here's a picture of Kern. Obviously not from today.

  9. 13:53:48 UTC

    Both Europcar and AG2R will be happy with how the race is unfolding.

  10. 13:58:52 UTC

    The lead is continuing to grow for the two men up the road. They've now got 2.55 on the bunch.

  11. 14:04:53 UTC

    While back in the bunch Katusha are doing all the work for the race leader Brutt. Rabobank are also in the mix and helping to set the pace.

  12. 14:07:55 UTC

    Showers on the road an the riders aren't taking many risks at the moment, happy to let the two men stay out there in front.

    Can't imagine they'll be allowed to stay out there for much longer though.

  13. 14:10:03 UTC

    The gap coming down now. It's 1.47.

  14. 14:11:06 UTC

    The bunch made an error yesterday in giving the break too much room. With that in mind they were never likely to make the same mistake again.

  15. 14:13:46 UTC

    Brutt just sitting in and taking things easy. Katusha do have a lot of strong riders. That come into play at the Giro for sure. If someone like Rodriguez can take the lead there he'll have a lot of support from his team on the flat and in the hills.

  16. 38km remaining from 171.8km

    14:15:17 UTC

    BMC coming to the front now, moving their man Evans closer to the action. We've got one climb left to go before the finish.

  17. 14:20:27 UTC

    Liquigas up to the front as well. The gap still stable.

  18. 14:23:19 UTC

    The bunch all strung out so the pace is picking up with Liquigas moving up

  19. 14:26:27 UTC

    Thanks for all your positive tweets. They only show up on my monitor if I'm following you. So lots for me to be getting on with after today's finish.

  20. 14:27:04 UTC

    A real Giro warm up for the Liquigas team who were so strong in their national tour last year.

  21. 29km remaining from 171.8km

    14:29:38 UTC

    29km to race, and the gap coming down, but slowly. It's at 1.16 so the leaders are within catching distance.

  22. 14:33:03 UTC

    Movistar helping with the chase, three of their men up at the front to help Liquigas. Katusha happy to let the others do the work ahead of the final big climb before the finish.

  23. 14:34:26 UTC

    Less than a minute for the two leaders. 48 seconds. it's almost all over.

  24. 14:35:23 UTC

    Basso right at the back of the bunch. That's not where he wants to be.

  25. 14:37:28 UTC

    Lampre up there too as Vino and Roman K move up. Rabon for HTC is leading the field.

  26. 14:37:44 UTC

    33 seconds and the bunch has put the hammer down

  27. 14:38:35 UTC

    As Astana move to the head of affairs.

  28. 14:39:58 UTC

    The leaders just a few seconds ahead. Who will be the first to attack from the bunch?

  29. 14:41:25 UTC

    As Shack move up. There's Cunego too as a number of riders drop off the back, the pace too high.

  30. 14:41:48 UTC

    And the leaders have been caught with 20km to race

  31. 14:42:55 UTC

    Wiggins near the back of the bunch. Danielson is up near the front, on the wheel of Evans

  32. 14:43:05 UTC

    And Tony Martin has attacked

  33. 14:43:33 UTC

    He's joined by Sylvester Szmyd

  34. 14:44:50 UTC

    Not a huge gap but Martin doing most of the work, as Astana lead the chase.

  35. 14:45:37 UTC

    Brutt is struggling but still hanging in there.

  36. 14:45:50 UTC

    As Martin still leads the race

  37. 14:47:17 UTC

    Martin looks back and sees that it's not going to work

  38. 14:48:01 UTC

    Roman K, working for Vino today is doing all the work on the front

  39. 18km remaining from 171.8km

    14:49:11 UTC

    Brutt is certainly hurting here so there's a good opportunity to drop him. The bunch are lined out but we've not seen any of the favourites launch an attack. The pace from Astana is too much perhaps.

  40. 14:50:38 UTC

    Brutt has gone. He's lost contact.

  41. 14:50:53 UTC

    Karpets is dragging him up the climb

  42. 14:51:10 UTC

    But he's lost around 20 seconds already.

  43. 14:52:33 UTC

    Vino having some food in the lead group as Brutt heads over the climb, roughly 50 seconds down.

  44. 16km remaining from 171.8km

    14:53:28 UTC

    16 to go,Evans, Cunego, Vino, Roman K all here.

  45. 14:53:52 UTC

    Leopard have riders up here as well, Shack as well.

  46. 14:57:05 UTC

    Gerdemann doing the work on the front. Brutt is going to have to work some if he's going to keep his jersey.

  47. 14:58:13 UTC

    The German looks back on the downhill to see who he's got with him.

  48. 14:58:26 UTC

    And a big attack from a Leopard rider

  49. 14:58:56 UTC

    Nicely set up by the German. The pace dropped and Thomas Rohregger (Aut) attacks.

  50. 14:59:13 UTC

    He's got 9 km to go.

  51. 14:59:43 UTC

    He's joined by a rider from Garmin-Cervelo. They've got a gap of 50 meters.

  52. 15:00:16 UTC

    And an Euskatel rider joins the party and Roman K is also coming across.

  53. 15:01:13 UTC

    Stetina is the Garmin rider and it's Txurruka and Cunego and Cioni are there too.

  54. 15:01:26 UTC

    And Vino is coming up

  55. 15:02:02 UTC

    They're all looking at each other and now Danielson, comes from no where and attacks. Nice move from the American

  56. 15:02:41 UTC

    Brutt meanwhile is over a minute down. These attacks aren't helping him either.

  57. 15:03:37 UTC

    Sky has a number of men in the is big group too.

    Cioni attacks, Danielson has been caught.

  58. 15:04:44 UTC

    Four men clear of the bunch. Cioni is there, Millar too.

  59. 15:04:56 UTC

    5km to go and they've got a good gap.

  60. 15:05:19 UTC

    Cherel and Costa  there too

  61. 15:05:49 UTC

    It's all downhill from now.

  62. 15:06:06 UTC

    These four look pretty good and Millar attacks

  63. 15:06:19 UTC

    Cioni is trying to chase him.

  64. 15:06:41 UTC

    Cioni isn't getting any help and Millar is alone

  65. 15:06:55 UTC

    He looks back and sees a gap. Head down now!

  66. 15:07:25 UTC

    And Costa is coming back and bringing the two others with him. We're going to have four riders together.

  67. 15:07:43 UTC

    Just 2km to go

  68. 15:08:00 UTC

    Millar caught by De Costa.

  69. 15:08:14 UTC

    1km to go for the two leaders

  70. 15:08:36 UTC

    It's four riders again but the bunch are closing in

  71. 15:08:48 UTC

    Cherel attacks, Millar chases

  72. 15:08:57 UTC

    Cioni is struggling.

  73. 15:09:12 UTC

    Slight climb before the finish.

  74. 15:10:04 UTC

    Millar leads out but Evans is coming up

  75. 15:10:13 UTC

    Cunego goes

  76. 15:10:23 UTC

    And he's going to take it.

  77. 15:10:30 UTC

    From no where.

  78. 15:11:19 UTC

    It looked like Millar and co would decide the win but Lampre and BMC brought it all back together.

    Evans was the first rider to open the sprint but Cunego timed it perfectly.

  79. 15:11:36 UTC

    Here comes Brutt.

  80. 15:12:02 UTC

    It looked like Millar and co would decide the win but Lampre and BMC brought it all back together.

    Evans was the first rider to open the sprint but Cunego timed it perfectly.

  81. 15:12:59 UTC

    Evans took second, Vino third.

  82. 15:13:51 UTC

    Ah Evans was blocked in by Cherel there. That totally ruined his sprint.

  83. 15:14:26 UTC

    And Brutt keeps his lead in GC, 38 seconds ahead of Cunego. Evans is third on GC now.

  84. 15:17:23 UTC

    1 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Lampre - ISD 4:10:53
    2 Cadel Evans (Aus) BMC Racing Team
    3 Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz) Pro Team Astana
    4 Rui Alberto Faria Costa (Por) Movistar Team
    5 David Lopez Garcia (Spa) Movistar Team
    6 Beñat Intxausti Elorriaga (Spa) Movistar Team
    7 Andrew Talansky (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo
    8 Tony Martin (Ger) HTC-Highroad
    9 Denis Menchov (Rus) Geox-TMC
    10 Pieter Weening (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team
    General classification after stage 2 
    1 Pavel Brutt (Rus) Katusha Team 8:43:39
    2 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Lampre - ISD 0:00:38
    3 Cadel Evans (Aus) BMC Racing Team 0:00:42

  85. 15:18:28 UTC

    Thanks for joining us today. We've really enjoyed bringing you coverage from Romandie and we hope you've enjoyed the new live format.


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