Hepburn takes second stage at Tour de l'Avenir

Boily assumes leader's jersey

Australia's Michael Hepburn claimed his second stage victory in four days, as his hot run of form continued on the mountainous Stage 3 of the Tour l'Avenir. The day was not so good for teammate Rohan Dennis who lost his overnight general classification lead after finishing 3:38 off the pace.

Hepburn's stage win moved him up the GC order from 15th to second, with Canada's David Boily 28 seconds ahead.

How it unfolded:

Any trepidation from Hepburn, "Time to test the laws of physics," he tweeted pre-race were lost over the course 166.5 kilometre stage, which was marked by five KOMs including the Cat. 1 Col de la Croix, two intermediate sprints and the last 50 kilometres in Switzerland.

The first two climbs, the Col de la Schlucht and the Grand Ballon at 1338 metres were dominated by Colombian Esteban Chaves, Spain's Garikoitz Bravo and Alexey Lutsenko of Kazakhstan who topped the points before Austrian Marco Haller shook things up besting the third climb of the day, the Col du Hundsrück.

As the race hit the flat, constant attacks split the peloton and crossing the border into Switzerland, seven riders went clear - Chaves, Christopher Juul-Jensen (Denmark), Mattia Cattaneo (Italy), Vegard Stake Laengen (Norway ), Jordi Simon (Spain), Boily and Hepburn. The Italian took the 15 points on offer on the Col de la Croix, followed by Juul-Jensen and Catteneo. Chaves claiming enough points on the stage to leapfrog Bravo in the mountains classification with three points the difference.

The uphill drag to the finish was won by Hepburn who sprinted clear of the breakaway group ahead of Simon and Juul-Jensen.

Full Results
1Michael Hepburn (Aus) Australia4:29:58 
2Jordi Simon (Spa) Spain  
3Christopher Juul-Jensen (Den) Denmark  
4Vegard Stake Laengen (Nor) Norway  
5Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Italy  
6David Boily (Can) Canada  
7Johan Esteban Chaves (Col) Colombia  
8Mark Christian (GBr) Great Britain0:00:54 
9Sebastian Salazar (Col) Colombia  
10Miras Bederbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan0:00:55 
11Michael Rodriguez (Col) Colombia0:00:57 
12Nikias Arndt (Ger) Germany0:01:16 
13Matthias Allegaert (Bel) Belgium0:01:18 
14Michael Valgren Andersen (Den) Denmark  
15Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz) Kazakhstan  
16Georg Preidler (Aut) Austria  
17Dimitri Le Boulch (Fra) France  
18Tom Dumoulin (Ned) Netherlands  
19Warren Barguil (Fra) France  
20Matteo Mammini (Ita) Italy  
21Raymond Kreder (Ned) Netherlands0:02:55 
22Patrick Schelling (Swi) Switzerland  
23Rüdiger Selig (Ger) Germany  
24Tim Wellens (Bel) Belgium  
25Jesper Hansen (Den) Denmark  
26Tsgabu Gebremaryam Grmay (Eth) Mixed Team  
27Romain Bardet (Fra) France  
28Patrick Lane (Aus) Australia  
29Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas (Col) Colombia  
30Daniil Fominykh (Kaz) Kazakhstan  
31Giorgio Cecchinel (Ita) Italy0:03:07 
32Patrick Konrad (Aut) Austria0:03:38 
33Andrei Krasilnikau (Blr) Mixed Team  
34Sébastien Reichenbach (Swi) Switzerland  
35Marcel Aregger (Swi) Switzerland  
36Rohan Dennis (Aus) Australia  
37Rob Squire (USA) United States of America  
38Joseph Dombrowski (USA) United States of America  
39Julio Alexis Camacho (Col) Colombia  
40Abdraimzhan Ishanov (Kaz) Kazakhstan  
41Jan Keller (Swi) Switzerland0:04:20 
42Jakub Novak (Cze) Czech Republic  
43Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (Ned) Netherlands  
44Sebastian Lander (Den) Denmark  
45Natnael Berhane (Eri) Mixed Team  
46Simon Yates (GBr) Great Britain0:05:34 
47David Wöhrer (Aut) Austria  
48Rudy Molard (Fra) France  
49Hugo Houle (Can) Canada  
50Lawrence Warbasse (USA) United States of America0:07:28 
51Vegard Robinson Bugge (Nor) Norway  
52Richard Lang (Aus) Australia0:07:41 
53Jimmy Janssens (Bel) Belgium0:08:41 
54Marco Haller (Aut) Austria  
55Tosh Van Der Sande (Bel) Belgium0:10:24 
56Antoine Duchesne (Can) Canada  
57Rasmus Guldhammer (Den) Denmark  
58Asbjorn Kragh Andersen (Den) Denmark  
59Scott Thwaites (GBr) Great Britain  
60Aritz Orbe (Spa) Spain  
61Moreno Hofland (Ned) Netherlands  
62Etienne Tortelier (Fra) France  
63Victor Cabedo (Spa) Spain  
64Sven Erik Byström (Nor) Norway  
65Börn Tore Hoem (Nor) Norway  
66Luke Rowe (GBr) Great Britain  
67Houssam Nasri (Tun) Mixed Team  
68Erick Rowsell (GBr) Great Britain  
69Tim Declercq (Bel) Belgium  
70Raphaël Addy (Swi) Switzerland  
71Oliver Hofstetter (Swi) Switzerland  
72Garikoitz Bravo (Spa) Spain  
73Thomas Palmer (Aus) Australia  
74Ramon Sinkeldam (Ned) Netherlands  
75Massimo Coledan (Ita) Italy  
76Nils Plötner (Ger) Germany0:10:31 
77Petr Vakoc (Cze) Czech Republic0:16:29 
78Jan Hirt (Cze) Czech Republic0:16:31 
79Christian Delle Stelle (Ita) Italy0:18:46 
80Filippo Fortin (Ita) Italy  
81Josef Hosek (Cze) Czech Republic  
82Victor Martin (Spa) Spain  
83Wouter Wippert (Ned) Netherlands  
84William Valencia (Col) Colombia  
85Antoine Lavieu (Fra) France  
86Lukas Smola (Cze) Czech Republic  
87Filip Eidsheim (Nor) Norway  
88Robert Bush (USA) United States of America  
89Tomas Danacik (Cze) Czech Republic  
90Ian Boswell (USA) United States of America  
91Roman Dronin (Uzb) Mixed Team0:21:55 
92Arvin Moazemi (Iri) Mixed Team  
93Zico Waeytens (Bel) Belgium0:23:31 
94Thomas Moses (GBr) Great Britain  
95Jan Sokol (Aut) Austria  
96Michael Hümbert (Ger) Germany0:24:49 
97Omar Fraile (Spa) Spain  
98Johan Fredrik Ziesler (Nor) Norway  
DNFNathan Brown (USA) United States of America  
DNFPatrick Bercz (Ger) Germany  
DNFJulian Kern (Ger) Germany  
DNFPierrick Naud (Can) Canada  
DNFJamie Riggs (Can) Canada  
DNFJay McCarthy (Aus) Australia  
DNSGuillaume Boivin (Can) Canada  
DNSArman Kamyshev (Kaz) Kazakhstan  
1Michael Hepburn (Aus) Australia30pts
2Jordi Simon (Spa) Spain27 
3Christopher Juul-Jensen (Den) Denmark25 
4Vegard Stake Laengen (Nor) Norway23 
5Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Italy21 
6David Boily (Can) Canada19 
7Johan Esteban Chaves (Col) Colombia17 
8Mark Christian (GBr) Great Britain15 
9Sebastian Salazar (Col) Colombia13 
10Miras Bederbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan11 
11Michael Rodriguez (Col) Colombia10 
12Nikias Arndt (Ger) Germany9 
13Matthias Allegaert (Bel) Belgium8 
14Michael Valgren Andersen (Den) Denmark7 
15Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz) Kazakhstan6 
16Georg Preidler (Aut) Austria5 
17Dimitri Le Boulch (Fra) France4 
18Tom Dumoulin (Ned) Netherlands3 
19Warren Barguil (Fra) France2 
20Matteo Mammini (Ita) Italy1 
Sprint 1 - Boron
1Raymond Kreder (Ned) Netherlands3pts
2Marco Haller (Aut) Austria2 
3Vegard Robinson Bugge (Nor) Norway1 
Sprint 2 - Porrentruy
1Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz) Kazakhstan3pts
2Michael Valgren Andersen (Den) Denmark2 
3Mark Christian (GBr) Great Britain1 
Mountain 1 - Col de la Schlucht
1Johan Esteban Chaves (Col) Colombia10pts
2Garikoitz Bravo (Spa) Spain9 
3Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz) Kazakhstan8 
4Warren Barguil (Fra) France7 
5Tim Wellens (Bel) Belgium6 
6Asbjorn Kragh Andersen (Den) Denmark5 
Mountain 2 - Le Grand Ballon
1Johan Esteban Chaves (Col) Colombia10pts
2Garikoitz Bravo (Spa) Spain9 
3Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz) Kazakhstan8 
4Warren Barguil (Fra) France7 
5Tom Dumoulin (Ned) Netherlands6 
6Matteo Mammini (Ita) Italy5 
Mountain 3 - Col du Hundsrück
1Marco Haller (Aut) Austria10pts
2Raymond Kreder (Ned) Netherlands9 
3Garikoitz Bravo (Spa) Spain8 
4Johan Esteban Chaves (Col) Colombia7 
5Miras Bederbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan6 
6Marcel Aregger (Swi) Switzerland5 
Mountain 4 - Col des Rangiers
1Sebastian Salazar (Col) Colombia5pts
2Christopher Juul-Jensen (Den) Denmark3 
3Vegard Stake Laengen (Nor) Norway2 
4Georg Preidler (Aut) Austria1 
Mountain 5 - Col de la Croix
1Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Italy15pts
2Christopher Juul-Jensen (Den) Denmark13 
3David Boily (Can) Canada11 
4Johan Esteban Chaves (Col) Colombia9 
5Vegard Stake Laengen (Nor) Norway8 
6Jordi Simon (Spa) Spain7 
7Michael Hepburn (Aus) Australia6 
8Miras Bederbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan5 
10Mixed Team0:09:02 
13United States of America0:12:53 
15Great Britain0:15:01 
18Czech Republic0:35:29 
General classification after stage 3
1David Boily (Can) Canada12:41:13 
2Michael Hepburn (Aus) Australia0:00:28 
3Christopher Juul-Jensen (Den) Denmark0:00:34 
4Vegard Stake Laengen (Nor) Norway0:00:38 
5Jordi Simon (Spa) Spain0:00:41 
6Johan Esteban Chaves (Col) Colombia0:00:45 
7Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Italy0:00:46 
8Mark Christian (GBr) Great Britain0:01:21 
9Georg Preidler (Aut) Austria0:01:29 
10Sebastian Salazar (Col) Colombia0:01:31 
11Tom Dumoulin (Ned) Netherlands0:01:34 
12Michael Valgren Andersen (Den) Denmark0:01:42 
13Dimitri Le Boulch (Fra) France0:01:43 
14Matthias Allegaert (Bel) Belgium0:01:44 
15Matteo Mammini (Ita) Italy0:01:49 
16Michael Rodriguez (Col) Colombia0:01:50 
17Nikias Arndt (Ger) Germany0:01:51 
18Miras Bederbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan0:01:58 
19Warren Barguil (Fra) France0:02:02 
20Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz) Kazakhstan0:02:22 
21Rohan Dennis (Aus) Australia0:03:14 
22Romain Bardet (Fra) France0:03:17 
23Tsgabu Gebremaryam Grmay (Eth) Mixed Team0:03:23 
24Daniil Fominykh (Kaz) Kazakhstan0:03:24 
25Patrick Lane (Aus) Australia0:03:29 
26Jesper Hansen (Den) Denmark0:03:32 
27Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas (Col) Colombia0:03:34 
28Tim Wellens (Bel) Belgium0:03:37 
29Rüdiger Selig (Ger) Germany0:03:39 
30Raymond Kreder (Ned) Netherlands0:03:52 
31Patrick Konrad (Aut) Austria0:04:10 
32Andrei Krasilnikau (Blr) Mixed Team0:04:11 
33Sébastien Reichenbach (Swi) Switzerland0:04:24 
34Marcel Aregger (Swi) Switzerland0:04:28 
35Julio Alexis Camacho (Col) Colombia0:04:35 
36Jakub Novak (Cze) Czech Republic0:04:40 
37Joseph Dombrowski (USA) United States of America0:04:45 
38Natnael Berhane (Eri) Mixed Team0:04:58 
39Rob Squire (USA) United States of America0:05:00 
40Sebastian Lander (Den) Denmark0:05:01 
41Jan Keller (Swi) Switzerland0:05:10 
42Abdraimzhan Ishanov (Kaz) Kazakhstan0:05:21 
43Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (Ned) Netherlands0:05:26 
44Hugo Houle (Can) Canada0:05:54 
45Rudy Molard (Fra) France0:06:02 
46Simon Yates (GBr) Great Britain0:06:14 
47Patrick Schelling (Swi) Switzerland0:06:34 
48Giorgio Cecchinel (Ita) Italy0:06:57 
49David Wöhrer (Aut) Austria0:07:11 
50Lawrence Warbasse (USA) United States of America0:08:01 
51Vegard Robinson Bugge (Nor) Norway0:08:55 
52Marco Haller (Aut) Austria0:09:14 
53Jimmy Janssens (Bel) Belgium0:09:37 
54Moreno Hofland (Ned) Netherlands0:10:35 
55Luke Rowe (GBr) Great Britain0:10:51 
56Börn Tore Hoem (Nor) Norway0:10:56 
57Rasmus Guldhammer (Den) Denmark0:11:01 
58Garikoitz Bravo (Spa) Spain0:11:02 
59Tim Declercq (Bel) Belgium0:11:05 
60Erick Rowsell (GBr) Great Britain0:11:08 
61Massimo Coledan (Ita) Italy0:11:10 
62Asbjorn Kragh Andersen (Den) Denmark0:11:12 
63Victor Cabedo (Spa) Spain0:11:13 
64Houssam Nasri (Tun) Mixed Team  
65Sven Erik Byström (Nor) Norway0:11:15 
66Etienne Tortelier (Fra) France0:11:17 
67Scott Thwaites (GBr) Great Britain0:11:24 
68Aritz Orbe (Spa) Spain0:12:07 
69Ramon Sinkeldam (Ned) Netherlands0:13:10 
70Richard Lang (Aus) Australia0:13:48 
71Nils Plötner (Ger) Germany0:15:18 
72Petr Vakoc (Cze) Czech Republic0:17:18 
73Robert Bush (USA) United States of America0:19:19 
74Ian Boswell (USA) United States of America0:19:35 
75Filippo Fortin (Ita) Italy0:19:40 
76Wouter Wippert (Ned) Netherlands  
77Antoine Lavieu (Fra) France0:19:43 
78Lukas Smola (Cze) Czech Republic0:20:12 
79Victor Martin (Spa) Spain0:20:17 
80Jan Hirt (Cze) Czech Republic0:21:36 
81Arvin Moazemi (Iri) Mixed Team0:22:40 
82Roman Dronin (Uzb) Mixed Team0:22:52 
83Zico Waeytens (Bel) Belgium0:24:09 
84Jan Sokol (Aut) Austria0:24:28 
85Thomas Palmer (Aus) Australia0:25:13 
86Tosh Van Der Sande (Bel) Belgium0:25:21 
87Raphaël Addy (Swi) Switzerland0:25:53 
88Antoine Duchesne (Can) Canada0:26:05 
89Omar Fraile (Spa) Spain0:31:07 
90Oliver Hofstetter (Swi) Switzerland0:31:20 
91William Valencia (Col) Colombia0:33:41 
92Christian Delle Stelle (Ita) Italy0:34:12 
93Tomas Danacik (Cze) Czech Republic0:34:17 
94Josef Hosek (Cze) Czech Republic0:38:07 
95Filip Eidsheim (Nor) Norway0:39:05 
96Johan Fredrik Ziesler (Nor) Norway0:39:29 
97Thomas Moses (GBr) Great Britain0:43:23 
98Michael Hümbert (Ger) Germany0:49:03 
Points classification
1Moreno Hofland (Ned) Netherlands57pts
2Wouter Wippert (Ned) Netherlands45 
3Michael Hepburn (Aus) Australia42 
4David Boily (Can) Canada42 
5Romain Bardet (Fra) France40 
6Jordi Simon (Spa) Spain39 
7Nikias Arndt (Ger) Germany39 
8Johan Esteban Chaves (Col) Colombia31 
9Rohan Dennis (Aus) Australia29 
10Raymond Kreder (Ned) Netherlands26 
11Matteo Mammini (Ita) Italy26 
12Christopher Juul-Jensen (Den) Denmark25 
13Filippo Fortin (Ita) Italy25 
14Vegard Stake Laengen (Nor) Norway23 
15Georg Preidler (Aut) Austria22 
16Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Italy21 
17Jan Keller (Swi) Switzerland21 
18Marco Haller (Aut) Austria19 
19Mark Christian (GBr) Great Britain19 
20Tim Declercq (Bel) Belgium19 
21Luke Rowe (GBr) Great Britain17 
22Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas (Col) Colombia15 
23Michael Valgren Andersen (Den) Denmark14 
24Sebastian Salazar (Col) Colombia13 
25Miras Bederbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan13 
26Rasmus Guldhammer (Den) Denmark13 
27Jan Sokol (Aut) Austria12 
28Tom Dumoulin (Ned) Netherlands11 
29Matthias Allegaert (Bel) Belgium11 
30Michael Rodriguez (Col) Colombia10 
31Rüdiger Selig (Ger) Germany10 
32Raphaël Addy (Swi) Switzerland10 
33Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz) Kazakhstan9 
34Christian Delle Stelle (Ita) Italy9 
35Ramon Sinkeldam (Ned) Netherlands8 
36Dimitri Le Boulch (Fra) France8 
37Marcel Aregger (Swi) Switzerland8 
38Jakub Novak (Cze) Czech Republic7 
39Hugo Houle (Can) Canada7 
40Warren Barguil (Fra) France6 
41Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (Ned) Netherlands4 
42Oliver Hofstetter (Swi) Switzerland4 
43Thomas Moses (GBr) Great Britain3 
44Garikoitz Bravo (Spa) Spain2 
45Vegard Robinson Bugge (Nor) Norway1 
46Asbjorn Kragh Andersen (Den) Denmark1 
Mountains classification
1Johan Esteban Chaves (Col) Colombia54pts
2Garikoitz Bravo (Spa) Spain47 
3Marco Haller (Aut) Austria21 
4Christopher Juul-Jensen (Den) Denmark16 
5Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz) Kazakhstan16 
6Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Italy15 
7Warren Barguil (Fra) France15 
8Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (Ned) Netherlands14 
9David Boily (Can) Canada11 
10Miras Bederbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan11 
11Tim Wellens (Bel) Belgium11 
12Vegard Stake Laengen (Nor) Norway10 
13Raymond Kreder (Ned) Netherlands9 
14Jordi Simon (Spa) Spain7 
15Sebastian Salazar (Col) Colombia6 
16Michael Hepburn (Aus) Australia6 
17Tom Dumoulin (Ned) Netherlands6 
18Antoine Lavieu (Fra) France6 
19Matteo Mammini (Ita) Italy5 
20Marcel Aregger (Swi) Switzerland5 
21Asbjorn Kragh Andersen (Den) Denmark5 
22Ramon Sinkeldam (Ned) Netherlands5 
23Thomas Moses (GBr) Great Britain4 
24Georg Preidler (Aut) Austria1 
Teams classification
9Mixed Team0:08:40 
12United States of America0:12:25 
14Great Britain0:14:34 
18Czech Republic0:35:40 

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