Tour de France 2011

July 2-24, 2011, Passage du Gois La Barre-de-Monts , France, Road - HIS (Historical Calendar)

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Stephen Farrand

Hello and welcome to the Cyclingnews live coverage of stage two of the Tour de France. Today its the fast and furious 23km team time trial around Les Essarts.  

  1. 13:25:44 BST

    There is just a few minutes until the Saxo Bank-SunGard team begin their ride. Alberto Contador's team is the firstoff after their crash delays yesterday.

  2. 13:30:21 BST

    The teams start at seven minute intervals to avoid them catching each other on the loop around Les Essarts.

  3. 13:30:56 BST

    Saxo bank is now on the ramp and ready to roll.

  4. 13:31:20 BST

    3-2-1 and they're off!

  5. 13:32:02 BST

    The opening roads are narrow and so Saxo Bank is taking it steady before they up the speed.

  6. 13:34:16 BST

    Saxo Bank is out into the country side and riding in a single line.

  7. 13:35:56 BST

    The next team off is the men in orange: Euskaltel-Euskadi.

  8. 13:38:23 BST

    Euskaltel are on the start ramp. How much will they lose today after 23km o fracing?

  9. 13:40:35 BST

    Major time differences are not expected today as the course is completely flat and only 23 kilometers long. There are intermediate time checks at 9km and 16.5km. An average time of 25 minutes is expected.

  10. 13:41:53 BST

    Vacansoleil-DCM is off next. Thomas  De Gendt should be riding despite hurting his collarbone and dislocating both his  thumbs in a crash yesterday.

  11. 13:42:50 BST

    Saxo Bank take a corner and were loudly booed by the crowd.

  12. 13:43:11 BST

    Saxo has already lost a rider: Ben Noval has dropped off the back.

  13. 13:44:42 BST

    The time of each team is taken on the fifth rider over the line, so teams need to finish with at least that number. 

  14. 13:45:30 BST

    Vacansoleil-DCM on the start ramp now with nine riders. And they're off.

  15. 13:47:13 BST

    Saxo Bank is riding down the middle of the road, following the white line.

  16. 13:49:54 BST

    Euskaltel pass the first time check after 9km. They're 16 seconds slower than Saxo Bank.  Mranwhile, Saxo has lost another rider. Jesus Hernandez has down been dropped.

  17. 13:50:41 BST

    Saxo Bank pass the second time check in 17:01. but they're down to seven riders.

  18. 13:51:33 BST

    Indeed they've only got six riders left.

  19. 13:52:50 BST

    AG2R-La Mondiale is the next team off. Nico Roche will be hoping to limit his losses to his key overall rivals, especially as it's his birthday today.

  20. 13:54:22 BST

    The Cyclingnews reporters are in Les Essarts for the TTT and will have all the news and inside info after the finish.

  21. 13:56:03 BST

    Saxo bank is close to the finish but Matteo Tosatto is now swinging off the back.

  22. 13:56:12 BST

    Here they come....

  23. 13:56:41 BST

    Richie Porte brings them home in a time of 25:16.

  24. 13:57:22 BST

    Vacansoleil has now passed the first time check in 9:37.

  25. 13:58:53 BST

    Saur-Sojasun is on the start ramp.

  26. 14:00:28 BST

    Euskaltel snaking across the road but they're 38 seconds slower than Saxo Bank.

  27. 14:01:59 BST

    Here come AG2R at the first check.

  28. 14:02:59 BST

    They set 9:30, third fastest so far but 30 seconds slower than Saxo Bank. However John Gadret is sat at the back.

  29. 14:04:47 BST

    Here come Euksaltel to the finish. They're 54 seconds slower than Saxo Bank.

  30. 14:08:44 BST

    Rabobank is now out on the course, trying to gain precious seconds for Robert Gesink. 

  31. 14:10:18 BST

    Here come Vacansoleil, finishing in a time of 26:03.

  32. 14:12:03 BST

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  33. 14:12:44 BST

    All you have to do is answer one trivia question and you are automatically entered. And you get 21 chances, one per stage!

    Here is today's trivia question in the Easton/Cyclingnews Tour de France Trivia Challenge:

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  34. 14:13:10 BST

    FDJ has just left the start ramp and is picking up speed.

  35. 14:14:17 BST

    Here comes Rabobank at the first split.

  36. 14:14:46 BST

    They set a timee of 9:10, three seconds faster than Saxo Bank.

  37. 14:15:52 BST

    Race strategy will be decisive today, as will discipline and positioning. The smoother a  team is, the faster they should be.

  38. 14:16:32 BST

    Here comes AG2R.

  39. 14:17:08 BST

    The French squad sets a time of 25:41.

  40. 14:19:21 BST

    FDJ looks smooth but are they fast?

  41. 14:21:10 BST

    Liquigas-Cannondale is off and then next in seven minutes is Garmin-Cervelo. They're the favourites today.

  42. 14:23:24 BST

    FDJ set a time of 9:21 at the first split. Pretty good.

  43. 14:24:28 BST

    Rabobank is second at the second split: 16:58.

  44. 14:25:23 BST

    Saur-Sojasun finish now in a time of 25:50.

  45. 14:25:49 BST

    Garmin on the start ramp. Their start will be vital if they are to win.

  46. 14:26:25 BST

    World champion Thor Hushovd is wearing the polka-dot jersey today.

  47. 14:27:29 BST

    Julian Dean lead through the first few corners but Garmin is now up to speed.

  48. 14:27:54 BST

    Here comes Rabobank. Can they beat Saxo Bank?

  49. 14:28:23 BST

    They were three seconds faster at the second time check.

  50. 14:30:23 BST

    Rabobank sets a time of 25:00. They are the new leaders, moving past Saxo Bank. Interesting...

  51. 14:30:52 BST

    Rabobank was 16 second faster than Saxo Bank.

  52. 14:34:42 BST

    Local heroes Europcar are off and will no doubt get huge cheers along the 23km course.



  53. 14:35:49 BST

    Garmin has set the new fastest time after 9km. 9:03. Faster than Rabobank by six seconds.

  54. 14:36:41 BST

    Dean has been dropped but Garmin still has eight rider working hard.

  55. 14:37:51 BST

    FDJ finish now with 25:34. Pretty good by the French team.

  56. 14:38:42 BST

    Garmin is blasting down the straight country road.

  57. 14:39:19 BST

    They now take a let turn and accelerate back up to speed.

  58. 14:41:22 BST

    Quick Step set off as Liquigas get close to the finish. 

  59. 14:43:11 BST

    Europcar set 9:24 at the first split.  Pas mal. Allez!

  60. 14:43:55 BST

    Garmin are blazing on. They have set a time of 16:45 at the second split, 13 faster than Rabobank.

  61. 14:45:03 BST

    Liquigas sets a time of 25:45.

  62. 14:45:19 BST

    Garmin next in.

  63. 14:45:54 BST

    Garmin down to six riders but looking fast.

  64. 14:47:28 BST

    Movistar is about to start but every one is wating to see what Garmin do. They will set the bench mark for the likes of Sky, Leopard Trek, HTC and RadsioShack.  

  65. 14:49:42 BST

    Quick Step sets 9:18 at the first split.

  66. 14:50:10 BST

    Here come Garmin. They shold be fastest but will it be enough to win? 

  67. 14:50:39 BST

    Hushovd brings them home and he could be in yellow tonight.

  68. 14:51:11 BST

    Garmin set: 24:48. New fastest time.

  69. 14:51:57 BST

    Hushovd dragged them to the finish with Vande Velde and Danielson both with him.

  70. 14:54:50 BST

    Garmin always targets the TT as did Jonathan Vaughters during his own career.  You can read about his success with Credit Agricole in 2001 here. 

  71. 14:55:43 BST

    Astana is next off. Here are the final teams and their times:

    15:54 Astana
    16:01 Katusha
    16:08 Team Sky
    16:15 Lampre-ISD
    16:22 Cofidis
    16:29 RadioShack
    16:36 HTC-Highroad
    16:43 Leopard Trek
    16:50 BMC
    16:57 Omega Pharma-Lotto

  72. 14:56:21 BST

    The Astana riders are wearing ery shiny skinsuits. They look fast but will they be after the 23km?

  73. 14:56:50 BST

    Movistar is through the first check with 9:24.

  74. 14:58:15 BST

    That's an interesting comment by Contador but this year's Tour de France has definitely become a handicap race and he is racing with an extra weight in his pockets.

  75. 14:59:04 BST

    Europcar sets a time of 25:38. Fifth so far. Bravo!

  76. 14:59:44 BST

    Quick step is on one of the rising roads, where vital seconds can be won or lost. They still has seven riders.

  77. 15:01:09 BST

    Katusha off next with theirall Russian team.

  78. 15:03:27 BST

    Garmin was fastest at both time checks. Other teams will have to go fast from off to beat tthem. 

  79. 15:03:51 BST

    Astana sets 9:09 at the first check, six seconds behind Garmin.

  80. 15:04:23 BST

    Astana did the first 8km at 58km/h. Garmin were even faster!

  81. 15:04:52 BST

    Here comes Quick Step to the finish with six riders.

  82. 15:05:58 BST

    Quick Step sets 25:44.

  83. 15:06:26 BST

    That's seventh fastest and almost a minute slower than Garmin.

  84. 15:07:32 BST

    Team Sky are next off, with Wiggins in the white British champion's jersey.

  85. 15:08:33 BST

    There they go. With Thomas leading the line in the best young rider's white jersey.

  86. 15:09:36 BST

    Chris Knees wobbled off the back for a second but should be one of the real engines of Team Sky's ride today.

  87. 15:13:18 BST

    Katusha sets 9:20 at the first split.

  88. 15:13:57 BST

    Thomas and Wiggins are doing massive turns when they hit the front.

  89. 15:14:36 BST

    Movistar finish with a time of 25:57.

  90. 15:15:20 BST

    Lampre start, with the Italian TT champ Adriano Malori expected to drag them round the 23km course.

  91. 15:15:40 BST

    Sky coming to the first split now.

  92. 15:17:40 BST

    Sky set 9:02, just one second faster than Garmin. 59.7km/h average speed.

  93. 15:21:17 BST

    Astana has finished with a time of 25:20.

  94. 15:21:49 BST

    Sky lost Zandio and Knees at the same time.

  95. 15:22:12 BST

    Cofidis starts now, with RadioShack after them.

  96. 15:24:10 BST

    Wiggins on the front for Sky before pulling over on the left side and dropping down the line. 

  97. 15:24:58 BST

    Geraint Thomas has a great chance of becoming the first Welshman in yellow tonight if Sky can win the TTT. 

  98. 15:26:17 BST

    Sky has lost a few seconds and are now four seconds slower than Garmin after the second split.

  99. 15:26:46 BST

    Garmin set 6:45, Sky did 16:49.

  100. 15:27:01 BST

    Garmin set 16:45.

  101. 15:28:25 BST

    Sky has switched to almost a double line. That helps but is risky.

  102. 15:29:13 BST

    RadioShack set off. They are the only ones who can perhaps better Garmin and Sky.

  103. 15:29:52 BST

    HTC could also be a threat.

  104. 15:31:09 BST

    Here come Team Sky. Can they do it?

  105. 15:31:29 BST

    Only six riders left in the Sky line.

  106. 15:31:38 BST

    Swift is gapped.

  107. 15:32:10 BST

    Sky can't afford to lose another rider before the finish.

  108. 15:32:37 BST

    Swift gets back on the back.

  109. 15:32:47 BST

    Wiggins bring them home.

  110. 15:33:24 BST

    Sky: 24:52. second place, four seconds behind Garmin.

  111. 15:39:14 BST

    HTC is out on the road but Bernhard Eisel lost his wheel and crashed on a corner. 

  112. 15:40:17 BST

    Eisel is a stronger TTT rider and road captian. He will be missed.

  113. 15:41:15 BST

    Garmin will be watching the race eon telvision, knowing thet could be about to win their first ever TDFstage.

  114. 15:41:41 BST

    Lampre finish but well off the pace with 25:52.

  115. 15:43:12 BST

    Leopard Trek on the ramp now. Can Cancellara drag them to victory? And help Schleck gain more time on Contador?

  116. 15:43:57 BST

    Cancellara leads them off and gets them up to speed.

  117. 15:44:46 BST

    If Leopard Trek dominate the TTT then Linus Gerdemann would be in yellow.

  118. 15:45:47 BST

    HTC lost Eisel early on and only set 9:11 at the first split.

  119. 15:47:51 BST

    Cofidis are close to finishing.

  120. 15:49:26 BST

    Surprisingly RadioShack are not super fast. They were fifth at the first split and fourth at the second, 17 seconds behind Garmin. That is a huge amount to pull back. 

  121. 15:49:48 BST

    Garmin should get the champagne ready.

  122. 15:50:33 BST

    BMC start off, with Cadel Evans in a green skinsuit.

  123. 15:52:24 BST

    HTC look good but lack the umph to challenge Garmin.

  124. 15:53:10 BST

    Leopard Trek set the fourth fastest time at the first split. Seven second slower than Garmin. 

  125. 15:54:52 BST

    RadioShack finish with a time of 24:58. Solid result by the boys in red. They pulled time back in the finale but  are 10 secs slower than Garmin.

  126. 15:55:38 BST

    Cancellara has just done  huge turn for Leopard Trek before drifting back and taking his place in the line.

  127. 15:56:37 BST

    Omega Pharma-Lotto will soon be the last team to start with Philippe Gilbert in yellow.

  128. 15:58:31 BST

    Omega is up to speed but how much will Gilbert lose today? He needs to limit his losses so he can have a shot of taking back yellow on Monday.

  129. 15:59:29 BST

    BMC looking good at the first split: 9:04. Third fastest.


  130. 16:00:22 BST

    Can they keep it up? If they can, Evans has a shot at yellow. He is three seconds ahead of Hudhovd on GC.

  131. 16:01:35 BST

    HTC finish with a time of 24:53 They have finished fast and taken third from RadioShack.

  132. 16:02:42 BST

    Leopard still looking good but another rider has dropped off the back.

  133. 16:05:28 BST

    BMC are shedding riders and only have 7 left.

  134. 16:06:26 BST

    Lepard Tek was third at the second check, 8 seconds slower than Garmin.

  135. 16:07:23 BST

    Omega Pharma is already 25 seconds behind Sky, confirming that Gilbert will lose the jersey. But to who? Hushovd? Evans? It's gonig to be close.

  136. 16:08:13 BST

    If you are still awake in Australia, it could be a special moment for Aussie cycling.

  137. 16:08:53 BST

    Wow. Leopard Trek finish fast with 24:53, beating HTC to hold third place by a few hundredths. 

  138. 16:09:44 BST

    BMC set a time six second slower than Garmin.

  139. 16:10:02 BST

    Evans is just three seconds off yellow. Can they find them before the finish?

  140. 16:11:38 BST

    BMC next in. 3km to go.

  141. 16:12:32 BST

    Omega Pharma is fighting a losing battle and it must be a painful day for Gilbert in yellow.

  142. 16:14:04 BST

    The clock is ticking for BMC....

  143. 16:14:41 BST

    BMC has to finish faster than 24:51 for Cadel to take yellow.

  144. 16:15:03 BST

    Evans brings them home, with Garmin watching closely.

  145. 16:15:28 BST

    He missed it by a second or so. BMC set 24:52.

  146. 16:16:05 BST

    Garmin-Cervelo has won the TT and put world champion Thor Hushovd  in the yellow jersey.

  147. 16:16:40 BST

    Provisional result:

    1.Garmin-Cervelo 24:48
    2.BMC 24.52
    3.Sky 24:52
    4.Leopard Trek 24.53
    5.HTC-Highroad 24:53
    6.RadioShack 24.58

  148. 16:17:34 BST

    Evans has also gained 24 more seconds on Contador. He has 1:41 on the Spaniard after just two stages. 

  149. 16:18:56 BST

    Omega Pharma still to finish but Gilbert has lost the yellow jersey. His team is off the pace.

  150. 16:19:53 BST

    In official results Sky has been elevated to second because of their lower hundredths fof a second.

  151. 16:21:38 BST

    In the GC, Thor Hushovd leads Cadel Evans (BMC) by one second but the Australian could take it on Monday's tough finish. 

  152. 16:23:45 BST

    Here come Omega Pharma but finish 39 seconds slower than Garmin.

  153. 16:24:47 BST

    What a close race! There were five times within five seconds of each other and 2nd to 5th were within one second!

  154. 16:26:37 BST

    It's a day of celebration for Garmin-Cervelo as Huhovd heads to the podium.

  155. 16:31:47 BST

    Well that about it for our live coverage. We're going to bring you the provisional results and then land the Cyclingnews blimp. 

  156. 16:32:21 BST

    Jonathan Vaughters is getting emotional:

  157. 16:35:16 BST

    Results#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult 1Garmin-Cervelo0:24:48  2BMC0:00:04  3Sky   4Leopard Trek0:00:05  5HTC-Highroad   6RadioShack0:00:10  7Rabobank0:00:12  8Saxo Bank-SunGard0:00:28  9Astana0:00:32  10Omega Pharma-Lotto0:00:39  11FdJ0:00:46  12Europcar0:00:50  13AG2R0:00:53  14Quick Step0:00:56  15Liquigas-Cannondale0:00:57  16Saur Sojasun0:01:02  17Lampre-ISD0:01:04  18Katusha   19Movistar0:01:09  20Vacansoleil-DCM0:01:15  21Cofidis0:01:20  22Euskaltel-Euskadi0:01:22  General classification after stage 2#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult 1Thor Hushovd (Nor) Team Garmin-Cervelo   2David Millar (GBr) Team Garmin-Cervelo   3Cadel Evans (Aus) BMC Racing  
  158. 16:36:19 BST

    Provisional results:

    1 Garmin-Cervelo 0:24:48
    2 BMC 0:24:52
    3 Sky 0:24:52
    4 Leopard Trek 0:24:53
    5 HTC-Highroad 0:24:53
    6 RadioShack 0:24:58
    7 Rabobank 0:25:00
    8 Saxo Bank-SunGard 0:25:16
    9 Astana 0:25:20
    10 Omega Pharma-Lotto 0:25:27
    11 FdJ 0:25:34
    12 Europcar 0:25:38
    13 AG2R 0:25:41
    14 Quick Step 0:25:44
    15 Liquigas-Cannondale 0:25:45
    16 Saur Sojasun 0:25:50
    17 Lampre-ISD 0:25:52
    18 Katusha 0:25:52
    19 Movistar 0:25:57
    20 Vacansoleil-DCM 0:26:03
    21 Cofidis 0:26:08
    22 Euskaltel-Euskadi 0:26:10

    General classification after stage 2
    1 Thor Hushovd (Nor) Team Garmin-Cervelo
    2 David Millar (GBr) Team Garmin-Cervelo
    3 Cadel Evans (Aus) BMC Racing

  159. 16:37:12 BST

    There is Garmin-Cervelo on the podium. They are enjoying their first ever Tour de France stage win.

  160. 16:37:59 BST

    Jonathan Vaughters gets lifted on the to the shoulders of the riders and rightly celebrates their win.

  161. 16:39:09 BST

    As Garmin-Cervelo celebrate and Hushovd pulls on yellow, we'll say goodbye. See you tomorrow for more great racing from this thrilling Tour de France.

  162. 16:40:04 BST

    We'll have all the news, photographs and interviews fron the finish in Les Essarts very soon here on Cyclingnews. A demain cher ami..

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