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Tour de France 2011

Date range:
July 2-24, 2011
  • Tour de France, France, HIS (Historical Calendar)
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July 16, Stage 14: Saint-Gaudens - Plateau de Beille 168km

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Stephen Farrand

Hello and welcome to the Cyclingnews live coverage of stage 14 of the Tour de France from Saint-Gaudens to Plateau de Beille. 

  1. 11:06:06 BST

    Bonjour and welcome to today's live coverage. This is the third stage in the Pyrenees and should be a great day of racing.

  2. 11:07:23 BST

    The riders have left the start line in Saint-Gaudens but are still in the neutralsied section of the stage.

  3. 11:07:57 BST

    Here we go as Christian Prudhomme drops the start flag.

  4. 11:08:18 BST

    And immediately riders attack. Ouch.

  5. 11:10:15 BST

    We have 171 riders in action today. Everyone of the finishers from yesterday started this third stage in the Pyrenees.

  6. 11:14:36 BST

    • Attack

    Attack. Sylvain Chavanel (Quick Step) has had a dig, while behind Cadel Evans (BMC) is amongst the team cars after stopping briefly. 

  7. 11:14:58 BST

    Evans stopped to change his bike.

  8. 11:15:43 BST

    The riders are on a long straight valley road and we from the Cyclingnews blimp, we can see the peloton lined out as they chase the early attacks.

  9. 11:16:23 BST

    Jesn Voigt (Leopard Trek) and David Millar (Garmin-Cervelo) are also in the move that is going clear.

  10. 161km remaining from 168km

    11:16:49 BST

    Europcar is trying to control the peloton.

  11. 11:18:01 BST

    There are 19 riders chasing Chavanel and they have close to a minute now.

  12. 11:19:10 BST

    Other riders are chasing too but are struggling to get across to the move.

  13. 11:20:09 BST

    This would be a big breakaway group. There are no GC contenders in there but this move could shape the race today.

  14. 11:21:42 BST

    Several teams have riders in the move to act as support for their team leaders later in the stage. There are several valley sections and a key 20km flat section before the final climb to Plateau de Beille.

  15. 11:23:19 BST

    Having a rider like Jens Voigt up there could be vital for the Schleck brothers if they are to distance some of their GC rivals who may have been dropped on the Col d'Agnes and the Port de Lers climbs. 

  16. 11:24:27 BST

    As you may know, this is only the fifth time a Tour de France stage has finished at Plateau de Beille. 

  17. 11:24:56 BST

    And the stage winner has always gone on to win the Tour de France in Paris.

  18. 11:26:10 BST

    The break now has 2:45 and the peloton seems to have let them go. The huge number of riders is going to give an extra twist to the stage.

  19. 152km remaining from 168km

    11:29:28 BST

    Europcar is on the front riding tempo but has also sneaked a rider into the break.

  20. 11:32:47 BST

    The riders are already on the lower slopes of the Col de Porte-d'Aspet. It was on this side of the climb that Fabio Casertelli died after crashing while descending in the 1995 Tour de France. The exact anniversary of his death is Monday, July 18.

  21. 11:33:49 BST

    We will shortly have all the names of the riders in the breakaway in our special Situation section on the right of the live page.

  22. 149km remaining from 168km

    11:38:50 BST

    Also in the move are Sandy Casar and two of his FDJ teammates. He is the best placed overall, 21st at 8:47. He could move closer to yellow or even take the stage today if he performs well.

  23. 11:41:53 BST

    The 20 breakaways have just apssed the white marble Casartelli monument.

  24. 23km remaining from 168km

    11:43:21 BST

    The gap to the peloton is now 4:30, as the five chasers try to close the gap and join the move before it is too late.

  25. 11:45:52 BST

    FDJ are setting the pace at the head of the break. They want this move to stick.

  26. 145km remaining from 168km

    11:47:59 BST

    The five are struggling to get across.

  27. 11:50:28 BST

    Returning the expected showdown on Plateau de Beille, the four previous winners are: Marco Pantani (1998),  Lance Armstrong (2002 and 2004) and Alberto Contador (2007).

  28. 26km remaining from 168km

    11:54:16 BST

    The five chasers are splitting but their attempt to catch the break looks doomed.

  29. 142km remaining from 168km

    11:55:29 BST

    FDJ still driving hard in the break. This is going to hurt them all.

  30. 11:56:31 BST

    In the peloton the GC contenders are stilling pretty.

  31. 11:57:50 BST

    The break crosses the summit of the Col de Portet d'Aspet, with Delage taking the 5 points for FDJ. Bauke Mollema (Rabobank) was second.

  32. 141km remaining from 168km

    12:02:31 BST

    The peloton crosses the summit of the Cat 2 climb 5:00 behind.

  33. 33km remaining from 168km

    12:05:11 BST

    Mark Cavendish (HTC-Highroad) was struggling at the back of the peloton. He's facing a tough day in the saddle today.

  34. 133km remaining from 168km

    12:06:13 BST

    The descent is testing and twisty.

  35. 12:07:27 BST

    The break is approaching the sprint but Jens Voigt is notgoing for it. He's prefered to get a new bottle to stay hydrated.

  36. 12:08:58 BST

    Delage just edged David Millar in the sprint, taking the 1500 Euro prize money.

  37. 121km remaining from 168km

    12:22:06 BST

    The gap is now touvching six minutes, as the four chasers catch the break, giving us 24 riders up front.

  38. 12:26:21 BST

    It is also Miguel Indurain's birthday today. He is 47.

  39. 118km remaining from 168km

    12:30:36 BST

    The riders are following the valley river as they approach the Col de la Core.

  40. 12:35:01 BST

    The finish at Plateau de Beille is expected to see the GC contenders go on the attack. We could see the Schleck brothers take turns to attack again, while Cadel Evans could also try and gain time on Alberto Contador. Evans spoke after yesterday's stage here. 

  41. 12:38:00 BST

    Everyone is trying to work out just how good or bad Alberto Contador is feeling. He is clearly not at his best -his heavy legs and tired expression shows that in the finale of the stages. His team manager Bjarne Riis is convinced Contador just needs a good day to get his Tour de France back on track and reduce his two minute deficit.

  42. 112km remaining from 168km

    12:42:57 BST

    The gap is now steady at six minutes.

  43. 12:43:54 BST

    This climb is 14.1km long but has a steady gradient of 5.7%.

  44. 111km remaining from 168km

    12:47:30 BST

    The Europcar team is riding on the front, with five riders leading Thomas Voeckler and his yellow jersey.

  45. 12:50:31 BST

    Andy Schleck is at the back of the peloton but will quickly move up with help from Maxime Monfort.

  46. 12:51:29 BST

    There is a distinct feeling of tension in the air. It feels like a storm is brewing, that the GC contenders will face off on the climb to Plateau de Beille.

  47. 12:52:33 BST

    On television Jonathan Vaughters has confirmed that Garmin-Cervelo will be riding for Tom Danielson today to protect his overall classification.

  48. 12:53:12 BST

    JV picked Voigt and Gerdemann as the strongest riders in the break. However FDJ is leading the move, working for Sandy Casar.

  49. 12:53:55 BST

    JV says he thinks Danielson will have a good day.

  50. 12:55:17 BST

    Danielson is currently tenth overall, at 4:35.

  51. 12:55:47 BST

    Philippe Gilbert has changed his bike but is quickly back into the peloton.

  52. 108km remaining from 168km

    12:57:57 BST

    After the Col de la Core, the riders will reach the feed zone in Seix.

  53. 13:02:07 BST

    The break is one kilometre from the summit of the climb now.

  54. 13:03:34 BST

    Cavendish is near the back of the bunch, digging deep to hang on. He will also fight on the descent to close any gap. Cavendish will be watched closely today after the accusation from Rojas that the HTC sprinter had taken a tow from a car.

  55. 13:04:52 BST

    Delage has jumped away up front, chasing the points at the summit of the Col de la Core.  

  56. 63km remaining from 168km

    13:06:17 BST

    Delage is leading down the descent. Behind Cavendish has been dropped by the bunch. Eisel covers in him cold water to try and get him going again.

  57. 13:06:59 BST

    Cavendish is spinning a low gear and so will be trying to limit his losses. 

  58. 68km remaining from 168km

    13:10:19 BST

    The team cars are moving past Cavendish. He is losing more time. 

  59. 100km remaining from 168km

    13:10:54 BST

    The break is splittling on the descent

  60. 13:17:43 BST

    The peloton is now over the top of the climb and Cavendish has quickly recaught them.

  61. 13:21:23 BST

    Millar has nowe joined Casar and El Fares up front. He's joining in with the work too. 

  62. 89km remaining from 168km

    13:22:58 BST

    The front trio leads the peloton by seven minutes.

  63. 13:24:51 BST

    Phew! The Europcar riders almost went off on a sharp corner. The first rider pulled his foot out, causing panic behind.

  64. 13:26:15 BST

    • Feed

    It's time for the feed zone in the town of Seix.

  65. 13:26:50 BST

    The peloton is lined out but will soon pick up there musette.

  66. 13:29:34 BST

    The peloton is picking up lunch but not easing off in the chase of the breakaways.

  67. 85km remaining from 168km

    13:30:01 BST

    Hopefully we won't see any crashes in the feed zone.

  68. 13:34:10 BST

    Are you following the Cyclingnews/Easton Cylcing trivia contest during the Tour?


  69. 13:34:31 BST

    Of course you are!

    Yesterday's question was: Who was the oldest rider ever to compete in a Tour de France?

    The answer: Henri Paret at age 50 in 1904.

    Today's question will be coming up later on, be sure to see it and get a chance to win a great prize!

  70. 81km remaining from 168km

    13:35:29 BST

    Cadel Evans has been back to the BMC team car again. But he's got two teammates to pace back up. No worries for the on-form Australian

  71. 79km remaining from 168km

    13:38:43 BST

    The trio up front are now on the short Col de Latrape.

  72. 13:40:28 BST

    Behind them the other riders have awoken and some are trying to get across to Millar, Casar and El Fares.

  73. 13:42:39 BST

    Some riders are being dropped from the big breakaway group.

  74. 13:46:59 BST

    Sandy Casar (FDJ) is now the virtual race leader after his lead touched nine minutes. He started the stage 8:47 behind Thomas Voeckler.  

  75. 13:47:44 BST

    He is unlikely to take the yellow at the end of the stage but it is still an aggressive ride by the little Frenchman.

  76. 13:49:35 BST

    Leopard Trek have noticed that the Europcar team is struggling to contorl the race. Like a big brother, they have stepped in taken over the chase.

  77. 13:50:06 BST

    Stuart O'Grady is on the front and spitting riders out of the back.

  78. 13:51:27 BST

    Up front, Millar has his jersey open as he climbs with Casar and El Fares.

  79. 13:52:51 BST

    Jeremy Roy is wearing the polka-dot jersey but is suffering behind. He has been dropped by the Leopard Trek lead peloton.

  80. 74km remaining from 168km

    13:54:51 BST

    Casar lead over the top of the Col de Latrape.

  81. 13:56:07 BST

    Riders are slipping out of the back in small groups. They will have to join forces to create the gruppetto and ride together to finish inside the time limit.

  82. 13:57:37 BST

    Thor Hushovd is also gapped on the climb after his huge effort to win yesterday's stage.

  83. 13:58:10 BST

    Millar is leading down the descent. He bumped round a hairpin but accelerates quickly.

  84. 68km remaining from 168km

    14:01:34 BST

    After the descent the breakaway trio pass through Aulus les Bain. The next climb is the Col d'Agnes, a Cat 1 climb: 10.0km at 8.2%. That will hurt.

  85. 14:03:16 BST

    Riblon has caught the Millar trio, meaning we have a quartet at the front of the race.

  86. 14:03:19 BST

    Riblon has caught the Millar trio, meaning we have a quartet at the front of the race.

  87. 14:05:49 BST

    Riblon won the stage to Ax-3 Domaines last year. He's a big guy but can climb pretty well.

  88. 14:08:22 BST

    David Millar was looking good in the move but has now been dropped as the gradient kicks in. This is a tough climb.

  89. 14:09:01 BST

    Leopard Trek are all over the front of the peloton, upping the pace to set up the Schlecks. 

  90. 65km remaining from 168km

    14:15:53 BST

    This climb is splitting the chasers as the distance also begins to bite.

  91. 14:17:13 BST

    Millar is falling back and shakes his head as Egot Silin (Katusha) moves clear and persues the breakaway.  

  92. 14:17:51 BST

    Silin is closing the gap but Voigt and others are closing too. 

  93. 14:20:29 BST

    The four look back as there is a regrouping of 12 or so riders up front. 

  94. 14:23:20 BST

    The speed is slow on the climb because the gradient is so steep. The early and middle sections are especially tough. 

  95. 14:26:34 BST

    Ouch! The road switches up the side of the mountain. It is spectacular to see but most be very painful to ride.  

  96. 14:27:57 BST

    Stuart O'Grady is still on the front, setting the pace. He's got Fabian Cancellara just behind him as Leopard Trek continue to set the pace and control the race.

  97. 14:29:41 BST

    Gerdemann gets on back on the break and gets some encouragment from Jens Voigt in German. The two could paly akey role later in the stage for the Schlecks.   

  98. 14:30:46 BST

    The Col d'Agnes reaches an altitude of 1570 metres, only 200 lower than the summit finish at Plateau de Beille.

  99. 60km remaining from 168km

    14:31:28 BST

    Gilbert has been popped from the peloton. The Leopard Trek pace is relentless and painful.

  100. 60km remaining from 168km

    14:34:20 BST

    Voigt and Gerdemann lea the break but the latter is suffering and his head is rocking.

  101. 14:35:47 BST

    The break is close to the summit of the Col d'Agnes.

  102. 14:37:03 BST

    Here goes Charteau but Chavanel pips him to the line and takes the climber's points.

  103. 57km remaining from 168km

    14:39:35 BST

    Incredibly O'Grady is still working on the front.

  104. 14:41:33 BST

    Gorka Izagirre Insausti (Euskaltel-Euskadi) is leading the 11 riders down the descent, as the peloton is close to the summit. There are only 40 or so riders in the peloton, as david Arroyo (Movistar) struggles slightly.

  105. 14:42:48 BST

    Voeckler grabs a newspaper at the summit and puts it under his yellow jersey. It's old style but it works. And no rider wants to get a chill on the descent.   

  106. 14:46:12 BST

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  107. 14:48:26 BST

    Crash! Larens ten Dam (Rabobank) went off the road and then went over the handlebars. He went down hard and cut his nose but does not seem seriously hurt.

  108. 51km remaining from 168km

    14:50:44 BST

    ten Dam is back on his bike and chasing. He's going to suffer in the last 50km of the stage.

  109. 14:51:30 BST

    Contador is tucked in the peloton, on Ivan Basso's wheel, with Cadel Evans just behind him. 

  110. 14:51:51 BST

    Tom Danielson is there too, protected by Christian Vande Velde.

  111. 14:52:55 BST

    Up front, Gorka Izagirre Insausti (Euskaltel-Euskadi) is first over the top of the Port des Lers. He now faces a long descent to the foot of Plateau de Beille.

  112. 48km remaining from 168km

    14:54:02 BST

    Chavanel takes second place on the climb, as the peloton is at 5:20. Leopard Trek has five riders on the front.

  113. 14:55:26 BST

    Chute! Voigt has gone off the road.

  114. 14:56:06 BST

    He is okay and landed on the grass. He went off on a tight corner. He is lucky it could be a lot worse for the tough German.

  115. 14:58:37 BST

    Voigt is back riding but taking things a lot slower now.. He'll probably wait for the peloton now and join in the work with his teammates.

  116. 14:59:44 BST

    There are 50 or so riders in the peloton now.

  117. 15:00:17 BST

    Ouch. Voigt crashes again. His wheel locked up and he went down on his right side.

  118. 15:00:50 BST

    He is not happy and shouts something at the television camera to leave him alone.

  119. 38km remaining from 168km

    15:06:08 BST

    Leopard Trek are leading on the descent too. The Schlecks will surely blow open the race on the climb to the finish.

  120. 15:08:52 BST

    Despite the earlier crashes, the peloton is hurtling down the mountain at top speed. Riders in the break up ahead are on flatter ground and taking time to drop back to the team cars for advice.

  121. 15:10:37 BST

    Gorka Izigirre has 50 seconds on the chase group of 10 riders now, with Jens Voigt stuck between the second group on the road and the 9-rider group containing David Millar.

  122. 15:15:38 BST

    Jens Voigt is on his way back to the Leopard Trek-led peloton, but five minutes ahead there are three groups: up front, it's still Gorka Izagirre with nearly a minute on the chase group including Linus Gerdemann, David Millar, Marco Marcato et al.  We have an attack of Luis Leon Sanchez (Rabobank) from the chasing group, but he's getting no help from Marcato.

  123. 15:16:49 BST

    David Millar now gives it a go. The group is much too big to work together smoothly.

  124. 15:17:53 BST

    He's got Ruben Perez Moreno (Euskaltel-Euskadi), Bauke Mollema (Rabobank Cycling Team), Julien El Fares (Cofidis) in pursuit and Marcato with Millar - but once more they cannot get any cooperation.

  125. 25km remaining from 168km

    15:19:51 BST

    The attacks are coming one after the other in the break. nobody wants to let anyone else get away before the staert of the climb.

  126. 15:22:44 BST

    Gorka Izagirre Insausti (Euskaltel-Euskadi) is still out front but the others are hunting him down.

  127. 15:23:07 BST

    However the big question is what will happen behind.

  128. 15:24:23 BST

    The Bsque rider has sat up and is wating for the others. Chavanel now gives it a go. 

  129. 25km remaining from 168km

    15:25:16 BST

    The gap is just 3:20 to the peloton. Leopard Trek want the stage win as well as to put pressure on their GC rivals.

  130. 15:26:10 BST

    Cancellara is on the front, tucked in an aero position. Leopard Trek are bullying the race yet again. Can the Schlecks finisg it off? We will find out very soon.

  131. 15:26:45 BST

    Contador is also tucked over the bars, sitting on the back of the Leopard Trek train.

  132. 20km remaining from 168km

    15:27:58 BST

    The breakaway is just 20km from the finish. just four kilometres from the start of the climb.

  133. 15:29:02 BST

    Thomas Voeckler is fighting to hold a wheel. We will soon find out if he can keep the yellow jersey. He has a 1:49 lead on Frank Schleck. Will it be enough? 

  134. 15:30:22 BST

    The peloton is blasting to the foot of the climb. The race will soon explode on the steep lower slopes.

  135. 15:33:37 BST

    There are huge crowds as the riders pass through the village at the start of the climb. Here we go!

  136. 15:33:38 BST

    There are huge crowds as the riders pass through the village at the start of the climb. Here we go!

  137. 15:33:56 BST

    The remains of the break are just behind him.

  138. 15:34:38 BST

    The climb of Plateau de Beille is a beast. It is 15.8km long and clmibs at an average of 7.9%.

  139. 15:34:59 BST

    Several sections are at over 10%.

  140. 15:35:56 BST

    Cancellara has swung off as the peloton hits the climb. Monfort is noe on the front setting the tempo, ahead of Voigt.

  141. 15:37:24 BST

    riders are falling out of the back: Hincapie and Tony Martin too. There could be huge gaps today.

  142. 15:37:55 BST

    Robert Gesink (Rabobank) has been dropped too.

  143. 15:38:33 BST

    Sandy Casar (FDJ) is going for the stage win but he's only got two minutes on the peloton.

  144. 15:39:17 BST

    Voigt is doing his last turn on the front as al lthe GC contenders sit behind him.

  145. 15:39:34 BST

    Basso is there, Evans too.

  146. 15:40:02 BST

    Andy Schleck looks good, as does Peter Velits (HTC-Highroad). 

  147. 15:40:27 BST

    There are only 20 or so riders in the peloton. But Voeckler is still there.

  148. 15:40:57 BST

    But Nicolas Roche is suffering at the back.

  149. 13km remaining from 168km

    15:42:20 BST

    The gap is just 1:50 from Casar to the peloton. Most of the other riders who were in the break have been caught.

  150. 15:42:47 BST

    Contador is dancing on the pedals but we will soon see how good he really is.

  151. 13km remaining from 168km

    15:43:23 BST

    Christian Vande Velde is there helping Tom Danielson (Garmin-Cervelo)

  152. 15:44:36 BST

    Danielson is third in line after Voigt sat up. BMC is now setting the tempo on the front.  

  153. 15:45:35 BST

    Vande Velde is also on the front.

  154. 15:46:18 BST

    The American is putting down the hurt but Voeckler is still there.

  155. 15:47:24 BST

    Andy Schleck is sat on Contador's wheel. With Frank not far away. However they now have no teammates with them.

  156. 11km remaining from 168km

    15:48:32 BST

    Casar has a 1:30 lead. That will surely melt when the attacks come behind.

  157. 15:49:57 BST

    Contador is riding quite far back in the group and he does not look super strong.

  158. 15:51:13 BST

    Vande Velde is riding hard on the front.

  159. 15:51:31 BST

    Here we go!

  160. 15:51:53 BST

    Andy Schleck attacks and Contador goes with him.

  161. 15:52:36 BST

    Also there are Evans, Basso, Cunego, Frank Schleck and Voeckler. Now they're looking at each other. 

  162. 15:52:54 BST

    Danielson is distanced but is trying to get back on.

  163. 10km remaining from 168km

    15:53:09 BST

    Casar has a 1:20 lead now.

  164. 15:53:59 BST

    Now Andy goes again!

  165. 15:54:40 BST

    Jelle Vanenert (Omega Pharma) goes with him but Evans and the others come across the gap.

  166. 15:55:28 BST

    Sanchez is still there, Basos, Cunego too. So is Uran (Sky).

  167. 15:55:50 BST

    There are 10 riders in the group as Andy Schleck goes again.

  168. 15:56:26 BST

    Evans is trying to close the gap and drags the others up to Schleck and Voeckler.

  169. 15:56:45 BST

    Contador is rocking on his bike. 

  170. 15:57:10 BST

    Basso is on the front, trying to ride at a steady tmepo.

  171. 8km remaining from 168km

    15:57:29 BST

    Casar has just 50 seconds now.

  172. 15:58:19 BST

    Frank Schleck hits the front now, with Evans on his wheel, Andy Schleck is at the back. Is he getting ready to launch another dig?

  173. 15:59:02 BST

    Voeckler is fghting to defend his yellow jersey and is getting some egreat help from teammate Pierre Rolland.

  174. 15:59:48 BST

    Contador is next to last in the 12-rider group.

  175. 16:00:27 BST

    Danielson is fighting his way back to the group. That is a gutsy ride.

  176. 16:01:07 BST

    The Schlecks are talking tactics. And goes again!

  177. 16:01:46 BST

    But Contador dances across to him, dragging up the others. 

  178. 16:02:04 BST

    But Basso is struggling.

  179. 6km remaining from 168km

    16:02:50 BST

    Casar has just 20 seconds, while Vanenert surges clear. He is not a threat overall and so they might let him go.

  180. 16:03:33 BST

    Andy Schleck keeps trying attacks but they're short-lived and not very effective.

  181. 16:04:06 BST

    Vanenert has blasted past Casar and now has 15 seconds.

  182. 16:05:00 BST

    There is still 6km to go. That is a lot of hard climbing.

  183. 16:05:29 BST

    The leaders have also caught Casar, as Basso ups the tempo and Cunego goes out of the back.

  184. 16:06:45 BST

    This is a battle of last man standing. Uran is now slipping out of the back.

  185. 5km remaining from 168km

    16:07:11 BST

    Vanendert has a lead of 18 seconds.

  186. 16:07:43 BST

    Sanchez zig zags over the road but now Basso hits the front again.

  187. 16:08:16 BST

    Vanenert looks good and now has 25 seconds.

  188. 16:09:27 BST

    Basso has upped the tempo and lined out the front group. Voeckler is on his wheel.

  189. 16:10:28 BST

    Contador is watching both of the Schlecks. Today Andy looks far stronger than Frank. 

  190. 16:11:10 BST

    Andy is on the front but Vanenert has 30 seconds and is looking good for the stage win. 

  191. 16:12:02 BST

    On this flatter section, Sanchez goes but Voeckler chases, as does Schleck. But Sanchez goes again. 

  192. 16:13:20 BST

    This a real fight, a 15-round bout. 

  193. 3km remaining from 168km

    16:14:13 BST

    Vanendert now leads by 39 seconds but Sanchez is in the middle.

  194. 16:15:13 BST

    There are 9 riders in the chase group, the yellow jersey group.

  195. 16:15:56 BST

    Contador has again ridden a defensive race, chasing down Andy Schleck but letting the others control each other. 

  196. 16:17:16 BST

    Basso has a gap but Andy Schleck refuses to chase him. Voeckler goes across as does Evans and Jean-Christophe Peraud (AG2R La Mondiale). 

  197. 16:18:12 BST

    Evans is on the front and the gaps are opening. Frank Schleck is suffering but gets onto the move. 

  198. 16:19:05 BST

    There are six riders in the GC group but they cannot stop Vanendert winning the stage. 

  199. 16:19:34 BST

    He is inside the final km, with Sanchez at 20 seconds. 

  200. 1km remaining from 168km

    16:20:55 BST

    The six go under the 1km banner. Andy Schleck is on the front the pace is steady, all six seem tired. None of them are far stronger than the others. This could be a close Tour de France all the way to the Grenoble time trial.

  201. 16:21:31 BST

    Jelle Vanendert (Omega Pharma-Lotto) takes the stage victory and celebrates with his arm in the air.

  202. 16:21:49 BST

    Sanchez is second at 22 seconds but may take the climber's jersey.

  203. 16:22:23 BST

    Andy Schleck attacks in the finale and finishes 45 seconds down but only gained two seconds on Evans and the others.

  204. 16:22:57 BST

    Thomas Voeckler (Europcar) was there with him and so still leads the Tour and keeps the yellow jersey.

  205. 16:23:51 BST

    Here comes Danielson. He lost 2:00 to Vanendert but will move up overall. That's a great ride by the American.

  206. 16:25:17 BST

    Rigoberto Uran (Team Sky) was impressive too and will also move up overall. 

  207. 16:25:43 BST

    He may also be the best young rider and so pull on the white jersey.

  208. 16:26:23 BST

    Voeckler still has 1:49 on Frank Schleck, with Cadel Evans (BMC) third at 2:06.

  209. 16:28:01 BST

    Provisional stage result:

    1 Jelle Vanendert (Bel) Omega Pharma-Lotto
    2 Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi 0:00:21
    3 Andy Schleck (Lux) Leopard Trek 0:00:46
    4 Cadel Evans (Aus) BMC Racing Team
    5 Rigoberto Uran Uran (Col) Sky Procycling
    6 Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Saxo Bank Sungard
    7 Thomas Voeckler (Fra) Team Europcar
    8 Fränk Schleck (Lux) Leopard Trek
    9 Jean-Christophe Peraud (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
    10 Pierre Rolland (Fra) Team Europcar

  210. 16:29:29 BST

    Provisional GC:

    1 Thomas Voeckler (Fra) Team Europcar
    2 Fränk Schleck (Lux) Leopard Trek 0:01:49
    3 Cadel Evans (Aus) BMC Racing Team 0:02:06
    4 Andy Schleck (Lux) Leopard Trek 0:02:15
    5 Ivan Basso (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale 0:03:16
    6 Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi 0:03:44
    7 Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Saxo Bank Sungard 0:04:00
    8 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Lampre - ISD 0:04:01
    9 Thomas Danielson (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo 0:05:46
    10 Kevin De Weert (Bel) Quickstep Cycling Team 0:06:18

  211. 16:31:01 BST

    Well that was an aggressive but finaslly balanced mountain stage. 

  212. 16:32:48 BST

    Jelle Vanendert (Omega Pharma-Lotto) was a deserved winner but behind him it is still too early to understand who can go on to win the Tour de France. All the big names and possible even Thomas Voeckler could even win. We will know more in the Alps next week.  

  213. 16:35:14 BST

    We're about to wrap up our live coverage of today's stage. We'll back on Sunday for stage 15 to Montpellier, a stage for the sprinters. 

  214. 16:36:48 BST

    We'll have full results, a race report, photo galleries, videos and rider interviews very soon on Cyclingnews.