De Maar on top in Beauce

Dutchman confirms California form with stage win, race lead

Marc de Maar (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis) was the only rider to succeed in catching and passing a six-man breakaway to take the victory of the queen stage three atop Mont Megantic at the Tour de Beauce. Derrick St-John (Garneau Club Chaussures) held on for second place ahead of his breakaway companion Valeriy Kobzarenko (Team Type 1) in third.

"It was a really hard finish especially the first and the last kilometre of that climb," De Maar said. "I felt bad today and felt guilty because I was riding in the last 10 of the bunch all day. As soon as the last climb came I felt better. There were 15 of us left from the field part way up and I saw Ben Day was not looking comfortable and knew this was my time to attack."

"I went full gas to the finish line," he added. "Luckily I passed the breakaway riders but I wasn’t sure if I had won because I didn’t know if there were more guys ahead still."

As expected, Mont Megantic’s nine-kilometre ascent was tough enough to rearrange the general classification, now topped by the new race leader de Maar. Runner up St-John sits in second place followed by Kobzarenko in third.

"I think I can win the overall, anything is possible," De Maar said. "It is going to be hard because Ben Day is a strong time trialist and one of the most dangerous competitors. The last two days are hard but we are going to try."

A slugfest to the top of Mont Megantic

The six riders entered the Mont Megantic National Park and were greeted with a steep two kilometres of twisting narrow road up the side of the mountain. The breakaway riders included former overall race winner Valeriy Kobzarenko (Team Type 1), Jeff Louder (BMC Racing), Sergiy Grechyn (Amore e Vita), Darren Rolfe (Fly V Australia), Bjorne Papstein (SC Wledenbruck 2000) and Derrick St John (Garneau Club Chaussures).

Kobzarenko was no stranger to the famed ascent having competed in the Tour de Beauce on seven previous occasions. "I know this climb very well because I’ve raced this so many times," Kobzarenko said. "I’ve gotten third on the climb twice and I won the overall once. I did everything I could today."

St-John was the first to make his move on the steep pitches at the base of the climb. He opened up a narrow lead and surprised himself when the chasers were unable to close the gap. "I shocked myself a little," St-John said. "I’ve done this race four times before so I knew the climb. I’m not really a climber but it is super hard, a slog, a fight, kind of like a wrestling match which is what I’m good at."

Papstein, Louder, Kobzarenko and Rolfe followed on the heels of St-John. However, the trio rode just off the back for the duration of ascent. "I felt that the time was right and I didn’t think," St-John said. "I rode for as long as I could and as hard as I could and it turned out to be second best. I think that’s good on this climb."

St John continued on and when it looked like he might have been the first rider to make it to the prestigious finish line, De Maar came flying passed him with 200 metres to go to take the victory. "I was surprised Marc de Maar had passed me but that’s good on him," St-John said. "I’m still happy with this. We will take what we gained today because it was a good ride and let the cards fall after tomorrow."

Breakaway tackles Beauce rollers

The peloton lined up under overcast skies and a light drizzle for the start of the queen stage three at the Tour de Beauce. The race got underway in the city of Saint-Georges and headed on a 154 km route toward the daunting Mont Megantic.

The point-to-point stage included two Sprint zones and three King of the Mountain (KOM). Andrew Pinfold (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis) increased his lead in the Sprint competition when he won the first dash to the line ahead of Canadian rivals Charles Dionne (Fly V Australia) and Nic Hamilton (Team Canada).

The early portion of the race was highly active but none of the attempted breakaways lasted for more than a few seconds. One breakaway gained roughly two minutes that included former overall race winner Kobzarenko, Louder, Grechyn, Rolfe, Papstein and St-John.

Kobzarenko stretched his legs over the first KOM to take the points ahead of Grechyn. The six-man group gained a three minutes on the descent down to Lac-Drolet. Overall race leader Rafael Serrano Fernandez (Heraklio-Murcia) used his four teammates to maintain the breakaway’s gap at a manageable two to three minutes.

"Some people were not working but that is normal," Kobzarenko said. "Louder had a good climber in the back and Rolfe too. But four of us were working. Maybe I wasn’t the best guy for the break but the Spanish guys didn’t have enough good guys to work for the leader."

Five of the six riders were placed 23 seconds or less behind Serrano Fernandez in the GC. Grechyn the highest placed at 15 seconds back and Louder was the lowest placed in the overall classification at nearly four and half minutes back.

Shortly after Grechyn won the second KOM, race officials neutralized the breakaway and led the peloton through a two kilometre dirt road section that wrapped around the scenic Lac-Megantic. Both parties regrouped exiting of the dirt road. Officials restarted the breakaway, followed by the peloton three and half minutes later.

Grechyn went on to win the final sprint of the day ahead of Kobzarenko, located close to the base of the final climb to Mont Megantic. They hit the climb and attacked one another but it was St-John who opened the several second margin he needed to get to the top the quickest.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marc De Maar (Ned) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis3:50:05 
2Derrick St-John (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures0:00:08 
3Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Team Type 10:00:16 
4Björn Papstein (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:00:19 
5Jeff Louder (USA) BMC Racing Team0:00:23 
6Darren Rolfe (Aus) Fly V Australia0:00:26 
7Jaroslaw Dabrowski (Pol) Amore & Vita - Conad0:00:34 
8Morgan Schmitt (USA) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis  
9Benjamin Day (Aus) Fly V Australia0:00:39 
10David Boily (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:00:41 
11Thomas Rabou (Ned) Team Type 1  
12Jai Crawford (Aus) Fly V Australia  
13Lucas Euser (USA) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:00:53 
14François Parisien (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:00:59 
15Ryan Roth (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:01:06 
16Christopher Jones (USA) Team Type 10:01:19 
17Javier Megias Leal (Spa) Team Type 1  
18Volodymyr Bileka (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad0:01:25 
19Will Routley (Can) Canadian National Team  
20Jacques Janse Van Rensburg (RSA) DCM0:01:32 
21Chris Baldwin (USA) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis0:01:33 
22Max Jenkins (USA) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis0:01:41 
23Chris Butler (USA) BMC Racing Team  
24Alex Howes (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U230:01:51 
25Bernardo Colex Tepox (Mex) Amore & Vita - Conad0:01:54 
26Francisco Mancebo Perez (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia0:02:00 
27Sergiy Grechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad0:02:06 
28Andreas Keuser (Ger) Restore Cycling Team0:02:08 
29Alex Hagman (USA) Bahati Foundation0:02:12 
30Jackson Stewart (USA) BMC Racing Team0:02:14 
31Caleb Fairly (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U230:02:18 
32Hugo Houle (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures0:02:21 
33Benjamin Martel (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:02:33 
34Corey Collier (USA) Bahati Foundation0:02:39 
35Jeffrey Wiersma (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:02:41 
36Darren Lill (RSA) Fly V Australia  
37William Dugan (USA) Team Type 10:02:47 
38Jason Donald (USA) Bahati Foundation0:02:51 
39Raphael Gagné (Can) Équipe Québec0:02:53 
40Travis Allen (RSA) DCM  
41Holger Slevers (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:02:55 
42Chad Beyer (USA) BMC Racing Team0:03:00 
43Yannick Bédard (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:03:07 
44Arnaud Papillon (Can) Équipe Québec0:03:16 
45Peter Van Agtmaal (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:03:34 
46Oliver Johr (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:03:44 
47Pascal Bussières (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:03:56 
48Danny Summerhill (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U23  
49Deon Locke (Aus) CKT Champion System0:04:32 
50Vincent Quirion (Can) Équipe Québec0:04:41 
51André Tremblay (Can) Équipe Québec0:04:48 
52Fabio Calabria (Aus) Team Type 10:05:02 
53Antoine Matteau (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy  
54Clinton Barrow (RSA) DCM0:05:26 
55Rafael Serrano Fernandez (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia0:05:29 
56Charles Dionne (Can) Fly V Australia  
57Tim Abercrombie (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures0:05:40 
58Jay Thomson (RSA) Fly V Australia0:05:49 
59Nathan O'neil (Aus) Bahati Foundation0:06:08 
60Joris Boillat (Swi) CKT Champion System0:06:13 
61Maint Berkenbosch (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:06:19 
62Bobby Lea (USA) Bahati Foundation0:06:21 
63Jean-François Racine (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures0:06:24 
64Pieter Seyfert (RSA) DCM0:06:54 
65Keir Plaice (Can) Canadian National Team  
66Stefano Maiorana (RSA) DCM  
67Danny Vrolijk (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:07:10 
68Jorne Videler (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:07:19 
69Harm Bronkhorst (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:07:24 
70Rodney Green (RSA) DCM0:07:46 
71Erik Kooiman (Ned) Global Cycling Team  
72Nic Hamilton (Can) Canadian National Team0:08:35 
73Holger Burkhardt (Ger) CKT Champion System  
74Mart Ojavee (Est) CKT Champion System  
75Guillaume Boivin (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:08:49 
76Jean-Sébastien Perron (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures  
77Dennis Klemme (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:08:54 
78Vincent Veilleux (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:09:28 
79Aroussen Laflamme (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:10:17 
80Benjamin Stauder (Ger) CKT Champion System0:10:44 
81Andrew Pinfold (Can) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis0:11:04 
82Fausto Fognini (Ita) Amore & Vita - Conad  
83Jamie Sparling (Can) Canadian National Team  
84William Blackburn (Can) Équipe Québec  
85Jar Deutschmann (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:11:08 
86David Tanner (Aus) Fly V Australia0:11:13 
87Jaume Rovira Pous (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia0:11:44 
88Walker Savidge (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U230:11:51 
89Max Durtschi (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U230:12:07 
90Roger Beuchat (Swi) CKT Champion System0:12:12 
91Hector Gonzalez Baeza (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia0:12:16 
92John Murphy (USA) BMC Racing Team  
93Bruno Langlois (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy  
94Matthew Rice (Aus) Bahati Foundation0:12:19 
95Yuriy Metlushenko (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad  
96Tim Nederlof (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:12:30 
97Chris Barton (USA) BMC Racing Team0:12:34 
98Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Équipe Québec0:12:42 
99Jamie Ball (RSA) DCM0:13:26 
100Flavio Pasquino (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:13:48 
101Laurent Dallaire (Can) Équipe Québec0:14:30 
102Jesse Reams (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures0:14:49 
103Hendrik Werner (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:15:34 
104Michael Joannisse (Can) Canadian National Team0:15:42 
105Marvin Guzman (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy  
106Chris Heiberg (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:15:48 
107Salvador Guardiola Tora (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia0:15:54 
108Ruurd-Jan Zwarts (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:16:06 
109Marc Den Hoed (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:19:41 
DNFRobbie Squire (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U23  
DNFAndrew Randell (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy  
DNFShaun Mccarthy (Aus) Garneau Club Chaussures  
Sprint 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Pinfold (Can) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis3 pts
2Charles Dionne (Can) Fly V Australia2 
3Nic Hamilton (Can) Canadian National Team1 
Sprint 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sergiy Grechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad3 pts
2Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Team Type 12 
3Derrick St-John (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marc De Maar (Ned) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis15 pts
2Derrick St-John (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures14 
3Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Team Type 113 
4Björn Papstein (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 200012 
5Jeff Louder (USA) BMC Racing Team11 
6Darren Rolfe (Aus) Fly V Australia10 
7Jaroslaw Dabrowski (Pol) Amore & Vita - Conad9 
8Morgan Schmitt (USA) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis8 
9Benjamin Day (Aus) Fly V Australia7 
10David Boily (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy6 
11Thomas Rabou (Ned) Team Type 15 
12Jai Crawford (Aus) Fly V Australia4 
13Lucas Euser (USA) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy3 
14François Parisien (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy2 
15Ryan Roth (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Team Type 17 pts
2Sergiy Grechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad5 
3Björn Papstein (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20003 
4Darren Rolfe (Aus) Fly V Australia2 
5Jeff Louder (USA) BMC Racing Team1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sergiy Grechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad10 pts
2Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Team Type 18 
3Björn Papstein (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20006 
4Derrick St-John (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures5 
5Darren Rolfe (Aus) Fly V Australia4 
6Jeff Louder (USA) BMC Racing Team3 
7Danny Summerhill (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U232 
8Rafael Serrano Fernandez (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marc De Maar (Ned) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis20 pts
2Derrick St-John (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures16 
3Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Team Type 113 
4Björn Papstein (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 200010 
5Jeff Louder (USA) BMC Racing Team8 
6Darren Rolfe (Aus) Fly V Australia6 
7Jaroslaw Dabrowski (Pol) Amore & Vita - Conad4 
8Morgan Schmitt (USA) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis3 
9Benjamin Day (Aus) Fly V Australia2 
10David Boily (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fly V Australia11:32:01 
3Team Type 10:00:30 
4Spidertech / Planet Energy0:00:47 
5Amore & Vita - Conad0:02:07 
6Bmc Racing Team0:02:32 
7Sc Wledenbruck 20000:05:12 
8Bahati Foundation0:05:56 
9Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U230:06:19 
10Garneau Club Chaussures0:06:23 
11Restore Cycling Team Holland0:06:37 
12Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:07:50 
14Équipe Québec0:09:04 
15Équipe Canadienne0:15:08 
17Ckt Champion System0:17:34 
18Global Cycling Team0:19:16 
General classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marc De Maar (Ned) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis12:01:38 
2Derrick St-John (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures0:00:07 
3Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Team Type 10:00:14 
4Björn Papstein (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:00:19 
5Darren Rolfe (Aus) Fly V Australia0:00:24 
6Morgan Schmitt (USA) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis0:00:34 
7Jaroslaw Dabrowski (Pol) Amore & Vita - Conad  
8Benjamin Day (Aus) Fly V Australia0:00:39 
9David Boily (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:00:41 
10Jai Crawford (Aus) Fly V Australia  
11Thomas Rabou (Ned) Team Type 1  
12Lucas Euser (USA) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:00:53 
13François Parisien (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:00:59 
14Ryan Roth (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:01:06 
15Christopher Jones (USA) Team Type 10:01:19 
16Volodymyr Bileka (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad0:01:25 
17Jacques Janse Van Rensburg (RSA) DCM0:01:32 
18Chris Baldwin (USA) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis0:01:33 
19Chris Butler (USA) BMC Racing Team0:01:41 
20Will Routley (Can) Canadian National Team0:01:53 
21Bernardo Colex Tepox (Mex) Amore & Vita - Conad0:01:54 
22Sergiy Grechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad0:01:55 
23Francisco Mancebo Perez (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia0:02:00 
24Max Jenkins (USA) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis0:02:10 
25Caleb Fairly (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U230:02:18 
26Alex Howes (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U230:02:20 
27Hugo Houle (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures0:02:21 
28Andreas Keuser (Ger) Restore Cycling Team0:02:26 
29Darren Lill (RSA) Fly V Australia0:02:41 
30Alex Hagman (USA) Bahati Foundation  
31Jackson Stewart (USA) BMC Racing Team0:02:43 
32William Dugan (USA) Team Type 10:02:47 
33Jason Donald (USA) Bahati Foundation0:02:51 
34Corey Collier (USA) Bahati Foundation0:02:57 
35Chad Beyer (USA) BMC Racing Team0:03:00 
36Benjamin Martel (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:03:02 
37Jeffrey Wiersma (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:03:10 
38Raphael Gagné (Can) Équipe Québec0:03:11 
39Travis Allen (RSA) DCM  
40Holger Slevers (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:03:24 
41Yannick Bédard (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:03:25 
42Arnaud Papillon (Can) Équipe Québec0:03:34 
43Oliver Johr (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:03:44 
44Peter Van Agtmaal (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:04:03 
45Jeff Louder (USA) BMC Racing Team0:04:25 
46Pascal Bussières (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:04:49 
47Danny Summerhill (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U230:04:57 
48Deon Locke (Aus) CKT Champion System0:05:01 
49Rafael Serrano Fernandez (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia0:05:06 
50Vincent Quirion (Can) Équipe Québec0:05:10 
51André Tremblay (Can) Équipe Québec0:05:16 
52Antoine Matteau (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:05:20 
53Charles Dionne (Can) Fly V Australia0:05:23 
54Clinton Barrow (RSA) DCM0:05:55 
55Tim Abercrombie (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures0:06:09 
56Maint Berkenbosch (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:06:37 
57Joris Boillat (Swi) CKT Champion System0:06:42 
58Jay Thomson (RSA) Fly V Australia0:07:33 
59Keir Plaice (Can) Canadian National Team0:07:47 
60Nathan O'neil (Aus) Bahati Foundation0:07:55 
61Bobby Lea (USA) Bahati Foundation0:08:08 
62Jean-François Racine (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures0:08:11 
63Pieter Seyfert (RSA) DCM0:08:41 
64Rodney Green (RSA) DCM0:08:47 
65Erik Kooiman (Ned) Global Cycling Team  
66Jean-Sébastien Perron (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures0:08:48 
67Nic Hamilton (Can) Canadian National Team0:09:03 
68Jorne Videler (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:09:06 
69Harm Bronkhorst (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:09:11 
70Dennis Klemme (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:09:47 
71Mart Ojavee (Est) CKT Champion System0:10:22 
72Andrew Pinfold (Can) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis0:10:57 
73David Tanner (Aus) Fly V Australia0:11:03 
74Jar Deutschmann (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:11:37 
75Jaume Rovira Pous (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia0:11:44 
76Benjamin Stauder (Ger) CKT Champion System0:11:53 
77Fausto Fognini (Ita) Amore & Vita - Conad0:11:57 
78Danny Vrolijk (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:11:59 
79Roger Beuchat (Swi) CKT Champion System0:12:12 
80Hector Gonzalez Baeza (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia0:12:34 
81John Murphy (USA) BMC Racing Team0:12:44 
82Matthew Rice (Aus) Bahati Foundation0:12:48 
83Stefano Maiorana (RSA) DCM0:12:54 
84Yuriy Metlushenko (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad0:13:14 
85Jamie Sparling (Can) Canadian National Team0:13:18 
86Max Durtschi (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U230:13:26 
87Bruno Langlois (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:14:03 
88Aroussen Laflamme (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:14:19 
89Guillaume Boivin (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:14:35 
90Holger Burkhardt (Ger) CKT Champion System0:15:47 
91Chris Barton (USA) BMC Racing Team0:16:38 
92Walker Savidge (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U230:17:10 
93Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Équipe Québec0:17:31 
94Michael Joannisse (Can) Canadian National Team0:17:40 
95Marvin Guzman (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:17:56 
96Laurent Dallaire (Can) Équipe Québec0:18:32 
97Jesse Reams (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures0:18:51 
98Jamie Ball (RSA) DCM0:19:07 
99Hendrik Werner (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20000:19:36 
100Vincent Veilleux (Can) Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:20:12 
101William Blackburn (Can) Équipe Québec0:21:10 
102Salvador Guardiola Tora (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia0:25:31 
103Tim Nederlof (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:25:39 
104Flavio Pasquino (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:26:57 
105Fabio Calabria (Aus) Team Type 10:37:36 
106Javier Megias Leal (Spa) Team Type 10:38:52 
107Chris Heiberg (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:48:22 
108Ruurd-Jan Zwarts (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:48:40 
109Marc Den Hoed (Ned) Restore Cycling Team0:52:15 
Points classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Pinfold (Can) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis28 pts
2Sergiy Grechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad26 
3Charles Dionne (Can) Fly V Australia26 
4Derrick St-John (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures25 
5Rafael Serrano Fernandez (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia20 
6Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Team Type 119 
7David Tanner (Aus) Fly V Australia15 
8Marc De Maar (Ned) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis15 
9Yuriy Metlushenko (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad14 
10Benjamin Day (Aus) Fly V Australia14 
11Jorne Videler (Ned) Global Cycling Team12 
12Darren Rolfe (Aus) Fly V Australia12 
13Björn Papstein (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 200012 
14Christopher Jones (USA) Team Type 111 
15Jeff Louder (USA) BMC Racing Team11 
16Danny Summerhill (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U2310 
17Ryan Roth (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy10 
18Fabio Calabria (Aus) Team Type 19 
19Jaroslaw Dabrowski (Pol) Amore & Vita - Conad9 
20Guillaume Boivin (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy8 
21Roger Beuchat (Swi) CKT Champion System8 
22Volodymyr Bileka (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad8 
23Morgan Schmitt (USA) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis8 
24Jamie Sparling (Can) Canadian National Team6 
25Jackson Stewart (USA) BMC Racing Team6 
26Hugo Houle (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures6 
27Caleb Fairly (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U236 
28David Boily (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy6 
29Thomas Rabou (Ned) Team Type 15 
30Arnaud Papillon (Can) Équipe Québec4 
31Jai Crawford (Aus) Fly V Australia4 
32Jay Thomson (RSA) Fly V Australia3 
33Holger Slevers (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 20003 
34François Parisien (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy3 
35Lucas Euser (USA) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy3 
36Alex Howes (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U232 
37Francisco Mancebo Perez (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia2 
38Walker Savidge (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U232 
39André Tremblay (Can) Équipe Québec1 
40Jean-Sébastien Perron (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures1 
41Will Routley (Can) Canadian National Team1 
42John Murphy (USA) BMC Racing Team1 
43Nic Hamilton (Can) Canadian National Team1 
Mountains classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rafael Serrano Fernandez (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia28 pts
2Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Team Type 128 
3Derrick St-John (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures21 
4Marc De Maar (Ned) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis20 
5Björn Papstein (Ger) SC Wledenbruck 200019 
6Sergiy Grechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad18 
7Danny Summerhill (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U2317 
8Jay Thomson (RSA) Fly V Australia16 
9Darren Rolfe (Aus) Fly V Australia14 
10Will Routley (Can) Canadian National Team12 
11François Parisien (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy12 
12Jeff Louder (USA) BMC Racing Team12 
13Javier Megias Leal (Spa) Team Type 19 
14Francisco Mancebo Perez (Spa) Heraklio-Murcia7 
15Walker Savidge (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U235 
16Jaroslaw Dabrowski (Pol) Amore & Vita - Conad5 
17John Murphy (USA) BMC Racing Team5 
18Andreas Keuser (Ger) Restore Cycling Team4 
19Matthew Rice (Aus) Bahati Foundation3 
20Jean-Sébastien Perron (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures3 
21Morgan Schmitt (USA) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis3 
22Chris Baldwin (USA) Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis2 
23Chris Butler (USA) BMC Racing Team2 
24Bobby Lea (USA) Bahati Foundation2 
25Benjamin Day (Aus) Fly V Australia2 
26Lucas Euser (USA) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy1 
27Chris Barton (USA) BMC Racing Team1 
28David Boily (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy1 
Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fly V Australia36:06:40 
3Team Type 10:00:30 
4Spidertech / Planet Energy0:00:47 
5Amore & Vita - Conad0:02:07 
6Bmc Racing Team0:03:01 
7Sc Wledenbruck 20000:05:41 
8Garneau Club Chaussures0:06:23 
9Bahati Foundation0:06:43 
10Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U230:06:48 
11Restore Cycling Team Holland0:07:53 
13Team Spirit-Cibc Wood Gundy0:08:55 
14Équipe Québec0:10:09 
15Équipe Canadienne0:16:35 
17Ckt Champion System0:18:32 
18Global Cycling Team0:22:22 


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