Kabush, Pendrel show their metal

Canadian cruises to course record

More than 900 riders lined up to test themselves against the gruelling 67 kilometre course at the Test of Metal. Canada's pre-eminent mountain biker, Geoff Kabush won the event in a course record time of 2:29:25. On the women's side, Catharine Pendrel defended her championship with a winning time of 2:51:53.

This race featured every past male winner of the previous 14 races. It also featured 200 bagpipers in Squamish participating in the BC Legion Annual Highland Gathering who played "Scotland the Brave" as the riders left the starting chute.

This is the 15th running of the Test of Metal on the course in Squamish, and every year the race increases in popularity. This year it sold out the 800 available spots in less then 25 minutes.

Miller attributes the success of the race to an attitude among organizers that the event is more significant to the guy finishing 550th than it is for someone competing for the top five. "For most people, they're only competing with themselves to finish. We want all of those people to remember the event as special."

The forecast for rain and showers all weekend held off for the most part with only one downpour on Friday evening, and most events had record participation.

Friday evening saw hundreds of people on the streets in downtown Squamish enjoying bike-friendly events and entertainment from some local performers. The party atmosphere continued on Saturday night with the ska/surf band Brave New Waves entertaining a full house at the official Test of Metal after party at the Howe Sound Inn and Brew Pub.

Full Results

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team)2:51:53 
2Sandra Walter (Local Ride Womens MT)0:14:50 
3Catherine Vipond (Norco Factory Team)0:16:32 
4Wendy Simms (Kona)0:16:33 
5Ann Yew0:25:53 
6Joele Guynup (Island Racing Club)0:29:49 
7Megan Rose (Norco)0:34:25 
8Kari Studley (Mafia/Pabst/Felt)0:41:22 
9Carena Dean (Specialized Bikes)0:42:11 
10Karen Trueman (Oak Bay Cycles)0:48:55 
11Alana Heise0:49:50 
12Jennifer Tabbernor (Giant Bike Co.)0:49:51 
13Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride Elite Wmns MTB)0:50:21 
14Linda Robichaud (Team Whistler)0:52:12 
15Julie Melanson1:04:52 
16Karen Collins1:05:40 
17Samantha Grover (Pedalhead Racing)1:06:21 
DNSJoanna Harrington (Fineline Bike Shop / Trek)  
DNFKatherine Short (Norco)  
DNSLesley Clements (Marin Bikes)  
Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geoff Kabush (Maxxis-Rocky Mountain)2:29:45 
2Kris Sneddon (Kona Factory)0:01:40 
3Marty Lazarski (Rocky Mtn)0:09:15 
4Cory Wallace (Kona Factory)0:09:24 
5Matthew Hadley (Xprezo)0:11:51 
6Matt Ryan (Specialized/Magura/Oakley)0:12:13 
7Colin Kerr (Rocky Mountain)0:14:26 
8Kelly Servinski (Republic Bikes)0:16:41 
9Drew Mackenzie (Island Racing / Cameron L)0:17:47 
10Dwayne Kress (Corsa / Specialized)0:17:49 
11Greg Day (RockyMtn/DifferentBi)0:18:03 
12Carter Hovey0:18:59 
13Michael Pruner (Different Bikes)0:19:28 
14Evan Guthrie (Rocky Mountain Bicyc)0:20:01 
15Thomas Skinner (Aviawest)0:21:15 
16Jeff Neilson0:21:19 
17Sullivan Reed (Cycle Logic)0:22:44 
18Jeff Blair (Ryders Eyewear)0:25:24 
19Ricky Federau0:26:42 
20Eric Emsky (Blue Competition Cyc)0:27:23 
21Stefan Widmer (Rocky Mtn Factory Team)0:28:01 
22Ryan Draper (Rebound Cycle)0:28:10 
23Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mtn Bikes)0:28:11 
24Duncan Gavin0:30:40 
25Andy Traslin (Ryders Eyewear)0:30:46 
26Justin Mark (Steed Cycles)0:30:52 
27Robert Whishaw (Obsession Bikes)0:31:34 
28Brian Bain (Specialized/CMC/Bowc)0:31:55 
29Joshua Scott (KHS)0:34:37 
30Kevin Calhoun (RMB - Different Bike)0:34:45 
31Seth Lanauze-wells (Cap's Original / Raceface)0:38:39 
32Andy Rigel (Pabst/Felt)0:39:34 
33Kris Yip0:52:45 
34Norrie Henderson (Kelowna Cycle)0:54:12 
35Bradley Issel (N/A)0:55:03 
36Jordy Buckles0:55:18 
37Jamie Lemay (Cycle Logic)0:59:26 
38Dustin Gordon (Team Whistler)1:01:31 
DNSSteven Wagner (Deaaler Ignition)  
DNSPeter Reid (Specialized)  
DNFChris Christie (Suarez Factory/Corsa)  
DNSJeffrey Collins  
DNSKevin Williams (bike doctor)  
DNFMatt Bodkin (Giant Bicycles)  
DNSChris Lane (Experience Cycling)  
DNFMax Plaxton (Sho-Air / Specialized)  
DNSMo Lawrence (Tantalus Bike Shop)  
Women under 20
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauren Rosser4:12:13 
2Jocelyn Ramsden0:33:43 
3Teri-Rose Davis0:49:36 
4Kristin Van Bibber1:53:56 
Women 20-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Melanie Bernier3:22:02 
2Jenny Strong0:29:30 
3Chloe Cross0:51:51 
4Rochelle Stokes1:09:58 
5Shannon Collier1:21:28 
6Calindy Ramsden1:23:56 
7Megan Kobitzsch1:30:41 
8Renee Cowling1:48:23 
9Mandy Foster2:26:57 
10Anna Rogawski2:30:49 
DNSJamie King  
Women 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Sportsman3:44:41 
2April Graham0:06:04 
3Nicole Muzechka0:13:24 
4Nadia Widmer0:15:37 
5Janna Gillick0:16:38 
6Bowes-Lyon Lea-Marie0:20:01 
7Sarah Seads0:21:25 
8Sarah O'Byrne0:23:11 
9Jeanine Ball0:32:29 
10Cathy Graham0:34:39 
11Rachael Mirvish0:47:57 
12Hebe Kelly0:51:22 
13Amelia Ufford0:54:20 
14Michelle Zuliani0:58:18 
15Anne Price0:59:59 
16Saskia Arnesen1:04:12 
17Jo Perrett1:17:19 
18Sara Voyer1:17:22 
19Karen Sauve1:22:45 
20Christina Hirota1:23:56 
21Lambert Crystal1:25:08 
22Nicola Brabyn1:33:47 
23Meagan Roberge1:52:48 
24Maki Ubukata2:13:25 
25Laura Fergusson2:16:08 
DNSDeanna Teichrob  
DNSMalaika Ulmi  
DNSPatti Dods  
DNSMarie Bursinger  
DNSBeverly Baker  
DNFStephanie Hamilton  
DNSCynthia Young  
DNSMadeline Tang  
DNSJen Segger  
DNSAlexandra Shanny  
DNSCaryn Leech  
Women 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brandi Heisterman3:16:19 
2Annie Kvick0:18:28 
3Kristin Kopec0:21:48 
4Robin O'Neill0:22:46 
5Kira McClellan0:42:40 
6Karen Todd0:50:02 
7Karin Binder1:02:54 
8Natalie Wood1:03:19 
9Linda Huh1:10:56 
10Renee Brickner1:11:25 
11Martine Long1:13:25 
12Megan Hoodspith1:22:15 
13Katherine Donovan1:23:06 
14Robin Wolfe1:27:23 
15Amanda Prenty1:28:11 
16Lisa Duncan1:28:22 
17Sarah Greenwood1:30:26 
18Timberly George1:45:13 
19Sue Rodger1:45:44 
20Shannon Clegg1:47:22 
21Sharon Fields1:57:50 
22Leigh Doerksen2:09:39 
23Michelle Lachmann2:14:20 
24Nichole Murray2:20:48 
25Melanie Armstrong2:21:30 
26Victoria Jolley2:34:19 
27Danielle Delves2:48:46 
28Kayreen Marinis2:49:50 
29Nicole Robichaud2:54:04 
30Sarah Gibb2:58:17 
31Jo Salamon3:05:40 
DNFKelsey Miller  
DNSKerry Van Kooy  
DNFPetra Hauke  
DNFMonique Van Bibber  
DNSAng Qualizza  
DNFVicki Schenk  
DNSHayley Medlicott  
DNSLisa Byrne  
DNSAnne Richard  
DNSCarmen Levine  
DNSJessica Williams  
DNFCatherine Lair  
DNSRowena McHugh  
DNSCoralynn Gehl  
Women 40-44
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rua Read3:39:31 
2Lisa Le Poole0:08:04 
3Carey Sather0:19:28 
4Natalie Edwards0:28:27 
5Shelley Genovese0:32:18 
6Kathy Cormack0:36:10 
7Julia Balkwill0:50:13 
8Frances Vice0:51:13 
9Jenny Angus0:59:31 
10Holly Workman1:12:10 
11Julie Van Eesteren1:13:16 
12Susan Chapelle1:13:26 
13Sasha Walshe1:17:49 
14Monique Gallant1:21:38 
15Lesley-Ann Marriott1:25:13 
16Lori Cucksey1:31:15 
17Jane Gillie1:31:21 
18Kelly Vanry1:44:57 
19Sherone Harris1:47:17 
20Nicole Howell1:49:22 
21Emma Jarrett1:52:29 
22Carol Zuckernick1:54:09 
23Karen Mittet2:00:10 
24Rose Bender2:00:51 
25Erica Rigik2:01:12 
26Sarah Lewin2:19:34 
27Rachael Cabrera2:24:41 
28Kathy Tulloch2:43:37 
DNSGiovanna Boucher  
DNSBeck Kimberley  
DNSSharon McLean  
DNSShawn Leclair  
DNFLori Broker  
DNFJanet Mount  
DNFGrace Tavares  
DNFAndrea Unger  
DNFMichelle Webster  
DNSMichelle Manship  
DNSCatherine Croucher  
DNSChristine Shandro  
DNSBobbie-Jean Taylor  
DNSKatie Bennett  
DNSAndrea Townson  
DNSSarah Gayda  
Women 45-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michele Marsh4:32:17 
2Barb Cooke0:04:37 
3Kate Inman0:09:20 
4Maria Sederholm0:19:17 
5Susan Weston0:26:26 
6Ann Davis1:13:05 
DNSSuzanne Watson  
DNSMaren Bruun  
DNSCarol Shaben  
DNSChelsea McMahon  
DNFMady Demers  
DNSLynn Gentile  
DNSConnie Abram  
DNSMaria Zerjav  
DNFCathryn Zeglinski  
DNSLaddie Hannam  
Women 50-54
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Claire Harvey5:02:02 
2Marcia Smith0:19:41 
3Elizabeth Stevenson1:07:33 
DNSSue King  
DNFHeide Saunders  
Women 55-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Grace Blok5:37:32 
DNSBridget Nowakowski  
DNFJudy Roberts  
Women 60-69
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
DNFMary Mark  
Men under 20
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jesse Melamed3:12:50 
2Jereomy Pelletier0:04:12 
3Rob Leigh0:09:44 
4Nicholas Bruce0:16:52 
5Mahon Lamont0:18:26 
6Montana Michel0:19:37 
7Robert Ramsden0:31:48 
8Alex Toews0:31:55 
9Sam Bowerman0:32:40 
10Sebastian Sleep0:49:38 
11Rhys Verner0:51:50 
12Blake Newton0:59:23 
13Jacob Melville1:05:18 
14Toby Nolan1:06:18 
15Connor Haberl1:07:14 
16Richard Dyer1:14:26 
17Daniel Hennigar1:14:36 
18Michael Kilby1:28:29 
19Zachary Share1:55:11 
20Logan Simonson1:57:32 
21Levi Puckett2:23:07 
DNSKeenan Genovese  
DNSNick Geddes  
DNFQuinn Moberg  
DNFDevan McClelland  
DNSKurtis Van Bibber  
Men 20-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neal Kindree2:47:26 
2David Huntley0:16:43 
3Ryan Young0:24:22 
4Matt Dawes0:29:36 
5Alistair Hardy-Poirier0:30:11 
6Scott Pilecki0:36:22 
7Tobias Pantling0:40:29 
8Brett Grayston0:41:10 
9David Moffatt0:42:00 
10Aaron Quesnel0:44:51 
11Brett Miller0:48:27 
12Jeff Hunter0:48:32 
13Alex Ritchie0:49:09 
14Jeremy Norris0:49:51 
15Daniel Stein0:50:07 
16Derek Anderson0:52:07 
17Philip Cairns0:54:27 
18Davis English0:55:09 
19Tyler Strong0:56:13 
20Martin Goetsch0:56:33 
21Jody Edgar0:56:39 
22Graham Bottomley1:02:49 
23Rich Cook1:12:22 
24Toby Keegan1:12:50 
25Adam Marcinkiewicz1:12:55 
26Stewart Harper1:14:36 
27Cory Norris-Jones1:15:08 
28Calum Davidson1:16:32 
29Patrick Foster1:22:33 
30Daniel MacKellar1:24:40 
31Tyler Pollock1:33:50 
32Clayton Palanio1:35:12 
33Rob Shoosmith1:37:48 
34Brendan Bartlett1:38:40 
35Matt Smit1:40:54 
36Neil Judson1:45:25 
37Evan Power1:47:03 
38Billy Jackson1:48:10 
39Trevor Graham1:58:57 
40Derek Hula2:01:23 
41Patrick Plante2:01:51 
42Craig Lam2:05:07 
43Rick Leonard2:16:39 
44Utatsu Gokan 2:21:13 
45Kenton Hirowatari2:29:49 
46Ryan Snikvalds2:43:26 
47John Maurus2:51:39 
48Derek Rougeau2:53:24 
49Jon Rees3:01:23 
50Anthony Bianco3:04:16 
DNSMathew Tkachuck  
DNFJonathan Barnes  
DNSEmils Muehlenbachs  
DNSBrad Neufeld  
DNFJonathan Aubry  
DNSAndy Morris  
DNSMax Bitel  
Men 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Robinson2:51:50 
2Samuel Kummrow0:09:58 
3Olivier Gendron0:10:10 
4Mark Matson0:10:26 
5Jeremy Trask0:11:44 
6Steve Devantier0:12:15 
7Aaron Weiss0:14:09 
8Martin Van Essen0:24:00 
9Andre Pitre0:25:13 
10Terry Evans0:25:21 
11Steve Mitchell0:32:43 
12Andrew Kyle0:37:07 
13Daniel Irvine0:37:29 
14Michael Simon0:37:33 
15Sean Anastasiadis0:41:14 
16Alexandru Cojocaru0:41:58 
17Dave Brown0:42:15 
18Halldor Orn Gunnarsson0:45:34 
19Andrew Bovard0:47:44 
20Roland Rabien0:48:55 
21Tom Kemecsey0:51:20 
22Joshua Weiss0:53:13 
23Joel Perkins0:54:23 
24Brad Martyn0:55:05 
25Joel Breems0:55:30 
26Kiva Hartfield0:56:38 
27Eric Walton0:58:28 
28Alexander T. Kaempffer0:58:48 
29Dan Wong1:01:19 
30James Cassell1:02:03 
31Armand Hurford1:03:29 
32Brad Doran-Veevers1:04:31 
33Timothy Ambler1:07:17 
34Simon Hirota1:08:24 
35Johan Clement1:08:29 
36Marcus Buckle1:13:08 
37Darrel Deane1:13:27 
38Sean Baker1:15:37 
39Steve Perrett1:16:20 
40Eric Hung1:17:31 
41Bob Jones1:19:23 
42Graham Munro1:19:32 
43Adrian Strong1:20:40 
44Carl Taylor1:20:49 
45Bryce Allen1:24:59 
46Steven Fofonoff1:25:10 
47Colin Simpson1:25:13 
48Eric Kjode1:25:47 
49Andrew Ferguson1:26:05 
50Peter Odonnell1:26:38 
51Andrew McMillan1:31:00 
52Brett Armstrong1:34:41 
53Brad Readman1:37:20 
54Ryan Simpson1:37:38 
55Jonathan Schmidt1:39:38 
56Jeremy Chivers1:40:08 
57Derek Gehl1:40:16 
58Jason Goodman1:40:38 
59Gregory Colquhoun1:41:04 
60Liam Kerney1:45:00 
61Scott Lahrs1:46:05 
62Andrew Prenty1:46:41 
63Geoffrey Graham1:47:31 
64Christopher Facchin1:50:05 
65Ian Nicoud1:51:24 
66Jordan Anderson1:51:28 
67Mark Huscroft1:51:34 
68Kyle Sauve1:53:13 
69Alistair MacGregor1:55:09 
70Ryan Chamberlain1:55:48 
71Joseph McGill1:55:59 
72Greg Pylypec1:56:00 
73Marlon Tang1:59:32 
74Curtis Labounty1:59:53 
75Ryan Tuira2:00:21 
76Jeremy Hirota2:01:20 
77Brian Gunn2:01:40 
78Eric Malboeuf2:06:39 
79Kenichi Furuno2:08:41 
80Tom Thornton2:10:09 
81Jason Town2:13:41 
82Michael Noseworthy2:21:36 
83Arjun Khosla2:22:50 
84Josh Bernsen2:43:48 
85Aldo Rivera2:45:39 
86Tavish Capewell2:48:33 
87Ashley Stotts2:58:02 
88Raymond Ho3:00:45 
89Victor Kang3:22:47 
DNSNick Beuglet  
DNSD'Arcy O'Connor  
DNFPaul Henriksen  
DNSBen Rix  
DNFJonny Lloyd  
DNFSean Bickerton  
DNSBlair Hunt  
DNSMark Bunyan  
DNSAndrew Spence  
DNSMatt Smith  
DNSSimon Bruce  
DNSErik Svege  
DNSChris Ford  
DNSJake Heitman  
DNSDylan Groven  
DNSRobin Dutton  
DNFBill Fredericks  
DNFLouis Watson  
DNSChris Power  
DNSRichard Gardiner  
DNSChris Lorenzin  
DNSFrancis Van Der Loos  
DNSIan Sheppard  
DNSJeff Riemer  
DNFShawn Pedersen  
DNFBrady Fleguel  
Men 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chad Miles2:59:22 
2Graham Tutti0:04:18 
3Stephen Ushy0:04:29 
4Ryan Newsome0:04:43 
5John Markez0:05:31 
6Andreas Taylor0:11:02 
7Russel Wood0:12:15 
8Ian Crosthwaite0:14:48 
9Matt Drown0:15:47 
10Matt Duggan0:17:01 
11Adrian Lasalle-Lowe0:17:02 
12Ruedi Schnyder0:17:50 
13LJ Wilson0:18:05 
14Mike Murphy0:19:10 
15Thomas Hayes0:19:33 
16Stuart Bookbinder0:23:26 
17Mike Rauch0:24:03 
18Ian Abbott0:24:10 
19Simon Blythe0:25:43 
20Andrew Clegg0:26:19 
21Jordan Tesluk0:27:08 
22Stephen Todd0:28:34 
23Jason Jacobs0:29:19 
24Stuart Cook0:29:20 
25Stefan Muller0:30:11 
26Geoff Palmer0:31:02 
27Mark Schroeder0:31:25 
28Gary Tosh0:31:26 
29Ken Leggatt0:32:16 
30Aaron Vanderwaal0:34:11 
31Jonatan Chester0:34:51 
32Rumon Carter0:36:32 
33Adam Ferris0:37:43 
34Shane Christopher0:38:04 
35Jason Stobbe0:38:08 
36Luke Gibson0:38:18 
37Chris Morwood0:38:51 
38Lucien Ervington0:41:03 
39Joe Purves-Smith0:41:06 
40Kameron Shinkaruk0:41:14 
41Graham Downs0:41:27 
42Brian Heslop0:42:08 
43Jeff Heslop0:42:08 
44Rick Martin0:42:12 
45Chad Gentes0:42:23 
46Mac McDell0:42:50 
47Allistair Clegg0:43:49 
48Aaron Muir0:45:16 
49Matt Meanchoff0:45:28 
50Keith Montgomery0:46:15 
51Jason Bond0:46:42 
52Jeff Hanninen0:46:49 
53Jas Gill0:47:02 
54Basse Clement0:47:31 
55Graham Archer0:48:31 
56Sam Lupton0:49:12 
57Federico Feuermann0:49:28 
58Joel Werner0:49:37 
59Ken Bognar0:50:32 
60Kevin Webb0:50:44 
61Mike Tunnah0:51:28 
62Mark Warsaba0:52:40 
63Bradley Hunter0:52:41 
64Andrew Bythell0:53:09 
65Scott McMillan0:56:37 
66Euan Crawford0:58:45 
67John Gibb-Carsley0:58:56 
68Guilhem Ryan0:59:03 
69Jonathan Silcock1:01:45 
70Daniel Popescu1:02:16 
71Russell Down1:02:36 
72Jordan Jacobs1:03:13 
73Jamie Pierotti1:03:46 
74Elliot Fishman1:05:20 
75Paul Filippelli1:05:56 
76Ryan Gill1:06:00 
77Wil Schur1:06:19 
78Darren Saul1:09:24 
79Dieter Ayers1:09:34 
80Dean Dubyk1:10:18 
81Devin Brown1:11:17 
82Brian Greening1:11:32 
83Coventry Steve1:12:02 
84Jonathan Lussier1:13:02 
85Andy Anastasiadis1:13:07 
86Torben Johannsen1:13:08 
87Malcolm Schulz1:13:10 
88Luke Ferdinands1:13:30 
89Adrian McCardle1:14:25 
90Werner Gerntholtz1:14:42 
91Jeff Anderson1:15:34 
92Doug Ross1:17:35 
93Sean Perkins1:18:53 
94Michael Ritter1:20:02 
95Haldenby Mark1:20:12 
96Thomas Vlcek1:20:17 
97Tom Mazalek1:20:59 
98Dave Rossiter1:21:05 
99Timothy Cardinal1:23:02 
100Adrian Jones1:24:29 
101Stephane Delisle1:27:08 
102Dave Laverdiere1:28:09 
103Mark Robichaud1:28:16 
104Jason Lavigne1:29:28 
105Michael Oliver1:30:47 
106Rock Castrillo1:30:56 
107John Atwater1:33:14 
108Brent McMurchy1:34:02 
109Alex Lagoudakis1:34:25 
110Francisco Gatchalian1:34:29 
111Ryan Lucy1:35:47 
112Eric Matheson1:36:36 
113Ken Saito1:36:56 
114Joel Liefke1:37:12 
115Daryn Collier1:39:18 
116Adrian Armstrong1:39:46 
117Craig Manship1:39:50 
118David Barba1:40:45 
119Martin Pangracs1:43:08 
120Marc Soehngen1:44:21 
121Ian MacLeod1:46:32 
122Mike Pirot1:47:36 
123Bryce Tupper1:49:31 
124Ben Webber1:50:22 
125Todd Monge1:51:35 
126Ben Rancourt1:51:40 
127Justin Moloughney1:54:41 
128Brian Tuulos1:54:59 
129Nick Varey1:54:59 
130Darren Durupt1:55:54 
131Chris Dupuis1:56:52 
132Gareth Phillips1:58:12 
133Daniel Owen1:58:16 
134Hiroaki Ohmori1:58:28 
135Jason Weinman1:59:02 
136Dennis Ranada2:00:19 
137David Young2:02:36 
138Shane Thurston2:03:31 
139Lloyd Adams2:06:09 
140Rory Tucker2:06:50 
141John Minton2:07:38 
142Mark Sloat2:08:37 
143Nick Lemmel2:09:11 
144Patrick Wright2:11:23 
145Paul Chapman2:13:25 
146James Scramstad2:16:38 
147Simon Chester2:17:57 
148Roelof Stals2:18:49 
149Darren West2:27:02 
150Jason Baybutt2:27:33 
151Vernon Felton2:34:18 
152Ian Brisbin2:36:58 
153Eugene Sepke2:42:20 
154Michael Hallett2:43:18 
155Craig Davidiuk2:45:45 
156David De Lanoy3:00:07 
157Eric Ostfeld3:03:39 
158Dave Richardson3:09:32 
159Chris Pettingill3:28:51 
DNSMichel Tessier  
DNSJason Moss  
DNSKarel Kulhavy  
DNSBen MacInnis  
DNSJohn Hitsman  
DNSJesse Grissom  
DNSBlake Peel  
DNSJonathan Frantz  
DNSJay Latiff  
DNSRaphael Fang  
DNSWill Dalton  
DNSFrancois Bedard  
DNSJoshua Kleban  
DNSJoseph Del-Rosario  
DNSGlenn Marshall  
DNSKevin Koopmans  
DNFJean-Francoi Plouffe  
DNSSimon Douglas  
DNSMark Knight  
DNSClinton Pazdzierski  
DNSGreg McDonnell  
DNSRobert Gosselin  
DNSKevin Trotter  
DNSGeoff Hales  
DNSErich Zwick  
DNSMatt Walker  
DNSPaul Brewer  
DNSKevin Ayers  
DNFChris Michael  
DNSMichael Saez  
DNSZak Pawliuk  
DNFLeo Rodriguez  
DNSKyle Durand  
DNSGerry Reed  
DNFJames Davison  
DNSShawn Fraser  
DNSCharles Fortier  
DNFDavid Reid  
DNSMike Jones  
DNSMatt Wallis  
DNFChris Kaipio  
DNSJeff Levine  
DNSDean Wutke  
DNSJon Phillips  
DNFDarcy Johnson  
DNSTodd Shaffer  
DNFTrevor Hopkins  
DNFCarl Goldstraw  
DNSTrampas Swanson  
DNSMichael Church  
DNSOmar Ahmad  
DNSMark Pace-Floridia  
DNSDon Sutton  
DNSStefan Jakobsen  
DNSLouie Soave  
DNSJohn Waite  
DNSSteve O'Shaughnessy  
DNSBen Bakk  
Men 40-44
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Leighton Poidevin2:53:34 
2Andrew Handford0:00:27 
3Keith Ray0:06:59 
4Normon Thibault0:10:05 
5Dave Heisler0:10:17 
6Heath McCroy0:10:34 
7Craig Bartlett0:11:50 
8Chris Lawrence0:12:47 
9Tony Bachler0:13:31 
10Matt Klymson0:13:55 
11Jeff Beltramini0:15:13 
12Steven Murray0:18:50 
13Matteo Abel0:19:19 
14Mike Wilson0:20:05 
15Aart Van Kooy0:22:23 
16Mike Seniuk0:22:24 
17Maurice Castonguay0:23:32 
18Doug Engstrom0:23:53 
19Ray Lachance0:25:54 
20Kalle Karu0:26:25 
21Glen Illingworth0:27:33 
22Ken Olson0:30:36 
23Steve Mackenzie0:30:57 
24Chris George0:31:01 
25Dave Eleiter0:31:09 
26Jason Tardiff0:31:37 
27Graham Ross0:32:35 
28Dean Etienne0:32:48 
29Alan Firth0:33:00 
30Roy McBeth0:33:03 
31Dave Chamberlain0:33:04 
32Scott Osinchuk0:35:08 
33Russ Bougie0:35:46 
34Justin Harman0:36:18 
35Declan Wolfe0:37:54 
36Ted Matson0:38:06 
37Mike Carney0:39:14 
38Roman Torn0:39:29 
39Christopher Fast0:40:33 
40Steve Mantel0:41:13 
41Arnie Liati0:41:43 
42Brent Wilson0:41:50 
43Stuart Bestbier0:42:16 
44Bruce Dierick0:43:30 
45Jason Simpson0:43:38 
46Steven Fitzgerald0:48:00 
47Paul Craig0:48:40 
48Paul Player0:48:56 
49Kevin Hodder0:50:30 
50Chris Carter0:51:34 
51Tyler Jordan0:51:48 
52Stanley Poirier0:52:40 
53Carl Jacobson0:53:19 
54Brent Prokop0:53:57 
55Alan Moat0:54:25 
56Les Ecker0:55:40 
57David Bowes0:56:32 
58Corey Piket0:56:56 
59Alan MacConnachie0:57:07 
60Gordon Michaux0:57:22 
61Lawrence Johnson0:57:27 
62Eric Foltan1:01:57 
63Donald Van Eesteren1:02:55 
64Mark Sawatzky1:03:57 
65Scot Wheeler1:05:27 
66Jason Dudek1:05:32 
67Dan Proulx1:06:53 
68Steven Pulman1:07:00 
69Tom Phillips1:07:30 
70Jonny Rockall1:07:37 
71James Rogers1:08:00 
72Paul Zuckernick1:08:03 
73Gerhard Malherbe1:08:36 
74Scott Harding1:08:41 
75Scott Taylor1:09:04 
76Kevin Nelson1:10:55 
77Justin Brown1:11:07 
78Mike Genovese1:11:24 
79Tobin McCallum1:11:42 
80Guy McInnis1:12:34 
81Steven Vanry1:12:54 
82Mark Butschler1:14:55 
83Rene Michaely1:17:56 
84Martijn Poelen1:18:53 
85Eric Unrau1:19:08 
86Aaron Davis1:19:33 
87Dorian Medlicott1:20:24 
88Michael Dolling1:23:47 
89Russell Brewer1:24:08 
90Ken Kobylanski1:24:41 
91Ben Sporer1:25:06 
92Willy MacKay1:25:13 
93James Delmotte1:25:18 
94Jonathan Blaisdell1:25:23 
95Rick Crema1:25:33 
96Ivan Pozniak1:26:07 
97Dave Berkowitz1:26:07 
98Charly George1:28:08 
99Erin Keam1:30:30 
100Patrick Kerridge1:30:39 
101Patrick Reid1:30:42 
102Dmitri Zanozin1:33:07 
103Marshall House1:33:12 
104RJ Caswell1:33:51 
105Bill Caswell1:33:51 
106Darren Borsbey1:34:47 
107John Ballantyne1:35:11 
108Iain Lowe1:35:48 
109Chris Gagan1:36:02 
110Andrew McLellan1:36:21 
111Ron Goldstone1:36:22 
112Zenya Kasubuchi1:36:39 
113Jonathan Sine1:38:28 
114Brett Bauer1:39:13 
115Doug Rae1:39:21 
116Thomas Clayton1:39:26 
117Christopher Heald1:40:48 
118Dave Groves1:41:42 
119Alan Young1:44:46 
120Matthew Parker1:47:20 
121Gary Needham1:47:56 
122Paul Havens1:48:21 
123Jeff Fielding1:48:28 
124Chris Ahern1:48:58 
125Ian Rood1:49:38 
126Jonathon Jafari1:51:38 
127Bernard Szewczyk1:52:14 
128Keith Mollet1:55:23 
129Carlos Hsia1:56:45 
130Larry Steinberg1:57:27 
131Todd Harris1:57:29 
132David Hope1:59:12 
133David Gregr1:59:23 
134Ray Hicks2:01:17 
135Rick Eastman2:02:35 
136Jeff Smyth2:04:50 
137John Poole2:06:36 
138Ted Smith2:07:49 
139Jeff Kim2:08:40 
140Joseph Daignault2:10:58 
141Keith Bruhm2:12:58 
142Jim Davison2:13:06 
143James Kung2:14:31 
144David Bibby2:15:35 
145Warrick Hubbard2:15:59 
146Eric Simonson2:17:33 
147Colin Scramstad2:22:26 
148Jeff Thurston2:25:21 
149Gordon Yahn2:29:14 
150Mel Kartusch2:31:39 
151Hugo Sloos2:32:11 
152Chris Stroud2:33:14 
153Richard Morley2:35:07 
154Martin Spieker2:37:11 
155Jeff Hutton2:38:27 
156Chris Prescott2:40:06 
157Raineil Cordoviz2:41:08 
158Josh Sarkis2:42:22 
159Jeff Driedger2:43:04 
160Don Shingler2:43:34 
161Bart Bender2:46:48 
162Norm Hooper2:46:51 
163David Crewson2:47:10 
164Todd Pope2:51:37 
165Peter Poburan2:51:38 
166Russell Dodd2:52:37 
167Douglas Muir2:53:20 
168Mark- Russell2:56:36 
169John De Lanoy3:05:54 
170Paul Jennings3:05:56 
171Peter Van Den Hoogen3:07:00 
172Scott Venn3:15:36 
173Kevin Bismanis3:19:44 
174Brian Goldstone3:28:25 
DNSScott Robinson  
DNFKevin Smith  
DNSJacques Dorey  
DNSRay Brown  
DNSErik Davis  
DNSGuy Lafreniere  
DNSAlec Black  
DNSHugh Robinson  
DNSBobby Holden  
DNSIan Lindseth  
DNSColin Bridge  
DNSSteven Bruk  
DNSAndras Vagvolgyi  
DNFPeter Holzhuter  
DNSShaun Gill  
DNFMike Hunter  
DNSKevin Hellier  
DNSRichard Sandor  
DNSJames Duffy  
DNSSean Horne  
DNSGlen Gorgichuk  
DNSJohn Wright  
DNSMichael Cober  
DNSKeith Nicoll  
DNSDave Hutchinson  
DNSEric Barnsley  
DNSJason Edens  
DNSGreg Crump  
DNSJames Bateman  
DNSMax Bruce  
DNSRoger Aballini  
DNSMark Qualizza  
DNSBryan Swan  
DNSJohn Merritt  
DNSJohn Loewen  
DNFRob Harris  
DNSArama Jillings  
DNSNiall McGrath  
DNSEric Peterson  
DNFDavid Scott  
DNSTony Piepjohn  
DNSSteve Edwards  
DNSGordon Reid  
DNFPeter Henderson  
DNSNick Abbott  
DNFScott Sportsman  
DNSStuart Horak  
DNSAlexei Marko  
DNSJohn Irvine  
DNSRobert Chew  
DNFRoland Karlgren  
DNSDouglas Manness  
DNSScott Croasdale  
DNSBrian Buick  
Men 45-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jamie Emery2:57:19 
2David Kvick0:00:35 
3Scott Woolley0:05:57 
4Kerry White0:13:03 
5John Gibson0:13:08 
6Mike Edwards0:19:51 
7Paul Newitt0:22:09 
8Rick Bowerman0:22:54 
9Max Saenger0:22:56 
10Diego Marchese0:24:20 
11Sheldon Orr0:25:04 
12James Shellard0:27:20 
13Sean Michel0:30:30 
14Patrick Thrift0:31:23 
15Ron Hewitson0:33:04 
16Dik Cox0:36:27 
17Stewart Kerr0:36:41 
18Richard Potter0:36:51 
19George Neffner0:39:05 
20Glenn Stelzl0:41:07 
21Richard Willcox0:41:23 
22Jaegan Smith0:41:47 
23Kenneth Bragg0:42:00 
24David Miller0:42:38 
25Mick Peatfield0:43:15 
26Hal Loewen0:43:26 
27Timothy Reeve0:44:39 
28Paul Soukoreff0:45:16 
29Mike Brooks0:45:18 
30Greg Heyes0:46:23 
31Julian Somers0:46:36 
32Paul Buck0:46:37 
33Don Coburn0:47:15 
34Brad Kreitz0:47:23 
35Bart Gould0:49:17 
36Ken McDowell0:51:25 
37Lindsay Schram0:53:28 
38Alek Laursoo0:57:11 
39Justin Webb0:58:22 
40Jeremy Hill0:59:28 
41Glenn Eleiter0:59:55 
42Philip Shaw0:59:58 
43Mark Miller1:00:37 
44Tim Williams1:01:04 
45Stewart McAllen1:01:18 
46Peter Emsky1:01:35 
47Eric Angus1:03:09 
48Mark Bishop1:04:28 
49Kent Klassen1:04:49 
50Jim Wilson1:05:24 
51Jeff Burton1:06:12 
52Gordon Wilson1:07:03 
53Bruce Gordon1:07:48 
54Mark Fonseca1:07:54 
55Dan Kennedy1:08:01 
56Keith Waiz1:09:44 
57Greg Bergen1:10:00 
58David Rushbrook1:11:01 
59Graham Turner1:11:22 
60Denis Dipasquale1:12:57 
61Mark Goodgrove1:13:03 
62James Devries1:14:52 
63Joffre Brondgeest1:15:42 
64Don Workman1:18:38 
65Shawn Pedersen1:18:40 
66Ian McIver1:18:45 
67Geoff Huenemann1:21:32 
68Craig Wilson1:21:40 
69Steve Rochetta1:23:00 
70Graham Gilley1:23:11 
71Stephen Sutherland1:23:38 
72Don Baumeister1:24:26 
73Dean Imbeau1:24:44 
74John Dearie1:27:59 
75Nick Wort1:31:08 
76Dan Moberg1:31:10 
77Guy Thomas1:33:06 
78Robert Anderson1:34:36 
79Jim Pinter1:34:38 
80Gordon Ellis1:35:24 
81Richard Link1:37:23 
82Andy King1:37:42 
83Gavin Larkin1:40:38 
84William Reid1:40:56 
85Ian Tasker1:41:34 
86Doug Carroll1:41:44 
87James Frail1:45:34 
88Chris Runnals1:46:21 
89Dan Burnett1:47:31 
90Yves Charbonneau1:49:12 
91Fred Wiley1:50:30 
92Simon Meikle1:53:46 
93Robert Watt2:01:15 
94Robert Mrnka2:03:37 
95Jeff Cooke2:04:11 
96Arthur De Kleer2:04:50 
97Mark Graylish2:04:58 
98Ged Hague2:06:04 
99Karl Hancox2:14:03 
100David McKimm2:14:36 
101David Henning2:21:31 
102Paul Yetter2:21:32 
103Frank Franchini2:22:14 
104Brent Hehn2:27:05 
105Gregory Venables2:28:15 
106Evan Sykes2:28:23 
107Cory Ratke2:29:48 
108David Crist2:30:34 
109David Houghton2:31:10 
110Rick Puckett2:38:39 
111Chris Obst2:40:08 
112William Steele2:40:17 
113Guy Morum2:42:47 
114Graeme Lister2:57:04 
115Bruce Hale3:01:57 
116David Chamberlain3:21:57 
117Kent Stuckert3:29:49 
DNSManny Dacosta  
DNSPaul Welch  
DNSPeter Kentel  
DNSRiyad Abu-Laban  
DNSTim Sveum  
DNSAndy Watson  
DNSJan Kirsebom  
DNSKeith McIvor  
DNSMike Frankenberger  
DNSDavid Smith  
DNSBruce Spicer  
DNSChristian Begin  
DNFTom Honey  
DNSMartin Rother  
DNSJohn Morley  
DNSDavid Mountain  
DNSShane Kromrey  
DNFDarren McClelland  
DNSIvan McLean  
DNSH Nelson Yu  
DNFLawrence Klein  
DNFMike Kopec  
DNSGreg Inkster  
DNFJames Martin  
DNSDave Marquis  
DNSJim Bennett  
DNSPeter Dobell  
DNSMark Milner  
DNSSteve Bauer  
DNSDavid Scheer  
DNFTodd Allison  
Men 50-54
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tim Daechsel3:06:09 
2Tony Routley0:02:35 
3Bart Nakano0:04:56 
4Rob McSkimming0:08:04 
5Bill McMillan0:12:41 
6Dave Johnston0:17:58 
7William Letham0:17:59 
8Barry Rempel0:23:52 
9Steve Crowley0:24:38 
10Scott Paxton0:31:18 
11Bob Hawboldt0:38:52 
12Jon Servold0:41:59 
13Bill Geddes0:44:30 
14Daniel Gloor0:45:10 
15Mike Burns0:46:03 
16Wayne Smith0:49:09 
17Richard Dustan0:51:26 
18Scott Galloway0:58:33 
19Jeff Gallimore0:59:21 
20Mike Rogerson0:59:39 
21Tom Merenyi0:59:55 
22Alan Prussia1:05:06 
23Claudio Pellichero1:05:28 
24Bob McLaren1:05:39 
25Terry Walker1:06:09 
26Stu Snowball1:07:03 
27Jacob Stein1:12:41 
28Crosland Doak1:19:01 
29Chris Wright1:19:55 
30Cyrill Orssich1:24:28 
31Patrick Gallant1:25:44 
32Paul Oteman1:25:54 
33Perry Klassen1:28:15 
34Chris Batson1:31:14 
35John Heilig1:33:40 
36Brian Aikens1:34:48 
37Jeff Jackson1:38:30 
38Hugh Oswald1:39:39 
39Russell Blow1:41:52 
40Craig Woida1:43:44 
41Dean Matthews1:45:46 
42Jacques Daigle1:45:50 
43Rod Jenkins1:46:20 
44Randy Savoie1:51:54 
45Lance Mitamura1:52:12 
46Brent Devine1:52:23 
47John Foley1:57:55 
48Mike Solnes1:58:14 
49Bruce McGregor2:01:37 
50Gordon Shellborn2:02:57 
51Geoffrey Dyer2:15:54 
52Greg Davey2:18:58 
53Brad Walkey2:25:13 
54Victor Arding2:26:23 
55Robert Perra2:31:13 
56Guy Drouin2:46:50 
57David Farrow2:59:50 
58Glenn Nicholls3:19:17 
DNSTony Peiffer  
DNSGreg Gardner  
DNFJohn Ramsden  
DNSGraeme Fitch  
DNFEdward Fisher  
DNSDarrel Sharpe  
DNSDave Patitucci  
DNSJerry Martinek  
DNFKevin Salter  
DNSBruce Alexander  
DNSStephen Morris  
DNFSiege Pflug  
DNSStuart Loewen  
DNFMonty Montaine  
DNSTim Wykle  
DNSJack Funk  
DNSMike Morgan  
DNFCurtis Roberts  
DNSGino Nonni  
DNSJeff Bandura  
DNSFrank Benish  
DNSDon Olson  
DNSMike Bobick  
DNSJeffrey Hayes  
Men 55-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Frank Ammirati3:41:48 
2Henric Meldgard0:03:41 
3Brian Pollock0:30:13 
4Mike Nelson0:31:46 
5Derek McRae0:34:01 
6William Liebenberg0:40:56 
7Roy Miller0:42:38 
8Greg Miller0:44:29 
9Brent Harley0:59:51 
10Rick Reid1:04:47 
11Bruce McClements1:26:18 
12Dennis Frey1:27:31 
13Neil Metcalf1:28:21 
14Paul Smit1:43:56 
15Maurice Rougeau1:57:27 
16Allan Bohn2:10:25 
DNSMing Gin  
DNFJohn Manning  
DNSNels Guloien  
DNSMerv Parr  
DNSCraig Mackenzie  
DNSJonathan Ratzlaff  
DNSAlan Carr  
DNSBob Amos  
Men 60-69
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robin Willard3:21:40 
2Roy Kregosky0:23:04 
3Fred Jorgensen0:49:35 
4Peter Avis0:57:20 
5Paul Mier0:57:54 
6Donald MacGregor1:13:41 
7Mike Hawes1:17:43 
8Peter Shandro1:25:21 
9Richard Cudmore1:26:00 
10Derek Smith1:29:31 
11Tom Thomson2:22:23 
12Greg Pritchard2:31:02 
DNSDavid Thornhill  
DNSLawrence Poxon  
DNSMichael Gosselin  
DNSJohn Hetherington  
Men 70+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gary Baker4:29:37 
2Joe Klausner0:46:39 

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