Berden outsprints Johnson to win day 2 in Providence

Gagne finishes 3rd at Providence Cyclo-cross Festival

With yesterday's C1 winner, Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus), choosing to withdraw from Sunday's race at the last minute due to illness, it was anyone's race to win.

In his teammate's absence, Zach McDonald capitalized on the day's slippery conditions and immediately opened a 15-second gap on a chase group that included Cannondale p/b teammates Tim Johnson and Ryan Trebon, Raleigh-Clement teammates Ben Berden and Jamey Driscoll, Cal Giant Berry Farms - Specialized teammates Yannick Eckmann and Tobin Ortenblad, Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund/NCC), Lukas Winterberg (Muller Landscape - BH Bikes), Evan McNeely (Norco Factory Team), and Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Factory Team).

With 5 laps remaining in the race, McDonald held the same lead but a hard effort by Berden with Johnson in tow closed the gap within a half lap and the two immediately disposed of the Rapha-Focus rider who then ended his race with a crash on the backside of the course.

Further behind, Trebon sat on the chase group that now only contained Gagne, Winterberg, and Hyde while the gap to Berden and Johnson grew to nearly 30 seconds.

Two laps later, Gagne attacked on the steps after a flat tire put Trebon out of the chase group. Winterberg also suffered a mechanical, dropping his chain and ending his chances of finishing with the group.

At the front, Johnson and Berden traded punches with neither rider succeeding in dispatching the other. Johnson continued trying to dispose of Berden before the finishing asphalt stretch, hoping not to sprint against the Belgian, but he was unable to do so.

Johnson led Berden to the final stretch of pavement, choosing to sprint up the inside of the sweeping left but Berden sprinted around the outside to take the win. Gagne was able to hold off a hard-charging Trebon for 3rd place, 41 seconds behind the two leaders while Hyde rounded out the top five.

"With two laps to go, Tim dropped his chain after the stairs and I attacked him," said Berden. "He was able to get back to me pretty quickly, so I knew neither of us was going to escape. I have a pretty good sprint, so I just saved myself for the final 200 meters."


Full Results
1 Ben Berden (Bel) Raleigh-Clement 1:00:48  
2 Tim Johnson (USA) Cannondale p/b    
3 Raphael Gagne (Can) Rocky Mountain Factory Team 0:00:41  
4 Ryan Trebon (USA) Cannondale p/b 0:00:48  
5 Stephen Hyde (USA) JAM Fund-NCC 0:00:52  
6 Lukas Winterberg (Swi) Muller Landscape-BH Bikes 0:00:56  
7 Jeremy Durrin (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 0:01:02  
8 James Driscoll (USA) Raleigh-Clement 0:01:07  
9 Evan McNeely (Can) Norco Factory Team 0:01:08  
10 Shawn Milne (USA) Keough Cyclocross 0:01:41  
11 Yannick Eckmann (USA) Cal Giant Berry Farms-Specialized 0:01:55  
12 Tobin Ortenblad (USA) Cal Giant Berry Farms-Specialized 0:02:02  
13 Cody Kaiser (USA) Cal Giant Berry Farms-Specialized 0:02:12  
14 Anthony Clark (USA) JAM Fund-NCC 0:02:15  
15 Allen Krughoff (USA) Raleigh-Clement 0:02:39  
16 Jerome Townsend (USA)'s Garage 0:02:40  
17 Christian Favata (USA) TRT Bicycles p/b Stan's NoTubes 0:02:42  
18 Cameron Dodge (USA) Team Skyline-Scott Bikes 0:02:45  
19 Derrick St. John (Can) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery 0:02:59  
20 Spencer Paxson (USA) Kona Bicycles    
21 Adam Myerson (USA) Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis 0:03:03  
22 Curtis White (USA) Cannondale p/b 0:03:36  
23 Sam O'Keefe (USA) C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co. 0:03:42  
24 Tim Allen (USA) Feedback Sports - Foundry Cycles 0:03:45  
25 Jake Wells (USA) Stan's NoTubes Elite Cyclocross Team 0:03:48  
26 Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) Team Clif Bar 0:03:50  
27 Michael Van Den Ham (Can) Cycle-Smart 0:03:54  
28 Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Can) Trek Cyclocross Collective 0:03:55  
29 Edwin Bull (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team 0:04:05  
30 Jesse Keough (USA) Keough Cyclocross 0:04:18  
31 Cole Oberman (USA) 0:04:27  
32 Adam St. Germain (USA) ENGVT-Specialized 0:04:42  
33 Mike Garrigan (Can) Van Dessel 0:04:58  
34 Craig Richey (Can) 0:04:59  
35 Robert Marion (USA) American Classic Pro CX Team 0:05:08  
36 Mitchell Hoke (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 0:05:33  
37 Daniel Chabanov (USA) House Industries-Richard Sachs-RGM 0:05:53  
38 Manny Goguen (USA) RACE CF  -3laps  
39 Nate Morse (USA)    
40 Joshua Dillon (USA)'s Garage    
41 Craig Etheridge (USA) Raleigh-Clement-Hodala!    
42 Evan Huff (USA)    
43 Matthew Means (USA) C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co.    
44 Sean Pantellere (USA) STAMPEDE! p/b Budd Bike Works    
45 Jeffrey Bahnson (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team    
46 Evan Murphy (USA) NYC Velo p/b The Cannibal    
47 Brendan Rhim (USA) KMS-Start House Cycling Team    
48 Spencer Downing (USA) Horizon Organic    
49 Christopher Hamlin (USA) Bicycle Express-Kona Bikes    
50 Isaac Howe (USA)  -4laps  
51 Colin Dunlap (USA) Hutches HD-Bend Dental    
52 William Elliston (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team    
53 Andrew Lysaght (USA) CUPPOW-Geekhouse-B2C2    
54 Kevin Sweeney (USA) CUPPOW-Geekhouse-B2C2    
55 Chris Field (USA) Essex County Velo    
56 Thierry Laliberte (Can) Xprezo - Borsao    
57 Chris Jackson (USA) Castex Racing p/b Felt  -5laps  
58 Evan Cooper (USA) Hudson Furniture Cyclocross    
59 Aaron Oakes (USA) NYCross-Vomax    
60 Adam Sullivan (USA) Embrocation-Gaulzetti Cicli    
61 Kurt Belhumeur (USA) Stampede!    
62 Andrew Loaiza (USA) RMRC    
63 Charles Schubert (USA) GPM Sport    
64 Jesse Quagliaroli (USA) Expowheelmen    
65 John Hanson (USA) Soco Unity p/b NBX & Cox    
66 Joseph Near (USA) Massachusetts Institute of Technology    
67 Ian Schon (USA) CUPPOW-Geekhouse-B2C2    
68 John Burns (USA) Burns Racing    
69 Tyler Stein (USA) Fond du Lac-Oshkosh Cyclery    
70 Joseph O'Brien-Applegate (USA) Bicycle Roots Bike Shop    

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