Kangert wins Estonian marathon title

Meier best among the women

Tanel Kangert won the 14th SEB Tartu Rattamaraton in Estonia, which doubled as the Estonian marathon championships. Kangert also won the race last year. He finished ahead of Caspar Austa and Sander Maasing under sunny skies.

The fastest woman on the track was Maaris Meier from Estonia, Second place went to Lelde Ardava from Latvia and third to Estonian Grete Steinburg. Estonian Daisi Rist was the fourth woman to cross the finish line and took third place among women in the Estonian marathon championships.

By the morning of the race, more than 5400 people had registered for the marathon.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tanel Kangert (Est)2:30:46 
2Caspar Austa (Est)0:00:45 
3Sander Maasing (Est)0:04:56 
4Allan Oras (Est)  
5Martin Loo (Est)  
6Matis Preimanis (Lat)0:05:14 
7Jaan Kirsipuu (Est)0:06:13 
8Alges Maasikmets (Est)0:07:05 
9Sigvard Kukk (Est)  
10Dmitrijs Sorokins (Lat)0:07:06 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Maaris Meier (Est)2:52:56 
2Lelde Ardave (Lat)0:07:08 
3Greete Steinburg (Est)0:11:57 
4Daisi Rist (Est)0:16:18 
5Signe Parm (Est)0:19:59 
6Inge Kool (Est)0:22:19 
7Rita Toome (Est)0:26:59 
8Sille Puhu (Est)0:29:26 
9Ivika Lainevee (Est)0:30:39 
10Alma Sarapuu (Est)0:31:46 

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