Bronzini sprints to stage three victory at Santos Women's Tour

Scandolara retains leader's jersey with one stage to come

The sprint for stage three honours belonged to Georgia Bronzini (Wiggle Down Under) at the Santos Women's Tour today as she beat yesterday's winner Melissa Hoskins (Orica-AIS) and race leader Valentina Scandolara (Orica-AIS) over the line. Scandolara holds on to the overall race lead with one final criterium to come tomorrow around Victoria Park.

"I’m really happy because my team counted on my race, so I think they deserved that because we worked hard for the win," said Bronzini. "Also we are really happy because Nettie [Edmondson] won the intermediate sprint which was the plan. It was really hard to do but we’ve done it so I’m really happy."

Bronzini was the sole Wiggle-Honda rider in the leading group of 11, after she chased them down in the final 35 kilometres. It was race leader Scandolara that initiated the move on Checkers Hill along with Ruth Corset (Total Rush Hyster). They were soon joined by Bronzini and eight other riders – a group that contained a further three Orica-AIS riders. Bronzini played the number disparity to her advantage and kept quiet in the group before launching a strong sprint to comfortably beat her break companions.

“There were four Greenedge (Orica-AIS) riders so it was stupid if I rolled in front, so I waited and sat back while some of the girls attacked. It was pretty simple about the tactic, but not simple about the riding,” Bronzini explained.

Scandolara remained six seconds ahead of her teammate Hoskins going into the final stage.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) Wiggle Honda1:47:13 
2Melissa Hoskins (Aus) Orica-AIS  
3Valentina Scandolara (Ita) Orica-AIS  
4Loren Rowney (Aus) RoXSolt  
5Ruth Corset (Aus) Total Rush Hyster  
6Miranda Griffiths (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
7Rachel Neylan (Aus) Building Champions Women's Squad  
8Amanda Spratt (Aus) Orica-AIS  
9Jenelle Crooks (Aus) Specialized Securitor  
10Lizzie Williams (Aus) Orica-AIS0:00:06 
11Carlee Taylor (Aus) RoXSolt0:00:14 
12Shannon Malseed (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team0:01:14 
13Jessica Huston (Aus) Wormall CCS Cycling Team  
14Kimberley Wells (Aus) High Five Dream Team  
15Elizabeth Doueal( Aus) Specialized Securitor  
16Georgia Baker (Aus) High Five Dream Team  
17Kristy Glover (Aus) Bicycle Superstore  
18Anna-Leeza Hull (Aus) Specialized Securitor  
19Nicole Moerig (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
20Joanne Hogan (Aus)  
21Taryn Heather (Aus) Bicycle Superstore  
22Rebecca Mackey (Aus) Wormall CCS Cycling Team  
23Victoria Veitch (Aus) EMBA Ozone Cleaning Specialists  
24Verita Stewart (Aus) Specialized Securitor  
25Emily Collins (Nzl) SUVelo Racing  
26Lauren Kitchen (Aus) RoXSolt  
27Lisa Keeling (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
28Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) RoXSolt  
29Lucy Bechtel (Aus) Bicycle Superstore  
30Allison Rice (Aus ) CBR Women's Cycling Team  
31Lucy Coldwell (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
32Chloe Hosking (Aus) Wiggle Honda  
33Annette Edmondson (Aus) Wiggle Honda  
34Emilia Fahlin (Swe) Wiggle Honda  
35Kirsten Howard (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC  
36Loes Gunnewijk (Ned) Orica-AIS  
37Laurelea Moss (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team0:03:34 
38Julia Kalotas (Aus)  
39Isabelle Beckers (Bel)  
40Angela Smith (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC  
41Lucy Barker (Aus) EMBA Ozone Cleaning Specialists  
42Ella Falzarano (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC  
43Nicole Whitburn (Aus)  
44Gina Ricardo (Aus) SUVelo Racing  
45Amanda Nabi (Aus) Wormall CCS Cycling Team  
46Chloe Moran (Aus)  
47Laura Vainionpaa (Aus) Total Rush Hyster0:03:38 
48Rachel Ward (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
49Lydia Rippon (Nzl) Building Champions Women's Squad  
50Laura Darlington (Aus) CBR Women's Cycling Team  
51Jessica Mundy (Aus) High Five Dream Team  
52Kendelle Hodges (Aus) High Five Dream Team  
53Danielle Mckinnirey (Aus)  
54Alexandria Nicholls (Aus) CBR Women's Cycling Team  
55Eileen Roe (GBr) Wiggle Honda  
56Tayla Evans (Aus) Bicycle Superstore  
57Holly Ranson (Aus) EMBA Ozone Cleaning Specialists  
58Carley Mckay (Aus) Wormall CCS Cycling Team  
59Naima Madlen Diesner (Ger) Unified Solutions Group0:05:48 
60Jasmine Mcmillan (Aus) Specialized Securitor  
61Crystal Wemyss (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
62Gemma Ansell (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
63Ruby Greig-Hurtig (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
64Nusha Kerin (Aus) EMBA Ozone Cleaning Specialists  
65Bridie O'donnell (Aus) Total Rush Hyster  
66Lucy Martin (Aus) RoXSolt  
67Erin Kinnealy (Aus) Wormall CCS Cycling Team  
68Brittany Lindores (Aus) Bicycle Superstore  
69Rebecca Wiasak (Aus) High Five Dream Team  
70Justyna Lubkowski (Aus) Bike Bug Next Gen  
71Minda Murray (Aus) Building Champions Women's Squad  
72Stacey Riedel (Aus) Unified Solutions Group  
73Elizabeth Hall (Aus) Bike Bug Next Gen0:07:31 
74Jessica Lane (Aus) Bike Bug Next Gen0:07:32 
75Natalie Redmond (Aus) CBR Women's Cycling Team  
76Merridy Pearce (Aus) Unified Solutions Group  
77Prudence Rothwell (Aus) Bike Bug Next Gen0:08:39 
78Marissa Madden (Aus) SUVelo Racing  
79Emma Pane (Aus) Building Champions Women's Squad  
80Hollee Simons (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC0:11:16 
81Amalie Winther Olsen (Den)0:11:37 
82Michelle Apostolou (Aus) Unified Solutions Group0:12:31 
83Hannah Geelan (Aus) Unified Solutions Group  
84Sara Mills (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC0:16:05 
85Amy Cundy (Aus) Building Champions Women's Squad0:20:36 
Sprint 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annette Edmondson (Aus) Wiggle Honda5 pts
2Lauren Kitchen (Aus) RoXSolt3 
3Lizzie Williams (Aus) Orica-AIS2 
4Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) Wiggle Honda1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) Wiggle Honda5 pts
2Melissa Hoskins (Aus) Orica-AIS3 
3Valentina Scandolara (Ita) Orica-AIS2 
4Loren Rowney (Aus) RoXSolt1 
Mountain 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Aus) Total Rush Hyster5 pts
2Valentina Scandolara (Ita) Orica-AIS3 
3Jenelle Crooks (Aus) Specialized Securitor2 
4Melissa Hoskins (Aus) Orica-AIS1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Orica - AIS5:21:39 
3Specialized Securitor0:02:28 
4Holden Women's Cycling Team  
5Wiggle Down Under  
6Bicycle Superstore0:03:42 
7Wormall Civil CCS Cycling Team0:06:02 
8High5 Dream Team0:06:06 
9Boss Racing Team  
10Subaru NSWIS NKC Team0:08:22 
11EMBA - Ozone Cleaning Specialists0:08:26 
12CBR Women's Cycling0:08:30 
13Total Rush Hyster0:09:26 
14Building Champions Squad  
15SUVelo Racing0:13:27 
16Unified Solutions Group0:19:08 
General classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Valentina Scandolara (Ita) Orica-AIS3:42:35 
2Melissa Hoskins (Aus) Orica-AIS0:00:06 
3Ruth Corset (Aus) Total Rush Hyster  
4Amanda Spratt (Aus) Orica-AIS  
5Rachel Neylan (Aus) Building Champions Women's Squad  
6Jenelle Crooks (Aus) Specialized Securitor  
7Loren Rowney (Aus) RoXSolt  
8Miranda Griffiths (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
9Lizzie Williams (Aus) Orica-AIS0:00:12 
10Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) Wiggle Honda0:00:42 
11Carlee Taylor (Aus) RoXSolt0:00:56 
12Kimberley Wells (Aus) High Five Dream Team0:01:20 
13Jessica Huston (Aus) Wormall CCS Cycling Team  
14Lauren Kitchen (Aus) RoXSolt  
15Rebecca Mackey (Aus) Wormall CCS Cycling Team  
16Loes Gunnewijk (Ned) Orica-AIS  
17Taryn Heather (Aus) Bicycle Superstore  
18Allison Rice (Aus ) CBR Women's Cycling Team  
19Joanne Hogan (Aus)  
20Chloe Hosking (Aus) Wiggle Honda  
21Georgia Baker (Aus) High Five Dream Team0:01:25 
22Nicole Moerig (Aus) Boss Racing Team0:01:30 
23Verita Stewart (Aus) Specialized Securitor  
24Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) RoXSolt0:01:34 
25Shannon Malseed (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
26Lucy Coldwell (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
27Kristy Glover (Aus) Bicycle Superstore0:01:56 
28Emily Collins (Nzl) SUVelo Racing  
29Elizabeth Doueal( Aus) Specialized Securitor  
30Annette Edmondson (Aus) Wiggle Honda  
31Lisa Keeling (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
32Anna-Leeza Hull (Aus) Specialized Securitor  
33Victoria Veitch (Aus) EMBA Ozone Cleaning Specialists  
34Emilia Fahlin (Swe) Wiggle Honda0:02:11 
35Isabelle Beckers (Bel)0:04:16 
36Angela Smith (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC  
37Amanda Nabi (Aus) Wormall CCS Cycling Team  
38Lucy Barker (Aus) EMBA Ozone Cleaning Specialists  
39Jessica Mundy (Aus) High Five Dream Team0:04:20 
40Lydia Rippon (Nzl) Building Champions Women's Squad  
41Tayla Evans (Aus) Bicycle Superstore  
42Laura Darlington (Aus) CBR Women's Cycling Team  
43Alexandria Nicholls (Aus) CBR Women's Cycling Team  
44Kendelle Hodges (Aus) High Five Dream Team  
45Rachel Ward (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
46Eileen Roe (GBr) Wiggle Honda  
47Holly Ranson (Aus) EMBA Ozone Cleaning Specialists  
48Laurelea Moss (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team0:04:21 
49Lucy Bechtel (Aus) Bicycle Superstore0:04:24 
50Danielle Mckinnirey (Aus)0:04:30 
51Erin Kinnealy (Aus) Wormall CCS Cycling Team0:06:30 
52Kirsten Howard (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC0:06:34 
53Bridie O'donnell (Aus) Total Rush Hyster0:06:45 
54Nicole Whitburn (Aus)0:06:58 
55Laura Vainionpaa (Aus) Total Rush Hyster0:07:51 
56Gina Ricardo (Aus) SUVelo Racing0:08:54 
57Brittany Lindores (Aus) Bicycle Superstore0:08:58 
58Ruby Greig-Hurtig (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
59Chloe Moran (Aus)0:08:59 
60Carley Mckay (Aus) Wormall CCS Cycling Team0:09:03 
61Naima Madlen Diesner (Ger) Unified Solutions Group0:09:06 
62Lucy Martin (Aus) RoXSolt0:09:12 
63Minda Murray (Aus) Building Champions Women's Squad  
64Rebecca Wiasak (Aus) High Five Dream Team  
65Crystal Wemyss (Aus) Boss Racing Team0:11:08 
66Gemma Ansell (Aus) Boss Racing Team0:11:16 
67Emma Pane (Aus) Building Champions Women's Squad0:14:41 
68Prudence Rothwell (Aus) Bike Bug Next Gen0:14:53 
69Nusha Kerin (Aus) EMBA Ozone Cleaning Specialists0:15:02 
70Hollee Simons (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC0:17:03 
71Jessica Lane (Aus) Bike Bug Next Gen0:17:12 
72Julia Kalotas (Aus)0:19:37 
73Ella Falzarano (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC  
74Michelle Apostolou (Aus) Unified Solutions Group0:19:40 
75Jasmine Mcmillan (Aus) Specialized Securitor0:21:51 
76Stacey Riedel (Aus) Unified Solutions Group  
77Justyna Lubkowski (Aus) Bike Bug Next Gen0:22:06 
78Natalie Redmond (Aus) CBR Women's Cycling Team0:23:35 
79Merridy Pearce (Aus) Unified Solutions Group  
80Marissa Madden (Aus) SUVelo Racing0:24:57 
81Elizabeth Hall (Aus) Bike Bug Next Gen0:27:23 
82Amalie Winther Olsen (Den)0:27:55 
83Hannah Geelan (Aus) Unified Solutions Group0:28:49 
84Amy Cundy (Aus) Building Champions Women's Squad0:36:39 
85Sara Mills (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC0:37:57 
Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annette Edmondson (Aus) Wiggle Honda17 pts
2Lauren Kitchen (Aus) RoXSolt12 
3Melissa Hoskins (Aus) Orica-AIS10 
4Valentina Scandolara (Ita) Orica-AIS7 
5Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) Wiggle Honda6 
6Kimberley Wells (Aus) High Five Dream Team3 
7Jessica Mundy (Aus) High Five Dream Team3 
8Lizzie Williams (Aus) Orica-AIS2 
9Elizabeth Doueal( Aus) Specialized Securitor2 
10Amanda Spratt (Aus) Orica-AIS1 
11Loren Rowney (Aus) RoXSolt1 
12Loes Gunnewijk (Ned) Orica-AIS1 
13Emily Collins (Nzl) SUVelo Racing1 
Mountain classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Loren Rowney (Aus) RoXSolt16 pts
2Valentina Scandolara (Ita) Orica-AIS12 
3Melissa Hoskins (Aus) Orica-AIS11 
4Lauren Kitchen (Aus) RoXSolt8 
5Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) Wiggle Honda6 
6Ruth Corset (Aus) Total Rush Hyster5 
7Lizzie Williams (Aus) Orica-AIS3 
8Jenelle Crooks (Aus) Specialized Securitor2 
9Chloe Hosking (Aus) Wiggle Honda2 
10Loes Gunnewijk (Ned) Orica-AIS1 
Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Orica - AIS11:07:57 
3Holden Women's Cycling Team0:03:02 
4Specialized Securitor0:03:20 
5Wiggle Down Under0:03:46 
6Bicycle Superstore0:05:00 
7Wormall Civil CCS Cycling Team0:06:44 
8High5 Dream Team0:06:53 
9Boss Racing Team0:07:34 
10CBR Women's Cycling0:09:48 
11EMBA - Ozone Cleaning Specialists0:10:20 
12Building Champions Squad0:13:26 
13Total Rush Hyster0:14:30 
14Subaru NSWIS NKC Team0:19:59 
15SUVelo Racing0:25:26 
16Unified Solutions Group0:43:37 

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