Shara Gillow solos to final round win

Orica-AIS dominate to win overall and three stages


Stage three result
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shara Gillow (Orica - AIS)1 
2Loes Gunnewijk (Ned)2 
3Valentina Scandolara (Ita)3 
4Lizzie Williams (Specialized Securitor)4 
5Amanda Spratt (Orica - AIS)5 
6Peta Mullens (Vic)6 
7Sophie Williamson (Sa)7 
8Taryn Heather (SASI)8 
9Gracie Elvin (Orica - AIS)9 
10Joanne Hogan (Boss Racing)10 
11Annette Edmondson (Sa)11 
12Melissa Hoskins (Wa)12 
13Jessica Mundy (SASI)13 
14Carlee Taylor (Orica - AIS)14 
15Lauretta Hanson (Building Champions Squad)15 
16Bridie O'Donnell (Total Rush Hyster)16 
17Sinead Noonan (SASI)17 
Final overall classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Loes Gunnewijk (Ned)26 pts
2Valentina Scandolara (Ita)18 
3Amanda Spratt (Orica - AIS)18 
4Lizzie Williams (Specialized Securitor)16 
5Shara Gillow (Orica - AIS)12 
6Taryn Heather (SASI)10 
7Joanne Hogan (Boss Racing)9 
8Sophie Williamson (Sa)7 
10Lucy Martin (Boss Racing)7 
11Jessie MaClean (Orica - AIS)6 
12Gracie Elvin (Orica - AIS)5 
13Ruth Corset (Qld)5 
14Peta Mullens (Vic)5 
15Kristy Glover (Bicycle Superstore)1 

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