Sutherland savours San Dimas return

Benjamin breaks through for Colavita-Baci

Rory Sutherland (UnitedHealthcare) captured his first victory of the season at the San Dimas Hospital Road Race with a storming run past his four late-stage breakaway companions to take the win ahead of Cesar Grajales (Bahati Foundation), Luis Amaran (Jamis-Sutter Home) and Neil Shirley (Kelly Benefit Strategies). Davide Frattini (Team Type 1) hung on for fifth place.

"It felt really good," said Sutherland. "We have a new sponsor, new team, and we've made a few mistakes the last weeks. There are some new guys getting to know each other and getting everything going again. This is what we needed to push the team forward and get the morale going."

The five cagey riders snuck off the front of the peloton over the final steep climb located several kilometres from the finish. Amaran started the stage in fourth place overall, 16 seconds behind race leader Ben Day (Fly V Australia).

Grajales was the first to make a bid for the win followed by the Cuban, with Sutherland starting the sprint in fifth place and jumping around Frattini and Shirley before closing the 100 metre gap to Grajales and Amaran and passing them at the line to take the win.

"I've been training hard all winter, training hard on speed work and sprinting the last few races so that I can finish it off at the end," continued Sutherland. "I hit it with 350 metres to go and slowly reeled them in. I got around them with enough time to put my hands up at the end, which has been a long while."

"In the last couple of years I've always tried with two laps to go but if you go late with one big attack it seems to be better than doing two or three little ones and you end up killing yourself," he added.

Ben Day (Fly V Australia) held on to his overall lead thanks to the hard work of his seven teammates who set tempo on the front of the peloton for the majority of the race. Fellow Australian Sid Taberlay (California Giant Berry Farms) captured enough seconds in the first intermediate time bonus sprint to move up into second place, eight seconds behind the leader. Paul Mach (Bissell) sits in third place, 11 seconds back.

"Bloody Sid is a tricky little bugger and had a crack at the first sprint," said Day. "Thankfully I was able to get those back in a later sprint. The UnitedHealthcare team did a good job of making a race for it and Amaran is looking ferocious. He came to our attention two years ago in San Dimas and I think he's one of biggest threats sitting behind me."

"The boys rode really well and it was a good race," Day added. "We were on the front from the first kilometre today and they had control of the race. The last lap, I didn't have good sensations. I'm still trying to find my legs a little bit. I was a little bit worried and the last break was a classy move, but I'm confident we can have a good crack at the criterium tomorrow."

The men's peloton tackled a short but challenging 135km road race run on a 12km circuit through Bonelli Park. Nathan O'Neill (Bahati Foundation) was arguably the most aggressive rider of the day, initiating an early breakaway on the first lap. The original move was reabsorbed back into the peloton in time for the first intermediate sprint won by Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia).

O'Neill initiated the next breakaway on the third lap that included Lucas Euser (SpiderTech), Brad White (UnitedHealthcare) and Adam Smitters (Yahoo!). He became the virtual race leader when the break gained more than 50 seconds as White captured enough intermediate sprint points to take the lead in the best sprinter competition.

Fly V Australia maintained a steady tempo, holding the breakaway between 45 seconds and one minute for the next six laps. The field came back together with three laps to go, just in time for the final intermediate sprint for time bonuses. Menzies won the bunch sprint followed by Day, who earned back the valuable time taken by Taberlay in the first sprint.

Daniel Ramsey (Williams Cycling-SCVelo) took a flyer with two laps to go. He was later joined by Jorge Alvarado (Bahati Foundation) although the peloton reeled the pair back in with one lap to go.

The final move of the day was initiated over the climb by Sutherland and followed by Amaran, Frattini, Grajales and Shirley. The five riders narrowly crossed the finish line ahead of a bunch sprint won by Ken Hanson (Team Type 1).

Sutherland's teammates Chris Baldwin crashed on the second lap and was taken to a local hospital after the stage where he received eight stitches to a laceration on his leg. It is undecided whether he will start the third and final stage at the Incycle Bike Stores-Cannondale Bicycles criterium held in downtown San Dimas on Sunday.

Early season triumph for Benjamin

In the women's race, Kelly Benjamin (Colavita-Baci) also pulled off an early season win from a five-rider breakaway. Benjamin outpaced Alexis Rhodes (Vera Bradley Foundation), Kim Anderson (HTC-Columbia) in third and Anne Samplonius (Nanoblur-Gears).

"This is really exciting," said Benjamin. "We are fresh off the team camp and it was one of the best team camps I've ever had in my life. We all bonded amazingly. I'm just so happy to get a win for the team."

Odds were on Benjamin to win the sprint, the fastest sprinter of the five women in the breakaway that included Rhodes, Anderson, Samplonious and Amanda Miller (TIBCO). They worked well together on the last lap to maintain a some 50-second advantage ahead of the peloton.

Rhodes attacked with half a lap to go, reducing the break to three riders, as Anderson and Benjamin followed. A game of cat and mouse amongst the leaders allowed Samplonius make her way back across. Samplonius took matters into her own hands and pulled the move towards the finish line in an attempt to hold off the peloton.

"It was all about timing," Benjamin added. "Anne was doing a lot of work in the end. I was second wheel, looked back and saw the peloton was so close. I didn't want to be out there all day and didn't want to get caught. I jumped really hard at 300 metres to go and held it."

Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12) maintained a 16-second lead in the overall classification ahead of Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) and more than one minute ahead of Robin Farina (Vera Bradley Foundation) in third place. Abbott praised her young teammates for their hard work at the front of the peloton.

"All the girls were amazing and made it a really safe race," said the race leader. "We were able to bring it back to within a few seconds and took some of the time bonuses. We're happy with it.

"This is the first time I've seen younger girls taking that [domestique] responsibility. Ruth [Winder] and Coryn [Rivera] are so talented and so strong. For them to be given a responsibility role is great and equal to what they deserve and they're worthy of that."

Rhodes impressed the crowds by being the only rider to stay out front for nearly the full 70km. She initiated an early break that included Rebecca Much (TIBCO) and Heather Logan (Colavita-Baci) although their efforts were neutralised when powerhouse teammates Ina Yoko-Teutenberg and second on general classification, Evenlyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia), tried to bridge across.

"That was not good," said Abbott. "I saw them going up and Ina is a very tricky pack rider, it's good to be on her wheel. I didn't get there in time. When I got to the front Kat [Carroll] was there and Colavita helped us out too."

Rhodes pushed on and wound up in the second move of the day, the winning break. She was joined by Samplonius, Miller, Benjamin and Anderson.

"I didn't think it was a good break because I lost so much time, I was two minutes down," said Anderson. "Once the break was established, good, we needed to have someone come across or something because I was not the best one in the group either. I wasn't going to get in the leaders jersey. In the beginning I didn't work and I was hoping they were going to come. On the last lap I started rolling through."

The San Dimas Stage Race concludes tomorrow at the Incycle Bike Stores-Cannondale Bicycles criterium held in downtown San Dimas.


Pro men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rory Sutherland (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)3:17:38 
2Cesar Grajales (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)  
3Luis Amaran (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
4Neil Shirely (Kelly Benefit Strategies)  
5Davide Frattini (Team Type 1)0:00:04 
6Kenneth Hanson (Team Type 1)  
7James Williamson (Bike Religion)  
8Cody Stevenson (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling)  
9Andrew Pinfold (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)  
10Nicholas Walker (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)  
11Francois Parisien (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)  
12Bruno Langlois (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)  
13Ryan Parnes (Yahoo! Cycling Team)  
14Tyler Wren (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
15Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)  
16Anibal Borrajo (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
17Andrew Talansky (California Giant/Specialized)  
18Jason Donald (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)  
19Sid Taberlay (California Giant/Specialized)  
20Tim Roe (Trek Livestrong)  
21Soren Peterson (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team)  
22Fabio Calbria (Team Type 1)  
23Paul Mach (BISSELL Pro Cycling)  
24Ben Day (Fly V Australia)  
25Alejandro Borrajo (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
26Peter Salon (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)  
27Caleb Fairly (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)  
28Taylor Shelden (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)  
29Alex Howes (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)  
30Alex Dowsett (Trek Livestrong)  
31Corey Collier (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)  
32Hilton Clarke (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)  
33Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)  
34Matt Rice (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)  
35Raymond Kreder (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)0:00:19 
36Tobias Eggli (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling)0:00:24 
37Flavio De Luna (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)  
38Mark Hekman (Mountain Khakis Fueled By Jittery Joes)  
39Spencer Smitheman (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team)  
40Philip Mooney (Yahoo! Cycling Team)  
41Thom Coupe ( / Cannondale)  
42Reid Mumford (Kelly Benefit Strategies)  
43Andrew Guptill (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
44Mike Teetleton (Bike Religion)  
45Andres Gil (Williams Cycling p/b SC VELO)  
46Jared Gilyard (RideClean p/b  
47Kyle Wamsley (BISSELL Pro Cycling)  
48Benjamin King (Trek Livestrong)  
49Mike Mathis (Empire Cycling Team/CRCA)  
50Ben Bradshaw (Waste Management/Hammer Nutrition)  
51David Boily (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)0:00:34 
52Nick Frey (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:00:48 
53Austin Carroll (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling)  
54Josh Horowitz (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling)  
55Lisban Quintero (CRCA/Foundation)  
56Charles Deonue (Fly V Australia)  
57Jay Thomson (Fly V Australia)  
58Jorge Alvarado (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)  
59Bernie Sulfberger (Fly V Australia)  
60Jay Crawford (Fly V Australia)  
61Andrei Krasilnikau (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)  
62Benjamin Sonntag (Mastermind Athletic Academy)  
63Jamey Driscoll (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
64Scott Stewart (Team Type 1)  
65Kyle Gritters (Williams Cycling p/b SC VELO)  
66Cody Oreilly (BISSELL Pro Cycling)  
67Joey Rosskopf (Mountain Khakis Fueled By Jittery Joes)0:01:01 
68Rahsaan Bahati (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)0:01:08 
69Gavriel Epstein (CRCA/Foundation)0:01:29 
70Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Williams Cycling p/b SC VELO)0:01:32 
71Walker Savidge (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)0:01:40 
72Max Jenkins (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)0:01:53 
73Jake Keough (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)  
74Ivan Dominguez (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
75Brad White (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)  
76Jonathan Clarke (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)  
77Daniel Ramsey (Williams Cycling p/s SC VELO)  
78Jesse Anthony (Kelly Benefit Strategies)  
79William Dugan (Team Type 1)  
80Éric Boily (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)0:02:40 
81Nathaniel Deibler (Williams Cycling p/b SC VELO)0:02:54 
82Nick Brandtsorenson0:04:31 
83Christopher Johnson  
84Matt Landen (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling)  
85Brandon Gritters (Williams Cycling p/b SC VELO)  
86Nathan O'neill (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)  
87Mark Shimahara (Team Clif Bar)  
88James Mattis (California Giant/Specialized)  
89Kennett Peterson (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team)  
90Sean Passage (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team)  
91Eder Frayer (Herbalife LaGrange)  
92Anron Kemps (Fly V Australia)  
93Evan Huffman (Yahoo! Cycling Team)  
94Tyler Dibble (Yahoo! Cycling Team)  
95Austin Allison (Docfish Racing)  
96Lucas Euser (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)  
97Mark Batty (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)  
98David Glick (RideClean p/b  
99Vincent Owens (Yahoo! Cycling Team)  
100David Guttenplan (Mountain Khakis Fueled By Jittery Joes)  
101Jonathan Parrish (Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Geargrinder)  
102Adam Switters (Yahoo! Cycling Team)0:04:39 
103Chris Baldwin (UnitedHealthcare-Maxxis)0:06:14 
104Danny Heeley (NOW MS Society)  
105Daniel Holt (Team Type 1)  
106Jeff Zygo (MVP Health Care Cycling)0:06:45 
107Jesse Moore (California Giant/Specialized)  
108Carson Miller (Veloforma Powered By Byrne Invent)0:09:40 
HDJoshua Bartlett (Rubicon-ORBEA)  
HDChris Mcdonald (  
HDJustin Williams (Trek Livestrong)  
HDScott Tietzeh (Mountain Khakis Fueled By Jittery Joes)  
HDMartijn Verschoor (Team Type 1)  
HDDavid Williams (BISSELL Pro Cycling)  
HDWill Hoffarth (Mountain Khakis Fueled By Jittery Joes)  
General classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Day (Fly V Australia)3:30:29 
2Sid Taberlay (California Giant/Specialized)0:00:08 
3Paul Mach (BISSELL Pro Cycling)0:00:11 
4Luis Amaran (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:00:14 
5Rory Sutherland (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)0:00:19 
6Andrew Talansky (California Giant/Specialized)0:00:21 
7Cesar Grajales (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)  
8Tim Roe (Trek Livestrong)0:00:37 
9Taylor Shelden (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)0:00:45 
10Francois Parisien (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)0:00:44 
11Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)0:00:45 
12Tyler Wren (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
13Neil Shirely (Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:00:55 
14Jason Donald (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)0:00:57 
15Alex Howes (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)0:00:58 
16Alex Dowsett (Trek Livestrong)0:01:01 
17Corey Collier (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)0:01:04 
18Caleb Fairly (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)  
19Jay Crawford (Fly V Australia)0:01:14 
20Mike Mathis (Empire Cycling Team/CRCA)0:01:18 
21Benjamin King (Trek Livestrong)0:01:22 
22Kyle Wamsley (BISSELL Pro Cycling)0:01:25 
23Davide Frattini (Team Type 1)0:01:34 
24Nicholas Walker (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)0:01:35 
25Benjamin Sonntag (Mastermind Athletic Academy)  
26Thom Coupe ( / Cannondale)0:01:36 
27Fabio Calbria (Team Type 1)0:01:37 
28Andrew Pinfold (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)0:01:41 
29Mark Hekman (Mountain Khakis Fueled By Jittery Joes)0:01:45 
30Ben Bradshaw (Waste Management/Hammer Nutrition)0:01:49 
31Bruno Langlois (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)  
32Peter Salon (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)0:01:51 
33Soren Peterson (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team)0:01:53 
34Anibal Borrajo (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:01:54 
35Reid Mumford (Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:01:55 
36Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)0:01:56 
37Philip Mooney (Yahoo! Cycling Team)0:02:00 
38Hilton Clarke (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)0:02:03 
39Bernie Sulfberger (Fly V Australia)0:02:06 
40Jay Thomson (Fly V Australia)0:02:07 
41Andrew Guptill (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
42Jamey Driscoll (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:02:14 
43Jorge Alvarado (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)  
44Matt Rice (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)0:02:17 
45Scott Stewart (Team Type 1)0:02:18 
46Charles Deonue (Fly V Australia)0:02:22 
47Josh Horowitz (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling)  
48Andrei Krasilnikau (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)0:02:24 
49Ryan Parnes (Yahoo! Cycling Team)  
50David Boily (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)0:02:25 
51Alejandro Borrajo (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
52Kyle Gritters (Williams Cycling p/b SC VELO)0:02:30 
53Lisban Quintero (CRCA/Foundation)0:02:31 
54Nick Frey (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:02:36 
55Brad White (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)0:02:39 
56Jared Gilyard (RideClean p/b  
57Mike Teetleton (Bike Religion)0:02:41 
58Cody Oreilly (BISSELL Pro Cycling)0:02:42 
59Flavio De Luna (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)0:02:48 
60Tobias Eggli (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling)  
61Raymond Kreder (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)  
62Kenneth Hanson (Team Type 1)  
63Spencer Smitheman (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team)0:02:51 
64Daniel Ramsey (Williams Cycling p/s SC VELO)0:02:53 
65Joey Rosskopf (Mountain Khakis Fueled By Jittery Joes)0:02:57 
66James Williamson (Bike Religion)0:02:59 
67Max Jenkins (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)0:03:04 
68Walker Savidge (Holowesko Partners U23 Development Team)0:03:07 
69Cody Stevenson (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling)0:03:29 
70Jesse Anthony (Kelly Benefit Strategies)  
71William Dugan (Team Type 1)0:03:39 
72Gavriel Epstein (CRCA/Foundation)0:03:42 
73Austin Carroll (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling)0:03:49 
74Jonathan Clarke (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)0:04:00 
75Andres Gil (Williams Cycling p/b SC VELO)0:04:20 
76Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Williams Cycling p/b SC VELO)0:04:26 
77Éric Boily (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)0:04:27 
78Ivan Dominguez (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:04:39 
79Jake Keough (Unitedhealthcare-Maxxis)0:04:54 
80Nathan O'neill (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)0:05:20 
81Adam Switters (Yahoo! Cycling Team)0:05:25 
82David Glick (RideClean p/b 
83Tyler Dibble (Yahoo! Cycling Team)0:05:50 
84Anron Kemps (Fly V Australia)0:05:52 
85Vincent Owens (Yahoo! Cycling Team)  
86Austin Allison (Docfish Racing)0:05:58 
87Evan Huffman (Yahoo! Cycling Team)0:05:59 
88Rahsaan Bahati (Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team)0:06:00 
89Brandon Gritters (Williams Cycling p/b SC VELO)0:06:15 
90Lucas Euser (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)0:06:16 
91Eder Frayer (Herbalife LaGrange)0:06:19 
92James Mattis (California Giant/Specialized)0:06:26 
93Chris Baldwin (UnitedHealthcare-Maxxis)0:06:35 
94Matt Landen (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling)0:06:45 
95Jonathan Parrish (Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Geargrinder)0:06:51 
96Sean Passage (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team)0:06:53 
97Kennett Peterson (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team)0:06:56 
98Nick Brandtsorenson0:06:58 
99Mark Batty (SPIDERTECH powered by PLANET ENERGY)0:07:01 
100David Guttenplan (Mountain Khakis Fueled By Jittery Joes)0:07:21 
101Christopher Johnson0:07:52 
102Mark Shimahara (Team Clif Bar)0:07:55 
103Nathaniel Deibler (Williams Cycling p/b SC VELO)0:07:59 
104Daniel Holt (Team Type 1)0:08:57 
105Danny Heeley (NOW MS Society)0:08:59 
106Jeff Zygo (MVP Health Care Cycling)0:09:03 
107Jesse Moore (California Giant/Specialized)0:09:50 
108Carson Miller (Veloforma Powered By Byrne Invent)0:11:53 
Pro women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kelly Benjamin (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)2:32:12 
2Alexis Rhodes (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)  
3Kim Anderson (HTC-Columbia)  
4Anne Samplonius (Nanoblur-Gears)0:00:05 
5Anna Drakulich (Herbalife LaGrange)0:00:12 
6Alisha Welsh (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)  
7Heather Logan-Sprenger (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)  
8Heather Pryor (Webcor/Alto Velo)  
9Jazzy Hurikino (Third Pillar)  
10Ina Yoko Teutenberg (HTC-Columbia)  
11Modesta Vzesniauskaite (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)  
12Joanne Kiesanowski (Team TIBCO)  
13Carmen Small (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)  
14Teresa Cliff-Ryan (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)  
15Emma Mackie (Team TIBCO)  
16Alison Testroete (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)  
17Joanie Caron (Nanoblur-Gears)  
18Veronique Labonte (Nanoblur-Gears)  
19Lauren Hall (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)  
20Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia)  
21Robin Farina (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)  
22Jennifer Weinbrecht (Herbalife LaGrange)  
23Kathryn Donovan (InCycle/SCVelo)  
24Meredith Miller (Team TIBCO)  
25Leah Guloien (Equipe Feminine Specialized Mazda Samsun)  
26Bea Rodriguez (InCycle/SCVelo)  
27Courtney O'donnell (Herbalife LaGrange)  
28Emilia Fahlin (HTC-Columbia)  
29Devon Haskell (Team TIBCO)  
30Katherine Carroll (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)  
31Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)  
32Rebecca Much (Team TIBCO)  
33Andrea Dvorak (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)  
34Olivia Dillon (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)  
35Shontell Gauthier (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)0:00:20 
36Amanda Miller (Team TIBCO)0:00:25 
37Cara Gillis (Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus)0:00:41 
38Ruth Clemence (Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus)  
39Chioe Hosking (HTC-Columbia)  
40Julie Cutts (Colavita/Outback Las Vegas/ Wicked Cycling)0:00:46 
41Marie Rosado  
42Bonnie Breeze (InCycle/SCVelo)  
43Jenny Trew (Specialized Mazda Samson)  
44Nichole Wangsgard (Roosters P/B Edge Composite Wheels)  
45Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)0:01:12 
46Laura Hines (Helens / Cannondale)  
47Melissa Sanborn (Roosters P/B Edge Composite Wheels)  
48Kendall Ryan (NOW MS Society)0:01:28 
49Amy Mcguire (Wheelworks Racing)  
50Andrea Bunnin (Team Saskatchewan)0:01:46 
51Ruth Winder (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)0:03:41 
52Angela McClure (Webcor/Alto Velo)  
53Megan Guarnier (Team TIBCO)0:04:09 
54Anne Guzman (Nanoblur-Gears)0:04:11 
55Melina Bernecker (Helens / Cannondale)0:06:57 
56Jenny Rios (Helens / Cannondale)  
57Jennifer Johansen (NOW MS Society)  
58Annie Fulton (Los Gatos Cycling)  
59Tammy Wildgoose (Paramount)  
60Jerika Hutchinson (Team TIBCO)  
61Amanda Seigle (Metromint Cycling)  
62Yukie Nakamura (Metromint Cycling)  
63Krystal Jeffs (Nanoblur-Gears)  
64Lauren Hecht (Webcor/Alto Velo)0:07:01 
65Mary Maroon (Webcor/Alto Velo)0:07:20 
HDLauren Liscinski (NOW MS Society)  
HDJulia Lafranchise (NOW MS Society)  
HDMary-Ellen Ash (Los Gatos Cycling)  
General classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)2:46:55 
2Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia)0:00:16 
3Robin Farina (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)0:01:03 
4Alisha Welsh (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)0:01:05 
5Carmen Small (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)0:01:09 
6Kathryn Donovan (InCycle/SCVelo)0:01:16 
7Alexis Rhodes (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)0:01:23 
8Ina Yoko Teutenberg (HTC-Columbia)  
9Katherine Carroll (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)0:01:25 
10Rebecca Much (Team TIBCO)0:01:32 
11Courtney O'donnell (Herbalife LaGrange)0:01:37 
12Andrea Dvorak (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)  
13Meredith Miller (Team TIBCO)0:01:40 
14Anne Samplonius (Nanoblur-Gears)0:01:42 
15Kim Anderson (HTC-Columbia)0:01:43 
16Amanda Miller (Team TIBCO)0:01:44 
17Heather Logan-Sprenger (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)0:01:50 
18Devon Haskell (Team TIBCO)0:01:53 
19Emilia Fahlin (HTC-Columbia)0:01:54 
20Bea Rodriguez (InCycle/SCVelo)0:02:16 
21Ruth Clemence (Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus)0:02:18 
22Olivia Dillon (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)0:02:23 
23Veronique Labonte (Nanoblur-Gears)0:02:24 
24Joanne Kiesanowski (Team TIBCO)0:02:29 
25Heather Pryor (Webcor/Alto Velo)0:02:50 
26Modesta Vzesniauskaite (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)0:02:53 
27Lauren Hall (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)0:02:57 
28Teresa Cliff-Ryan (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)0:03:03 
29Leah Guloien (Equipe Feminine Specialized Mazda Samsun)  
30Jazzy Hurikino (Third Pillar)0:03:05 
31Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)0:03:09 
32Marie Rosado0:03:18 
33Kelly Benjamin (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)0:03:19 
34Alison Testroete (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)0:03:23 
35Cara Gillis (Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus)0:03:29 
36Jennifer Weinbrecht (Herbalife LaGrange)0:03:44 
37Joanie Caron (Nanoblur-Gears)0:03:46 
38Emma Mackie (Team TIBCO)0:03:49 
39Julie Cutts (Colavita/Outback Las Vegas/ Wicked Cycling)0:04:01 
40Bonnie Breeze (InCycle/SCVelo)0:04:19 
41Anna Drakulich (Herbalife LaGrange)  
42Shontell Gauthier (Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light)0:04:24 
43Nichole Wangsgard (Roosters P/B Edge Composite Wheels)0:04:38 
44Laura Hines (Helens / Cannondale)0:04:49 
45Jenny Trew (Specialized Mazda Samson)0:04:53 
46Melissa Sanborn (Roosters P/B Edge Composite Wheels)0:05:24 
47Kendall Ryan (NOW MS Society)0:05:52 
48Chioe Hosking (HTC-Columbia)0:05:53 
49Megan Guarnier (Team TIBCO)0:06:34 
50Amy Mcguire (Wheelworks Racing)0:06:47 
51Andrea Bunnin (Team Saskatchewan)0:06:48 
52Angela McClure (Webcor/Alto Velo)0:06:53 
53Anne Guzman (Nanoblur-Gears)0:06:55 
54Ruth Winder (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)0:08:13 
55Jerika Hutchinson (Team TIBCO)0:09:32 
56Krystal Jeffs (Nanoblur-Gears)0:09:40 
57Jennifer Johansen (NOW MS Society)0:09:50 
58Annie Fulton (Los Gatos Cycling)0:10:07 
59Amanda Seigle (Metromint Cycling)0:10:15 
60Mary Maroon (Webcor/Alto Velo)0:10:26 
61Melina Bernecker (Helens / Cannondale)0:10:47 
62Lauren Hecht (Webcor/Alto Velo)0:11:08 
63Yukie Nakamura (Metromint Cycling)0:11:48 
64Tammy Wildgoose (Paramount)  
65Jenny Rios (Helens / Cannondale)0:11:55 

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