Slicks lead after Revolution in Manchester

Wiggins shows class on the boards; Baxter gives promising performance

Going into the evening of competition at the Revolution 26 in Manchester, it was the Rob Hayles' Forza team who led the overall competition having performed well across the first round back in November. Before the night's racing began, Hayles was in bullish mood when asked about Team Forza's approach.

"We're gonna go on the attack again. It's the best form of defence I think," said Hayles. "But it's going to be a different race tonight, there's a lot of other guys here that weren't here last time round, and we'll just have to wait and see, but we've just got to try and get up there in as many races as we can."

The Slicks, led by Craig Maclean, was hot on the heels of Team Forza. Maclean had bagged a number of sprint victories across the first Revolution - underlining his team's sprint credentials. This time around, his team would be boosted by the addition of Bradley Wiggins, a change that was immediately felt as Wiggins coasted to victory in the first bunch race of the night to set the early pace and draw first blood for the Slicks.

Dean Downing of the Flyers summed up the feelings of the rest of the bunch about having Bradley back. "He's got the class to just turn it on whenever he wants, and he proved that in that last race. Brad split the bunch in half and he showed just how good he is."

The new team-based scoring system, introduced this year, has captured the imagination of the fans as they start to pick the team that they will back for the rest of the winter. But in characteristic fashion, the Revolution also sprung a few surprises with one of the big stories of the night being the debut of former skier Alain Baxter who hopes to ride for Scotland in the Commonwealth Games next year. Riding in the qualifying round of the 200m sprint, Baxter set a time of 11.6 seconds, a little off the mark on the night, but good enough to suggest that he might have what it takes to make the transition into his new sporting role.

Speaking about taking his first steps in an unfamiliar arena, Baxter said, "Well for me, as you know, it's the first time in competition with a real crowd and a proper set up but I'm only doing the flying 200, but as long as I can get a time posted and see where I'm standing against these guys - that's all I need to know really."

As the cohesion develops within the newly formed teams at the Revolution it was noticeable this month how much interaction there was between the youngsters and the more established members of the team with Ed Clancy, Andy Tennant and others often seen deep in conversation with their young proteges. Clancy described responsibility that goes with his seniority at the Revolution:

"I'm the team captain here, so I'm trying to put on my sensible hat, just trying to pass on little bits of advice and just trying to get the girls to chill out and relax a bit because they seem quite nervous before their races. I'm just making sure they enjoy it trying to fill my captain's role."

As the evening wound to a close, the crowd had noticeably warmed to the new format with sections of the crowd shouting the names of the teams they'd chosen to back for the night. James Pope of Face Partnership declared himself pleased with the way that the event has again grown and developed this winter.

"We knew that if the Revolution was to continue to grow and develop we needed to make some changes this winter, so in a lot of ways it's been like starting again for us. Last month the crowd took a little time to get their heads around the idea of the teams, but this time around everyone has been much more vocal and we're really pleased with the way things are going. By the time this season finishes in February, we'll have worked through any teething problems and be ready for a much bigger, even better revolution in 2010."

Meanwhile back in the stands the crowd seemed pleased with the evening of racing. A truly thrilling keirin brought the whole stadium to their feet as Maclean snatched victory whilst in the sprint it was Ross Edgar who upset the seeding from the qualifying round to beat Matt Crampton. There was rarely a quiet moment in the Velodrome from start to finish as the crowd responded time and again to the efforts of the riders out on the track.

As the Revolution series goes into the Christmas break the Slicks lead in the overall standings, but only by a whisker as they are tied on points with early leaders Team Forza. The Slicks lead because they have more individual wins over the first two meetings.

The next Revolution will happen on January 16.


200m time trial
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Crampton (Rollers)0:00:10.310 
2Ross Edgar (Dynamo)0:00:00.058 
3Craig MacLean (Slicks)0:00:00.124 
4Dave Daniell (Tempo)0:00:00.143 
5Jason Kenny (Flyers)0:00:00.207 
6Pete Mitchell (Forza)0:00:00.303 
7Roberto Chiappa (Vitesse)0:00:00.350 
8Jamie Staff (Pacers)0:00:01.674 
9Alain Baxter (Guest)0:00:01.297 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bradley Wiggins (Slicks)  
2Ben Swift (Vitesse)  
3Luke Rowe (Slicks)  
4George Atkins (Pacers)  
5Mark Christian (Flyers)  
6Pete Williams (Vitesse)  
7Leif Lampeter (Slicks)  
8Ed Clancy (Tempo)  
9Andy Tennant (Tempo)  
10Luke Roberts (Dynamo)  
11Steven Burke (Pacers)  
12Dan McLay (Forza)  
13Chris Whorrall (Pacers)  
14Chris Newton (Rollers)  
15Rob Hayles (Forza)  
16Adam Yates (Dynamo)  
17Mark McNally (Dynamo)  
18Leon Van Bon (Forza)  
19Tim Kennaugh (Rollers)  
20Tom Murray (Vitesse)  
DNFDean Downing (Flyers)  
DNFRussell Downing (Flyers)  
DNFAdam Blythe (Tempo)  
Future Stars Boys - 5km points
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Declan Byrne (Dynamo)  
2Sam Lowe (Pacers)  
3Robert Lampton (Dynamo)  
4Charlie Heffernan (Tempo)  
5Olli Rossi (Tempo)  
6Jordan Skinner (Rollers)  
7Alistair Slater (Pacers)  
8Matt Cross (Slicks)  
9James Berryman (Vitesse)  
10Tom Baker (Dynamo)  
11Jordan Hargreaves (Rollers)  
12Greg Brown (Flyers)  
13Owain Doull (Slicks)  
14John Dibben (Forza)  
15Tom Gallacher (Tempo)  
16Robbie Westwood (Slicks)  
17Harry Tanfield (Rollers)  
18Kyle Yates (Flyers)  
19Matt Rotherham (Vitesse)  
20Jack Penrice (Vitesse)  
21Alex Minting (Pacers)  
22John Paul (Forza)  
23Stephen Bradbury (Forza)  
 Jesse Marons (USA)  
DNFAngus Gillies (Flyers)  
Sprint round 1, Heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason Kenny (Flyers)0:00:11.121 
2Roberto Chiappa (Vitesse)  
Sprint round 1, Heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Crampton (Rollers)0:00:11.045 
2Pete Mitchell (Forza)  
Sprint round 1, Heat 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ross Edgar (Dynamo)0:00:10.505 
2Craig MacLean (Slicks)  
Sprint round 1, Heat 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jamie Staff (Pacers)0:00:10.691 
2Dave Daniell (Tempo)  
Future Stars Girls 5km scratch race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Kay (Dynamo)  
2Hannah Barnes (Forza)  
3Amy Roberts (Slicks)  
4Melissa Bury (Vitesse)  
5Harriot Owen (Forza)  
6Natalie Hill (Forza)  
7Sarah Crowley (Slicks)  
8Hannah Layland (Vitesse)  
9Jess Anderson (Vitesse)  
10Alice Barnes (Flyers)  
11Rosie Blount (Pacers)  
12Sarah King (Pacers)  
13Amy Hill (Slicks)  
14Jessica O'Brien (Rollers)  
15Amy Jacobs (Tempo)  
16Rebecca Womersley (Rollers)  
17Hannah Ferguson (Flyers)  
18Emily Barnes (Tempo)  
19Beth Crumpton (Dynamo)  
20Victoria Williamson (Tempo)  
1km Madison Time trial
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ed Clancy & Andy Tennant (Tempo)0:00:57.053 
2Rob Hayles & Leon Van Bon (Forza)0:00:00.694 
3Bradley Wiggins & Leif Lampeter (Slicks)0:00:00.665 
4Steven Burke & Chris Whorrall (Pacers)0:00:01.462 
5Chris Newton & Geraint Thomas (Rollers)0:00:03.684 
6Tom Murray & Ben Swift (Vitesse)0:00:03.808 
7Luke Roberts & Mark McNally (Dynamo)0:00:04.378 
8Dean Downing & Russell Downing (Flyers)0:00:04.964 
Sprint semi-finals, heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ross Edgar (Dynamo)0:00:10.730 
2Jason Kenny (Flyers)  
Sprint semi-finals, heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Crampton (Rollers)0:00:10.853 
2Dave Daniell (Tempo)  
Future Stars Boys 6-lap dash
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Paul (Forza)  
2James Berryman (Vitesse)  
3Owain Doull (Slicks)  
4Olli Rossi (Tempo)  
5Robert Lampton (Dynamo)  
6Alistair Slater (Pacers)  
7Jack Penrice (Vitesse)  
8Jordan Hargreaves (Rollers)  
9Alex Minting (Pacers)  
10John Dibben (Forza)  
11Declan Byrne (Dynamo)  
12Harry Tanfield (Rollers)  
13Tom Baker (Dynamo)  
14Robbie Westwood (Slicks)  
15Tom Gallacher (Tempo)  
16Charlie Heffernan (Tempo)  
17Matt Cross (Slicks)  
18Sam Lowe (Pacers)  
19Greg Brown (Flyers)  
20Stephen Bradbury (Forza)  
21Matt Rotherham (Vitesse)  
22Angus Gillies (Flyers)  
23Kyle Yates (Flyers)  
DNFJordan Skinner (Rollers)  
15km Points Race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Rowe (Slicks)  
2George Atkins (Pacers)  
3Leon Van Bon (Forza)  
4Ed Clancy (Tempo)  
5Luke Roberts (Dynamo)  
6Steven Burke (Pacers)  
7Leif Lampeter (Slicks)  
8Bradley Wiggins (Slicks)  
9Andy Tennant (Tempo)  
10Adam Yates (Dynamo)  
11Chris Newton (Rollers)  
12Dean Downing (Flyers)  
13Chris Whorrall (Pacers)  
14Russell Downing (Flyers)  
15Ben Swift (Vitesse)  
16Pete Williams (Vitesse)  
17Mark Christian (Flyers)  
18Tom Murray (Vitesse)  
19Adam Blythe (Tempo)  
20Dan McLay (Forza)  
21Mark McNally (Dynamo)  
Sprint losers 6-lap dash
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Craig MacLean (Slicks)0:01:50.070 
2Dave Daniell (Tempo)  
3Roberto Chiappa (Vitesse)  
4Pete Mitchell (Forza)  
5Jason Kenny (Flyers)  
6Jamie Staff (Pacers)  
Future Stars Girls - 5km points race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Kay (Dynamo)  
2Hannah Barnes (Forza)  
3Harriot Owen (Forza)  
4Hannah Layland (Vitesse)  
5Amy Roberts (Slicks)  
6Melissa Bury (Vitesse)  
7Natalie Hill (Forza)  
8Alice Barnes (Flyers)  
9Rebecca Womersley (Rollers)  
10Amy Hill (Slicks)  
11Jess Anderson (Vitesse)  
12Sarah Crowley (Slicks)  
13Rosie Blount (Pacers)  
14Sarah King (Pacers)  
15Amy Jacobs (Tempo)  
16Beth Crumpton (Dynamo)  
17Emily Barnes (Tempo)  
18Jessica O'Brien (Rollers)  
19Victoria Williamson (Tempo)  
20Hannah Ferguson (Flyers)  
Sprint final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ross Edgar (Dynamo)0:00:10.579 
2Matt Crampton (Rollers)  
Future Stars Boys 5km scratch race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Lampton (Dynamo)  
2Owain Doull (Slicks)  
3Sam Lowe (Pacers)  
4Alistair Slater (Pacers)  
5Olli Rossi (Tempo)  
6John Dibben (Forza)  
7Tom Baker (Dynamo)  
8Jack Penrice (Vitesse)  
9Robbie Westwood (Slicks)  
10James Berryman (Vitesse)  
11Declan Byrne (Dynamo)  
12Alex Minting (Pacers)  
13Matt Cross (Slicks)  
14Charlie Heffernan (Tempo)  
15Tom Gallacher (Tempo)  
16Greg Brown (Flyers)  
17John Paul (Forza)  
18Jordan Hargreaves (Rollers)  
19Jordan Skinner (Rollers)  
20Matt Rotherham (Vitesse)  
21Kyle Yates (Flyers)  
22Harry Tanfield (Rollers)  
23Stephen Bradbury (Forza)  
24Angus Gillies (Flyers)  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Craig MacLean (Slicks)0:00:10.699 
2Matt Crampton (Rollers)  
3Jason Kenny (Flyers)  
4Pete Mitchell (Forza)  
5Jamie Staff (Pacers)  
6Dave Daniell (Tempo)  
7Roberto Chiappa (Vitesse)  
8Ross Edgar (Dynamo)  
Future Stars Girls 6-lap dash
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Kay (Dynamo)  
2Hannah Barnes (Forza)  
3Harriot Owen (Forza)  
4Jess Anderson (Vitesse)  
5Sarah Crowley (Slicks)  
6Amy Roberts (Slicks)  
7Amy Jacobs (Tempo)  
8Natalie Hill (Forza)  
9Rebecca Womersley (Rollers)  
10Alice Barnes (Flyers)  
11Melissa Bury (Vitesse)  
12Victoria Williamson (Tempo)  
13Hannah Layland (Vitesse)  
14Emily Barnes (Tempo)  
15Jessica O'Brien (Rollers)  
16Sarah King (Pacers)  
17Rosie Blount (Pacers)  
18Amy Hill (Slicks)  
19Hannah Ferguson (Flyers)  
20Beth Crumpton (Dynamo)  
10km Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1George Atkins (Pacers)  
2Tim Kennaugh (Rollers)  
3Leif Lampeter (Slicks)  
4Luke Roberts (Dynamo)  
5Chris Newton (Rollers)  
6Tom Murray (Vitesse)  
7Luke Rowe (Slicks)  
8Russell Downing (Flyers)  
9Dan McLay (Forza)  
10Pete Williams (Vitesse)  
11Ben Swift (Vitesse)  
12Dean Downing (Flyers)  
13Chris Whorrall (Pacers)  
14Adam Blythe (Tempo)  
15Rob Hayles (Forza)  
16Mark Christian (Flyers)  
17Leon Van Bon (Forza)  
18Bradley Wiggins (Slicks)  
19Mark McNally (Dynamo)  
20Adam Yates (Dynamo)  
21Andy Tennant (Tempo)  
22Ed Clancy (Tempo)  
23Steven Burke (Pacers)  
Italian team pursuit
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
Revolution Championship - League Standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Slicks18 pts
Future Stars Boys Standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Owain Doull (Slicks)141 pts
2Robert Lampton (Dynamo)134 
3Jordan Hargreaves (Rollers)111 
4Declan Byrne (Dynamo)102 
5Tom Baker (Dynamo)97 
6Jack Penrice (Vitesse)96 
7John Dibben (Forza)93 
8Matt Cross (Slicks)87 
9John Paul (Forza)82 
10Alex Minting (Pacers)71 
11Jordan Skinner (Rollers)68 
12Harry Tanfield (Rollers)68 
13Olli Rossi (Tempo)64 
14Alistair Slater (Pacers)62 
15Kyle Yates (Flyers)58 
16James Berryman (Vitesse)58 
17Robbie Westwood (Slicks)58 
18Greg Brown (Flyers)57 
19Sam Lowe (Pacers)56 
20Stephen Bradbury (Forza)38 
21Dan Whelan (Vitesse)38 
22Jim Lewis (Tempo)33 
23Tom Gallacher (Tempo)33 
24Angus Gillies (Flyers)30 
25Charlie Heffernan (Tempo)28 
26Luke Boulton (Vitesse)24 
27Matt Rotherham (Vitesse)18 
28Ben Green (Pacers)14 
29Edward Bird (Tempo)8 
Future Stars Girls standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Kay (Dynamo)158 pts
2Hannah Barnes (Forza)154 
3Harriot Owen (Forza)139 
4Amy Roberts (Slicks)139 
5Melissa Bury (Vitesse)114 
6Jess Anderson (Vitesse)109 
7Natalie Hill (Forza)104 
8Rebecca Womersley (Rollers)91 
9Amy Jacobs (Tempo)81 
10Amy Hill (Slicks)77 
11Lucy Garner (Pacers)65 
12Jessica O'Brien (Rollers)60 
13Rebecca Hunt (Slicks)57 
14Sarah Crowley (Slicks)54 
15Hannah Layland (Vitesse)53 
16Alice Barnes (Flyers)50 
17Beth Crumpton (Dynamo)42 
18Sarah King (Pacers)41 
19Esther Colman (Tempo)39 
20Beth Hayward (Tempo)31 
21Emily Barnes (Tempo)29 
22Victoria Williamson (Tempo)27 
23Rosie Blount (Pacers)23 
24Hannah Ferguson (Flyers)22 
25Lisa Daly (Flyers)  
26Hannah Shenton (Rollers)  
27Jess Crampton (Vitesse)  

Full Specifications

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