Yates distances rivals with stage victory

Bauer drops to 24 seconds behind

Crashing with an official’s motorbike would have cost Jeremy Yates the PowerNet Tour of Southland yellow jersey today had it not been for the etiquette of his greatest rival. In an ironic incident given Yates rides for Share the Road, he hit the tarmac less than one kilometre from the stage finish on the side of the steep Crown Range, near Queenstown, and could have lost more than some skin of his legs.

“I was midway through the attack, I moved out to the right-hand side and the commissaries motorbike came past and tipped me off,” said Yates. “Fortunately Hayden Roulston, who was on the front at the time, waited for me which was one of the unwritten rules of bike racing – it was a classy decision by him.

“There’s no written rule to say you have to but I was really disappointed to see George Bennett (Team SVS) making the most of it and attacking before the finish,” he added.

But Yates had the last word, crossing the line two seconds ahead of Bennett. “Luckily I had a shitload of adrenalin and I was able to peg him back and take the win,” said Yates.

Bennett, who lies third in the King of the Mountain stakes, was unremorseful. “No regrets … bike racing’s bike racing,” he said. “I’m not in the hunt for the yellow jersey … I’m here to win stages – sure you wait for the yellow jersey if you’re a GC contender but if you’re 15 minutes down, it’s your own race.”

Roulston, who crossed in third just five seconds behind Yates, believed inexperience played a role. “You just don’t do stuff like that you know. For one, it’s the yellow jersey, and two, he’s (Yates) a very well-respected rider – it’s just not etiquette,” he said.

“George Bennett, he’s a super talent this guy and he just took off – but each to their own and what goes around comes around,” added Roulston.

Share the Road once again influenced proceedings from the front of the peloton during the 133km stage, with Orca Velo Merino also putting in some hard yards. An early break of seven riders was allowed to roam free for the majority of the trek into Central Otago and featured Subway Avanti’s Joe Cooper and Alex Meenhorst, of Team SVS, battling for King of the Mountain honours.

With the gap stretched to nearly three minutes before Kingston, Meenhorst, of Auckland, earned the honour of being the leader on the road – albeit briefly – while Wellington’s Cooper retained the KOM jersey he has held since Tuesday.

As the chasing pack swallowed the breakaway bunch near Arrowtown, Share the Road’s Jack Bauer, the current New Zealand road race champion, struck out on his own and notched up speeds close to 70kmh, prompting team-mate Gordon McCauley to quip “Jack’s pretending to be a motorbike”.

With Calder Stewart increasing the tempo, the ascent soon became a rematch of Monday’s slog up Bluff Hill as Yates, Bauer and Roulston engaged in combat for stage glory.

With three stages remaining, Yates predicted “much of the same” tactically over the next two days.

“Share the Road will be on the front and I’ll be sitting pretty,” he said. “To win the Tour of Southland has been a dream of mine for 10 years now … we can only take things one day at a time but every stage that we tick off is another day closer to Share the Road taking the tour.”

Yet to unleash their full power, Roulston and his Calder Stewart team were undoubtedly preparing to strike. “I’ve won this race twice on the second last stage of the tour so I don’t believe this race is won until you cross the finish line in Invercargill to be honest,” Roulston said.

He conceded Share the Road, and particularly Bauer, had proved solid, but the race was taking its toll. “The rest of his team are shot through – they’re basically on their deathbed and so they should be, they’re not robots,” he said.

“Some of their tactics haven’t exactly been professional – if it was me in their situation a couple of times I would have let a break go … maybe it’s too many chiefs in one team trying to call the shots.

“But they’ve ridden perfectly all week in terms of how strong they are and they’ll be a hard team to beat.”

Benchmark Homes young gun Josh Aitkins, of Christchurch, put in a gutsy display to finish the stage in fourth place, just 5sec adrift of Yates, and snatch the PSIS Under-23 jersey from team-mate Daniel Barry.

Pure Black Racing’s Roman van Uden, of Auckland, has established a commanding lead over Ascot Park Hotel’s Clinton Avery, of Rotorua, to keep a firm grip on the Sprint Ace jersey.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremy Yates (Share The Road)3:43:15 
2George Bennett (Team Svs)0:00:02 
3Hayden Roulston (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:00:05 
4Josh Atkins (Benchmark Homes)  
5Jack Bauer (Share The Road)0:00:10 
6Floyd Landis (Orca Velo Merino)0:00:27 
7Michael Olheiser (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:00:28 
8Sergio Hernandez (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:00:38 
9Anthony Chapman (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:00:39 
10Shem Rodger (Pure Black Racing)  
11Aaron Strong (Ascot Park Hotel)  
12Matthew Marshall (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:00:43 
13Glen Chadwick (Pure Black Racing)0:00:50 
14Brad Carter (Powernet)0:00:52 
15Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes)  
16Clinton Avery (Ascot Park Hotel)0:01:03 
17James Early (Benchmark Homes)0:01:06 
18Mike Northey (Pure Black Racing)  
19Pedro Palma (Placemakers)0:01:09 
20Kevin Nicol (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:01:11 
21Aaron Gate (Team Motatapu)0:01:14 
22Benjamin Blaugrund (Moxxchopper.Com)0:01:22 
23Thomas Delany (Barry Stewart Builders)0:01:25 
24Sheldon Gorter (Team Motatapu)0:01:28 
25Andrew Mackay (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:01:30 
26Christopher Johnson (Sycamore Print)0:01:32 
27Ryan Obst (Radio Sport)0:01:40 
28Johnathon Gee (Sycamore Print)0:01:49 
29Alexander Ray (Orca Velo Merino)  
30Matt Sillars (Placemakers)  
31Tom Scully (Powernet)0:01:56 
32William Tehan (Orca Velo Merino)  
33Karl Moore (Team Svs)  
34Taylor Gunman (Pure Black Racing)0:02:03 
35James Mccoy (Benchmark Homes)0:02:09 
36Fraser Bermingham (Placemakers)0:02:12 
37Joseph Chapman (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:02:15 
38Matt Wheatcroft (Moxxchopper.Com)0:02:24 
39Matt Benson (Radio Sport)0:02:29 
40Richard Ussher (Team Svs)0:02:56 
41Michael Cupitt (Team Svs)0:03:04 
42James Gibson (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:03:19 
43Bevan Mason (Ascot Park Hotel)0:03:22 
44Gordon Mccauley (Share The Road)  
45Tom David (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:03:36 
46Cody Stevenson (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:03:43 
47Ian Smallman (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)  
48Chris Nicholson (Powernet)  
49Nick Lovegrove (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)  
50Jason Christie (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:04:09 
51Brett Tivers (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:04:21 
52Mark Langlands (Pure Black Racing)0:04:25 
53Raimana Mataoa (Southern Institute Of Technology)  
54Sean Joyce (Placemakers)  
55Sam Horgan (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)  
56Kevin O'donnell (Moxxchopper.Com)0:04:30 
57Sam Steele (Team Motatapu)0:04:36 
58Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)0:04:39 
59David Hanson (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:04:42 
60Brett Dawber (Benchmark Homes)0:04:44 
61James Williamson (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:04:46 
62Greg Henderson (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:04:58 
63Christian Parrett (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:04:59 
64Lachlan Shannon (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:05:10 
65Shane Archbold (Powernet)0:05:38 
66Myron Simpson (Powernet)0:05:41 
67Kevin Strongman (Barry Stewart Builders)  
68Mike Henton (Ascot Park Hotel)0:05:52 
69Paul Odlin (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:06:35 
70Aidan Mckenzie (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:06:43 
71Alex Meenhorst (Team Svs)0:07:18 
72Will Dickeson (Team Svs)  
73Cameron Karwowski (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:07:39 
74Kent Croote (Radio Sport)0:07:52 
75Andre De Jong (Orca Velo Merino)0:08:21 
76Marc Prutton (Sycamore Print)0:08:52 
77Douglas Rapacholi (Team Motatapu)  
78Logan Edgar (Radio Sport)0:08:59 
79Chris Heywood (Barry Stewart Builders)0:11:45 
80Andy Hughson (Team Motatapu)0:13:29 
81Hamish Presbury (Team Motatapu)0:14:45 
82Steven Rolfe (Moxxchopper.Com)  
83Ruaraidh Mcleod (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)  
84Roman Van Uden (Pure Black Racing)0:15:07 
85Elliot Crowther (Powernet)0:15:14 
86Chad Adair (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:15:16 
87Joe Cooper (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:15:19 
88Jeremy Vennell (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)  
89David Weston (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:16:24 
90Travis Kane (Barry Stewart Builders)0:18:34 
91Scott Cunningham (Barry Stewart Builders)0:19:30 
92Karl Murray (Share The Road)  
93Garth Cooper (Barry Stewart Builders)  
94Mark Spessott (Placemakers)  
95Justin Kerr (Share The Road)  
96Jason Allen (Share The Road)  
97Nick Hextall (Sycamore Print)  
98Simon Finucane (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:22:35 
99Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Radio Sport)0:30:18 
100James Northey (Moxxchopper.Com)0:30:56 
101Andrew Mcnab (Orca Velo Merino)  
102Michael Vink (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:34:15 
DNFSamuel Witmitz (Orca Velo Merino)  
DNFMatt Shallcrass (Sycamore Print)  
General Classification after Stage 6
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremy Yates (Share The Road)14:03:06 
2Jack Bauer (Share The Road)0:00:24 
3Hayden Roulston (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:00:31 
4Floyd Landis (Orca Velo Merino)0:01:39 
5Michael Olheiser (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:01:48 
6Josh Atkins (Benchmark Homes)0:02:08 
7Matthew Marshall (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:02:14 
8Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes)0:02:18 
9Sergio Hernandez (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:02:39 
10Mike Northey (Pure Black Racing)0:02:54 
11Clinton Avery (Ascot Park Hotel)0:02:58 
12Glen Chadwick (Pure Black Racing)0:02:59 
13Anthony Chapman (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:03:28 
14Shem Rodger (Pure Black Racing)0:03:41 
15James Mccoy (Benchmark Homes)0:03:57 
16Kevin Nicol (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:04:12 
17Alexander Ray (Orca Velo Merino)0:04:20 
18Brad Carter (Powernet)0:04:30 
19Pedro Palma (Placemakers)0:04:39 
20Gordon Mccauley (Share The Road)0:04:57 
21William Tehan (Orca Velo Merino)0:05:02 
22Joseph Chapman (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:05:44 
23Karl Moore (Team Svs)0:05:51 
24Ryan Obst (Radio Sport)0:05:59 
25Aaron Gate (Team Motatapu)0:06:04 
26Benjamin Blaugrund (Moxxchopper.Com)0:06:13 
27Tom Scully (Powernet)0:06:31 
28Matt Wheatcroft (Moxxchopper.Com)0:06:41 
29Tom David (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:07:27 
30Jason Christie (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:07:43 
31Bevan Mason (Ascot Park Hotel)0:07:54 
32Greg Henderson (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:08:22 
33Ian Smallman (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:08:30 
34Mark Langlands (Pure Black Racing)0:08:37 
35James Williamson (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:08:50 
36George Bennett (Team Svs)0:09:10 
37Brett Tivers (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:09:25 
38Cody Stevenson (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:09:46 
39Shane Archbold (Powernet)0:09:57 
40Taylor Gunman (Pure Black Racing)0:10:00 
41Alex Meenhorst (Team Svs)0:10:06 
42Paul Odlin (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:10:13 
43Thomas Delany (Barry Stewart Builders)0:11:09 
44Andrew Mackay (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:11:27 
45Michael Cupitt (Team Svs)0:11:30 
46Myron Simpson (Powernet)0:11:47 
47Sean Joyce (Placemakers)0:11:49 
48Johnathon Gee (Sycamore Print)0:12:12 
49Richard Ussher (Team Svs)0:12:19 
50Lachlan Shannon (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:13:20 
51Nick Lovegrove (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:13:41 
52Chris Nicholson (Powernet)0:13:42 
53Fraser Bermingham (Placemakers)0:13:43 
54Christopher Johnson (Sycamore Print)0:13:54 
55Kevin O'donnell (Moxxchopper.Com)0:14:33 
56Sam Horgan (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:14:42 
57Aaron Strong (Ascot Park Hotel)0:14:51 
58Kent Croote (Radio Sport)0:15:11 
59Sheldon Gorter (Team Motatapu)0:15:27 
60Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)0:16:14 
61Sam Steele (Team Motatapu)0:16:53 
62Will Dickeson (Team Svs)0:17:13 
63Aidan Mckenzie (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:17:31 
64Elliot Crowther (Powernet)0:18:04 
65Cameron Karwowski (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:18:28 
66Andre De Jong (Orca Velo Merino)0:19:01 
67Marc Prutton (Sycamore Print)0:19:06 
68James Gibson (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:20:40 
69Matt Sillars (Placemakers)0:23:12 
70Jason Allen (Share The Road)0:23:16 
71Ruaraidh Mcleod (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:23:28 
72James Early (Benchmark Homes)0:23:33 
73Justin Kerr (Share The Road)0:23:47 
74Mike Henton (Ascot Park Hotel)0:24:16 
75Brett Dawber (Benchmark Homes)0:24:57 
76Roman Van Uden (Pure Black Racing)0:25:02 
77Hamish Presbury (Team Motatapu)0:25:14 
78Matt Benson (Radio Sport)0:25:50 
79Raimana Mataoa (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:26:54 
80David Hanson (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:27:25 
81Kevin Strongman (Barry Stewart Builders)0:27:44 
82Douglas Rapacholi (Team Motatapu)0:29:18 
83Logan Edgar (Radio Sport)0:31:01 
84Simon Finucane (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:31:52 
85Joe Cooper (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:34:50 
86Christian Parrett (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:37:23 
87Andy Hughson (Team Motatapu)0:39:50 
88Steven Rolfe (Moxxchopper.Com)0:40:12 
89Jeremy Vennell (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:41:54 
90James Northey (Moxxchopper.Com)0:41:58 
91Andrew Mcnab (Orca Velo Merino)0:42:14 
92Mark Spessott (Placemakers)0:43:34 
93Garth Cooper (Barry Stewart Builders)0:45:21 
94Chad Adair (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:46:40 
95Scott Cunningham (Barry Stewart Builders)0:48:17 
96Karl Murray (Share The Road)0:51:30 
97David Weston (Southern Institute Of Technology)1:04:20 
98Nick Hextall (Sycamore Print)1:05:26 
99Chris Heywood (Barry Stewart Builders)1:10:11 
100Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Radio Sport)1:12:21 
101Michael Vink (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)1:15:56 
102Travis Kane (Barry Stewart Builders)1:17:29 
Sprints Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roman Van Uden (Pure Black Racing)68 pts
2Clinton Avery (Ascot Park Hotel)38 
3Bevan Mason (Ascot Park Hotel)24 
4Karl Murray (Share The Road)22 
5Mike Northey (Pure Black Racing)20 
6Glen Chadwick (Pure Black Racing)18 
7Joe Cooper (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)15 
8Mark Langlands (Pure Black Racing)14 
9Alex Meenhorst (Team Svs)13 
10Will Dickeson (Team Svs)12 
11Elliot Crowther (Powernet)8 
12Alexander Ray (Orca Velo Merino)8 
13James Williamson (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)8 
14Sam Horgan (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)8 
15Cameron Karwowski (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)7 
16Taylor Gunman (Pure Black Racing)6 
17George Bennett (Team Svs)6 
18Michael Olheiser (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)5 
19Shane Archbold (Powernet)4 
20Karl Moore (Team Svs)4 
21Jack Bauer (Share The Road)3 
22Ian Smallman (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)3 
23Aaron Gate (Team Motatapu)3 
24Jeremy Vennell (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)3 
25Brett Tivers (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)3 
26Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)3 
27Sean Joyce (Placemakers)3 
28Josh Atkins (Benchmark Homes)3 
29Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Radio Sport)3 
30Greg Henderson (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)2 
31Paul Odlin (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)2 
32Kent Croote (Radio Sport)2 
33Pedro Palma (Placemakers)1 
34Myron Simpson (Powernet)1 
35Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes)1 
36Ruaraidh Mcleod (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)1 
37Travis Kane (Barry Stewart Builders)1 
Mountains Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joe Cooper (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)34 pts
2Alex Meenhorst (Team Svs)22 
3George Bennett (Team Svs)16 
4Jeremy Yates (Share The Road)12 
5Clinton Avery (Ascot Park Hotel)10 
6Josh Atkins (Benchmark Homes)10 
7Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)6 
8James Williamson (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)6 
9Jack Bauer (Share The Road)6 
10Hayden Roulston (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)4 
11Gordon Mccauley (Share The Road)4 
12Mike Northey (Pure Black Racing)4 
13Mark Langlands (Pure Black Racing)4 
14Andrew Mcnab (Orca Velo Merino)4 
15Will Dickeson (Team Svs)4 
16Sam Horgan (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)4 
17Roman Van Uden (Pure Black Racing)2 
18Sean Joyce (Placemakers)2 
19Simon Finucane (Creation Signs-Ultimo)2 
Best young rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Atkins (Benchmark Homes)14:05:14 
2Matthew Marshall (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:02:14 
3Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes)0:02:18 
4Shem Rodger (Pure Black Racing)0:03:41 
5James Mccoy (Benchmark Homes)0:03:57 
6Alexander Ray (Orca Velo Merino)0:04:20 
7Brad Carter (Powernet)0:04:30 
8Pedro Palma (Placemakers)0:04:39 
9Ryan Obst (Radio Sport)0:05:59 
10Aaron Gate (Team Motatapu)0:06:04 
11Tom Scully (Powernet)0:06:31 
12Matt Wheatcroft (Moxxchopper.Com)0:06:41 
13Tom David (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:07:27 
14Jason Christie (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:07:43 
15James Williamson (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:08:50 
16George Bennett (Team Svs)0:09:10 
17Shane Archbold (Powernet)0:09:57 
18Taylor Gunman (Pure Black Racing)0:10:00 
19Thomas Delany (Barry Stewart Builders)0:11:09 
20Andrew Mackay (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:11:27 
21Myron Simpson (Powernet)0:11:47 
22Sean Joyce (Placemakers)0:11:49 
23Fraser Bermingham (Placemakers)0:13:43 
24Kent Croote (Radio Sport)0:15:11 
25Sheldon Gorter (Team Motatapu)0:15:27 
26Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)0:16:14 
27Sam Steele (Team Motatapu)0:16:53 
28Cameron Karwowski (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:18:28 
29Ruaraidh Mcleod (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:23:28 
30Roman Van Uden (Pure Black Racing)0:25:02 
31Hamish Presbury (Team Motatapu)0:25:14 
32Matt Benson (Radio Sport)0:25:50 
33Douglas Rapacholi (Team Motatapu)0:29:18 
34Logan Edgar (Radio Sport)0:31:01 
35Simon Finucane (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:31:52 
36Christian Parrett (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:37:23 
37Andy Hughson (Team Motatapu)0:39:50 
38Steven Rolfe (Moxxchopper.Com)0:40:12 
39James Northey (Moxxchopper.Com)0:41:58 
40Andrew Mcnab (Orca Velo Merino)0:42:14 
41Chad Adair (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:46:40 
42Nick Hextall (Sycamore Print)1:05:26 
43Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Radio Sport)1:12:21 
44Michael Vink (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)1:15:56 
Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Share The Road42:14:59 
2Benchmark Homes0:01:39 
3Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World0:02:58 
4Pure Black Racing0:03:40 
5Orca Velo Merino0:05:20 
6Team Svs0:07:46 
7Calder Stewart-Bikenz National0:10:32 
9Creation Signs-Ultimo0:14:05 
10The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World0:16:08 
11Ascot Park Hotel0:17:09 
14Subway Avanti Pro Cycling0:22:02 
15Team Motatapu0:23:53 
16Radio Sport0:28:32 
17Sycamore Print0:38:01 
18Southern Institute Of Technology1:06:09 
19Barry Stewart Builders1:07:48 


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