Henderson sprints to home stage success

Yates maintains four second lead over Bauer

Greg Henderson (Calder Stewart-Bikenz) won stage 4 of the Southland Tour in Tuatapere in a thrilling bunch finish. The New Zealander had too much for Mike Northey (Pure Black Racing) in the rapid sprint finale, while James Williamson (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling) took 3rd place ahead of Tom Scully (Powernet).

The short 88.4km morning stage had little impact on the overall standings, with the classification continuing to be headed by the Share The Road duo of Jeremy Yates and Jack Bauer. Yates currently holds a 4 second lead over Bauer. Hayden Roulston (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National) lies in 3rd, at 0:22, while Floyd Landis (Orca Velo Merino) continues to look stronger as the race progresses. The American is in 4th place overall, 1:02 off the lead.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Henderson (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)2:06:19 
2Mike Northey (Pure Black Racing)  
3James Williamson (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)  
4Tom Scully (Powernet)  
5Joseph Chapman (Creation Signs-Ultimo)  
6Sean Joyce (Placemakers)  
7Alexander Ray (Orca Velo Merino)  
8Cody Stevenson (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)  
9Jack Bauer (Share The Road)  
10Aaron Gate (Team Motatapu)  
11Hayden Roulston (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)  
12Cameron Karwowski (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)  
13Jeremy Yates (Share The Road)  
14James Northey (Moxxchopper.Com)  
15Josh Atkins (Benchmark Homes)  
16Marc Prutton (Sycamore Print)  
17Shane Archbold (Powernet)  
18Matt Sillars (Placemakers)  
19Sam Steele (Team Motatapu)  
20Gordon Mccauley (Share The Road)  
21Mark Spessott (Placemakers)  
22Alex Meenhorst (Team Svs)  
23Kevin Strongman (Barry Stewart Builders)  
24Paul Odlin (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)  
25Chris Nicholson (Powernet)  
26Matt Benson (Radio Sport)  
27Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes)  
28James Mccoy (Benchmark Homes)  
29Jason Allen (Share The Road)  
30Anthony Chapman (Creation Signs-Ultimo)  
31Kevin Nicol (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)  
32Floyd Landis (Orca Velo Merino)  
33Clinton Avery (Ascot Park Hotel)  
34Christopher Johnson (Sycamore Print)  
35Myron Simpson (Powernet)  
36Jason Christie (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)  
37Sheldon Gorter (Team Motatapu)  
38Roman Van Uden (Pure Black Racing)  
39Glen Chadwick (Pure Black Racing)  
40Sergio Hernandez (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)  
41Samuel Witmitz (Orca Velo Merino)  
42Matt Wheatcroft (Moxxchopper.Com)  
43Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Radio Sport)  
44Douglas Rapacholi (Team Motatapu)  
45Aaron Strong (Ascot Park Hotel)  
46Michael Olheiser (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)  
47Taylor Gunman (Pure Black Racing)  
48Mark Langlands (Pure Black Racing)  
49Justin Kerr (Share The Road)  
50David Hanson (Southern Institute Of Technology)  
51Matthew Marshall (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)  
52Karl Moore (Team Svs)  
53George Bennett (Team Svs)  
54James Gibson (Creation Signs-Ultimo)  
55Lachlan Shannon (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)  
56Christian Parrett (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)  
57Elliot Crowther (Powernet)  
58William Tehan (Orca Velo Merino)  
59Tom David (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)  
60Benjamin Blaugrund (Moxxchopper.Com)  
61Karl Murray (Share The Road)  
62Andrew Mcnab (Orca Velo Merino)  
63Shem Rodger (Pure Black Racing)  
64Regan Sheath (Radio Sport)  
65Mike Henton (Ascot Park Hotel)  
66Bevan Mason (Ascot Park Hotel)  
67Chris Heywood (Barry Stewart Builders)  
68Ryan Obst (Radio Sport)  
69Pedro Palma (Placemakers)  
70Raimana Mataoa (Southern Institute Of Technology)  
71Steven Rolfe (Moxxchopper.Com)  
72Ruaraidh Mcleod (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)  
73Lee Evans (Moxxchopper.Com)  
74Garth Cooper (Barry Stewart Builders)  
75Fraser Bermingham (Placemakers)  
76Ian Smallman (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)  
77Brett Dawber (Benchmark Homes)  
78Scott Cunningham (Barry Stewart Builders)  
79Johnathon Gee (Sycamore Print)  
80Michael Cupitt (Team Svs)  
81Thomas Delany (Barry Stewart Builders)  
82Kent Croote (Radio Sport)  
83Brett Tivers (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)  
84Nick Lovegrove (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)  
85James Early (Benchmark Homes)  
86Andre De Jong (Orca Velo Merino)  
87Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)  
88Nick Hextall (Sycamore Print)  
89Kevin O'donnell (Moxxchopper.Com)  
90Richard Ussher (Team Svs)  
91Simon Finucane (Creation Signs-Ultimo)  
92Michael Vink (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)  
93Sam Horgan (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)  
94Matt Shallcrass (Sycamore Print)  
95David Weston (Southern Institute Of Technology)  
96Aidan Mckenzie (Southern Institute Of Technology)  
97Andrew Mackay (Creation Signs-Ultimo)  
98Will Dickeson (Team Svs)  
99Logan Edgar (Radio Sport)  
100Brad Carter (Powernet)  
101Tom Libby (Southern Institute Of Technology)  
102Chad Adair (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)  
103Andy Hughson (Team Motatapu)  
104Ben Hopewell (Sycamore Print)  
105Hamish Presbury (Team Motatapu)0:00:33 
106Jeremy Vennell (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:00:45 
107Joe Cooper (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:00:54 
108Travis Kane (Barry Stewart Builders)0:06:31 
DNSLang Reynolds (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)  
General Classification after Stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremy Yates (Share The Road)8:04:24 
2Jack Bauer (Share The Road)0:00:04 
3Hayden Roulston (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:00:22 
4Floyd Landis (Orca Velo Merino)0:01:02 
5Michael Olheiser (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:01:10 
6Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes)0:01:16 
7Matthew Marshall (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:01:21 
8Gordon Mccauley (Share The Road)0:01:25 
9Justin Kerr (Share The Road)0:01:28 
10James Mccoy (Benchmark Homes)0:01:38 
11Mike Northey (Pure Black Racing)0:01:44 
12Clinton Avery (Ascot Park Hotel)0:01:49 
13Sergio Hernandez (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:01:51 
14Josh Atkins (Benchmark Homes)0:01:53 
15Glen Chadwick (Pure Black Racing)0:01:59 
16Benjamin Blaugrund (Moxxchopper.Com)0:02:02 
17Michael Cupitt (Team Svs)0:02:13 
18Alexander Ray (Orca Velo Merino)0:02:21 
19Brett Dawber (Benchmark Homes)0:02:32 
20Alex Meenhorst (Team Svs)0:02:38 
21Anthony Chapman (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:02:39 
22Elliot Crowther (Powernet)0:02:44 
23Douglas Rapacholi (Team Motatapu)0:02:45 
24Kevin Nicol (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:02:51 
25Shem Rodger (Pure Black Racing)0:02:52 
26William Tehan (Orca Velo Merino)0:02:56 
27Simon Finucane (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:03:04 
28Richard Ussher (Team Svs)0:03:10 
29Greg Henderson (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:03:14 
30Sheldon Gorter (Team Motatapu)  
31Joseph Chapman (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:03:19 
32Pedro Palma (Placemakers)0:03:20 
33Jason Christie (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:03:24 
34Paul Odlin (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:03:28 
35Brad Carter (Powernet)  
36Thomas Delany (Barry Stewart Builders)0:03:31 
37Jason Allen (Share The Road)0:03:36 
38Roman Van Uden (Pure Black Racing)  
39Tom David (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:03:41 
40Matt Sillars (Placemakers)0:03:42 
41Will Dickeson (Team Svs)0:03:43 
42Andrew Mackay (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:03:44 
43Nick Lovegrove (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:03:45 
44Karl Moore (Team Svs)  
45Chris Nicholson (Powernet)0:03:46 
46Kevin O'donnell (Moxxchopper.Com)0:03:50 
47James Williamson (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:03:54 
48Marc Prutton (Sycamore Print)0:04:01 
49Sam Horgan (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:04:04 
50Matt Wheatcroft (Moxxchopper.Com)0:04:07 
51Mark Langlands (Pure Black Racing)  
52Shane Archbold (Powernet)0:04:09 
53Ryan Obst (Radio Sport)  
54Johnathon Gee (Sycamore Print)0:04:10 
55Hamish Presbury (Team Motatapu)0:04:16 
56Samuel Witmitz (Orca Velo Merino)0:04:19 
57Logan Edgar (Radio Sport)0:04:21 
58Bevan Mason (Ascot Park Hotel)0:04:22 
59Kevin Strongman (Barry Stewart Builders)  
60Tom Scully (Powernet)0:04:25 
61Aidan Mckenzie (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:04:26 
62Andre De Jong (Orca Velo Merino)0:04:27 
63Kent Croote (Radio Sport)0:04:30 
64Sean Joyce (Placemakers)0:04:35 
65Cameron Karwowski (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:04:36 
66Ian Smallman (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:04:37 
67Aaron Gate (Team Motatapu)0:04:40 
68Brett Tivers (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:04:42 
69James Early (Benchmark Homes)0:04:46 
70Raimana Mataoa (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:04:48 
71James Northey (Moxxchopper.Com)0:04:49 
72Ruaraidh Mcleod (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:05:00 
73David Hanson (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:05:02 
74Andrew Mcnab (Orca Velo Merino)0:05:05 
75Fraser Bermingham (Placemakers)0:05:18 
76Lachlan Shannon (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:05:21 
77Myron Simpson (Powernet)0:05:30 
78Matt Benson (Radio Sport)0:05:40 
79Cody Stevenson (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:05:53 
80Sam Steele (Team Motatapu)0:06:04 
81Christopher Johnson (Sycamore Print)0:06:09 
82Mark Spessott (Placemakers)0:06:23 
83Tom Libby (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:06:36 
84Steven Rolfe (Moxxchopper.Com)0:07:46 
85Taylor Gunman (Pure Black Racing)0:07:47 
86Garth Cooper (Barry Stewart Builders)0:08:10 
87Andy Hughson (Team Motatapu)0:08:40 
88Jeremy Vennell (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:08:55 
89George Bennett (Team Svs)0:09:04 
90Scott Cunningham (Barry Stewart Builders)0:11:06 
91James Gibson (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:11:08 
92Aaron Strong (Ascot Park Hotel)0:11:23 
93Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)0:11:25 
94Mike Henton (Ascot Park Hotel)0:12:11 
95Joe Cooper (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:12:34 
96Chad Adair (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:13:37 
97Regan Sheath (Radio Sport)0:20:11 
98Michael Vink (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:24:00 
99Christian Parrett (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:26:11 
100Nick Hextall (Sycamore Print)0:28:08 
101Lee Evans (Moxxchopper.Com)0:28:13 
102Karl Murray (Share The Road)0:29:11 
103Ben Hopewell (Sycamore Print)0:29:13 
104David Weston (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:30:15 
105Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Radio Sport)0:35:52 
106Chris Heywood (Barry Stewart Builders)0:40:45 
107Travis Kane (Barry Stewart Builders)0:41:14 
108Matt Shallcrass (Sycamore Print)0:42:20 
Sprints classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roman Van Uden (Pure Black Racing)45 pts
2Clinton Avery (Ascot Park Hotel)38 
3Bevan Mason (Ascot Park Hotel)24 
4Karl Murray (Share the Road)22 
5Mike Northey (Pure Black Racing)20 
6Glen Chadwick (Pure Black Racing)12 
7Alex Meenhorst (Team SVS)10 
8Alexander Ray (Orca Velo Merino)8 
9James Williamson (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)8 
10Sam Horgan (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)8 
11George Bennett (Team SVS)6 
12Cameron Karwowski (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)6 
13Michael Olheiser (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)5 
14Shane Archbold (PowerNet)4 
15Taylor Gunman (Pure Black Racing)3 
16Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)3 
17Sean Joyce (Placemakers)3 
18Ian Smallman (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)3 
19Josh Atkins (Benchmark Homes)3 
20Aaron Gate (Team Motatapu)3 
21Joe Cooper (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)2 
22Lee Evans (moxxchopper.com)2 
23Kent Croote (Radio Sport)2 
24Greg Henderson (Calder Stewart-BikeNZ National)1 
25Pedro Palma (Placemakers)1 
26Myron Simpson (PowerNet)1 
27Karl Moore (Team SVS)1 
28Ruaraidh McLeod (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)1 
29Travis Kane (Barry Stewart Builders)1 
Best young rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes)8:05:40 
2Matthew Marshall (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:01:21 
3James Mccoy (Benchmark Homes)0:01:38 
4Josh Atkins (Benchmark Homes)0:01:53 
5Alexander Ray (Orca Velo Merino)0:02:21 
6Douglas Rapacholi (Team Motatapu)0:02:45 
7Shem Rodger (Pure Black Racing)0:02:52 
8Simon Finucane (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:03:04 
9Sheldon Gorter (Team Motatapu)0:03:14 
10Pedro Palma (Placemakers)0:03:20 
11Jason Christie (Calder Stewart-Bikenz National)0:03:24 
12Brad Carter (Powernet)0:03:28 
13Thomas Delany (Barry Stewart Builders)0:03:31 
14Roman Van Uden (Pure Black Racing)0:03:36 
15Tom David (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:03:41 
16Andrew Mackay (Creation Signs-Ultimo)0:03:44 
17James Williamson (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:03:54 
18Matt Wheatcroft (Moxxchopper.Com)0:04:07 
19Shane Archbold (Powernet)0:04:09 
20Ryan Obst (Radio Sport)  
21Hamish Presbury (Team Motatapu)0:04:16 
22Logan Edgar (Radio Sport)0:04:21 
23Tom Scully (Powernet)0:04:25 
24Kent Croote (Radio Sport)0:04:30 
25Sean Joyce (Placemakers)0:04:35 
26Cameron Karwowski (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:04:36 
27Aaron Gate (Team Motatapu)0:04:40 
28James Northey (Moxxchopper.Com)0:04:49 
29Ruaraidh Mcleod (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:05:00 
30Andrew Mcnab (Orca Velo Merino)0:05:05 
31Fraser Bermingham (Placemakers)0:05:18 
32Myron Simpson (Powernet)0:05:30 
33Matt Benson (Radio Sport)0:05:40 
34Sam Steele (Team Motatapu)0:06:04 
35Tom Libby (Southern Institute Of Technology)0:06:36 
36Steven Rolfe (Moxxchopper.Com)0:07:46 
37Taylor Gunman (Pure Black Racing)0:07:47 
38Andy Hughson (Team Motatapu)0:08:40 
39George Bennett (Team Svs)0:09:04 
40Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)0:11:25 
41Chad Adair (The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World)0:13:37 
42Regan Sheath (Radio Sport)0:20:11 
43Michael Vink (Subway Avanti Pro Cycling)0:24:00 
44Christian Parrett (Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World)0:26:11 
45Nick Hextall (Sycamore Print)0:28:08 
46Lee Evans (Moxxchopper.Com)0:28:13 
47Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Radio Sport)0:35:52 
Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Share the Road24:14:51 
2Benchmark Homes0:03:08 
3Jackson Plumbing-Plumbing World0:04:13 
4Pure Black Racing0:04:37 
5Orca Velo Merino0:04:40 
6Calder Stewart-BikeNZ National0:05:29 
7Team SVS0:06:24 
8Creation Signs-Ultimo0:07:10 
9The Southland Times-H&J's Outdoor World0:07:32 
10Subway Avanti Pro Cycling0:07:40 
11Team Motatapu0:08:01 
15Sycamore Print0:11:11 
16Radio Sport0:11:21 
17Barry Stewart Builders0:11:24 
18Southern Institute of Technology0:12:37 
19Ascot Park Hotel0:15:37 


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