Paris-Roubaix 2016

April 10, 2016, Compiegne, France, Road - WorldTour

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Live commentary by:
Sadhbh O'Shea

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  1. 10:11:12 CEST

    It's finally here. The riders are signing on and the start of Paris-Roubaix is almost upon us. 

  2. 10:14:12 CEST

    The sun is shining in Compiegne and it's expected to be a dry day but there was rain yesterday and we could have some mud. 


  3. 10:16:45 CEST

    There were some concerns that the Troisville pavé sector could be removed because of mud but it has been washed and scrubbed and will remain in the race. 


  4. 10:22:47 CEST

    World champion Peter Sagan will be riding his custom Tarmac for the first part of today's race. He will switch to the Specialized Roubaix before they hit the cobbles. 



  5. 10:26:28 CEST

    Throughout the week we have been taking a look at the bikes of some of today's favourites. Click on the names to take a look at the bikes of Peter Sagan, Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara.


  6. 10:29:11 CEST

    The UCI are checking the bikes of 10 teams this morning. Those that aren't being checked this morning have already been checked at recent races. 



  7. 10:34:30 CEST

    • Team Katusha 2016

    After missing out on the podium at the Tour of Flanders, Alexander Kristoff is looking to make his first podium at Paris-Roubaix. The Norwegian is looking at the fine details today and after giving his tyres a little squeeze this morning he tells his mechanic that the pressure in them is too high. Riders want lower pressures for a better ride over the cobbles. 


  8. 10:40:25 CEST

    Tom Boonen steps out to sign on with huge crowds greeting him. His team manager Patrick Lefevere said he should consider


  9. 10:43:12 CEST

    Less than 10 minutes to the start in Compiegne. Take a look at the start list here


  10. 10:45:48 CEST

    Niki Terpstra and Mark Cavendish shake hands at the start. Cavendish is only riding his second ever Paris-Roubaix.


  11. 10:48:22 CEST

    Fabian Cancellara riding to sign on. All the riders are at the start and ready to get going. 


  12. 10:50:35 CEST

    And they're off


  13. 10:53:27 CEST

    Today's start was bumped back 10 minutes due to an expected tailwind. Organisers want to make sure the race finishes at the right time for TV purposes but they also want to avoid train issues of last year. 


  14. 10:54:19 CEST

    A problem for Alexandre Pichot in the neutral zone. It looks like he's lost his saddle. He's riding along holding onto it and waiting for a replacement bike. 


  15. 10:56:35 CEST

    Fabian Cancellara is near the front. He was the picture of focus at the start. The Swiss rider let the emotions of his final Tour of Flanders get to him last weekend and he's hoping to avoid that at Paris-Roubaix. 



  16. 10:58:29 CEST

    • Team BMC Racing 2016

    Away from the racing and there's some good news for Greg Van Avermaet as he gets back to training. The Belgian would have been a favourite for today's race but he crashed and broke his collarbone at the Tour of Flanders. He underwent surgery early in the week and you can read the full story here


  17. 11:02:09 CEST

    The riders are still in the neutral section but we can expect fireworks as soon as the flag drops.


    Here are all the 27 cobbled sectors the riders will face today. 


    27 Troisvilles (km 98.5 - 2200 m) 3 stars
    26 Viesly (km 105 - 1800 m) 3
    25 Quievy (km 108 - 3700 m) 4
    24 Saint-Python (km 112.5 - 1500 m) 2
    23 Vertain (km 120.5 - 2300 m) 3
    22 Capelle-Ruesnes (km 127 – 1700 m) 3
    21 Quérénaing - Maing (km 133.5 - 2500 m) 3
    20 Monchaux-sur-Ecaillon (km 136.5 - 1600 m) 3
    19 Haveluy (km 149.5 - 2500 m) 4
    18 Trouée d’Arenberg (km 158 - 2400 m) 5
    17 Wallers - Hélesmes. dit « Pont Gibus » (km 164 - 1600 m) 3
    16 Hornaing (km 170.5 - 3700 m) 4
    15 Warlaing - Brillon (km 178 - 2400 m) 3
    14 Tilloy - Sars-et-Rosières (km 181.5 - 2400 m) 4
    13 Beuvry-la-Forêt - Orchies (km 188 - 1400m) 3
    12 Orchies (km 193 - 1700 m) 3
    11 Auchy-lez-Orchies - Bersée (km 199 - 2700 m) 4
    10 Mons-en-Pévèle (km 204.5 - 3000 m) 5
    9 Mérignies - Avelin (km 210.5 - 700 m) 2
    8 Pont-Thibaut (km 214 - 1400 m) 3
    7 Templeuve - Moulin de Vertain (km 220 - 500 m) 2
    6a Cysoing - Bourghelles (km 226.5 - 1300 m) 3
    6b Bourghelles - Wannehain (km 229 - 1100 m) 3
    5 Camphin-en-Pévèle (km 233.5 - 1800 m) 4
    4 Le Carrefour de l’Arbre (km 236.5 - 2100 m) 5
    3 Gruson (km 238.5 - 1100 m) 2
    2 Hem (km 245.5 - 1400 m) 2
    1 Roubaix (km 252 - 300 m) 1


  18. 11:03:48 CEST

    Don't forget to take a look at our riders to watch video and let us know on twitter who your favourites are. You can find me on @SadhbhOS.


  19. 11:05:37 CEST

    The flag is waving and we've got racing.


  20. 11:07:18 CEST

    Lots of attacks coming, including one from French champion Stephen Tronet. He's got about 10 riders with him but they've not got a very big gap. 


  21. 11:10:20 CEST

    This week we took a look back at the 2002 Paris-Roubaix, the edition that announced Tom Boonen as a future star, in a Cyclingnews Podcast special. You can listen to it here as we wait for the first break to get away. 


  22. 11:13:41 CEST

    The peloton is in a very long line as riders continue to try and snap the elastic. None have been successful yet. 


  23. 11:17:09 CEST

    It looks like we've got a proper break forming now. Two riders are bridging across to a four-man group out front to make a six-man break and it looks like the peloton is happy with this at the moment. 


  24. 11:18:30 CEST

    IAM Cycling obviously wanted to make that move and they missed it. They've now got a man on the front pushing the pace. 


  25. 11:19:58 CEST

    We now appear to have a chase group of about six riders trying to bridge across to the leaders but the peloton isn't having it and Lotto-Soudal are pulling it back. 


  26. 11:22:04 CEST

    The six out front are Niels Polit (Katusha), Gedeminas Bagdonas (AG2R-La Mondiale), Benoit Jarrier (Fortuneo Vital Concept), Kenneth Van Bilsen (Cofidis), Robin Stenuit (Wanty Group Gobert), Evaldas Siskevicius (Delko Marseille Provence KTM).


    They've got just 10 seconds on the peloton as the chasers are brought back. 


  27. 11:25:59 CEST

    These six men out front aren't being given much rope at the moment. Their advantage is just 12 seconds at the moment. A lot of teams will want to get men into this move. 


  28. 11:28:32 CEST

    The peloton have brought the escapees back and we've got another flurry of attacks coming off the front now. 


  29. 11:31:48 CEST

    The riders have completed 23km thus far and we've got one of the Lampre riders trying a move off the front. 


  30. 232km remaining from 257.5km

    11:35:02 CEST

    Devolder is now pushing on the front and he has Van Keirsbulck in his wheel. Having a man in the break will mean that Trek and Etixx won't have to do the work in the peloton. 


  31. 11:36:05 CEST

    The rest of the breakaway hopefuls are struggling to keep up with Devolder at the moment. We've got about 10 riders out front and more still trying to bridge across. 


  32. 11:37:23 CEST

    BMC, Etixx, Trek, LottoNL-Jumbo and Tinkoff all have riders in this move. The peloton will not want to let this go and we can see the pace is still very high in the peloton as riders struggle to keep up. 


  33. 11:38:19 CEST

    Devolder looking very displeased with the other breakaway riders not helping him out. He throws his arm up in frustration and now he finally gets a little assistance. 


  34. 11:41:34 CEST

    No surprise that this group has been brought back. It was way too strong for the peloton to even consider letting it away. We're back to square one and I reckon it's going to be quite some time before something finally sticks. 


  35. 223km remaining from 257.5km

    11:46:13 CEST

    There are gaps forming in the peloton as they try to bring back the escape moves. It's a very fast start to the race and this latest break has just 18 seconds. 


  36. 11:49:08 CEST

    Astana leading the peloton at the moment. They were very active at the start and appear to have missed this move.


  37. 11:51:58 CEST

    It looks like the escapees have won this tug of war and the gap is going out now. It's currently 29 seconds. 


  38. 11:54:37 CEST

    • Trek Segafredo 2016

    Some of the riders in this move: Stijn Devolder, Jasper Stuyven (Trek Segafredo), Christian Knees (Team Sky), Jelle Wellays (Lotto-Soudal), Guillaume Van Keirsbulck (Etixx-QuickStep).


    Notably, Trek has some very strong riders out front. Two riders that Cancellara can link up with in a later attack if he so wishes.


  39. 11:56:23 CEST

    • Dimenson Data 2016

    Dimension Data report that Mark Cavendish is one of the men in this big break.


  40. 11:59:13 CEST

    The peloton are making headway again and the gap is coming down very quickly. The pace means that the bunch has split with around 40 riders in this first peloton.


  41. 12:01:35 CEST

    Just nine seconds for this leading group and it is now beginning to break apart. Three riders are now trying to break clear. They are Viviani, Coledan and Porsev. 


  42. 12:02:26 CEST

    Apologies it is Van Poppel not Coledan who is in this three-man move. 


  43. 12:04:44 CEST

    These three have just 14 seconds on the peloton, which is chasing hard. The peloton is growing in numbers again as riders latch back on. 


  44. 12:09:21 CEST

    23 seconds for the escapees but the peloton is not giving up just yet. IAM Cycling are keen to get a man into the break today. 


  45. 12:13:26 CEST

    • Dimenson Data 2016

    We've already seen Mark Cavendish in the break. He is riding his second ever Paris-Roubaix and he told British television that he is relishing the opportunity. 


    "I’m here more to support the team. I’ve always wanted to do Paris-Roubaix, I grew up watching this race. As you can see, when we’ve raced on the cobbles in the Tour de France I haven’t done so badly. I always wanted to do it, the problem was that I often had the Giro d’Italia a few weeks after Paris-Roubaix and the teams I was racing for had stronger rosters. With Dimension Data, I can fit into the team and we work really well. We’ve got a god group of guys and we’ve got a good chance with Edvald and gives me a chance to give something back to the riders that help me in the sprints."


  46. 201km remaining from 257.5km

    12:15:12 CEST

    Mathias Brandle has been very active this morning and has been trying to get away for the past 10km. He's finally making a gap and using his TT skills to bridge the gap. 


  47. 12:20:00 CEST

    We've put together a some photos and quotes from this morning's start. You can flick through the gallery and read what the riders had to say right here


  48. 12:22:27 CEST

    Brandle has had to give up on his attempt as he is brought back. We've now got a group of five trying to bridge the gap that has gone up to 30 seconds. 

  49. 12:24:18 CEST

    Topsport Vlaanderen has two riders in this chase. There are also riders from Wanty, Cofidis and Dimension Data but yet again the peloton is not happy with this and after almost 60km of racing we've got no serious break.


  50. 12:27:06 CEST

    If you missed it, there was controversy over the weekend as Eddy Merckx snubbed four-time Paris-Roubaix winner Roger de Vlaeminck in his dream team


  51. 12:30:45 CEST

    • Etxx QuickStep

    Cyclingnews spoke to Patrick Lefevere, who has won 21 Tour f Flanders and Paris-Roubaix in his time as a team manager, and he picked his dream classics team. Who made the cut? Find out here. 


  52. 189km remaining from 257.5km

    12:31:39 CEST

    Still around 30km until the first pave sector. The three out front have been brought back in and it's gruppo compatto once again. 


  53. 12:33:05 CEST

    It has been a quick start to Paris-Roubaix and the average speed over the first hour has been a zippy 47.5kph. 


  54. 12:34:29 CEST

    Want to get a sense of what it is like to ride over the cobbles, follow Peter Sagan and Tinkoff team on-board during their recon on Friday. 


  55. 12:37:44 CEST

    • Tinkoff Team 2016

    Peter Sagan chasing back onto the peloton with teammate Adam Blythe. Looks like he may have had a mechanical issue. 


  56. 12:39:10 CEST

    Actually, it appears he was keen to get rid of some extra clothing. It's getting a bit warmer out there and there's no need for too many layers.  


  57. 182km remaining from 257.5km

    12:40:11 CEST

    Up front we've got another move, which includes Sylvain Chavanel, trying to get away. They've got 20 seconds on the peloton. 


  58. 12:45:43 CEST

    Chavanel told reporters yesterday that he was hoping to get into the break and avoid any bad luck. Two difficult goals.


    "I’m getting a little bit better. I was sick in Paris-Nice and didn’t feel too well after it. It was hard in Flanders, the last few hours were difficult and I hope to be better in Paris-Roubaix.

    I would like to get into the breakaway. It’s really difficult to get into the break in Paris-Roubaix, it’s a very difficult race. I just want to have a Paris-Roubaix without any problems, without any punctures or crashes. I haven’t ridden Paris-Roubaix in a couple of years and whenever I do I seem to have bad luck."


  59. 174km remaining from 257.5km

    12:50:44 CEST

    A full list of the riders in the breakaway. They've got 25 seconds on the bunch at the moment. 


    Marko Kump (Lampre-Merida), Borut Bozic (Cofidis), Magnus Cort Nielsen (Orica-GreenEdge), Jelle Wallays (Lotto-Soudal), Johan Le Bon (FDJ), Yannick Martinez (Delko Marseille), Yaroslav Popovych (Trek-Segafredo), Tim Declarcq (Topsport Vlaanderen), Matt Hayman (Orica-GreenEdge), Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg (Dimension Data), Salvatore Puccio (Team Sky), Frederick Backaert (Want Groupe Gobert) Imanol Erviti (Movistar), Michael Morkov (Tinkoff), Sylvain Chavanel (Direct Energie) and Maxime Daniel (AG2R-La Mondiale).


  60. 12:53:22 CEST

    Tony Martin is pushing the pace at the front of the peloton along with Bora Argon and there has been a split in the bunch. 


  61. 12:57:02 CEST

    About 20 seconds between the first and second pelotons while the leaders have 30 seconds on the first of those groups. 


  62. 12:58:48 CEST

    Remember to check out our riders to watch here and let me know on twitter via @SadhbhOS who are your picks for victory, the podium or any notable performances. 


  63. 165km remaining from 257.5km

    13:01:59 CEST

    The two pelotons have come back together as the break continues to forge on. Bike changes for Lars Boom and Sep Vanmarcke.


  64. 162km remaining from 257.5km

    13:05:10 CEST

    Less than 4km until we hit the first cobbled sector and the leaders now have a minute on the bunch.


  65. 13:07:37 CEST

    The riders are in Troisvilles and the cobbles are looming, let the games begin. 


  66. 13:08:02 CEST



  67. 13:08:39 CEST

    Lots of jostling in the peloton and some riders go down near the back. Oliveira seems to be the worst affected.


  68. 13:09:21 CEST

    Representatives from Trek, Sky and Etixx all on the front. Position is key here. 


  69. 13:10:16 CEST

    The break are onto the first cobbled sector. It's a 2.2km ride rated 3 stars. 


  70. 13:12:20 CEST

    Plenty of people waiting with spare wheels. Teams don't have enough people to cover all the sectors so employ the help of fans and others to provide some assistance. 


  71. 13:13:06 CEST

    Sky are on the front of the peloton through Troisvilles with Etixx-QuickStep just behind.


  72. 13:14:38 CEST

    Troisvilles was the sector that was under threat because of the mud but there was lots of work put in to clear it and scrub the cobbles. Still some mud but it is mostly on the side of the road. 


  73. 13:17:02 CEST

    Etixx-QuickStep probably have the strongest team in terms of depth with Boonen, Terpstra and Stybar all potential winners today. Stybar finished second last year and he told Cyclingnews that he hopes his cyclo-cross skills will give him a small advantage


  74. 151km remaining from 257.5km

    13:18:52 CEST

    A puncture for Michael Morkov and he has been dropped as the leaders head onto the second pave sector. 


  75. 13:21:50 CEST

    Some gearing problems for Sylvain Chavanel. The cobbles are not the bike's friend. 


  76. 13:23:03 CEST

    • Tinkoff Team 2016

    Peter Sagan has opted to go for mechanical gearing today for that reason. It's not a fail-safe but it reduces the chances of a mechanical issue. He suffered one towards the end of last year's race when his shifter broke. 


  77. 13:23:52 CEST

    A crash in the peloton and it is Phil Gaimon. He slips out on a corner. 


  78. 13:25:36 CEST

    We're on sector 25 and Morkov is about to be caught by the peloton. Bad luck for him, suffering a puncture. 


  79. 13:27:37 CEST

    Morkov's teammate Alexander Kristoff is aiming for the podium today and he said a small bunch sprint is his best shot. You can also watch Kristoff talk through his Canyon Aeroad, which he used for Flanders and is using today. 


  80. 145km remaining from 257.5km

    13:30:05 CEST

    The break are out of the Quievy sector, the most difficult sector so far at 3.7km. They've got just 48 seconds on the peloton. 


  81. 13:32:11 CEST

    The average speed is a swift 45.8kph. The fastest ever Roubaix was 45.1kph in 1964 and was won by Peter Post. We can expect this to slow down in the latter stages. 


  82. 13:33:45 CEST

    Floris Gerts has had a big season so far, winning his first race as a pro in Limburg but he's being dropped off the back of the peloton at the moment. Michal Kolar is also getting dropped. 


  83. 13:35:54 CEST

  84. 13:37:19 CEST

    More riders falling foul of mechanical problems in the break. Martinez is the next rider to be dropped after he suffers from a snapped chain. 


  85. 139km remaining from 257.5km

    13:39:05 CEST

    Now a 14-man group, the escapees have 1:26 on the peloton as they pick up some food. 


  86. 13:40:26 CEST

    Vertain the next cobbled sector to come. It has a three star rating and is 2.3km.


  87. 13:41:24 CEST

    More problems for Lars Boom. He's just off the back of the peloton at the moment and doesn't look too happy. He's already had a mechanical issue earlier today. 


  88. 133km remaining from 257.5km

    13:45:53 CEST

    Etixx-QuickStep are manning the front of the peloton at the moment. They seem happy to give this break a little more room and the advantage has grown to 1:40.


  89. 13:47:19 CEST

    Boom is back in the main group but that is energy he would have preferred not to use up. 


  90. 13:47:21 CEST

    Boom is back in the main group but that is energy he would have preferred not to use up. 


  91. 13:47:29 CEST



  92. 13:48:39 CEST

    Riders having to do a bit of cyclo-cross to get around the crash on the cobbled sector. Fredrik Zurlo looks worst off but there doesn't appear to be any serious injuries. 


  93. 13:50:18 CEST

    Popovych has been doing a lot of work in the breakaway. He's going to retire after this race and become a directeur sportif. Popovych has been a professional since 2002 and is a former u23 Paris-Roubaix winner. 


  94. 13:51:02 CEST

    A puncture for Wallays and the breakaway now down to 13 riders as we have two trying to attack off the front of the peloton. 


  95. 129km remaining from 257.5km

    13:53:28 CEST

    Sky now to the front of the peloton, bringing back the two escapees. It is Christian Knees doing the pace setting and the gap to the favourites is now 2:08


  96. 13:55:57 CEST

    Dayer Quintana has a mechanical issue. He takes the opportunity to shake hands with a few fans on the side of the road. 


  97. 13:57:24 CEST

    Mathias Brandle beginning to suffer. He had a good effort earlier trying to get into the break and he's now paying for it. 


  98. 13:58:24 CEST

    Chavanel still on the back of the leading group. Is he saving energy or is he in trouble? I'm inclined to think it is the former as he tries to improve on his previous best finish of 8th. 


  99. 14:02:54 CEST

    With 122km to go, the gap to the escapees is really going out now and it has past the three-minute mark. 


  100. 14:05:00 CEST

    • Twitter Icon

    Who are your favourites for the win today? Let me know on twitter at @SadhbhOS and I'll post them here. 


  101. 14:07:03 CEST

    Wallays is still currently stuck in no man's land after his puncture. He's 2 minutes behind the break and 1:32 ahead of the peloton. 


  102. 14:09:16 CEST

    The escapees are mid-way through the Quérénaing - Maing sector. A three-star, 2.5km ride and they look fairly comfortable. Well, as comfortable as you can be. 


  103. 14:12:19 CEST

    • Tinkoff Team 2016

    Oscar Gatto reportedly out of the race after crashing in that same incident as Zurlo. That will be a blow for Sagan. 


  104. 14:13:23 CEST

    Another crash and there is lots of mud on this sector. Porsev is down. He was in one of the earlier breaks and he looks in trouble. 


  105. 14:14:03 CEST

    Boy van Poppel was also involved in that incident as was a Movistar rider. 


  106. 14:15:33 CEST

    Van Keirsbulck is now driving the pace on the peloton and he's forcing some splits in the group. Sky, Lotto-Soudal, LottoNL, Dimension Data all making this front split.


  107. 14:16:44 CEST

    BMC, Trek-Segafredo and Orica-GreenEdge also in that front split. Waiting to see if any of the big favourites have missed out. 


  108. 14:17:27 CEST

    It's now Tony Martin powering on the front now that they're on the tarmac. He's getting some instructions in his ear and the peloton has blown to pieces. 


  109. 14:19:02 CEST

    We're seeing reports that the two pre-race favourites Fabian Cancellara and Peter Sagan have missed this split. 


  110. 109km remaining from 257.5km

    14:20:20 CEST

    Kristoff has also missed out and he's chasing back on along with Cancellara and Sagan. 


  111. 14:23:20 CEST

    No time checks yet on the two pelotons but it is a sizeable gap. 


  112. 14:26:06 CEST

    We do have a time check now and it is 50 seconds. Etixx has lost Stybar in that split but they have Tom Boonen up in the front group.


  113. 14:28:04 CEST

    Earlier in the week, we spoke to two-tine winner of Paris-Roubaix Sean Kelly on what it takes to win the race and he gave us a few more bits of advice.


    CN: You’ve given us some tips on how to win Paris-Roubaix but what about when it comes to using your team?

    Sean Kelly: With your team you want to conserve them for as long as possible. You want to keep them fresh both going into the race, and then after the first sectors. You want guys with you because if you have a mechanical you want to have the comfort of having teammates around you. If you burn them early then you’re using them for no real reason.


    CN: who is your tip?

    SK: Cancellara is better in Roubaix than he is in a Flanders so he’s one of the favourites. Sasgan will be motivated but he’ll also be relaxed after winning his first big Classic.


    CN: what will other teams need to do?

    SK: With those two being so strong the other teams will need to put riders in the breaks early on. That’s going to be the thing because you’ll have Sagan and Cancellar’s teams tying to hold it together while other squads, like Ettix, who need to go for it from far out. If they wait for Cancellara and Sagan then they’re not going to be capable of winning. If there are wet cobbles then the elimination process just starts even earlier.


  114. 14:30:35 CEST

    The gap between the Cancellara, Sagan and Kristoff group and the Boonen group has gone up to almost a minute. 


  115. 100km remaining from 257.5km

    14:31:37 CEST

    Tony Martin leads the first of the peloton groups onto the Haveluy sector of cobbles and next up will be the first five-star sector the Arenberg Trench.


  116. 14:33:06 CEST

    Want to know what it is like to ride the Arenberg Trench? Take a look at this video we took from last year. It's a hell of a ride. 


  117. 14:34:50 CEST

    Another upping in pace from Tony Martin and he's got just four other riders with him. They are Tom Boonen, Ian Stannard, Edvald Boasson Hagen and Robert Wagner. 


  118. 97km remaining from 257.5km

    14:37:36 CEST

    Durbridge has joined this chasing group. They're 1:51 behind the leading group of 13. The Sagan and Cancellara group is now 1:30 behind Boonen. 


  119. 14:38:21 CEST

    There doesn't appear to be a proper chase coming from the Sagan/Cancellara group. No panic just yet. 


  120. 14:39:05 CEST

    The countdown to the Arenberg is well underway. It's in the sights of the escapees.


  121. 14:40:26 CEST

    The escapees are on the Arenberg and there are huge crowds along the side of the sector. 


  122. 14:41:05 CEST

    Popovych is the man on the front. It's the safest place to be in case of a crash. 


  123. 14:42:01 CEST

    Tony Martin takes the chasers into the Arenberg and they're just 1:30 behind now. 


  124. 14:42:47 CEST

    The escape group has split into two as the Cancellara/Sagan group is now into the Arenberg. 


  125. 14:43:11 CEST

    Former champion Terpstra is also in that Cancellara group.


  126. 14:44:52 CEST

    Over a minute between the Boonen group and the Cancellara group now. We're hearing that there have been some crashes further back. Quinziato and Viviani believed to be among those that have come down. 


  127. 14:45:50 CEST

    Vanmarcke is in between the Boonen and Cancellara groups. He's about 30 seconds down. 


  128. 14:46:27 CEST

    It is Cancellara leading the chase with Oss in his wheel. Sagan is behind Oss and then the QuickStep pairing of Terpstra and Stybar are behind him. 


  129. 14:47:16 CEST

    The escapees have come back together now and are back onto the tarmac. They can breathe a short sigh of relief. 


  130. 14:48:24 CEST

    Sagan attacks the chase group and Cancellara follows. 


  131. 14:50:14 CEST

    Earlier we brought you the thoughts of Sean Kelly. Now we have the thoughts of Greg Lemond, who finished fourth in 1985.


    CN: What’s your best memory of Paris-Roubaix

    Greg LeMond: I was fourth in 1985 but in 1986 I was really riding well and I remember being on Moser’s wheel but I made this big sort of neo-pro mistake and had this big chain cross over and then my derailleur went through my spokes. I ended up being stuck with Bauer and we lost five or ten minutes.

    Then my next good Paris-Roubaix might have been in 1992. I was feeling as good as I’ve ever felt in that race. You see there was this five year period when I couldn’t really compete there at the right level. It took a few attempts to get to the right level but if I had no injuries in a certain time frame I could have successful in that time period. I also think that Roubaix is like Flanders - you get to know the races more intimately the more that you do them.


    CN: You rode for some great teams but were they really geared for the Classic?

    GL: I think that was one of the problems at certain times. At Renault we have six guys in the top twenty or top ten in terms of quality but going to the first turn at the Arenberg we all went down. After that the other teams weren’t really that interested in doing the race. To be competitive in Paris-Roubaix you need a team to protect you for as long as possible, so that they can keep you out of the wind. That makes a huge difference at the end but Flanders and Roubaix are easily my favourite races.

    CN: Who are you tipping for the win?

    GL: I’d like to see Peter Sagan win. I’m so glad with what he’d done this. I was smiling when Tinkov was ready to cut him off the team. I mean give me a break, you can’t judge someone on just three months of the year. And then of course Sagan goes on to win the Worlds, Gent-Wevelgem and then Flanders. It’s good for Peter and I guess it’s good for Tinkov.

    Van Avermaet is out, and we don’t have Degenkolb of course but I also wouldn’t write off Kristoff. I think that Sagan and Cancellara have a lot of pressure on them and when you’re a target at Roubaix it’s a little harder to win than it is in Flanders. Whatever happens, it’s going to take something special to win.


  132. 87km remaining from 257.5km

    14:51:50 CEST

    The Boonen group is now only a minute behind the leaders. The Sagan group is a further minute behind that. 


  133. 14:54:59 CEST

    Lots more splits happening. Sagan seems to be doing a lot of the work in the chase and he's got Mark Cavendish close behind him. 


  134. 83km remaining from 257.5km

    14:57:50 CEST

    The Sep Vanmarcke group is closing the gap to the Boonen group, giving the move some extra horsepower. Tam Sky also has riders in the move to boost Stannard's chances.   

  135. 14:58:56 CEST

    Behind Peter Sagan keeps trying to inject pace into the chase but few riders are willing to help him. He appears to be alone, without any Tinkoff teammates. 


  136. 15:00:03 CEST

    The Sagan/Cancellara group is at 1:00. Their chances are hanging by a thread. 


  137. 15:03:35 CEST

    Cyclingnews saw the UCI carry out bikes check at the start of Paris-Roubaix.10 teams were checked, both their race bikes and spare bikes on team cars.  

    Watch a video of the bike checks by clicking here.

    The UCI check for mechanical doping at Paris-Roubaix


  138. 78km remaining from 257.5km

    15:04:48 CEST

    The break is losing rider and time. It is only 50 seconds ahead of the Boonen group. Le Bon (FDJ) has been dropped.


  139. 15:06:49 CEST

    Jasper Stuyven (Trek-Segafredo) is working hard, trying to drag Cancellara, Sagan and the others back into the race.


  140. 75km remaining from 257.5km

    15:09:09 CEST

    The Cancellara/Sagan group is at 50 seconds now. This could be a great comeback but their chances could also be over. 


  141. 15:11:37 CEST

    • Orica GreenEdge jersey 2016

    Matt Hayman has a 15-second gap out front. He's got a long way to go on his own if he wants to taste success. 

  142. 15:12:55 CEST

    Janse Van Rensburg has brought the escape group back to Hayman. It has split in two though and Chavanel has missed out for now. 


  143. 15:14:27 CEST

    Tony Martin continues to set the pace in the second major group on the road, while Boonen is sitting somewhere in the middle of it. 


    Martin had this to say ahead of the race: "First of all, I’m proud to be part of the team. The riders in this team can handle these races very well. For the moment I just have to follow and then I’ll see how I perform. In a race like Paris-Roubaix, you can’t have enough leaders.


    "I’m here to learn but it’s not really a test. I’m pretty sure that I can handle it."


  144. 70km remaining from 257.5km

    15:16:07 CEST

    The riders are onto sector 14 Tilloy - Sars-et-Rosières. Sky now picking things up from Martin. The gap is 41 seconds to the escapees. 


  145. 15:16:48 CEST

    Sky has both Stannard and Rowe in this Boonen group. They've also got Puccio up front so things are looking very good for them. 


  146. 15:18:22 CEST

    Popovych has reportedly been dropped from the leading group as his leader continues to close in on the chasers. Cancellara and Sagan are now 30 seconds back on the Boonen group. 


  147. 15:20:03 CEST

    We've got a band primed and ready to serenade the riders as they go past. Popovych has been caught by the Boonen group but he's waiting for his leader Cancellara. 


  148. 15:23:03 CEST

    Popovych is back with Cancellara and immediately takes up the pace setting. They're now 40 seconds back. 


  149. 64km remaining from 257.5km

    15:25:06 CEST

    It has been a long chase but the Boonen group is about to make contact with the escapees.


  150. 63km remaining from 257.5km

    15:26:43 CEST

    An attack from Boasson Hagen. He's got Boonen in his wheel. 


  151. 15:27:18 CEST

    The chasers have caught up with the leaders and Hayman strikes out again.


  152. 15:28:09 CEST

    Tony Martin is dropped. His job is done and what an impressive job it has been. 


  153. 15:29:06 CEST

    Stuyven is now leading the chase for Cancellara but the gap remains at 50 seconds. Time is running out for this group to make the juncture. 


  154. 15:29:37 CEST

    Lots of little digs coming out of this leading group but nothing sticking just yet.


  155. 15:32:14 CEST

    Stuyven gone and Cancellara attacks. Sagan is immediately in his wheel. 


  156. 59km remaining from 257.5km

    15:32:42 CEST

    The riders are on the Orchies sector right now. 


  157. 56km remaining from 257.5km

    15:35:52 CEST

    Cancellara and Sagan are doing most of the work in this chase and the others are happy to let them do it. They've cut the gap down to 35 seconds now. 


  158. 15:38:13 CEST

    It's a big group that Cancellara is trying to chase down. They are:


    Borut Bozic (Cofidis), Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg (Dimension Data), Danny Van Poppel (Team Sky), Mat Hayman (Orica-GreenEdge), Marcus Burghardt (BMC), Alexis Saramotins (IAm Cycling), Robert Wagner (LottoNL-Jumbo), Imanol Erviti (Movistar), Luke Rowe (Team Sky), Maxime Daniel (AG2R-La Mondiale), Salvatore Puccio (Team Sky), Tim Declercq (Topsport Vlaanderen), Tom Boonen (Etixx-QuickStep), Heinrich Haussler (IAM Cycling), Luke Durbridge (Orica-GreenEdge), Ian Stannard (Team Sky), Edvald Boasson Hagen (Dimension Data), Marcel Sieberg (Lotto-Soudal), Marko Kump (Lampre-Merida), Sylvain Chavanel (Direct Energie), Magnus Cort Nielsen (Orica-GreenEdge), Gianni Moscon (Team Sky), Sep Vanmarcke and Maarten Wynants (LottoNL-Jumbo).


  159. 15:39:39 CEST

    We're onto the four-star Auchy-lez-Orchies - Bersée and then we'll be quickly onto Mons-en-Pévèle.


  160. 15:40:11 CEST

    Cancellara is dragging around 15 riders with him including Niki Terpstra.


  161. 15:41:32 CEST

    Moscon goes down on a wet corner and Luke Rowe goes over him. They've still got Puccio and Stannard safe but that is bad news for Sky who have looked so strong. 


  162. 15:43:24 CEST

    Things go from pad to worse for Sky. Puccio goes down and almost takes Stannard and Boonen with him. Sky down to just one rider in this group.


  163. 49km remaining from 257.5km

    15:44:34 CEST

    Rowe is chasing back on. A fine effort by the Welshman. 


  164. 15:45:17 CEST

    It is actually the Cancellara group that Rowe has come back to, as has Moscon. 


  165. 15:46:22 CEST

    A replay shows Rowe doing quite the forward role. He's lucky not to have injured himself badly. 


  166. 15:46:55 CEST

    The leaders onto Mons-en-Pévèle and it is LottoNL Jumbo that lead them on with Vanmarcke near the front. 


  167. 15:48:05 CEST

    I'm afriad I'm going to correct myself again. Rowe is back with the front group along with teammate Stannard. It is Puccio and Moscon that are in the second group with Cancellara and Sagan. There are 43 seconds between the two groups at the moment. 


  168. 15:49:57 CEST

    Vanmarcke attacks and takes Stannard with him. Cancellara crashes in the chasing group. 


  169. 15:50:46 CEST

    Cancellara went down pretty hard and it seems like he may have taken someone else with him. Sagan avoids him though and now he has to take up the chase. 


  170. 15:51:29 CEST

    Sagan actually rode over Cancellara's bike. That was some amazing bike handling. 


  171. 44km remaining from 257.5km

    15:52:11 CEST

    Cancellara's crash could be the end of the chances for this chasing group. The gap to the leaders is now over a minute. 


  172. 15:54:10 CEST

    With Vanmarcke is Stannard, Erviti, Boonen, Boasson Hagen, Saramotins. Rowe is chasing hard. 


  173. 15:55:19 CEST

    Hayman is also in that leading group. 


  174. 15:57:06 CEST

    The gap between the leaders and the chasers continues to grow to 1:10. It looks like the winner will come from this group. 

  175. 40km remaining from 257.5km

    15:57:49 CEST

    Cancellara is 2:50 behind the leaders and 1:40 behind the Sagan group. He's got a tough task ahead of him. 


  176. 15:59:55 CEST

    If Tom Boonen wins it will be a record-breaking fifth. We spoke to him a while back about why Paris-Roubaix is a slow killer of a race. You can hear what he had to say here


  177. 38km remaining from 257.5km

    16:00:55 CEST

    Sep Vanmarcke is looming in the wheel of Boonen. He was second a few years ago, can he take victory this year?


  178. 16:01:54 CEST

    Rowe almost back with the lead group after being dropped following the Vanmarcke attack. 


  179. 16:02:46 CEST

    He brings Sieberg and Haussler with him. This is probably the best ride in a long time from Heinrich Haussler, who has not been up to much so far in these Classics. 


  180. 16:04:14 CEST

    • Trek Segafredo 2016

    Cancellara so far unable to bring the gap back. It looks like any chance he had at a good result is gone. What a shame for his final ever Paris-Roubaix. 


  181. 33km remaining from 257.5km

    16:08:05 CEST

     The gap to Cancellara continues to grow and he's 2:45 back. The Sagan group is not making any headway and they're still 1:04 back.

  182. 16:09:43 CEST

    Sieberg decides to have a little go off the front. It's worth a try for the German but he's not got much of a gap just yet. 


  183. 16:12:38 CEST

    The pace has definitely knocked off as the riders head towards the next bit of pave. The Sagan group has come back a touch to 58 seconds but it doesn't look like he'll be able to make it back. 


  184. 16:16:04 CEST

    Boonen makes a little dig off the front but Vanmarcke brings him back.


  185. 16:16:52 CEST

    Boonen is the only former winner, and the only monument winner, in this front group so we have a high chance of seeing a debut monument winner. 


  186. 16:18:20 CEST

    Haussler not happy he's not getting some help. He expresses his frustration and Boonen takes up the front. 


  187. 16:19:13 CEST

    Rowe is now up front and he's been chatting with Vanmarcke. They know they need to work together to keep the Sagan group behind and then they can start to think about victory. 


  188. 24km remaining from 257.5km

    16:22:07 CEST

    Giant-Alpecin are now doing the chase behind the Boonen group. Sagan looks to be struggling on the back. He's done a lot of work. 


  189. 16:23:22 CEST

    The leaders are on sector 6, not long until the Carrefour de l'Arbe where the next major selection is likely to be. 


  190. 16:25:03 CEST

    It looks like there's a bit of a stalemate at the moment. The riders are taking a bit of a breather before the finale. Who will be the first to show their hand?


  191. 16:26:29 CEST

    Let me know who you think will take out the win on twitter via @SadhbhOS


  192. 16:27:31 CEST

    Still around 50 seconds to the Sagan group. They're chances are slim but you have to be ready for anything in this race, so it is far from over for them. 


  193. 21km remaining from 257.5km

    16:29:13 CEST

    Just 9 riders left in this front  group as Saramotins is shown the back door. 


  194. 16:30:10 CEST

    Stannard attacks as the riders hit the Camphin-en-Pévèl sector and his efforts shed his teammate Rowe. Boonen, Hayman, Boasson Hagan and Vanmarcke go with him. 


  195. 16:31:59 CEST

    Stannard looking very strong. Boonen in his wheel and looking very comfortable too. The gap to Sagan has gone back out to 1:18 as they finish sector 5. 


  196. 16:33:40 CEST

    It is Carrefour de l’Arbre and Vanmarcke goes on the attack


  197. 16:34:07 CEST

    He distances everyone and it is Stannard who has to pick up the chase as Boonen struggles. 


  198. 16:34:55 CEST

    Vanmarcke holding the gap and he digs in again. 


  199. 15km remaining from 257.5km

    16:35:22 CEST

    Boonen overcooks a corner and it takes a lot of effort to get back up to speed. 


  200. 16:35:56 CEST

    Stannard goes pop and it's Boonen and Boasson Hagen chasing down Vanmarcke. 


  201. 16:36:55 CEST

    Stannard has found something in the tank and he gets back onto the Boasson Hagen and Boonen group as they hit the end of the Carefour de l'Arbe sector. 


  202. 16:37:23 CEST

    Vanmarcke now onto sector 3 Gruson and his advantage is holding station. 


  203. 16:37:58 CEST

    Hayman has caught up with the Boonen group now and it's four riders chasing down Vanmarcke. 


  204. 16:38:30 CEST

    Boonen can see Vanmarcke and it feels so close but on the cobbles it is so much harder to chase. 


  205. 16:39:52 CEST

    Vanmarcke has 10 seconds on the Boonen group. There is only one proper cobbled sector left and that is Hem. There is a small 300m section on the road into the velodrome but that shouldn't make any difference. 


  206. 12km remaining from 257.5km

    16:40:05 CEST

    Eight seconds for Vanmarcke now. 


  207. 16:40:53 CEST

    Stannard now takes up chase. Hayman is sitting on the back and he looks like he's just hanging on for dear life.


  208. 16:41:32 CEST

    Mixed answers about your favourites but the consensus seems to be Boonen or Boasson Hagen. 


  209. 16:42:03 CEST

    Vanmarcke has now been caught and we've got five men out front now. Will the Belgian pay for his efforts?


  210. 16:42:55 CEST

    We have a few people picking Vanmarcke and Stannard for the win but nobody believes Hayman can do the job.


  211. 10km remaining from 257.5km

    16:43:55 CEST

    It's all to play for in this front group. They've got a minute on the chasers with just under 10km to go. 


  212. 16:45:07 CEST

    The tension is killing me as we approach the penultimate cobbled sector. 


  213. 7km remaining from 257.5km

    16:46:47 CEST

    A chasing group with Sieberg, Saramotins, Erviti and Saramotins is closing in on this front group as the leaders hit the Hem sector. 


  214. 16:47:15 CEST

    Vanmarcke attacks again


  215. 16:47:35 CEST

    Boasson Hagen is bringing hi back but Vanmarcke goes again. 


  216. 16:48:03 CEST

    Stannard is distanced on the back of this group as Boasson Hagen finally catches and passes Vanmarcke. 


  217. 6km remaining from 257.5km

    16:48:46 CEST

    Haussler looks to be in trouble in this chasing group and he has to dig deep to keep on. 


  218. 16:49:09 CEST

    That is the last proper cobbled sector done and dusted. Just 300m of pave left. 


  219. 5.9km remaining from 257.5km

    16:49:24 CEST

    Stannard attacks


  220. 16:49:58 CEST

    Boonen and Vanmarcke doing the chasing now.


  221. 16:50:26 CEST

    They catch Stannard and there is a small lull in the action. 


  222. 16:50:54 CEST

    Boasson Hagen on the front. He's looking behind and waiting to see who goes next. 


  223. 16:51:37 CEST

    Boasson Hagen's best chance is probably a sprint in the velodrome but after such a hard race you can never tell how the legs will be. 


  224. 16:52:02 CEST

    Hayman is the next t go but Vanmarcke is quick to catch him. 


  225. 4km remaining from 257.5km

    16:52:40 CEST

    Plenty of little moves coming off the front. This is a poker game as they try to get their rivals to show their hand. 


  226. 16:53:00 CEST

    Boonen attacks but he is caught and Stannard immediately goes. 


  227. 16:53:32 CEST

    Boasson Hagen chasing, he clicks his elbow and Boonen moves to the fore. 


  228. 2.8km remaining from 257.5km

    16:53:53 CEST

    Boonen shuts down Stannard's move and the Belgian has a gap now. 


  229. 2km remaining from 257.5km

    16:54:33 CEST

    Hayman is chasing Boonen now and he makes the juncture. The Australian immediately attacks. 


  230. 1.3km remaining from 257.5km

    16:55:17 CEST

    Boonen and Hayman are together. Stannard is leading the chase behind. 


  231. 16:55:36 CEST

    Boonen leads onto the last 300m setor. They've still got a small gap. 


  232. 16:55:50 CEST

    Vanmarcke attacks and leaves Boasosn Hagen and Stannard behind. 


  233. 16:55:57 CEST

    Flamme rouge


  234. 16:56:21 CEST

    They're into the velodrome and Vanmarcke has caught them. 


  235. 16:56:34 CEST

    Boonen on the front for the final lap


  236. 16:56:48 CEST

    Boasson Hagen and Stannard catch the leaders. 


  237. 16:57:01 CEST

    Hayman starts the sprint


  238. 16:57:16 CEST

    Hayman wins


  239. 16:57:25 CEST

    Boonen is second


  240. 16:57:43 CEST

    It looks like Stannard took third


  241. 16:58:14 CEST

    Hayman looks stunned. He can't quite believe it. 


  242. 16:58:32 CEST

    He finally throws his arms up in celebration. 


  243. 16:58:50 CEST

    Sagan finally comes into the velodrome


  244. 16:59:37 CEST

    Vanmarcke came fourth in that sprint and Boasson Hagen in fifth. 


  245. 17:01:07 CEST

    Replays show that Hayman won by a bike's length. He still doesn't look like he believe it and his eyes look red from crying. 


  246. 17:05:10 CEST

    • Orica GreenEdge jersey 2016

    A stunned looking Hayman said after the race "I can’t believe it. I broke my arm five weeks ago and I missed all the racing, I raced in Spain last week.

    "This is my favourite race. It is the race I dreamed of winning.

    "I made the breakaway and I only went once so I saved my legs there."


  247. 17:05:51 CEST

    Fabian Cancellara rolls into the velodrome over seven minutes down and covered in mud. He waves to the crowd and he receives a huge cheer. 


  248. 17:06:32 CEST

    Cancellara takes his shoes off and walks up the track to meet a Swiss section of the crowd. He's now riding the velodrome shoeless. 


  249. 17:08:15 CEST

    Confirmation of the top 10 from the race. 


    1 Mathew Hayman (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge 05:51:53
    2 Tom Boonen (Bel) Etixx - Quick-Step
    3 Ian Stannard (GBr) Team Sky
    4 Sep Vanmarcke (Bel) Team LottoNl-Jumbo
    5 Edvald Boasson Hagen (Nor) Dimension Data 00:00:03
    6 Heinrich Haussler (Aus) IAM Cycling 00:01:00
    7 Marcel Sieberg (Ger) Lotto Soudal
    8 Aleksejs Saramotins (Lat) IAM Cycling
    9 Imanol Erviti Ollo (Spa) Movistar Team 00:01:07
    10 Adrien Petit (Fra) Direct Energie 00:01:20


  250. 17:12:02 CEST

    Stannard steps onto the podium and he looks reasonably happy with his result but you get the sense he feels like there could have been more. 


  251. 17:12:40 CEST

    • Etxx QuickStep

    As Boonen steps onto the podium, he takes a bow and blows a kiss to the crowd. He was so close to making history today. 


  252. 17:13:16 CEST

    In the track centre, Hayman goes off to hug his team manager Shayne Bannan. 


  253. 17:14:42 CEST

    Hayman now finally steps onto the podium and gets a big handshake from Tom Boonen. He's about to get the trophy he's dreamed of for so long. 


  254. 17:16:38 CEST

    A shot from Eurosport reporter Vincent Renault of Haussler and Saramotins at the finish. 



  255. 17:18:06 CEST

    And this is your podium



  256. 17:20:12 CEST

    We've already started to put together a gallery and report. You can find it all here. Full results will be available soon. 


  257. 17:31:39 CEST

    We will have reactions from all of the main contenders soon and highlights of what was an incredible race so keep tuned to Cyclingnews. 


  258. 17:34:49 CEST

    Our reporters on the ground say that Elia Viviani has been taken to hospital after being hit by a moto in the Arenberg Forrest.


  259. 17:35:53 CEST

    Niki Terpstra has also been taken to hospital after an unrelated crash. 


  260. 17:41:18 CEST

    A video shows that Cancellara crashed in the Velodrome too as he rode around with a Swiss flag. You can see the video here


  261. 17:45:58 CEST

    It would be easy to think that Boonen would be disappointed by his result today but after a tough 2015 he is pretty pleased. He said

    "Doctors said I wouldn't be able to touch a bike for six months. Now I'm here and I'm on the podium in Roubaix.


    "If I'll come back? I've given myself a week to think about that during the holidays."


  262. 18:27:18 CEST

    We have full results available along with our report and gallery. Take a look at them all here


  263. 18:30:58 CEST

    That is it from us today. Remember to keep with Cyclingnews for all the reaction and we'll have a podcast next week taking a look back at the race. 


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