Berchtold blasts to a win for Brazil

Cruz takes junior men's title

The men's downhill race veteran Markolf  Berchtold (Brazil) ruled the day as he claimed the Pan American Continental title, ahead of Colombian Marcelo Gutiérrez and Joey Schusier (United States of America).

Earlier, Gutiérrez had been the fastest in qualifying, four seconds ahead of Berchtold, with Estrada a further second back.

The top American in the seeding run was Yeti Fox pro Joey Schusler, but he was a full 14 seconds behind Gutiérrez. However, the North American riders had crashed in the seeding run.

Berchtold improved for the final, beating Gutiérrez, but the Colombians lodged a protest, claiming that Berchtold had jumped the start gate, gaining a time advantage. The officials dismissed the claim, and Berchtold took the men's title, with Gutiérrez second. Schusler had come to the same conclusion as his teammate Holden and rode a smoother race, to move up significantly to win the bronze medal.

"I was having a really good run in qualifying," said Schusler, "but I crashed right at the end ... it still told me that I had a possible winning time. In the final I struggled a bit at the top, but nothing to really complain about. I played it more conservative, cautious, because it is such a long physical track."

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Markolf Berchtold (Brazil)0:03:33.05 
2Marcelo Gutiérrez (Colombia)0:00:00.05 
3Joey Schusier (United States of America)0:00:04.98 
4Mario Jarrin (Ecuador)0:00:05.05 
5Mauricio Estrada (Colombia)0:00:06.55 
6Chris Van Dine (United States of America)0:00:07.05 
7Ricardo Preciado (Mexico)0:00:11.20 
8Maicon Zottis (Brazil)0:00:12.45 
9Antonio Leiva (Chile)0:00:13.15 
10Mauricio Acuña (Chile)0:00:13.95 
11Javier López Ruiz (Mexico)0:00:15.35 
12Walace Miranda (Brazil)0:00:18.30 
13Santiago de Santi (Argentina)0:00:19.15 
14Rob Fraser (Canada)0:00:19.20 
15Jeremias Maio (Argentina)0:00:19.30 
16Lucas Bertol (Brazil)0:00:19.85 
17Alvaro Hidalgo (Costa Rica)0:00:21.85 
18Volkmar Berchtold (Brazil)0:00:23.80 
19Ethan Quehl (United States of America)0:00:24.95 
20Luciano Worl (United States of America)0:00:28.65 
21Juan Gabriel Andr (Ecuador)0:00:31.70 
22Brian Buell (United States of America)0:00:33.00 
23Graeme Pitts (United States of America)  
24Kenneth Zamora (Guatemala)0:00:33.30 
25Sebastian Chavez (Costa Rica)0:00:34.95 
26Enrique Genova (Chile)0:00:35.00 
27José Adrian Garcí (Mexico)0:00:35.15 
28Guillermo De Usla (Mexico)0:00:36.90 
29Roberto Castillo (Costa Rica)0:00:37.50 
30Gonzalo Irusta (Argentina)0:00:39.40 
31Geoffrey Ulmer (United States of America)0:00:45.15 
32Carlos Teran (Venezuela)0:00:49.25 
33Mario Cornejo (Ecuador)0:00:49.35 
34Sebastian Reascos (Ecuador)0:00:51.50 
35Marvin Antonio (Honduras)0:00:51.85 
36Franklin Iza (Ecuador)0:00:52.45 
37John Paul Lloyd (Honduras)0:00:53.30 
38Giancarlo Aguero (Costa Rica)0:00:54.15 
39César Sanchez (Mexico)0:00:56.40 
40Roberto Alexi (El Salvador)0:00:58.15 
41Víctor Figueroa (Puerto Rico)0:00:58.60 
42Gerardo José Sola (El Salvador)0:01:05.45 
43Alejandro Praget (Mexico)0:01:06.20 
44Luis Pino (Venezuela)0:01:07.55 
45Giovanni Oro (Brazil)0:01:19.05 
46Christian Reyes (Puerto Rico)0:01:19.60 
47Shawn Neer (United States of America)0:01:21.85 
48Guillermo Orantes (Guatemala)0:01:21.90 
49Erik Gosselin (United States of America)0:01:27.75 
50Luis Samayoa (El Salvador)0:01:37.45 
51Javier Estrada (Guatemala)0:04:11.15 
Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Felipe Escobar Re (Colombia)0:04:01.20 
2Alexander Grigori (Chile)0:00:02.20 
3Gustavo Cisneros (Argentina)0:00:04.05 
4Andres Cordon (Guatemala)0:00:06.15 
5Felipe Vial (Chile)0:00:07.70 
6Sebastián Posada (Colombia)0:00:14.75 
7Jose Villalobos (Costa Rica)0:00:22.00 
8José Batallas (Ecuador)0:00:24.00 
9Andres Orozco (Ecuador)0:00:33.20 
10Gabriel Adrian (Mexico)0:00:53.25 
11Orlando Osorio (Mexico)0:00:53.75 
12Antonio Cruz (Ecuador)0:02:49.10 
Cadet men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Martín Jijon (Ecuador)0:04:05.55 
2Giovanni Mardones (Chile)0:01:06.65 
3Edwin G. Estevez (Puerto Rico)0:01:26.20 
4Mario J. Cardona (Puerto Rico)0:01:43.65 
Master A1 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Arredondo (Colombia)0:04:08.00 
2Gonzalo Rodríguez (Argentina)0:00:01.20 
3Israel González (Mexico)0:00:08.00 
4Robert Sgarbi (Brazil)0:00:08.60 
5Martin Raffo (Argentina)0:00:13.55 
6Alvaro José Garcé (Colombia)0:00:14.75 
7Marcos Marra (Brazil)0:00:15.55 
8Ignacio Alfaro (Costa Rica)0:00:37.75 
Master A2 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carlos Castillo (Costa Rica)0:03:59.80 
2Jose Morales (Guatemala)0:00:14.00 
3Julio Cesar Ferna (Mexico)0:00:29.75 
4Juan Luis Martine (Mexico)0:00:35.35 
5Lars Tribus (United States of America)0:00:35.65 
6Carlos Grana0:00:53.35 
7Mario Alberto (Honduras)0:01:31.35 
8José Mauricio (Honduras)0:04:50.85 
Master B1 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marcos Lira (Brazil)0:04:36.95 
2Julio César Tamez (Mexico)0:00:09.05 
3Cristian Amaro (Chile)0:00:22.80 
4Felipe Herrón (Colombia)0:08:25.05 
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