American Strobel wins final New Zealand downhill round

Rankin tops New Zealand North Island and overall rankings

180 Downhillers wrapped up the New Zealand MTB Cup on Sunday in perfect racing conditions. The competition was always going to be tight, with the Rotorua race course not only a tough challenge but an ideal leveller for the high quality fields. Like the cross country, the country's best downhillers were all at this event, chasing New Zealand Mountain Bike Cup titles and trying to haul as many points from this event as they could to secure overall placings.

The results sheet tells a story of form riders in all categories doing the job and winning. Especially in the Under 17 and Under 19 categories, pressure was extremely high - however the top two riders coming into Rotorua on New Zealand Cup form shone through to take those wins. Rupert Chapman and Jay Barrett also secured overall New Zealand Cup wins on the back of their dominance at this final event.

The major draw card and feature class for the day was the elite men's race. Several riders could have taken this win with all the top contenders having clean race runs and doing everything they could to post the fastest time on course. Fastest seed Nathan Rankin wanted this win badly, but Rankin just fell short by only 0.13 seconds to visiting American pro Luke Strobel.

For Strobel, this win completes his racing visit to New Zealand on a high note, and he was glowing in his praise for the quality of the events he has competed in and the high quality competition.

New Plymouth's Wyn Masters rounded out the podium with a third, a slim 0.07 seconds back from Rankin. For Rankin however, glory was to come with securing the New Zealand Mountain Bike Cup downhill title for 2010 on the back of his strong seeding and race results - another national title to add to his long list of accomplishments in this sport.

With the 2010 New Zealand MTB Cup now completed and in the bag, riders have a short turnaround to prepare for the National Mountainbike Championships starting this Friday, February 26th in Wellington.

See below for full results for the final round in the New Zealand MTB Cup as well as final results for the North Island Cup and the New Zealand overall Cup.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Strobel0:03:18.75 
2Nathan Rankin0:00:00.13 
3Wyn Masters0:00:00.19 
4George Brannigan0:00:02.13 
5Cameron Cole0:00:02.92 
6Glenn Haden0:00:03.17 
7Des Curry0:00:04.91 
8Matt Walker0:00:05.69 
9Hayden Lee0:00:08.00 
10Hayden McGregor0:00:09.85 
11Sean McCarroll0:00:11.38 
12James Dodds0:00:11.93 
13Tim Eaton0:00:12.11 
14Ken Faubert0:00:14.57 
15Rob Venables0:00:15.74 
16Joel Gebbie0:00:17.13 
17Edo Franco0:00:17.60 
18Martin Frei0:00:19.38 
19Thomas Jeandin0:00:43.31 
20Hillsey Hyland0:01:38.38 
DSQJoel Daniels  
DNFJames Rennie  
DNSBrook MacDonald  
DNSMichael Davis  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gabrielle Molloy0:04:03.40 
2Sophie Borderes0:00:06.84 
DNSRita Langley  
Under 19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rupert Chapman0:03:27.71 
2Sam Baker0:00:00.39 
3Jimmy Wilson0:00:07.99 
4Brandon Lumsden0:00:09.49 
5Reuben Olorenshaw0:00:10.46 
6Antony Moore0:00:12.22 
7Brandon Ransfield0:00:13.59 
8Kurt McDonald0:00:18.18 
9Kirk Fisher0:00:21.85 
10Ryan Lewis0:00:23.17 
11Oscar Tatom0:00:23.80 
12Mitch Townsend0:00:24.83 
13Nick Bygate0:00:26.89 
14Rhys Dunn0:00:26.99 
15Nathan Sheppard0:00:31.82 
16Corey Penney0:00:35.50 
17Jeremy Compton0:00:37.10 
18Matt Silcock0:00:38.66 
19Lachlan Cruickshank0:00:39.03 
20Dayne Scott0:00:39.06 
21Ben Dowman0:00:39.99 
22Tyler Caplan0:00:45.40 
23James Thomas0:00:46.48 
24Luke Wheeler0:00:47.92 
25Jason Todd0:00:57.50 
26Tyler Kirk0:03:59.44 
DNSJono Francis  
DNSDaniel Franks  
Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jay Barrett0:03:26.47 
2Louis Hamilton0:00:00.58 
3Jake Robinson0:00:07.72 
4Harrison Redshaw0:00:12.70 
5Jacques Vosloo0:00:15.52 
6Reece Potter0:00:17.39 
7Giulio Laura0:00:19.41 
8Zach Baker0:00:22.40 
9Harry Chapman0:00:23.03 
10Lawrence Cawte0:00:23.76 
11Tom Rose0:00:25.05 
12Campbell Mercer0:00:27.85 
13Mark Werpachowski0:00:30.62 
14Dan McCombie0:00:30.79 
15Daniel Matthews0:00:33.86 
16Nicholas Roydhouse0:00:37.05 
17Tim Adams0:00:38.44 
18Dan Lawton0:00:41.66 
19Ryan Hunt0:00:45.23 
20Andy Wilson0:00:47.48 
21Mitch Thomas0:00:48.29 
22Callum Sprosen0:00:49.70 
23Cameron Hancox0:00:50.09 
24Michael Melles0:00:58.10 
25Danie Kattenberg0:01:01.11 
26Jack Arnopp0:01:02.45 
27Reuben Stovold0:01:03.02 
28Peter Gardner0:01:04.56 
29Aled Dunn0:01:05.07 
30Jack Dodd0:01:08.57 
31James Paling0:01:21.87 
DNSJack Harrington  
DNSMichael Gunter  
DNSMorgan Taylor  
DNSKurt Summerfield  
Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Meilink0:03:25.50 
2Richard Leacock0:00:01.84 
3Sam Shucksmith0:00:02.34 
4Daniel Heads0:00:05.22 
5Dominic Stulen0:00:05.80 
6Tom Mathews0:00:07.78 
7Chris Johnston0:00:08.06 
8Kurt Lancaster0:00:08.20 
9Freddie King0:00:08.40 
10Rob Farmer0:00:09.16 
11David Balderstone0:00:10.66 
12Tom Winwood0:00:11.60 
13Ben Tyas0:00:11.61 
14Jake Boylett0:00:11.67 
15Jamie Lyall0:00:11.81 
16Ollie Knight0:00:12.02 
17Joe Flanagan0:00:12.56 
18Scott McGregor0:00:13.74 
19James McConachie0:00:14.22 
20Nick McConachie0:00:15.49 
21Steven Pattle0:00:16.73 
22Shanan Whitlock0:00:17.36 
23Simon Dibben0:00:17.58 
24Jerym Soames0:00:17.97 
25Heraud Aurelien0:00:18.06 
26Mathew McGovern0:00:18.34 
27Nick Mead0:00:18.56 
28Carl Edmondson0:00:19.37 
29Tyler Perrin0:00:21.81 
30Matt King0:00:25.66 
31Callum Wilson0:00:25.68 
32Ryan Williamson0:00:29.06 
33Jarrod Bang0:00:30.47 
34Jamie Eagle0:00:32.60 
35Kevin Fife0:00:34.15 
36Tristan Ratcliffe0:00:39.57 
37Craig McGinnity0:00:40.39 
38Tim Warner0:00:40.85 
39Jono Tonkin0:00:43.41 
40Scott Taylor0:00:46.29 
41Matt Ineson0:00:55.41 
42Gordon Maxwell0:00:59.59 
43Nick Hotchin0:01:02.07 
44Beau Lowrie0:01:11.18 
45Pat Rohan0:01:17.75 
46Chris Vanderkolk0:04:12.22 
DNFPaul Lafford  
DNSDave Anderson  
DNSKevin Warner  
Master 1 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neil White0:03:45.96 
2Andrew Martin0:00:05.65 
3Kevin English0:00:21.42 
4Leon Duggan0:00:23.90 
5Steven McNab0:00:26.85 
6Tony Kiernan0:00:36.77 
7Shaun Hodges0:00:41.29 
8Mike Green0:00:44.57 
9Aaron Kalan0:00:44.76 
10Vaughan Love0:00:47.45 
11Rich Seaton0:00:53.58 
12Thomas Nicol0:01:26.80 
DNS DarrynHenderson  
DNS EugeneKara  
Master 2 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dave Hamilton0:03:53.33 
2John Boylett0:00:37.04 
3David Rose0:00:54.32 
 DNS Tony Rutter  
 DNS Andrew Melles  
 DNS Graeme Hunt  
Hardtail men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joseph Styles0:05:29.29 
Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Atkin0:04:07.18 
2Sophie Tyas0:00:23.80 
3Charlotte Clouston0:00:24.01 
4Sophiemarie Bethell0:00:24.85 
5Veronique Sandler0:00:33.61 
6Naomi Wilson0:00:36.84 
DNSKirsten Drabble  
DNSMadeline Taylor  
DNSKaytee Campbell  
Under 15 junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Connor Hamilton0:03:50.02 
2Josh McCombie0:00:07.20 
3Gregory Tew0:00:21.16 
4Matt Lawton0:00:52.80 
5Hayden Melles0:01:05.24 
6Nick Goodson0:01:08.46 
7Dino Rutten0:01:24.20 
8Thomas Goodman0:01:27.04 
9Mathew Goodson0:01:31.35 
10Wilson Knox0:02:24.08 
DNFBen O Brien  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
DNSAri Barrett  
Fastest men's race runs
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Strobel  
2Nathan Rankin  
3Wyn Masters  
4George Brannigan  
5Cameron Cole  
6Glenn Haden  
7Des Curry  
8Matt Walker  
9Daniel Meilink  
10Jay Barrett  
11Hayden Lee  
12Louis Hamilton  
13Richard Leacock  
14Rupert Chapman  
15Sam Shucksmith  
Fastest women's race runs
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gabrielle Molloy  
2Sarah Atkin  
3Sophie Borderes  
4Sophie Tyas  
5Charlotte Clouston  
6Sophiemarie Bethell  
7Veronique Sandler  
8Naomi Wilson  
Elite men North Island Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Rankin224 pts
2Wyn Masters218 
3Des Curry181 
4George Brannigan180 
5Matt Walker178 
6Hayden Lee171 
7Glenn Haden167 
8Martin Frei165 
9Sean McCarroll162 
10Hayden McGregor161 
11Tim Eaton151 
12Cameron Cole152 
13Luke Strobel140 
14Ken Faubert134 
15Edo Franco133 
16Matt Scoles127 
17Thomas Jeandin111 
18James Dodds107 
19Harry Armstrong96 
20Rob Venables91 
21Joel Gebbie75 
22James Rennie54 
23Mike Davis46 
24Robert Venables44 
25Mathew Hillsey44 
26Hillsey Hyland38 
27Joel Daniels12 
Elite women North Island Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gabrielle Molloy164 pts
2Sabrina Jonnier90 
3Sophie Borderes81 
4Harriet Harper81 
Junior men Under 19 North Island Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sam Baker243 pts
2Brandon Lumsden204 
3Brandon Ransfield201 
4Kirk Fisher179 
5Corey Penney162 
6Matt Silcock160 
7Mitch Townsend159 
8Kurt McDonald156 
9Ryan Lewis155 
10Jimmy Wilson148 
11Oscar Tatom143 
12Tyler Kirk124 
13Tyler Caplan111 
14Jason Todd105 
15Corey Patel93 
16Lachlan Cruickshank92 
17Rupert Chapman90 
18Jason Lang90 
19Ryan Knell90 
20Jourdan Lethbridge88 
21Vaughan Woolhouse85 
22Nathan Sheppard84 
23Rhys Dunn81 
24Jeremy Compton81 
25Dayne Scott81 
26Ben Dowman78 
27Jack Sharland78 
28Reuben Olorenshaw67 
29Antony Moore63 
30Nick Bygate53 
31Kyle Weedon50 
32Jonathan Andrew48 
33Riley Jones47 
34Jonathon Andrew45 
35David Browne41 
36Lucas Jackson39 
37James Thomas36 
38Zac Chandler35 
39Luke Wheeler32 
40Kyle Stannard32 
41Jonathan Campbell30 
Junior men Under 17 North Island Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jay Barrett264 pts
2Louis Hamilton228 
3Jacques Vosloo206 
4Lawrence Cawte173 
5Zach Baker167 
6Campbell Mercer167 
7Giulio Laura167 
8Harrison Redshaw162 
9Tom Rose158 
10Jake Robinson148 
11Mark Werpachowski149 
12Kurt Summerfield137 
13Mitch Thomas110 
14Daniel Matthews107 
15Joel Tunbridge103 
16Dan Mccombie102 
17Jack Dodds93 
18Morgan Taylor91 
19Jackson Hine89 
20Tim Adams88 
21Andy Wilson85 
22Ryan Hunt83 
23Dan Lawton81 
24James Paling79 
25Jack Arnopp77 
26Callum Sprosen75 
27Cameron Hancox74 
28Michael Melles72 
29Jamie Rosier68 
30Reece Potter65 
31Aled Dunn60 
32Harry Chapman55 
33Russell Grant-How51 
34Nicholas Roydhouse45 
35Daniel Lawton45 
36Scott Milner39 
37Kayne McGlue38 
38Thomas Schischka33 
39Tom Macdonald32 
40Danie Kattenberg30 
41Daniel La ulu30 
42Zach Rowe29 
43Peter Gardner38 
44Reuben Stovold27 
45Chris Clift11 
46Jarrod Anderson10 
47Jack Harrington7 
Senior men North Island Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Richard Leacock233 pts
2Daniel Meilink231 
3Sam Shucksmith200 
4Daniel Heads200 
5David Balderstone171 
6Jamie Lyall170 
7Tom Winwood169 
8Rob Farmer163 
9Ben Tyas151 
10Dominic Stulen151 
11Ollie Knight149 
12Freddie King133 
13Nick Mead129 
14Mathew Mcgovern120 
15Scott McGregor116 
16Bryn Dickerson106 
17Kurt Lancaster105 
18Chris Johnston103 
19Tyler Perrin102 
20Joe Flanagan97 
21Simon Dibben92 
22Matt Ineson84 
23Scott Taylor84 
24Carl Edmondson82 
25Asher Ellery82 
26Callum Wilson75 
27Shanan Whitlock70 
28Ryan Williamson63 
29Tom Mathews60 
30Steven Pattle58 
31Jarrod Bang58 
32Kevin Warner58 
33Evan Thomas53 
34Ilya Zharenikov53 
35Tim Warner48 
36Josh Hutchinson44 
37Jake Boylett44 
38Jono Tonkin44 
39Nick McConachie42 
40James McConachie40 
41Jamie Eagle39 
42Heraud Aurelien33 
43Joe Henry33 
44Jerym Soames32 
45Joseph Henry32 
46Tristan Ratcliffe31 
47Joel Flanagan31 
48Ben Stewart31 
49Beau Lowrie30 
50James Charlesworth30 
51Dave Anderson27 
52Nick Hotchin25 
53Matt King24 
54Craig McGinnity22 
55Kai Crow21 
56Kevin Fife17 
57Daniel Taylor14 
58Chris Vanderkolk6 
59Gordon Maxwell5 
60Pat Rohan2 
Open women North Island Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Atkin259 pts
2Charlotte Clouston244 
3Sophiemarie Bethell211 
4Sophie Tyas155 
5Baylee Jackson68 
6Kaytee Campbell63 
7Veronique Sandler62 
8Naomi Wilson61 
9Megan Maretta61 
Master 30+ men North Island Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Martin229 pts
2Kevin English197 
3Neil White180 
4Leon Duggan170 
5Rich Seaton163 
6Cameron Bisset160 
7Mike Green131 
8Vaughan Love120 
9Tony Kiernan117 
10Stefan Bek117 
11Shaun Hodges112 
12Byron Scott90 
13Eugene Kara64 
14Steven McNab63 
15Boyd Grinstead59 
16Aaron Kalan54 
17Thomas Nicol52 
Master 40+ men North Island Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dave Hamilton270 pts
2David Rose155 
4John Boylett81 
3Graeme Hunt81 
5Andrew Melles74 
6Rick Henderson49 
Hardtail men North Island Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joseph Styles90 pts
2Matthew Hyland90 
2Jade Erickson90 
4Luke Brindle81 
5Lachlan Glass74 
Junior Under 15 men North Island Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Connor Hamilton261 pts
2Gregory Tew213 
3Matt Lawton184 
4Josh Mccombie171 
5Cam Barrett152 
6Ben Watkins133 
7Josh Airey125 
8Hayden Melles120 
9Nick Goodson120 
10Mathew Goodson114 
11Dino Rutten113 
12Thomas Goodman57 
13Tom Brian57 
14Wilson Knox54 
15Tom Goodman53 
16Jordan Holliday51 
17Ben O Brien18 
Elite men New Zealand Downhill Cup Final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Rankin296 pts
2Cameron Cole279 
3Wyn Masters274 
4George Brannigan260 
5Des Curry239 
6Matt Walker231 
7Hayden Lee218 
8James Dodds214 
9Sean McCarroll208 
10Hayden McGregor203 
11Tim Eaton199 
12James Rennie124 
13Justin Leov230 
14Brook Macdonald212 
15Matt Scoles211 
16Fabien Pedemanaud192 
17Glenn Haden167 
18Martin Frei165 
19Kieran Bennett164 
20Luke Strobel140 
21Mike Davis138 
22Rob Venables135 
23Ken Faubert134 
24Edo Franco133 
25Joseph Nation132 
26Joel Gebbie122 
27Thomas Jeandin111 
28Harry Armstrong96 
29David Reinhardt91 
30Sam Blenkinsop87 
31Reuben Miller51 
32Daniel Sims48 
33Mathew Hillsey44 
34Reon Boe44 
35Hillsey Hyland38 
36Joel Daniels12 
Junior Under 19 menNew Zealand Downhill Cup Final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rupert Chapman338 pts
2Sam Baker302 
3Jimmy Wilson285 
4Brandon Ransfield256 
5Kirk Fisher234 
6Nick Bygate230 
7Ryan Lewis199 
8Nathan Sheppard187 
9Oscar Tatom184 
10Reuben Olorenshaw177 
11Tyler Kirk174 
12Jed Rooney236 
13Brandon Lumsden204 
14Daniel Franks196 
15Corey Penney162 
16Matt Silcock160 
17Mitch Townsend159 
18Kurt McDonald156 
19William Parata142 
20Tobias Handcock141 
21Lachlan Cruickshank137 
22Jackson Carter-Smith129 
23Warrick Trompetter125 
24Tyler Caplan111 
25Leighton Kirk109 
26Jason Todd105 
27Jonathan Andrew93 
28Corey Patel93 
29Zac Chandler92 
30Jason Lang90 
31Ryan Knell90 
32Jourdan Lethbridge88 
33Vaughan Woolhouse85 
34Cory Prutton83 
35George Diver81 
36Jeremy Compton81 
37Rhys Dunn81 
38Dayne Scott81 
39Jack Sharland78 
40Ben Dowman78 
41Brandon Dunn76 
42Dan Trewern73 
43Rogan Young70 
44Dan Whearty67 
45James Hoggan66 
46Josh Barnard66 
47Will Kemp63 
48Antony Moore63 
49Mat Prior59 
50Jono Francis57 
51Blake Robinson51 
52Jamie Chapman50 
53Kyle Weedon50 
54Riley Jones47 
55Marcus Allen46 
56Cody Rees42 
57Jamie Hubbard41 
58David Browne41 
59Taylor Hamilton40 
60Lucas Jackson39 
61Michael Wells37 
62James Thomas36 
63Jared Marriner33 
64Tom Blakeway33 
65Kyle Stannard32 
66Luke Wheeler32 
67Nick Taylor32 
68Jonathan Campbell30 
69Liam Malone29 
70Hayden Ryan27 
71Barry Gilbertson17 
Junior Under 17 menNew Zealand Downhill Cup Final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jay Barrett345 pts
2Jake Robinson316 
3Reece Potter271 
4Zach Baker230 
5Campbell Mercer219 
6Dan Mccombie218 
7Harry Chapman216 
8Andy Wilson188 
9Mitch Thomas156 
10Jack Arnopp110 
11Troy Stewart253 
12Louis Hamilton228 
13Jacques Vosloo206 
14Kurt Summerfield205 
15Lawrence Cawte173 
16Tom Burns172 
17Giulio Laura167 
18Harrison Redshaw162 
19Tom Rose158 
20Daniel McNab151 
21Mark Werpachowsk149 
22Harry Ness148 
23Hunter Jenkinson146 
24Morgan Taylor144 
25Tim Adams133 
26Connor Smith131 
27Daniel Lawton129 
28Richard Scott115 
29Mitchell Scammell113 
30Alex Faulkner111 
31Daniel Matthews107 
32Joel Tunbridge103 
33Jack Dodd93 
34Devan Eden91 
35Jackson Hine89 
36Caelab Drummond85 
37Logan Ness85 
38Dion Ward85 
39Ryan Hunt83 
40Dan Lawton81 
41James Paling79 
42Bradley Dent77 
43Callum Sprosen75 
44Cameron Hancox74 
45Michael Franks72 
46Michael Melles72 
47Jamie Rosier68 
48Zach Rowe63 
49Aled Dunn60 
50Michael Gunter54 
51Russell Grant-How51 
52Cameron Flick48 
53Nicholas Roydhouse45 
54Scott Milner39 
55Kayne McGlue38 
56Thomas Schischka33 
57Thomas Gornall33 
58Tom Macdonald32 
59Jake Paddon30 
60Daniel La ulu30 
61Danie Kattenberg30 
62Peter Gardner28 
63Reuben Stovold27 
64Chris Clift11 
65Jarrod Anderson10 
66Jack Harrington7 
Senior menNew Zealand Downhill Cup Final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Richard Leacock329 pts
2Daniel Meilink288 
3Freddie King252 
4Nick Mcconachie233 
5Jake Boylett230 
6Daniel Heads225 
7Tom Winwood223 
8Jamie Lyall222 
9David Balderstone214 
10Sam Shucksmith207 
11Scott McGregor201 
12Ben Tyas200 
13Joe Flanagan196 
14Tom Mathews193 
15Ollie Knight179 
16Matt King113 
17Heraud Aurelien111 
18Jamie Eagle72 
19Nick Hotchin46 
20Peter Cooper241 
21Hayden McKay171 
22Rob Farmer163 
23Sam Perry157 
24Cam Johnson155 
25Dominic Stulen151 
26James McConachie147 
27Ethan Helliwell146 
28Nick Mead129 
29Mathew Mcgovern120 
30Matt Burns117 
31Asher Ellery109 
32Bryn Dickerson106 
33Cameron Kay106 
34Kurt Lancaster105 
35Chris Johnston103 
36Tyler Perrin102 
37Simon Dibben92 
38Steven Pattle87 
39Matt Ineson84 
40Scott Taylor84 
41Carl Edmondson82 
42Callum Wilson75 
43Dylan Shanchez-Pin73 
44Kevin Fife72 
45Chris Mancey70 
46Shanan Whitlock70 
47Joe Henry65 
48Sean Kennedy64 
49Ryan Williamson63 
50Kevin Warner58 
51Jarrod Bang58 
52Rufus Wenlock57 
53Evan Thomas53 
54Ilya Zharenikov53 
55Dave Anderson51 
56Bryn Dickson50 
57Eliot Jackson49 
58Kyle Wilson48 
59Tim Warner48 
60Josh Hutchinson44 
61Jono Tonkin44 
62Kelly McGarry42 
63Jeandin Thomas38 
64Ant Jackson38 
65Graeme Adriaens38 
66Alastair Parkin37 
67Aurelien Heraud33 
68Zac Williams32 
69Jerym Soames32 
70Andrew Peek32 
71Nick Gasson32 
72Tristan Ratcliffe31 
73Ben Stewart31 
74Joel Flanagan31 
75James Charlesworth30 
76Tom Kennedy30 
77Beau Lowrie30 
78Nick Middleton30 
79Ramon Hunziker29 
80Mike Hickman28 
81Orion Daley-Coers26 
82Mark Johns25 
83Oliver Morris25 
84Callum Hunter24 
85Erik Wardrop23 
86Pete Miller23 
87Trevor Scott23 
88Jacob Leach22 
89Craig McGinnity22 
90James Pauly21 
91Kai Crow21 
92James Allan19 
93Chris Draper16 
94Andre Jaworski15 
95Daniel Taylor14 
96Gary Mattson11 
97Anthony Gunter8 
98Chris Vanderkolk6 
99Gordon Maxwell5 
100Pat Rohan2 
Master 30+ menNew Zealand Downhill Cup Final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neil White339 pts
2Kevin English259 
3Cameron Bisset231 
4Andrew Martin229 
5Boyd Grinstead191 
6Shaun Hodges178 
7Derek Winwood174 
8Leon Duggan170 
9Rich Seaton163 
10Bevan Adlam144 
11Mike Green131 
12Vaughan Love120 
13Stefan Bek117 
14Tony Kiernan117 
15Byron Scott90 
16Cameron Laird81 
17Scott Couzins76 
18Nigel Reeve66 
19Eugene Kara64 
20Nick Sutcliffe63 
21Steven McNab63 
22Andy Chapman58 
23Aaron Kalan54 
24Mike Inwood53 
25Chris Paassens52 
26Thomas Nicol52 
Master 40+ menNew Zealand Downhill Cup Final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Boylett335 pts
2Dave Hamilton270 
3Murray Stark171 
4David Rose155 
5David Smith81 
6Graeme Hunt81 
7Mike Kirkwood79 
8Mike Stylinou76 
9Andrew Melles74 
10Rick Henderson49 
Hardtail menNew Zealand Downhill Cup Final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jade Erickson90 pts
2Mathew Hyland90 
3Nathan Petrie90 
4Luke Brindle81 
5Lachlan Glass74 
6Ollie Radford30 
7Joseph Styles90 
Junior Under 15 menNew Zealand Downhill Cup Final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Mccombie351 pts
2Matt Lawton263 
3Connor Hamilton261 
4Richard Scandrett243 
5Gregory Tew213 
6Liam Taylor211 
7Cam Barrett152 
8Ben Watkins133 
9Tom Brian130 
10Josh Airey125 
11Hayden Melles120 
12Nick Goodson120 
13Mathew Goodson114 
14Dino Rutten113 
15Mitchell Barnard70 
16Thomas Goodman57 
17Wilson Knox54 
18Tom Goodman53 
19Jordan Holliday51 
20Ben O Brien18 
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