Avery and Fry go clear to win elite races

Strong turn out for Hamilton round of NZ series

Sunday's cross country race at Hamilton's Pukete Mountainbike Trails saw competitors give the high intensity race course the thumbs up as a large crowd of spectators were served up a treat of tactical, attacking cross country racing.

The afternoon saw two elite riders grasped their opportunities today to claim podium top steps. Eloise Fry recorded a start-to-finish victory as she headed off constant pressure from Katherine O'Neill and a fast finishing Monique Avery.

In the elite men's event, Patrick Avery diced for the lead Hamilton rider Scott Thorne during their six-lap race. However, Avery attacked on the last lap to finally open a slim gap on Thorne who had set the pace for most of the race.

For Avery, victory marked a watershed - still an under 23 rider, it was Avery's first big win in the elite ranks and his confidence will be boosted no end for the New Zealand MTB Cup final next weekend, and the National and Oceania Championship events which follow.

Auckland's Lachlan McArthur rode an aggressive race in the under 19 category and was never in danger as built a steady lead over Rotorua's Sam Shaw during their five lap race. Likewise for McArthur, this was his first major national-level win and shows his potential. Alexa Peters also rode a strong tactical race to win the under 19 women's race.

The morning's age group categories had given a taste of what was to come during the afternoon elite, under 23 and under 19 race starts. Waikato locals showed the benefit of local knowledge with James Gurney (Master 1) and Josh Parkin (Under 17) attacking late to claim their respective events.

Elite Men
1Patrick Avery2:05:17 
2Scott Thorne0:00:10 
3Mathew Gorter0:00:50 
4Dirk Peters0:02:48 
5Scott Green0:03:44 
6Adrian Retief0:05:52 
7Carl Jones0:05:53 
8Gavin McCarthy0:06:31 
9Ash Hough0:07:02 
10Darry Stevens0:09:20 
11Cameron Wood0:15:55 
12Nick Miller0:16:57 
DNFJosh Page  
Elite Women
1Eloise Fry1:58:30 
2Katherine O Neill0:00:40 
3Monique Avery0:01:48 
4Samara Sheppard0:02:10 
5Michelle Bellamy0:03:58 
6Sara Taylor0:04:15 
7Adrienne Hooper0:09:11 
8Sasha Smith0:11:03 
DNFRaewyn Morrison  
DNSLisa Morgan  
Under 14 Men
1Locky McArthur1:45:32 
2Samuel Shaw0:02:34 
3Jack Chapman0:03:19 
4Tom Bradshaw0:03:31 
5Conor Corbett0:09:24 
6Ian Burgess0:09:50 
7Dominic Furkert0:10:46 
8Campbell Tannock0:11:26 
9Gareth Owen0:19:19 
DNFJosh Russell-Gibbs  
DNFSimon Blanchett  
DNFDaniel Harris  
DNFLuke Weston  
DNSReuben Horn  
Under 14 Women
1Alexa Peters1:42:44 
2Sophiemarie Bethell0:07:05 
3Charlotte Clouston0:09:20 
4Natalie Retief0:23:45 
Junior Men
1Kurt Standen1:13:48 
2Tom Coombes0:01:59 
3Jordan Castle0:02:37 
4Peter Bethell0:03:12 
5Gareth Cannon0:04:35 
6Jack Compton0:05:35 
7Ethan Jacobs0:12:25 
8Takumi Clarke0:24:27 
Junior Women
1Ellen Plumtree1:06:36 
Under 17 Men
1Josh Parkin1:29:23 
2Sam Gaze0:02:03 
3Nigel McDowell0:04:41 
4Brett Stokman0:06:12 
5Benjamin Plumtree0:09:35 
6Ryan Hunt0:09:39 
7Frank Sutton0:10:44 
8Nicholas Flutey0:11:01 
9Callum Gordon0:11:42 
10Bena Simanu0:16:02 
DNFConnor Dove  
DNFCorby Price  
DNFJonty Sanders  
DNSGuy Hirst  
Under 17 Women
1Siobhan MacDonald1:28:52 
2Olivia Wadman0:01:30 
Senior Men
1Bena Earnshaw1:29:26 
2Nigel Cross0:01:57 
3Jonny Brown0:05:50 
4Oliver Shaw0:09:29 
5Stephen Blissett0:17:07 
Senior Women
1Kathryn Campbell1:29:20 
Master Men
1Ricky Pincott1:30:22 
2Jonty Taylor0:01:24 
3Jared Scollay0:04:25 
4Mark Vincett0:07:50 
DNFLester Perry  
Master Women
1Sarah Beadel1:20:38 
DNSMarguerite Ritchie  
Master Men 6
1James Gurney1:29:55 
2Greg McGovern0:03:20 
3Scott Raynes0:04:50 
4Ian Thomas0:06:03 
5Ross Castle0:11:17 
6Geoffrey Notman0:25:12 
Master Men 4
1Neil Poskitt1:38:14 
2Anthony Bradshaw0:01:13 
3David Blanchett0:02:16 
4Paul McDowell0:05:25 


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